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Jessica Johnson BA, NCTMB, LMT - [email protected]

Integrating, educating, and sustaining your best self through massage, always keeping the Body In Mind. Rates: $75/hour $94/75 minutes $113/90 minutes Shorter sessions for stretching or area-specific work also available at an amended rate. Cash - Check - Credit/Debit cards all OK! Acceptable forms of communication include but are not limited to: Carrier Pigeon Twitter DM or @mention Telepathy LinkedIn message Email Call/text Smoke Signals Facebook message :-) I look forward to hearing from you!

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning! - Email me directly [email protected] or PM through Facebook if you have any questions regarding anything related to the body, from nutrition, to lifestyle, to self-care, and of course bodywork! 

I'm headed to Las Vegas August 5-9 for a 4-day conference on business building, networking, and nutrition! Online scheduling is available at for appointments next week and when I'm back. Looking forward to seeing you on the schedule.

No person, ever.

Repeat after us, "Trans people are NOT a burden. Trans people are NOT a disruption."

Share if you stand in solidarity with the trans community.

Muscle and Motion

Awesome video! Check in with how you're sitting today, how's your neck feel? Has your low back been bothering you?

Sit all day long? Your posture could be hurting you.

Please send out this video.
I worked on it for a week, and I'm giving it to you free – to help as many people as possible!

Amit G. Alon
Muscle&Motion CEO

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Scientific Advisor: Yosefa Tal

Business Q&A: Onus iV Hydration

So proud to know and work with this group Onus iV Hydration! Secret's out now! Business: Onus iV Hydration Address: 2242 W. 29th Ave. Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Friday; 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday Founded: 2015 Contact: 720-417-9590,, @Onus…

Some of you know about my newest partnership with a macronutrient superfoods company. For those of you who don't I encourage you to attend this get together to meet the rest of my team and see if what we have to offer is a good fit for you! If you are looking to improve weight, energy, performance, or healthy aging we have nutrition solutions set in place that will give you amazing results, inside and out. #wellnesswednesday #healthiswealth #bodyinmind #changeforlife #fitfam #teamelevate #heal_thy_self

[02/27/17]   Just had a great meeting regarding brand design!! Very excited. Phase II of Body in Mind is beginning 🤗

The office has moved today for the @allsacredfoundationdenver @allsacredtattoo quarterly fundraiser for #ArtFromAshes #LittleOldDogSanctuary and #PhoenixMultisport!! So grateful to be in this community! #massagewithapurpose #BodyInMindGivesBack #loveyourcommunity #communityservice

Why Your Hip Flexors Are Tight–And How to Relieve The Tension

Yes! And if you haven't had my work, I love to treat the psoas/hip flexor group. It's amazing the relief afterwards! Increase range of motion and eliminate residual pain with these easy tips As mountain bikers, we rely heavily on our hip flexors. You knew that, right? These muscle groups, known in the field as the iliopsoas, are robust and act forcefully on the pelvis, the femur, and the lumbar spine. Yes, you rea...

Body in Mind, LLC

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." - Carl Jung

#MassageWisdom #StressLess

[02/10/17]   Thank you everyone who showed support of Body in Mind Gives Back yesterday. I'm even more excited for the next one. SAVE THE DATE and make your appointments now, Thursday March 9th all earnings that day will go to ACLU of Colorado! #actlocallythinkglobally #startwhereyoucan


Colleague of the Month! If you didn't get my newsletter you missed reading about this awesome bodyworker, but his work is so great I felt compelled to make sure the Facebook community knows about him! Everyone, meet Shin! Muscle Activation Technique, or MAT, highly compliments any self-care routine you have to regain/maintain balance, stability, and muscle functionally, in addition to so much more. Check out his website and his style of work! Shin Sakurai is a dedicated exercise specialist offering 17 years of specialty experience in clinical rehabilitation, corporate wellness, and strength & conditioning. He has worked with a wide variety of people, including athletes, people with disabilities, youth populations, and aging adults.

A dear colleague @green_sky_massage gifted me this. It hangs on my door and reminds to be, enter, and live in and outside of home in love. No matter where you fall socio-politically, everyone is feeling the tension around us, locally, nationally, and globally. If you need a safe space, I am here for you. If you want to share a meal, I am here for you. If you are needing more loving touch and personal self care, I am here for you. Times like this make it even more important to honor ourselves, our intentions, how we can be our best in this life. #iamhereforyou #love #dailyreminders #selflove

Movement is life. Life is love. Movement is love. #mlkday

Oh hello #WellnessWednesday! I thought I'd take a little time share about Adaptogenic Herbs. Adapt-a-who? Yep. Adapt-o-gen-ic Herbs! Adaptogens are contained in certain plants that help our body adapt to our environments by helping us combat toxins and keep our organs happy. Chinese medicine has known about these for years - ginseng is a common one we've all heard of! Here's a list of more, and if you want to know where you can get a high quality source of these all in one place just shoot me quick message!

Hello 2017! Back to life we go now that all of the "Observed Holidays" have passed. If your resolutions included treating your body better, well, massage therapy should definitely be included in that don't you think?! I'm offering $10 off any NEW appointments made this month! Schedule has slightly shifted but feel free to check all of my availability online.

