Blue Sky Physical Therapy

Blue Sky Physical Therapy


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Blue Sky Physical Therapy

Blue Sky Physical Therapy

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Do you rely on pain medication to find any sort of relief? This could be hurting you more than it's helping! The long-term effects can be truly devastating. Find safe, lasting relief with physical therapy treatments!
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Try a new way to stay fit! Our newsletter is here to help you discover a new but efficient way to keep active in the form if pilates!

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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis?
Among the many things our physical therapists can do, they'll work to strengthen the muscles that surround the affected joint, while also improving range of motion, stabilizing the joint, and relieving any joint pain that may be occurring.
There is hope with physical therapy!
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Don't let arthritis pain hold you back from your favorite activities or simply moving freely! Blue Sky PT can help you find lasting relief from your pain!
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The most common cause of back pain is from sustaining an injury.
This can happen in one of two ways - from an instant, sudden trauma, or from a repetitive-use injury that develops gradually over time.
Fortunately, physical therapy has several treatment methods to help manage back pain and get you moving comfortably once again!
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Overcome your tendonitis! Learn more about how Blue Sky Physical Therapy can help you find relief and keep the pain away for good!
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Surgery is not your only option for chronic pain. Physical therapy treatments can help you find lasting pain relief without the need for expensive, harmful surgery!
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The group of muscles that make up your core help with stabilizing your body, constructing your posture, and allowing your skeleton to move properly.
When any of the muscles within that group become weak, your body experiences an instability that makes it difficult for your body to function properly.
If you’re having issues with movement, we can help you get back on your feet.
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Stop relying on opioids to manage your pain. Physical therapy can provide you with safe, lasting pain relief without medication!
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A strong body and strong mind are essential for leading a healthy, happy life. Blue Sky Physical Therapy is here for you to help you strengthen your body and mind!
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Physical therapy can be your answer to relieving your neck, back, and joint pain today! #physicaltherapy

Following brain injury, whether as a result of a sport incident, a car accident, trip and fall, or other event, it is imperative to undergo PT treatments.
A brain injury requires immediate and ongoing care.

Are your stress headaches ruining your productivity and way of life? Relieve tension that causes these headaches with physical therapy!

Get to the core of your neck and back pain with the help of physical therapy! Blue Sky Physical Therapy can help you find the lasting relief you are looking for!

Have you recently completed your physical therapy treatments?

While your original therapy sessions are important in helping you get back to your daily life, a wellness program is a unique way to help you maintain your progress.

It’s pretty common to be less active the older we get, but if we want to remain as healthy as possible, we must incorporate as much physical activity into our daily lives as we can!

Thankfully there are many easy ways to increase your levels of activity that most people can include in their every day routine.

General weakness is the most common medical complaint of seniors in the United States.

If you are experiencing generalized weakness, know you are not alone, and help is available.

Pain is often a sign of a more deeply rooted issue that is present. However, Blue Sky PT can help you determine the true cause of your pain, leading to a more effective recovery plan for YOU! Learn more about how you can benefit today!
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One of the most fundamental aspects of physical therapy is stretching, and for good reason!

Even though most people look at stretching as a pre-workout or post-workout activity, stretching actually has a long list of benefits that should be taken into account if you’re looking to improve your health.

If you are experiencing aches and pains, especially in your neck or back, poor posture is probably to blame.

Fortunately, posture can be improved with the help of physical therapy. We can teach you techniques to protect your body from injuries and make sure you stay healthy for the long-haul!

Blue Sky has begun having in studio personal training sessions utilizing the Pilates equipment. We will have a modified (limited) schedule to begin with; the in studio personal training sessions will only be offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:00am and 10:00am. We are limiting the number of participants to 4 per session to allow space for physical distancing.
In addition, we are offering in studio private (one individual) and semi private (two individuals) personal training sessions utilizing the Pilates equipment; if you are interested please call the office for details and scheduling.
Please visit our website,, or give us a call for more information and to sign up for our in studio personal training sessions utilizing the Pilates equipment.

For a full-body workout that will leave you feeling as if you just had your normal session at the gym or your workout class of choice, follow the exercises on our blog!

Has your neck been hurting since being quarantined at home? If so, you are not alone. As we all have to learn how to become accustomed to new ways of living for the time being. Check out our blog for different exercises to help with neck pain!

