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[06/17/18]   This is the last month at my office before I will no longer be renting out a space in Wheatridge, if you need to book a massage please contact me asap, I will still be mobile, if you need me to come to your place. I will be checking out some new places closer to my home. So end of June I will not be at my office anymore. Hit me up and lets talk days and times.

[06/06/18]   Hello clients! Important information: I will be transitioning out of my office in a few months due to lack of clients. I will be mobile massage only meaning I will have to set up at your place. I am disappointed about this but things change and I need to move on. I lack the skill of marketing and need your help to spread the word of beautiful reccomendations :) if you would like to get a massage in before I move out of the office or set up in home appointments text or call me. Thank you.

rachelmassage.amtamembers.com 06/06/2018

Head to Toe Healing LLC

rachelmassage.amtamembers.com Head to Toe Healing LLC provides professional massage therapy services in and around Wheat Ridge CO.

[06/04/18]   Curious....why is it so hard to get that 1st appointment booked with new clients? I've been getting a couple calls and messages here and there but I still can't get anyone to commit to a day and time....esp. if they expect me to be available that very minute, I say by appointment only cause my schedule is very random and I live in Aurora, I can't see walk ins when my office is in Wheatridge. All of June I will be covering morning shift in Littleton at The Woodhouse Day Spa on Mondays and Fridays so I will not be up to driving from Littleton to Wheatridge same day, no way sorry.
So just for the month of June I will only be available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

[05/22/18]   Booking appointments for this week!

I am only available Monday through Friday 10am till 7pm, if you need an earlier or later appointment message me privately so we can work something out :)
My prices are:
1hr = $60
1.5hr = $80
2hr =$120
Travel= $10 extra
THC/CBD Oil Infusion= $5 extra
Hot Stone Therapy= $10 extra
Note* hot stone therapy can only be done at my office, I do not travel with the stones.


Trigger Point Therapy

Good overview of SCIATICA and trigger points, plus self-help exercises.



Ginger Billy

Nail color is important to pay attention to when it comes to our health!!


MASSAGE Magazine

Do you normally recommend a massage to your clients who are more into fitness to decrease muscle soreness and improve muscle performance?

[03/23/18]   Booking appointments for next week, my Jeep should be fixed by Saturday, getting a new power steering pump.
I am only available Monday through Friday 10am till 7pm, if you need an earlier or later appointment message me privately so we can work something out :)
My prices are:
1hr = $60
1.5hr = $80
2hr =$120
Travel= $10 extra
THC/CBD Oil Infusion= $5 extra
Hot Stone Therapy= $10 extra
Note* hot stone therapy can only be done at my office, I do not travel with the stones.


Trigger Point Therapy

Safe stretching?

There are rules and techniques that will maximize the benefits and minimize the risk of injury.

📺 http://bit.ly/2FguVWw


Prince Ea

Taking Time to Unlock the 'Muscle of the Soul'.

[01/05/18]   Hello clients! If anyone needs to book a massage please contact me with a day and time frame in mind so we can work something out! I am only available Monday through Friday 10am till 7pm, if you need an earlier or later appointment message me privately so we can work something out :)
My prices are:
1hr = $60
1.5hr = $80
2hr =$120
Travel= $10 extra
THC/CBD Oil Infusion= $5 extra
Hot Stone Therapy= $10 extra
Note* hot stone therapy can only be done at my office, I do not travel with the stone setup.

I also apologize if you have tried to contact me or have left a voicemail from December till now, I have a new phone and cannot figure out the voicemail cause I have not received any notifications or have an option to do so in my apps anywhere that I can see yet lol. The holidays also made it difficult to keep up, again I apologize and have been trying to get back on track to a normal schedule and keep up with responses for all of you. Thank you for your patience!

[12/17/17]   Holidays stressing you out? If you need to book a massage my schedule is open the week before Xmas
10am till 7pm
$60 for 1 hour
$80 for 1.5 hours
$120 for 2 hours
$10 extra for Hot Stone Therapy
$5 extra for CBD/THC Oil Infusion

[12/10/17]   I will be back in town from vacation this week, so Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are available THIS week, please contact me if you need to book an appointment. WEDNESDAY IS FULL AND NOT AVAILABLE SORRY!
60 min.= $60
90min.= $80
120min.= $120
Hot stone add on= $10 extra
CBD/THC oil infusion= $5 extra

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Trigger Point Therapy - Diaphragm and Breathing

nielasher.com How To Assess and Influence Your Breathing Abnormal breathing mechanics may be one of the key factors in the development of chronic myofascial trigger poin

[11/20/17]   Hello clients! Happy holidays coming up and quick! I have taken some shifts at the spa this week and will be off Thanksgiving day of course, I will be available Friday though as long as I get to sleep in ;). I will be gone December 2nd through the 10th visiting my parents in Florida for an early Xmas :) so if you need an appointment before my vacation please contact me with days and times in mind so I can get you booked!

[10/16/17]   If anyone needs to book a massage this week let me know and I will get u on the schedule! I am Monday through Friday only.
1hr= $60
1.5hr= $80
2hr= $120
Travel (your place)= $10 extra
Hot Stone Therapy= $10 extra
Foot Scrub= $10 extra
CBD/THC Oil Infusion= $5 extra

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[10/10/17]   Lots of availability this week including today...call or text to book an appointment!
1hr= $60
1.5= $80
2 hr= $120
Hot Stone Therapy= $10 extra
Foot Scrub = $10 extra
Travel to your place= $10 extra
CBD/THC oil infusion= $5 extra

upliftconnect.com 10/01/2017

The Science behind Yoga and Stress

upliftconnect.com This is what bending your body into yoga poses does to your brain chemistry and nerve connections.

[09/12/17]   If anyone needs a massage this week hit me up!
1 hr-$60
2 hr- $120
Travel to your place- $10 extra
Foot scrub/or hot stone therapy- $10
THC/CBD oil infusion- $5
My office is at 2909 Sheridan Blvd (Wheat Ridge )


Trigger Point Therapy

Under normal circumstances, the plantar fascia acts like a shock-absorber to support the arch in your foot.

When the tension on the shock-absorber becomes too great, it can create small tears in the fascia.

Over time, the repetitive stretching and tearing can cause the fascia to become irritated and inflamed.

See today's video blog ...


[08/17/17]   Uh oh looks like today is the first day of school for the kiddos! Moms and Dads, if you are stressed out and things are hectic, just relax! Get a massage!
Hit me up to book, my shop is in Wheatridge or I can come to your house while they are at school!
M-F , 10am till 7pm, if you need to tweak the hours to maybe a little earlier or later just call or text and we can prob. Work something out.


MASSAGE Magazine

When it comes to the subtle body, coloring is more than just an enjoyable way to learn about the energy systems that govern our health—it’s also an effective practice to help awaken your intuitive connection to your chakras, meridians, and more.

This coloring book will allow readers to engage with the material and gain a level of understanding that can only be reached by interacting with images. See what the buzz is about!

[07/26/17]   I ordered a brand new pregnancy body pillow for the massage table, it is the whole set up so women can lay comfortably face down while receiving a massage.
It will be coming in the mail within the next couple weeks, if you are pregnant and need a massage please don't book with me unless you are in your 2nd trimester or later, I have had some clients push limits with me and it makes me uncomfortable, so for your health and the health of your new unborn child we have rules for a reason, please be safe and text, call or email me if you need to book!




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Friday 10:00 - 19:00
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