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Erin Singleton Massage Therapy


Thank you so so much for the outstanding massage today! I feel reset and refreshed 😊!

Erin is a Licensed Massage Therapist working in Dallas and Plano, Texas. She is dedicated to efficient, compassionate, knowledgeable care with real results.

Erin is a Licensed Massage Therapist working out of the Dallas area. She is dedicated to efficient, compassionate, knowledgeable care with real results. In keeping with that dedication, she has advanced training in modalities for pain relief, joint dysfunction, Myoskeletal Alignment, Myofascial Release, as well as therapeutic relaxation.

This was the view I had for the past few days at my CranioSacral Therapy for Immune Response course!

I am glad to have more tools and information to bring to the table for all my clients managing pain from chronic inflammation and overactive immune responses.

[12/14/19]   A Groupon with a similar name on it has been brought to my attention. Do not purchase this! I have no connection to any outside vendor or discount service.

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain

Happy, thankful Thanksgiving!
Gratitude changes our brain and our body! Here’s one article on a small study regarding that, but there are many more.
I’m grateful for all of you! New research is starting to explore how gratitude works to improve our mental health.

When I was a child I was afraid of Halloween skeletons, and on this Halloween I was learning more about working on children’s skeletal structures! I’m at an Upledger Institute seminar for the next few days.

I wore butterfly wings with my scrubs. (See, I’m a monarch butterfly with my crown.)

Breathing can affect the cleansing of the brain

Here’s some info that partly explains why I ask my clients sometimes to take deep, slow breaths and some reasons why it’s important to treat areas of compression in the cranium.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

(This site will ask you to accept cookies.) Breathing rhythms affect how well spinal fluid flows in and around the brain, a new study shows. Cerebrospinal fluid plays an important role in flushing metabolic waste products from the brain. The finding may have an impact on brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.

I love what I do! Thank you to all my clients for continuing to book with me.

So, apparently, the Japanese have a word for what I do!! Who knew?

Massage induces an increase in muscle stem cell number – Fascia & Fitness

I will be out of town for most of next week visiting family! If you ever need to book and can't get ahold of me, feel free to use my online booker at:

In the meantime, please check out this blog post about research that shows an increase in stem cells in massaged tissue! I love doing targeted clinical work for specific symptom relief, but here's another reason why sometimes a good Swedish-style massage is helpful, too. September 12, 2019 Massage induces an increase in muscle stem cell number We need to have an understanding of the physiological mechanisms of massage. It is also important to establish how massage affects not only injured muscle but healthy skeletal muscle at all ages. Recent research indicates that...

Erin Singleton, LMT

Special thanks to Angela Germany Photography for new pictures on this page and on my newly redesigned website.
She not only snapped some great new headshots, but you can also visit to see a new photo gallery of my room at Integrated Sports Therapies

Erin Singleton, LMT

My website has a new design!

Let me know if you have any FAQs to add, and soon I'll have new photos from Angela Germany Photography up as well! I believe that my clients deserve the best care possible.I can offer you anything from a thorough relaxation-oriented Swedish massage for reduction of stress symptoms to medical massage that is indicated for your diagnosed dysfunction.To help you achieve your goals, I continually attend continuing e...


I love how this dog is lengthening his hip flexors and engaging his extensors before a run - it's just like what my runner clients do before and after their runs! Be like this dog! Stretch because you want to feel good, not like it's a punishment!

I've been so busy going through my Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and taking appointments that I haven't been updating my page. I hope this adds a little lightness to add to your day, and I hope you're all finding some time to self-assess and take care of yourself this week!

'Our dog has a stretching routine he does every time he's about to go for a walk' 😂😂

[04/26/19]   Executive Assistant's Day is apparently a great occasion for buying massage gift certificates! Thank you to those who bought certificates online!

Mother's Day is coming up, and if you'd like me to mail or email you a nice looking gift certificate along with your purchase of a certificate online, let me know! I can always send you something that you can hand to your loved one (though many of you have chosen to write the certificate code into a nice card, and that seems lovely, too!)

Here's a direct link to purchase certificates or packages:

Erin Singleton, LMT

Major discount Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for CranioSacral sessions!

I'm getting ready for another CranioSacral seminar with Upledger Institute at the end of this month, and I need to log a few more hours with some of the protocols from my previous seminars.
Since this is a mutually beneficial time to offer this therapy, if you come in anytime on a Tuesday or Wednesday I'll be offering $60/hour and $95/90 minutes for a CranioSacral session!

This an advanced modality offered at "Massage Envy Rates" so it's a great deal.

CranioSacral Therapy is an indicated approach for easing:
TMJ dysfunction
Congestion/ sinus pressure
And has demonstrated results for many, many other conditions.

