Essentially Living Well

Essentially Living Well

Training, Essential oils, nutrition, and massage are a few of the tools I use to teach people how to live above the wellness line. My goal is to help people achieve wellness, abundance, and purpose.

I hope to provide inspiration to those who are uninspired, information for the uninformed, and motivation for the unmotivated to see their dreams through!


With some of my tribe getting a much needed mommy break. I love these ladies so much.


Challenge accepted @iluv2bmissyb


Last night was an epic night. The hubs and I hanging with 3 of my favorite people. Came across this picture and man did this give me life!! @beardmanseniorsooperstoopyd you are so precious in this picture. @meg_cody1 told me all the good stories. @iluv2bmissyb and @19vintage77 we have to do that again.


Got to spend time with my brother and nephew this week. It was so great! Miss them already.


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I rarely post these days for a lot of different reasons. But with all that has been going on, I wanted to share just a few things that been on my heart.
In my small group today we talked dealing with ignorance from a biblical perspective. I shared a different scripture, but in light of conversation I had with a client I am sharing this one.
My dad told me growing up that when a person shows you who they are believe them. As a mother I tell this to my children and they have become pretty choosy in their friends and those with whom they associate. As a mentor and small group leader I have shared this with all those I have the opportunity to have influence over. We have had some great discussions as of late and how they see this to be true.
I hope that you all are really watching who people are showing you they really are during these times.
Lastly, about a year ago I was burdened to pray for our men and young men. Many days to the point where I sobbing as I prayed. I have prayed for real men to stand up and let their roar loose. Those who will speak the truth of God's Word and guide the next generation. I have prayed for those who have been silent to stand in the gap and no longer allow the next generation to fall through the gap. I have prayed for the protection of husband and my sons because as black men they wear a target. I hope you all are praying not just for our men, but for the appropriate response. I believe there are multiple ways we can all make a difference. I am doing my part. Are you?


You guys know I have to still be able to get with the kids. May in the 40 plus club, but I hit this jump rope and those hills like a champ. Now excuse me while I take a nap. 😂😂. Just kidding. #fitandfortysomething #onlybythegraceofGod


These are just 3 of the books have have been able to finish during this time of sheltering in place. I highly recommend all 3 of the books. @jenniesallen and @lisabevere spoke to my heart in these books. I literally hugged the books when I finished them. I have highlighted passages and texted them to friends and mentees so much so that many of them have gotten the books. Thank you @charamcgill for writing a book about struggle so many woman have fought through. I look forward to sharing all the nuggets of truth and wisdom you ladies have shared in the books. I also love how much each one of you point people to the study of God's word. Thank you!


Is there a better way to end the day?


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Ok, don't normally even do these things but @eyemediadiva challenged me so I had step up. To all those I tagged sorry, but your it.


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Love this lady!!! We have been friends for a long time. She always supports me in all my ventures. Had to take the kids to go check out the gallery. @msaniihous has such beautiful pieces. My schedule has been crazy and hadn't had a chance to check it out. @iluv2bmissyb you are doing your thang sis!! Go check it out.


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So will I...
I want this to be my whole attitude going into 2020.


Today I have the joy of celebrating my #1. I can honestly say I am a better person because of having him as my son. He has helped me slow down, taught me mercy and inspired creativity. He has matured and grown so much over the last year and I am blessed to call him my son. I love you Donovan. You are my joy.
#proudmama #16yearswentfast #kingdomkid




This simple cup of coffee makes me smile because it represents the simple joys in life I have come to appreciate. So yesterday was a great day. In the morning I celebrated my younger 2 getting character awards at school. I had lunch with 3 of my closest friends. In the evening I celebrated my anniversary with with husband. I woke this morning feeling blessed and having such a sense of gratitude for how God has moved in my life.
The conversation I have those ladies is always soul nurturing and they are some of my biggest cheerleaders. We laugh and share mommy stories and struggles and lift each other up.
My husband and I had real time for just the two of us. Then to top of the evening God blessed us with conversation with a long time family friend. I know whenever we see him not only will we laugh but he always shares some wisdom.


