Physical Therapy Evolution

Physical therapy, posture and movement evaluation and treatments are provided one-on-one in a small clinical setting, located @nurture in northwest Denver, CO.

Services offered include manual therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, posture analysis, gait training, Pilates-based exercise, cupping, and custom orthotic fittings. We treat orthopedic conditions including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, herniated discs, shoulder/elbow pain, hip/knee/ankle pain, TMJ dysfunction, pre/post-natal issues, sports-related injuries, work-related pain and postural issues, and we also provide post-operative care.

Physical Therapy Evolution is opening May 18 @ Nurture! It’s finally here. #worththewait #newventure

Physical Therapy Evolution

[02/11/17]   Feet got you down? We make custom orthotics! You will feel the difference between our orthotics and others you've tried. We mobilize your foot before molding your orthotics, thus allowing the joints to MOVE the way they were intended to. Then, we mold your foot into it's most efficient position, supporting your true arch and decreasing stress to muscles and joints. Your feet, knees, and back will thank us! Contact us for a free postural consultation or to schedule an evaluation.

Title: Inspire Others! “Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.” – Lauren Conrad -- Your hard work during your rehabilitation process will truly inspire others in your life who may be just starting the journey to recovery.

What is involved in healing from a wrist fracture? Unfortunately fractures of the wrist are a common injury. When you fall, it is only natural to put your hand out to break the fall and prevent more serious injuries to your face and body. Read on to learn more about your recovery.

Open that door! Opportunity and rehabilitation are knocking! “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell – Our Physical Therapists believe in you and will be happy to help you open that door to achieve your rehabilitation…

Do not let shin splints slow you down. Pain along the front or inside edge of the shinbone (tibia) is commonly referred to as shin splints. The problem is common in athletes who run and jump. It is usually caused by doing too much, too quickly. Learn a little more by following the link.

Avoid tennis injuries. Be sure to dynamically stretch first! Stretching is an essential part of playing tennis. A good stretching routine can help to minimize muscle imbalances, prevent injury, improve your exercise tolerance, and your tennis performance.

You can do it -- Reach your fullest potential! “It doesn’t matter where you are; you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” – Bob Proctor -- Keep positive and focus on the results you wish to achieve. Our Physical Therapists will be your cheerleaders every step of the way.

Long drives can take a toll! If you spend hours behind the wheel it is important to be comfortable and to protect yourself from musculoskeletal injuries. Read on to learn more about the effects of prolonged driving on the body and learn practical tips for staying limber.

Stretch before you golf -- you know it is important, but do you know how? A good stretching routine can help to minimize muscle imbalances, prevent injury, improve your exercise tolerance, and your golf performance.

Sports and Tendonitis Chronic, or long-term, tendon problems are a common but not a normal part of sports like tennis or running. Tendon problems account for almost 30 percent of all running injuries and 40 percent of all tennis injuries. In this guide we discuss the reasons tendons wear down and what can be done to…

Learn more about hip osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis(OA) is sometimes referred to as degenerative, or wear-and-tear, arthritis. OA commonly affects the hip joint. Read on to learn more about this condition and what can be done to help!

The silver lining of difficulty is always opportunity “Opportunity lies in the middle of every difficulty.” – Albert Einstein -- Our Physical Therapists at Physical Therapy Evolution are always looking for opportunities to assist you in your rehabilitation. Let us help you!

Learn about staying injury-free while playing field hockey Field Hockey is a game played in over 130 countries around the world. Outside of North America it is often just referred to as hockey, but in Canada and the United States it’s called field hockey to distinguish it from the popular game of ice hockey.

Be Your Own Benchmark OR Be Who You Look Up To Be Your Own Benchmark, or Be Who You Look Up To. Our Physical Therapists believe in you and will help maximize your opportunities to achieve and exceed your rehabilitation goals.

