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Is there some reason why none of the morning (5:45, 6:30, 7:45) classes are showing up on the schedule next week?
Hello Thursday morning 5:15 AM. Do you have an extra set of keys or a set that doesn't look like yours? If you do, they are mine. Please, please bring them back to OTF and I can pick them up. Thanks
Ok, Riley has officially become one of my favorite coaches, and that is despite the fact that he put us through Orange Everest today. :o)
Hi OTF goers! I'm sure you all are familiar with the intersection at Tennessee & Logan and how IMPOSSIBLE it is to cross safely. I'm reaching out to you all to enlist your help in reaching out to the West Wash Park neighborhood association, requesting their assistance in reaching out to the city planning committee to hear our concerns! My friend recently reached out to her neighborhood association regarding a dangerous intersection for bikers at Speer and 11th and after a few meetings with city engineers and other planning committees a traffic sign was installed requiring cars to yield to bikes! Something can be done if we all work together— there is power in numbers! I’ve sent an email to the Nick Amrhein, the president of the West Wash Park Neighborhood Association ([email protected]), and I’m asking if you could do the same! Just a quick, short note, voicing your concerns, as I’m sure anyone who has parked in the parking lot across the street from OTF shares this same concern! Thank you!
Ok, not going to lie, it was a blow to lose Katey on Monday mornings but Rylie has made Monday moring workouts great again!
Trish Gibbons is the fine woman that made me go to OT last year November. It's been the best thing I've done for myself in awhile. Here we are on the summit of Mt. Bierstadt!! #loveot #alloutbingo #otfriends
Missed Kris at is usual 6:30 this morning but Christa did a great job and great music!

Base. Push. All out. Join the most supportive, transformative fitness community in Denver. Your first session is FREE!

Heart-rate based interval training in a fun and energizing group environment. Work for 1 hour, burn for 36. That's the Orange effect!

5.23.2020 At Home Workout-Social promo 1 Horizontal_V2.mp4

OTF At Home has some heart-healthy heart-pumping fun for you tomorrow with another Orange Goes Red workout in partnership with the American Heart Association. It’s an upper-body strength training workout, and OTF's Dr. Rachel Reed is here with a little motivation. To get the workout, head to the app, our YouTube channel, or right here 👉

anne -

It’s the final day of Peak Performance Week! Coach Anne has some tips on how to tackle today's quarantine chaos challenge. Be sure to use the hashtag #otfco and #otfcoquarantinechaos for a chance to win some OTF fitness equipment!

05_22_HomeTown Edition_Social

We’re bringing the energy of our coaches to your living room to keep you happy, healthy and connected when social distancing keeps us apart. Meet your motivators in this Orangetheory At Home Hometown Edition: Coach Mike from OTF McDonough, Coach Bird from OTF Brentwood and Coach Lori from OTF East End Pittsburgh. As always, check out the full free workout on our YouTube channel, our mobile app, and right here 👉

scott push

It’s Day 4 of Peak Performance Week! Coach Scott has some tips on proper push up form for today's 1-minute push up challenge. Be sure to use the hashtag #otfco and #otfcopushupchallenge for a chance to win some OTF fitness equipment!

In your next #OrangetheoryAtHome, we’ll use mini bands to work your lower body, core and more! Sprinkled in between these targeted exercises is a little interval training to get your heart rate up and your sweat on. As always, open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

It’s Day 3 of Peak Performance Week! Coach Julian has some tips on how to break up the 21 minute run. Give it a listen and then get out there and run! Be sure to use the hashtag #otfco and #otfco21minuterun for a chance to win some OTF fitness equipment!

There’s nothing like a good upper body and core workout to help keep your head up and your shoulders proud. In addition to strength-building exercises to sculpt your shoulders, chest and triceps, we’ve got some of your favorite Base, Push and All Out intervals to get your heart pumping. Open you app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

It’s Day 2 of Peak Performance Week! Coach Kelsey has some tips on how to tackle the bodyweight challenge – think quality over quantity! Be sure to use the hashtag #otfco and #otfcobodyweightchallenge for a chance to win some OTF fitness equipment!