We are halfway through the month. Don't miss out on this month's great promotion. Look at all the wonderful goodies! Definitely some of my personal favorites. Place a qualifying order and get them all. #youngliving #fallfavorites #essentialrewards #frankincense #orange #bergamot


I have spent a lot of time in pray here recently. Much more than usual. I love to use both to help ground me while I am praying. #youngliving #frankincense #valor #fightingonmyknees #prayerworks


As I sit down to take a moment to read my notes from BSF last night, I am reminded of the conversation I had with the kids on the way home. As usual I called my mom to share with her highlights of small group discussion or something from the lecture. She always talks to me on the ride to the house. Jayce made the statement to my mom that he is going from Old Testament on Sundays to New Testament on Mondays in Bible study. And I was explaining to him how you can't really have one without the other to have the whole counsel of God. I thought Kyla was asleep in the back seat but from the back seat I hear, " it's like salt and pepper you can't have a meal without 1 or the other." What a simple but yet profound thought from a 9 year old! It just warms my answer all soul that I get to have these kind of conversations with my children. I love how BSF provides a way for my family to have fellowship and conversation around God word.
#kingdomkids #outofthemouthofbabes


When you and your daughter play around with filters.


"He will never let you down" Student ministry praising God with one of my favorite songs.
#occstudents #kingdomstudents


I look at him and wonder where did the time go. Not my little boy anymore. He has matured so much in this past year facing his challenges head on.
So proud of him today. He played well. At the game today and parents from another team complimented him "Your son as heart. He's good."
Their son was quite the player as well. We found out our sons had the same first name.
Maybe there is something in the name.😀
#kingdomkid #proudmama


Working on our BSF lessons together! Just had a moment. Studying God's Word with your children is such a blessing.


Most mornings I wake up at 5 to begin praying over my family and having my quiet time. I wake up my oldest son at 6 so that he can get ready for school since they started 7:30. He's old enough and cooks well to make his own lunch, make his own breakfast and walks to school. But I wake up early so that I could have intentional time and conversation with him. I wake up early so I could be the 1st voice that he hears in the morning. Oftentimes times we have great conversation at 6:30 in the morning when my husband has already left for work, and the younger two are still asleep. We have carved out this little bit of time that I get to speak into his life.

This note is a reminder that he still needs that time to have my undivided attention. He looks forward to his time. This teenager who is bigger and stronger than me still needs his hugs and kisses.

My favorite part of the day is when he hesitates at the door and waits for me to pray over him.

This morning I was so tempted to just wake him up and crawl back into bed because he would have gotten ready without me and been just fine. He would not have complained at all because he knew I worked really late.

But I remembered this note he left me yesterday and got up and went through our regular routine. I only have 2 1/2yrs left of him before college. I want to make the most of that time.

Sorry for the long post but I think sometimes as parents we get caught up in the day to day that we forget how little time we have with our kids. Our kids look forward to those routines to get them through the day. For me it is worth being tired to build the relationship.


... When you got in super late from working on a client's home and you still got up before 6 to make sure your oldest got off to school on time and made him breakfast and made the younger ones breakfast too and brushed hair and got all children out the door on time. Then laid down so you can add at least an hour or 2 to the 3 hours asleep you got last night But now your bed feel so good you don't wanna get up and do your work out and get dressed and read and do research before you work again tonight. Oh and you remember you promised your daughter you would eat lunch with her today. #amomslifeuncut #justwanttosleep #momprenuers #prayforme


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With one of my heroines. My grandmother 86 years old and still going strong. I hope I have the legacy she has.
#86yrsyoung #kingdomwoman


Hattie B's.
#atetoomuch #foodcoma #nashvillehotchicken




With 3 of my favorite people!!! In Nashville enjoying this cooler weather.
#family #withmyfavoritenephew


It is the simple boys in life.

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Ok, don't normally even do these things but @eyemediadiva challenged me so I had step up. To all those I tagged sorry, b...
"He will never let you down" Student ministry praising God with one of my favorite songs. @jonathantraylormusic #occstud...
It is the simple boys in life.
Remember that time you made me a water slide for my barbies @eddielee41? K was trying to make one for her Lego girls. So...
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So this morning getting out of the door was a little more hectic than usual. For whatever reason my children just had a ...
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Delight in being different!
Movement Monday! Since I have 3 kids, most of my workouts happen during their practices, EARLY mornings or we make playt...
Missy knocking it out in her workout today. I love having clients who are willing to put in the hard work. #noexcuses #p...




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