Things sure have changed around here. We only have two PT’s working at a time to treat patients in person. Seems so empty - we had 8 PT’s, one MT and 30 Pilates classes a week before the pandemic. We have strict procedures in place that probably won’t change anytime soon. Our Pilates clients have been so loyal and supportive and have switched from equipment classes to taking Virtual Pilates Mat Classes taught by our PT’s. If anyone out there is interested in joining them, please call Blue Sky PT! 303-388-1537

The Bird Dog (Leg Slide) exercise is great at targeting the back muscles to give you that relieving stretch you’re looking for at home! Do 3 reps of 10 with each leg, making sure to hold the stretch.

Questions about this exercise? Contact us!

It’s easy to surrender a healthy diet when you’re stuck at home, but now is not the time to stop. Proper nutrition can play an important role in managing your discomfort, which, for many, may be more common as we adapt to these changes in working from home.

Are you an avid runner or cycler?

Exercises like the Running Man can simulate the feeling of those activities by focusing on the same muscles. Try it today, starting with 3 reps of 10 on each leg.

Questions about this exercise? Contact us!

Check out our latest newsletter to discover the connection between neck pain and headaches! We also included an at-home posture exercise that you start incorporating into your daily routine for instant relief.

Hello Pilates client,
Congratulations on making it through the first week of Virtual Pilates! We really appreciate your patience and support as we navigate this unforeseen and unexpected situation.
Over the last couple days we have received some great feedback from the classes and wanted to address the following issues in hopes this will make things easier for you and the instructors.
We have figured out how to mute everyone! Moving forward, the instructor will do this at the beginning of each class. If you have any questions during the class, you can unmute yourself to ask your question.
How to make the instructor full screen and how to keep it on the instructor the whole time:
Desktop Computer: Click gallery view in top right corner and switch it to speaker view. Then to the right of this, click the four arrows to make it full screen. Also, find the three dots (...) in the upper right corner - click it and select "pin video" to make the instructors screen hold.
iPad: If in gallery view (where you see all the videos) -- double tap the instructors video and it will stay pinned. Double tap again to make it full screen.
We have switched all future classes to have the same Meeting ID number, therefore, you will no longer need to email the instructor prior to class to receive the ID number.
Meeting ID for all future classes: 366 872 3645
Attendance will be taken for each class and then a class will be manually deducted from your package.
If you have friends or family who want to join, please have them call our office so that we can assist them in signing up, package selection, and instructions on entering the class.
We would like to be able to use a few props during classes to help maintain upper and lower body strength with resistance. If you do not have a resistance band, or theraband, please call our office and we can leave one outside the elevator door in the garage for you.
REMINDER: when you complete 4 classes, your 5th class will be free! This way you can use your current prepaid package (or purchase a new one), and we avoid an administrative nightmare in transition to virtual Pilates. Each individual will be responsible for monitoring their own package. Please email [email protected] when you have completed 4 classes so that we can comp your next class for free.
SCHEDULE: Classes will include beginner, intermediate and advanced options.
Hillary -- 7:00am
Hillary -- 10:00am
Karen-- 9:00am
Karen -- 4:30pm
Sammi-- 7:00am
Sammi-- 10:00am
Hillary -- 9:00am
Hillary -- 4:30pm
Karen -- 7:00am
Karen -- 10:00am
9:00am --the instructor’s will rotate each week
The class schedule will also be available on our website under “Pilates and Wellness”. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 303-388-1537 if you have any questions.
Stay well and see you in your next virtual class,

Blue Sky Physical Therapy


There is one fundamental rule of the human body: it was made to move! When you don’t participate in frequent physical activity, your muscles begin to weaken and can even begin to atrophy. Physical therapy can help you get moving so you can feel your best! #GetMoving

UPDATE: As always, Blue Sky's concern for the safety, health and well being of the community is of utmost importance to us. We continue to actively monitor the COVID-19 situation and are abiding by recommendations from federal, state, and local authorities to ensure a safe environment for all.
For the safety of all involved, we have decided to cancel all massages and to take ALL Pilates classes virtual, starting Monday, March 23, 2020 with a tentative return date of April 20, 2020.
We plan to continue to be open for Physical Therapy on an as needed basis, however, we feel these changes will help lessen everyone's potential exposure.
Please call us if you have any questions or concerns. 303-388-1537

Dear Patients and Clients,

We want to update you on additional measures we have put in place to protect everyone around us. The health and wellness of our community, clients and staff is our number one priority. Our goal is to continue to provide physical therapy, Pilates, massage and other wellness services to those in need for as long as possible. We know this is an evolving situation and want to share with you the various precautionary measures we are taking to continue to focus on keeping employees and clients safe and healthy.