It's Tornado Tuesday and Team Germany is leading the charge. Give it up for Coach Doro, Coach Johnny, and Coach Marco from Orangetheory Fitness Lübeck, who will take you through 3 rounds of 6 total body exercises to elevate your heart rate and get you in that glorious Orange Zone. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

Get your Monday dose of cardio, strength and core work during this Orangetheory At Home™ — it’s just what the body needs to kick off a brand-new week stronger than ever. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

At Home Peak Performance Week Round TWO kicks off tomorrow! Stay tuned for daily tips to tackle these challenges and improve your stats from round 1! #otfco #athomeworkout #peakperformanceweek

We heart a good workout. Especially this one — another Orangetheory At Home™ Orange Goes Red endurance builder, created in collaboration with the American Heart Association. We’re breaking down some classic Run/Row moves, like the iso-squat lateral two-step. Speed it up, slow it down. Just get that blood pumping. Check our app or YouTube channel for the whole workout.

Here's what's ahead this week! Do yourself a favor and schedule your workouts NOW! #otfathome #athomeworkout

If you had to choose, what would it be — cardio, strength, or core? The good news is, you’ll get all three in your next Orangetheory At Home™ Hometown Edition. As we venture to Canada, prepare to be inspired by SEVEN coaches: Coach Ian from OTF Fort York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Coach Konrad from OTF Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada; Coach Mark from OTF St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada; Coach Reem from OTF Calgary South, Alberta, Canada; Coach Sophia from OTF Boucherville & Quartier Dix30, Quebec, Canada; Coach Mark from OTF Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada; and Coach Matt from OTF Calgary North, Alberta, Canada. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

Get ready to work those glutes in today's #orangetheoryathome. In between exercises that focus on your lower half, expect some signature interval training, cardio, and core work to optimize your results. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

Hey @otfwashpark , we miss hanging out with you! Hang out & work out with us every Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. and every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. on ZOOM! Members and Non-Members are invited! 🍊
Meeting ID: 699 998 6768
#Orangetheory #DenverFitness #washparkdenver

Here's a hump day challenge for some fit fun today! The name of this game is SPLAT. Grab a partner and complete as many reps as you can in a minute, then turn things over to your partner. Like the schoolyard game of HORSE, you want to spell "SPLAT" before your partner does. The full video is on your app or on our YouTube Channel.

In your next Orangetheory At Home workout, you’ll kick things off with some coordination and core stability work before pumping up your back and biceps. Grab a chair for a few rounds of Pushes and All Outs. Find the full upper body strength and core workout on your app, our YouTube channel, or here 👉

We’re headed to the hometowns of Coach Jen from Orangetheory Fitness Grandview Coach Sherilyn from Orangetheory Fitness Reno and Coach Jake from Orangetheory Fitness Albuquerque - Midtown for 41 minutes of cardio, core and strength work. Here’s the kicker … as we double the time for each strength exercise, challenge yourself to double the rep count. Are you up for it? 👉

Tomorrow’s ZOOM ID: 892 8050 1015
Tuesday’s @ 8:00 a.m 🍊
Thursdays @ 4:00 p.m. 🍊

Get ready to give a deserving mom out there a big hug this Mother’s Day after crushing this next 32-minute upper body and core workout. Better yet - do this Orangetheory At Home WITH mom or a mother figure in your life and let’s show the world just how strong moms are. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

OTF moms! This year, more than ever, you deserve some serious self-care. And to us, that means moving your body! We can’t show you the love in studio, but we still want to honor your strength as an athlete and as a mom. Share a photo or video of your Mother’s Day workout with the hashtag #otfcomom for a chance to win some more self-care - a full size bottle of Zen from our friends at Mandara CBD! Remember, all OTF members get 20% off anything from Mandara using the link below and the code OTFCOLORADO.

Push, pull, squat and lunge right into the weekend in your next Orangetheory At Home™. No muscle will be left behind as you build strength and use power to endure this 40-minute total body workout. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

We’ve got some good news and some even better news for your next Orangetheory At Home™ Hometown Edition. The good news is, you’re going to get in a TON of reps. Even better, the rep count goes DOWN after each round. But here’s the challenge: Try and keep the same energy and effort level for the entire 39-minute workout to build your endurance. Coach Alyssa from Orangetheory Fitness Lincoln- Preserve Coach Alex from Orangetheory Fitness Stillwater and Coach Bruce from Orangetheory Fitness Barboursville have teamed up to bring you all the motivation you need to push through. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

Live workout today at 4:00 p.m. 🍊

We miss you OTF Colorado family and we want you to know that we are working hard to establish policies and procedures and to build a solid stock of necessary supplies to keep everyone safe when are able to reopen. Stay tuned and stay healthy!

