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DermaFrac is an exciting new treatment combining micro-needling and deep tissue serum infusion!

DermaFrac™ takes infusion technology to a whole new level by using high-grade active ingredients including anti-aging peptides, skin lighteners, hyaluronic acid moisturizers, and acne treatments. Skin will be radiant, smoother, have a more refined texture and tone, smaller pores, finer lines and wrinkles, and scars will appear diminished. DermaFrac™ creates micro-channels in the skin while simultaneously infusing topical serums which stimulate collagen, elastin, and keratin growth, and create clear routes to increase absorption of these topical serums. Clinical studies show a 50% increase in collagen within the first two weeks.

This is what makes DermaFrac so revolutionary!

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Myth #1: Your skin will age just like your mom's.
The reality: Sure, genetics play a role in how your skin looks, from the size of your pores to its texture and color. But banking on aging like your mom or grandmother is a big mistake. Habits make more of a difference than genetics. The biggest culprit in aging is sun exposure, and your drinking, smoking, stress, and sleep habits play a role, too. Skipping sunscreen, imbibing too often, coping ineffectively with stress, and sleeping on your side or stomach can all exacerbate and create wrinkles, adult acne, and texture changes.

Myth #2: The SPF number tells you how much protection you're getting from the sun.
The reality: There are two types of damaging sun rays: UVA, which are responsible for aging the skin; and UVB, which are responsible for burning it. The SPF number on a bottle of sunscreen only gives a guide for how much UVB protection the product offers. It doesn't tell you whether or not the product protects from UVA rays (which are also responsible for melanoma). All sunscreens protect from UVB rays. To fully protect yourself, however, look for a product that contains UVA-blocking ingredients, too, such as zinc or avobenzone (Parsol 1789), and reapply often.

Myth #3: You need a separate sunscreen and moisturizer.
The reality: Sunscreens already add moisture to your skin because of their ingredients. So if you have oily skin, you may want to skip the separate moisturizer. For those who prefer to wear both products, apply the moisturizer first; allow to dry, then apply the sunscreen. Either way, be sure to wear sunscreen daily: Every day is sun day, even if it's cloudy or overcast.

Myth #4: Most of the sun damage you incur happens before age 18.
The reality: Recent studies have shown that by age 18, you've only accumulated 18 to 23 percent of the sun damage you'll incur over a lifetime. That means that there's still time to protect your skin from the sun and put off sun-induced aging. Do this by using sunscreen and products with sun-damage reversing ingredients such as vitamin C and retinol.

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[03/27/13]   Today’s newsletter from Healing Lifestyles & Spa featured a list of foods that help fight cancer, written by Melissa Williams, the co-owner, Yoga Junction. Since I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t been impacted in some way by cancer, I wanted to share. Please share with your loved ones, and add these foods to your shopping lists ASAP.
Cancer prevention begins when your fork hits your mouth. PERIOD.

While exercise and stress reduction are keys to health, what you PUT IN your body is equally if not more important (and heads up, this includes toxic thoughts and behaviors).

Here are the top 5 foods for your anti-cancer dinner plate:

1.Cabbage. Cabbage, as well as its cruciferous cousins (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.), have been shown in numerous studies to help prevent the replication of cancer cells (so much that there are supplements that isolate compounds found in these veggies alone).

2.Turmeric. Found in Indian cuisine, this root boosts immunity and helps decrease inflammation.

3.Berries. Yes, cancer-fighting can taste like dessert. Berries have been shown to help prevent the duplication of cancer cells.

4.Green tea. All tea has anti-cancer benefits, but green tea has proven to help prevent the “feeding” of cancer cells.

5.Mushrooms. According to Dr. Andrew Weil you need to choose specific mushrooms for anticancer effects. He suggests shiitakes, enoki, maitake, and reishi.

[03/27/13]   Sleep Less, Gain Weight – Why you should be getting your ZZZ’s

Sleep deprivation is a beauty buster. But did you know lack of sleep might cause you to overeat? A recent study conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder provides additional data on how lack of sleep can affect your waistline. Researchers found that those who slept 5 hours a night during a working week gained about 2 pounds more than those who slept about 7 to 8 hours per night. Those who were sleep deprived ate smaller breakfasts and snacked more throughout the day and into the evening. This study coincides with previous ones on sleep deprivation and weight gain tempting these researchers to call out to weight management programs to include sleep promoting lifestyle guidelines for those attempting to lose weight. we have a good reason to get more sleep....!
At least we can dream of eating chocolate!!!