Use the code "TUESWEDCRANIO" if you book online. Schedule your appointment online Erin Singleton, LMT

Brain in Motion

The brain is always in motion!
Take a look at this amplified MRI to see one example. This may help visualize why tissue release and decompression is so helpful for cranial pain and migraine symptoms. (And it also just looks really cool.)
I’m attending another CranioSacral Therapy seminar later this month, so I’ll soon have even more tools to treat and assess your symptoms! Though our thoughts can wander one moment and race rapidly forward the next, the brain itself is often considered to be motionless inside the skull. But that’s actually not correct. When the he…

Marni Matyus, LMT MTI

If any of you require massage therapy in Plano on a day I'm not there, (or in Dallas on Mondays) or want an additional perspective, I've referred to my friend and colleague Marni Matyus, LMT MTI for years, and I have great confidence in her ability and skill!

Marni Matyus - Medical / Orthopedic Massage

Integrated Therapies Institute

Gait is key!
If you're ever unsure how to integrate what we've worked on in our sessions into your everyday movements, talk to me! And I'll invite you to the next workshop like this one!

Amazing time at the gait workshop with Joseph Schwartz.

Erin Singleton, LMT

VDAY is your promo code for 20% off a gift certificate for an hour of therapeutic massage!
Most of you come to see me for therapeutic or medical massage... (soft tissue releases for joint mobility, pain assessment, etc.) but I can also provide a soothing, relaxation-based experience for your loved ones!
OR maybe consider giving this as a way to help your loved one get rid of that pain you see them struggle with! I can absolutely help with that, too!

Here's an easy link to purchase that, and don't forget to use the coupon code "VDAY" for 20% off "An Hour of Therapeutic Massage" gift certificates. Erin Singleton, LMT's Online Store

Erin Singleton, LMT

Any new pains from your new year's resolution's workout routine?
The first thing I notice with clients is that they have tight pecs and hip flexors from all the pushups, situps, stairclimbing, jogging, and other exercises that emphasize shortening and strengthening the front side of the body. Meanwhile, most of the new stretching routines they've picked up will emphasize forward bends, toe touches, etc. that help stretch out the back side of the body.

So it's no wonder people feel overstretched and strains starting at their back, and feel very tight across their chest and low back!

Let me help you to balance yourself out! And maybe consider that adding regular massage appointments are a great way to maintain your activity level and keep you from having to slow down. It's a great way to self-assess and make sure your muscles are really getting recovery times between your workouts. Schedule your appointment online Erin Singleton, LMT

There may not be time before Christmas to mail gift certificates, but I can email you one for you to print yourself, or you can purchase one online and write your purchase code into a handwritten card for your lucky recipient!

Treating Radial Nerve Entrapment

Thank you to everyone who has been buying gift certificates! I'm so grateful for the clients that I have.

Also, I've been sharing this stretch with many of you lately. Maybe people are tilting their shoulder blades forward from stress and slightly shrugging because they are cold?

Please try out this stretch if you have any hand or wrist pain, and let me know if you have any funky symptoms! We can figure out how to relieve that together.

Erik Dalton demonstrates a radial nerve mobilization routine for radial tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and referred neck pain. This is one of 62 nerve mobiliz...

Buy gift certificates online and I’ll mail them to you!

Thank you to those of you who have already bought these! It’s the best compliment I could receive when someone sends a person they care about to come see me.

Let me know if you want me to mail you a physical certificate after you buy the printable certificate online, or I can seal it and put it in a gift bag for you before your next appointment.

Here’s the link to purchase them online:

[11/20/18]   I can take FSA and HSA funds now!
Also, I will be back at work on Saturday, so have a great Thanksgiving and I'll see you soon!

Muscle and Motion

Take a deep breath to expand your chest.
Feel how your shoulder blades have been tilting forward.
Allow your head to gently center itself over your neck.
Now take another deep breath... and think about how long it has been since you last had a massage or any kind of bodywork :)
Now stretch your arms above and behind yourself and think about messaging me for an appointment!


- Do you encounter trainees with various posture problems and know how to diagnose each problem?
- Do you know how to adapt exercises to trainees with kyphosis? Or those with excessive lumbar lordosis?

NOW is the time to upgrade your training sessions!
Correct Posture & Movement during exercise will lower the risk of injury!

Subscribe Now and get 100% full access!

Or try the free version:

Note: Currently, Muscle&Motion POSTURE is available for PC, MAC, iPad, and Android Tablet.
Our Phones version (IOS + Android) will be available soon! (without extra cost)

[09/20/18]   Muscle strains, migraines, PMS cramps, endometriosis, hiatal hernias, joint pain, nerve compression, post-surgery pain, myofascial constriction near scar tissue, "tennis elbow," gastrointestinal dysfunction, old pain present since childbirth years ago, "throwing out" the lower back, "cricks" in the neck, lateral strain patterns of the sphenoid, inhibited drainage of the ear with accompanying sinus pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, pregnancy-related discomfort, TMJ dysfunction...

I've worked to improve the symptoms of all of the above conditions just in the past week and a half! I'm sure I'm forgetting several, too.
*If you have any symptoms or know someone with persistent symptoms and would like to know if it's something I can help with,* please message me! It never hurts to ask, and every week I seem to surprise someone by telling them that, actually, I *do* have experience with relieving the symptoms of their diagnosed and chronic condition.