Today's 46-minute lower body workout will have you walking out of this quarantine feeling more confident than ever. And with some signature Base, Push, and All Out intervals sprinkled in this Orangetheory At Home, you’ll have the Splat Points to show off your progress. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

In addition to our daily At-Home workouts and live Coach workouts, we've got some fun stuff ahead this month. The happy hours and Splatcasts happen in our OTF Colorado Family Facebook group - be sure to join if you haven't already! #otfco

You can do anything for 30 seconds, right? Your next Orangetheory At Home™ is designed to challenge your core as you alternate between exercises and isometric holds. Plus, build your upper body strength with 3 variations of pushups and some pulling movements in between. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here 👉 for the full workout.

May is here and Mayhem is happening! Sign up at to earn this hat for finishing 4 of the 6 workouts!

05.05.20 At Home Workout.Facebook.mp4

How cool would it be to take a class in New Zealand? In your next Orangetheory At Home™ Hometown Edition, Coach Matt and Coach Zusje from Orangetheory Fitness Moorhouse Ave. and Coach Sierrah from Orangetheory Fitness Mt. Eden are coming to you virtually to give you a taste of the Orangetheory experience in their beautiful country. In 39 minutes, you’ll alternate between a strength exercise and a power exercise for several rounds to work both your fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. That means you’ll get the benefits of using your whole muscle versus what your body is used to using. Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

We’re still here to work out with you every week at the same time and place! Tomorrow’s ZOOM ID is: 817 2836 3601 💪 Meeting IDs will continue to be posted on our page before the workout; just check the page right before our virtual class! 🙌

When the best blocks of the week are combined into 40 minutes of total body fun, you know you’re in for a good sweat session. Beat the Monday blues with your next Orangetheory At Home™ Greatest HIITs Edition! Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉

We’ve got another week’s worth of workouts coming your way! Every workout gives you a little more strength, a lot of energy and loads of confidence. So, carve them into your schedule now and let’s start this new week at home in the best way possible. 💪 #athomeworkout #otfathome

Your upper body and core are going to love you (or hate you) after you conquer your next Orangetheory At Home™. In 35 minutes, we’ll strengthen those stabilizer muscles in your upper body, we’ll get your heart pumping with some cardio and we’ll even challenge your balance and coordination. Workouts like these are the best way to start your day and to prepare for that glorious moment when our studios start to reopen! Open your app, head to our YouTube channel, or click here for the full workout 👉


WHAT IS ORANGETHEORY FITNESS? Orangetheory Fitness Washington Park offers 60-minute workout sessions split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn. Increase energy, get visible results and burn more calories, even after leaving the studio. That's the Orange Effect! Really want to change your body and your fitness level? Join the best fitness movement in the nation!


Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), our heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Our clients burn an estimated 500 to 1000 calories per workout. We are 5 zone heart-rate interval training.


Working out in a group provides accountability and structure to help achieve fitness goals. You are more likely to get a great workout and better results from the well-rounded movements and pace direction you get in a group setting. The session motivates each other to pick up the pace and reach beyond plateaus. People who workout in groups stick to their goals more consistently than those that workout alone. Discover a fun, safe and accountable workout environment at Orangetheory Fitness Washington Park. It’s Tough! It’s Fun! It’s Addictive!


We don't just invite you to attend a Free VIP Class - we consult with you to determine your best path to fitness. We do this by getting on the phone with you to hear about your fitness experience, goals and schedule preferences. We talk with you so that we can recommend a class time we think you'll love. ​After you attend the free class, we will follow up with you to make sure your questions are answered.

Ready to Try Your FREE Class? Come see why The New York Times is calling it, The Best One Hour Workout in the Country!

Request Your Free VIP Pass Here - An OTF Washington Park staff member will contact you.

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Orangetheory's model can help you burn as many as 900 calories in each session, thanks to its mash-up of workout techniques and equipment, including treadmills, rowing machines, TRX suspension training and free weights. Instagram: @orangetheory_washpark

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