[12/12/16]   Thursday is looking good for massages if you are feeling the stress of the holidays and need a mid-week reprieve (or reward for winning this holiday season). I'm really feeling the giving feeling of the season right now so the chances of me passing them on to you looks good! PM or email or book online!!

Hanukkah and Christmas coincide this year! Please PM or email me if you'd like a gift certificate for someone on your list or maybe just buy for yourself and have massages prepaid for 2017! Not available on packages.

[11/21/16]   Once Thursday comes we are all in for the holiday season. Some of the best gifts come in the smallest packages, like gift certificates! Saturday is the annual #ShopSmall or #SupportSmallBiz day, and how great to go ahead and get some people crossed off your list and gift them some much needed bodywork :) Email [email protected] or let me know at your next appointment if you'd like to purchase one!

Dancing piggies! More like treating my tibialis posterior muscle strain with some e-STIM (electrical stimulation). Sending electric current though the tissues causes an interruption of signals between the brain and body so that the tissue can relax and heal. #treatyourself #onebodyonelife #denversportsrecovery #trainsmarter #recoverfaster

What would happen if you didn’t drink water? - Mia Nacamulli

I love the sunshine just like anyone else, but who's ready for a little moisture?! It has been SO dry, more dry than I can remember in a long time. I'm pounding the water and my skin and mouth are still not happy. Here's a little TED-Ed video on why water is *so* important! Enjoy and happy daylight savings?

Water is essentially everywhere in our world, and the average human is composed of between 55 and 60% water. So what role does water play in our bodies, and how much do we actually need to drink to stay healthy? Mia Nacamulli details the health benefits of hydration.

[11/01/16]   No bookable appointments from 11/8-11, so if you've been putting off now is the time to get in! Looking forward to seeing you on the schedule :) #holidaze

Here at Front Range CrossFit working with @denver_sports_recovery for their charity CrossFit competition! We've got all the fun toys for these competitors today. #dsr #denversportsrecovery #trainsmart


This is awesome! Thank you TED-Ed!

Many of you ask me what is stress and what does it do to the body, well thanks to this introductory video you can now know! Regular bodywork has also been proven to consistently reduce the effects of stress and cortisol levels in the body. Here's why that matters!

How chronic stress can affect the brain's size, structure, and how it functions:


Fall newsletter goes out tomorrow! If you'd like to be added to the recipient list I'd love to add you! Or you can sign up on my website :) Engaging is a process through which you commit to learning how to heal yourself. As a massage therapist, I feel honored that my clients have chosen me to facilitate their journey to become their best selves. If you're interested in seeing how we can work together I'd love to hear from you!

[09/21/16]   Stretch class is today y'all! Also, I'm collecting shoes for the MaxFund No-Kill Animal Shelter and Adoption Center shoe drive, bring an old pair with you to donate!

Have old shoes? Bring them to Green Door Fitness and I'll take them or drop them at MadFund! This is awesome.

Got shoes? Help support MaxFund and the fur kids by donating used or new shoes! If we get 100 bags with 25 pairs of shoes in each we will receive $1000! All the donated shoes are then redistributed throughout partners in developing nations to help impoverished people start, maintain and grow businesses! You can bring your shoes to our cat and dog shelter location!

Once a month I get the privilege of working with this group of artists who come together to raise money for three very important organizations in Denver. Their efforts to improve the communities we call home are nothing short of inspiring. This past event raised nearly $11,000 with raffle tickets, donations from myself and other local businesses, plus all of the tattoos. If you haven't been to one of these yet, I highly recommend swinging through the next one, if only to listen to music and aspiring poets. The energy these people create is palpable. Thank you All Sacred Tattoo-Foundation for the work you do, for living by example, for being the change.

September Fundraiser|Event gallery. Enjoy!

All here for All Sacred Tattoo-Foundation! Need A Part Inc., Team Red, White & Blue, Creation Coffee, Rory Lula Tarot & Divination, Zen Pet Supplies. What an event for Art from Ashes, Little Old Dog Sanctuary, and Phoenix Multisport!!

[09/03/16]   Now this is a set up! Providing donation massages until 10pm for the All Sacred Tattoo-Foundation event today. Come swing by! Free to check out!

Understanding Fascia: What It Is + Why You Should Care

This!! Think of fascia as the most sensitive, highly interconnected system in the entire body — it's the life force next to blood. Without fascia, toned and structured muscle would turn to hamburger meat,

Cells carry 'memory' of injury, which could reveal why chronic pain persists

What a fascinating read on chronic pain! A new study from King's College London offers clues as to why chronic pain can persist, even when the injury that caused it has gone. Although still in its infancy, this research could explain how small and seemingly innocuous injuries leave molecular 'footprints' which add up to more lasting damage...

[08/21/16]   A year ago I went to Austin for the Anatomy Trains course. Man how time flies!!


Cue Jeopardy music! Body in Mind is a deep tissue and therapeutic massage practice in Denver, Colorado. Located inside of Green Door Fitness at Colfax and Josephine in the Congress Park neighborhood, this practice is very accessible to people living in and around Denver. Clients looking for chronic pain relief, acute…

[08/16/16]   Website overhaul starts today. Looking forward to sharing the new online experience with everyone! #changeisgood

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