Cervical Stenosis symptoms can be eased Though cervical stenosis doesn’t get better with time, symptoms can be eased with rehab. Don’t think what you see on on x-ray is a life sentence!

Dream Big - Goals and Happiness Go Hand in Hand “To live a happy life – tie it to a goal – not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein -- With your hope, determination and motivation, our Physical Therapists will help you to reach and possibly exceed your goals. Dream big!

Do not let the repetitive nature of swimming hinder your experience Read on for more information and exercises that will keep you strong and steady in the race, and not leave you doggie paddling in the kiddy pool.

Go Beyond Your Limits “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein – Our Physical Therapists will help you define those limits, and find a way to keep expanding them towards your goal. You can do so much more than your fears will tell you are capable of.

Learn more about low back pain Very few people who feel pain in their low back have a serious medical problem. Ninety percent of people who experience low back pain for the first time get better in two to six weeks. Rehab helps make sure your back pain isn’t recurrent. Only rarely do people with low back pain develop chronic…

Courage is the answer! “You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.” – Aristotle – Remember, one step at a time – our Physical Therapists will be there for you as you face your greatest challenges on the road to rehabilitation and recovery.

Keep strong while running Whether you are racing in the 400 meter or you are jogging the track at your local high school, a resilient runner knows that this sport requires not only incredible endurance and lung capacity, but also strong legs, hips and core.

Managing Hamstring Injuries The big group of muscles and tendons in the back of the thigh are called the hamstrings. Injuries in this powerful muscle group are common, especially in athletes. Check out our guide to hamstring injuries to help keep you off the sidelines of life.

Every day is important! “There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” – Alexander Woollcott – Our Physical Therapists will help you build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind.

Tips for Smart Manual Handling Manual handling is the source of many workplace injuries, such as back pain, neck pain and muscle tears. Need a refresher on good manual handling? Read on!

Perseverance is not a long race "Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” - Walter Elliot -- Rehabilitation programs are often built like pyramids - once you establish a solid foundation - the sky is the limit. Our Physical Therapists will be happy to assist you to turn movement and exercise…

Understanding tricky wrist injuries that won't show up on an x-ray Attention all manual labourers, gymnasts, snowboarders, and those of us that just seem to fall on our hands! This guide will help you understand some of the more tricky wrist injuries that won’t show up on x-ray.

Keep positive and focused! "I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” – Anonymous -- Little steps lead to big journeys. Remain positive and focused on the outcome you desire. Our Physical Therapists will coach you every step of the way.

Get Walking! Walking as an exercise (fitness walking) can be done outdoors, on an indoor track, or on a treadmill in the comfort of your own home or gym. The benefits to you mental and physical health are tremendous. Read on to learn more.

You Can Do It! "If there is no struggle there is no progress." "Frederick Douglas -- Keep positive and focus on the results you wish to achieve. Our Physical Therapists will be your cheerleaders every step of the way.

Hot Topic: Concussions The brain is an extremely sensitive organ and is the control centre of our body. Head injuries from sports, daily activities, or accidents are common, and can affect your memory and mood, and your ability to perform activities with speed, normal reaction time, and precision. Visit our website for…

Practice Makes Perfect! "Practice makes perfect!" -- Keep persisting to achieve your goals! Our Physical Therapists are here to encourage you every step of the way.

Suffering from a stiff hip? Do you get the feeling like something is pinching? Explore this link to learn more about hip impingement and what can be done to help!

Nourish Your Body! "The smallest seed can grow into the greatest tree. Just give it proper nourishment." – Anonymous -- Let our Physical Therapists support you in your commitment to a healthy body so that you can return to the activities that you enjoy.

Our Story

Physical Therapy Evolution was founded by Dr. Rachael Britton, PT, DPT in 2015, offering hands-on physical therapy focused on creating efficient posture and movement patterns in the body. Treatments are all one-on-one and performed in a comfortable setting. Our mission is to provide effective and quality care, helping you to move and thrive.

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