[03/25/13]   Great news for Coffee & Green Tea Drinkers!

A recent large-scale study published in Stroke: Journal of American Heart Association proved that daily consumption of coffee and/or green tea can lower risk of stroke. The study asked over 83,000 (age 45 to 74 years,) Japanese adults about their green tea and coffee drinking habits and followed them for an average of 13 years. Here’s what they found out;
•Those who drank about one cup of coffee daily had a 20 percent lower risk of stroke
•Those who drank two to three cups of green tea daily had 14 percent lower risk and those who drank four cups had 20 percent lower risk of stroke
•A combination of coffee & green tea drinking reduced incidence by 32 percent

Researchers believe the potential protective role of green tea may come from catechins, a well-known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound touted for its health properties (including skin). For coffee, chlorogenic acid was believed to be the key chemical to offer this protective effect.

They concluded that regular action of drinking coffee and/or tea benefits the cardiovascular health by keeping blot clots from forming and supporting healthy circulation.

[03/23/13]   Those who know me well know that I am a germaphobe, which is why I couldn't pass up the chance to share eight of the germiest places......

1. Soap Dispensers

2. Bathroom Door Handles

3. Restaurant Menus

4. Condiment Dispensers

5. Grocery Carts

6. Airplane Bathrooms

7. Doctor's Offices

8. Lemon Wedges

I must say, the only item on the list to really surprise me was the lemon wedges.

[03/23/13]   How Stress Leads To Breakouts:
Like no other organ, the skin is exposed to multiple stressors from our external environment and within the body. The “brain skin connection” has been a topic of interest among health experts for some time, particularly the influence of stress on skin health and appearance.

The Stress Response
When we are exposed to a “stressor” the body triggers a reaction in the brain which triggers a cascade of hormonal, immune and nervous system reactions. The fluctuations in hormones with acute and chronic stress stimulate an inflammatory response within the skin and offset the skin’s cellular balance and immune defense. These combined mechanisms are believed to impair the healing process of “break outs” and offset skin’s natural cellular balance.
So if you can manage stress, your skin will also manage itself back to its natural healthy glow!

Here are some tips to get you on the right track:
•Get enough Sleep! When we get a good quality sleep, we naturally heal and reset our bodies to their equilibrium. If you having a hard time sleeping, stay away from caffeine or eating late in the evening. If you must have a little caffeine, opt for a high quality Japanese Green Tea instead. Try a calming herbal tea blend before bed, turn off the TV and give yourself some time to relax before getting to sleep.
•Focus on whole foods based diet – If you are stressed and want to help your skin, minimize your exposure to processed and chemical laden foods. When we are stressed, our digestive system can also be negatively affected and have a harder time digesting foods. Focus on smoothies with antioxidant rich berries, a rice or nut based milk and gut friendly yogurt to start your morning off. Add a dash of cinnamon to help stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day and help minimize those “stress related cravings.” Chia seeds are also great to add fiber and anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids.
•Breathe! We have heard this many times, but taking a few moments out of your day to slow down and focus on your thoughts and body can definitely help minimize ongoing stressors we encounter throughout the day.
•Hydrate! When we are stressed our mechanism we can lose our thirst mechanism. Make sure you are getting water rich whole foods into your diet, herbal teas and water. Try to avoid dehydrating ones, such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

Hope this helps!!

[03/15/13]   Bikini season is here!! My tips for waxing....

1. Time it right—Avoid waxing the week before your period your skin is the most sensitive. Also, if you’re waxing for something special, it’s best to schedule your wax two days before it so your skin is no longer red.

2. Prep properly—Trim your hair to about a quarter of an inch—long enough for the wax to hold onto the hairs, but not too long that it will be painful to remove. I also recommend exfoliating the day before and popping an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your wax to reduce the pain.

3. Relax—Even though waxing might be nerve-wracking your first time, tensing up will only make the process painful. Try breathing in deeply when the wax is applied and exhaling when the hair is being pulled.

4. Take it easy afterwards—To avoid bumps and irritation, it’s best to avoid sun exposure, tight clothing, vigorous exercise or hot showers for 24 hours after your wax.

Schedule your bikini wax now!!

[03/13/13]   March 19th will be opening day at my new location!!
Can't wait to see everyone there.

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