Message me if you have questions!

If you have TMJ symptoms, I have a promo code for you!
I have some hours to log doing a specific TMJ treatment as part of progressing through the Upledger Institute (where I’m getting my CranioSacral Therapy certification.) So I set up a promo code to reward you with a discount if you book for a 45 minute session and are interested in CranioSacral treatment for TMJ syndrome.
The coupon code on my online booker (through my website) is “TMJSession” but you can also contact me at [email protected] to book and I’ll apply it to your appointment. It expires at the end of September!

This protocol has some overlap with other protocols and may also be helpful for sinus decompression and insomnia, so let me know if you have questions.

I’m still in Houston studying with the Upledger Institute, but I’ll be back in time to take clients Monday! (11:30 and 1:00 would be great times to book on that day!)

I’ll return with even more tools to work with your body’s system to ease symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, nerve pain, joint capsule compression, spine and disk pain, previous concussions and more!

This is what my days look like through Sunday! (I grabbed a front row seat.)
I’m in Houston right now with the Upledger Institute. After this class I’ll just have a lengthy series of exams before I get to add “CST” after my name!

Soon I’ll know even more ways to address symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, migraines, congestion, traumatic brain injuries, headaches, misalignments, nerve inflammation, and more!

Thanks Run On! Dallas for hosting me again for chair massages!
I like to think of chair massages like the samples from the trays in the grocery stores - it’ll give you an idea of what a full massage is like, but it’s not nearly as satisfying and helpful as a full service!

Erin Singleton, LMT

$45 for 45 minutes! Because...
I have a certain number of craniosacral therapy hours to log doing a specific protocol before my upcoming level II class on the 16th-19th... so I'll be offering deep, DEEP discounts for anyone who wants craniosacral therapy before then!
* $45 for a 45 minute craniosacral session * following Upledger Institute's 10-step protocol!

"But Erin, what is craniosacral therapy helpful for?"

I'm so glad you asked! In my experience, I've found it to be particularly helpful for migraines, headaches, insomnia, TMJ, sinus pressure, and trigeminal nerve pain but it's also meant to stimulate your body's self-correcting mechanisms. I had my misaligned elbow realign itself during a craniosacral session! It's also great for inducing a deep, relaxed state full of the "good woozy" type feelings.

You can message me to book, or I've also set up a promo code on my online scheduler - CRANIOSESSION and it'll apply to the 45 minute sessions.

That's a huge discount to thank you for getting the hours! And it's a great way to introduce yourself to this modality. Schedule your appointment online with Erin Singleton, LMT

This week I’ve kept my schedule light while my niece is visiting.
She leaves on Friday, and I’d love for my next two weeks to fill up in advance so stay tuned for some discounts for those who book ahead of time and for craniosacral sessions!

BuzzFeed FYI

I’m sharing this because of how often I have clients with frustrating chronic pain who feel that they haven’t been listened to by medical professionals.

Tell me your pain! You’re not complaining, you’re giving me helpful information! I will give you all the help that I can, and if there’s a modality (within my scope) that can help you that I do not know then I will go and learn it.

Have you ever had a time a doctor didn't listen to your pain?

My schedule is OPEN THIS SATURDAY!

Last week was busy, and this upcoming week is already filling up... but tomorrow is completely free! Is it a holiday I don't know about? :)

Contact me if you want to come in! I'd love to see y'all... but otherwise, you should let me know what the cool people do on Saturdays! I haven't had a Saturday off in months and I'm not sure what to do with it!

[06/29/18]   Would you be interested if I began offering an outcall service so that I came to you instead of your coming to my office?
Message me if you have an opinion but would rather not join the poll!

Terms would apply, including an additional travel fee and, as is often standard, this would be available only to current clients or by referral,

[06/26/18]   Not to sound like an infomercial, but... Do you or does someone you know have endometriosis and would appreciate a hefty discount?

I've been working with clients who have painful menstrual cramps, and they've had notable improvement in symptoms with techniques that are indicated for symptoms of endometriosis. However, I have yet to have regular sessions to work on specific endometriosis symptoms with a client with that diagnosis.
If you are (or someone you know is) willing to commit to a few regularly scheduled sessions for targeted endometriosis relief, I would like to offer 40% off a series of four sessions (that are already discounted $10 off each session) if they schedule at my East Dallas location.
This is a huge discount, so there's a limit to how many people I can offer this to!

** These techniques are not invasive and can be done on fully clothed clients. **

Please contact me if you have questions! [email protected]

Our Story

Erin is a Licensed Massage Therapist working out of the Plano and Dallas area. She is dedicated to efficient, compassionate, knowledgeable care with real results. In keeping with that dedication, she has advanced training in modalities for pain relief, joint dysfunction, Myoskeletal Alignment, Myofascial Release, as well as therapeutic relaxation and CranioSacral Therapy. See more at

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