We are following guidance from public health officials and government agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), so we can make assessments and provide information and guidance as the situation develops.

Pilates and Physical therapy clients will be asked to assist us in the following way:
• You will need to fill out a questionnaire for screening before EACH class/appointment. If you answer yes to having symptoms, or we notice any symptoms, you will be asked to leave immediately.
• Please either wash your hands and/or use the hand sanitizer provided at the reception desk BEFORE leaving the reception area.
• If you feel uncomfortable, please cancel and reschedule when you feel comfortable enough to return
• Please stay home if you are feeling unwell, including a fever, shortness of breath, cough or sore throat
• If you develop symptoms and/or test positive for COVID-19, please alert us by phone immediately
For Pilates Clients specifically:
• Please clean ALL surfaces that were touched, including all props, hand rails, tower uprights, bars, springs, etc. Our Pilates instructors will also be helping with cleaning.
• When you are finished cleaning, please discard the rag in the bin provided
• If you feel the need, you are welcome to come to class 5 minutes early in order to clean your individual machine
Additional measures for our Staff at Blue Sky:
• All staff members are self-monitoring for symptoms, including taking temperatures before starting their work day.
• We will be starting and ending Pilates classes promptly to ensure proper time to clean
• We will be ending physical therapy sessions a few minutes early to ensure ample time for cleaning in-between patients
• We have changed to a different, stronger antibacterial and antiviral solution, Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner. If you have sensitive skin and/or allergies, please talk to your physical therapist and/or Pilates Instructor regarding your concerns.

We appreciate all your support during this challenging time. We will keep you updated regarding the status of our business operation and will provide additional guidance and support as it becomes necessary.

Thank you for your loyalty,

Hillary, Karen and the Blue Sky Team

Low back pain is chronic when it’s been present for more than three months. It may result from stresses, disease or an injury on the structures of the body. It can vary and may be experienced as muscle pain, nerve pain or bone pain. Working with a physical therapist can be an alternative solution to your chronic back pain!

Our Story

We are Blue Sky:

Co-owners and physical therapists Karen Lewis and Hillary Joseph, with forty collective years in healthcare and wellness, have worked as a team since 2005. Combining a shared passion to help others and a highly qualified staff, they have created Blue Sky Physical Therapy to guide a wide range of patients through recovery and into wellness.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate and comprehensive care to all patients through expert and effective therapy methods. We will motivate and direct each patient to achieve mutually established therapy goals in a safe, professional and fun environment. At the core of the Blue Sky Physical Therapy practice lies a steadfast commitment to create individual treatment plans that help patients do more than just recover from injury.

Our Methods:

Blue Sky’s therapists use a variety of manual therapy techniques to treat all major orthopedic dysfunctions, balance deficits, neurologic disorders, chronic pain, and a broad spectrum of other injuries. We utilize neuromuscular re-education and training, Pilates, core stabilization, massage therapy and other therapeutic procedures to improve function, promote healing and enhance each patient’s well-being.

Expert Qualifications:

Each Blue Sky Therapist has either a Master’s or Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy with a strong manual therapy background and has completed an extensive list of continuing education courses in order to reach the top of their profession and utilize cutting edge techniques.

All of our therapists also have an extensive knowledge of and experience with Pilates. By combining physical therapy methods with Pilates during rehabilitation, our patients not only recover stronger and faster from their initial injury, but they learn how to maintain those benefits and prevent re-injury.

Very Personal Attention:

Our patients’ health and happiness are our first priority. Blue Sky does not employ any aides, assistants or techs. Each patient receives one-on-one attention from a highly skilled therapist for the entire duration of the appointment. Initial appointments are scheduled for one hour and follow-up appointments are 30 minutes. Our therapists customize your treatment plan to fit your needs. You deserve personalized care and treatment and we can provide it!

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