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You guys are awesome.
It’s sad I really like the Floyds in Longwood, Florida and so did my son. However I am not going to wear a mask or have my temperature checked. Yes they can do that as they are a Franchise and are getting their marching orders from corporate offices. They lost a client today and now we will be using another shop around the corner not “Floyds” where I just had my hair cut without having to wear a mask and they still were able to do things properly social distancing.
Really? I can finally go someplace for a haircut now and you people keep me on hold for AN HOUR????!!!!!! AND THEN THE DAMN CALL JUST MYSTERIOUSLY DROPS! I was patiently waiting for an hour to get in at your Addison Texas location. Now I get a recording thanking me for calling and then it hangs up on me. WTF!!!! Other Texas locations allow online check-ins but not this one and none in Dallas Fort Worth do. It's 2020. ALL LOCATIONS should allow this. I just wasted a lot of time. This is a really crappy way to show us you want our business. Someone didn't prepare very well. I'm going to drive by the Addison location and if no one is there answering phones, I will be very pissed off.
How do we find our barbers last name so I can reach out to her on FB so I can get my hair cut? I'm trying to find Mandy W from the Highlands Ranch Floyd's 99 and all the profiles are gone.
Good Morning everyone, my name is Sam Pitt singer-songwriter Rock Pop and it is possible to have an email to send my songs Demo . Thank you very much, Sam Pitt
Take care of your employees! How dare you do this. What a trash company. Disgraceful.
Forcing your employees to use PTO to cover coronavirus outages is disgusting. After seeing your memo to your employees on social media, I am beyond certain you will never get my business again.
can you make this happen (like Floyd on Andy)
Thanks Ruby at Floyd’s for the fresh cut! Definitely going back!
First, let me say that I am absolutely pissed off and disgusted at what happened to my husband today. My husband went in for a haircut this afternoon and it was a disaster! I walked in towards the end of the haircut and could immediately see it was uneven and not faded properly. I spoke up and asked her to fade it more as it looked like he had a bowl on his head. She tried to justify it because of his cowlicks and that was as good as it was going to get. I told her I know my husbands hair and that it wasn’t being done properly. She then goes to another hair stylist to ask for her help. She continued to stare at me while making faces when explaining the situation to the other stylist as if I was a problem customer, which is completely unacceptable behavior! The new stylist told her she should have done it differently after one look at his hair. He was then brought to a new chair to be fixed properly however he was cut three times! She said “oh it’s just a small cut”. His upper back was butchered. Yes, he wasn’t charged for the haircut but this is completely unacceptable! I feel there needs to be some sort of training because this entire situation was a mess!

Expert cuts, amplified experience.

Floyd’s 99 shops focus on old school customer service, where customers are every employee's number one priority. It mixes its excellent service with the new style appeal of an experienced, talented staff with unique and fun personalities to match the Floyd's 99 attitude that keeps their loyal customers coming back. Surrounded with posters of hot bands and music artists plastered on the walls, customers can watch one of the plasma TV's or log on to the Internet at one of the shop's customer computers, all while taking in the music on Floyd's 99's own radio station. Then to top it all off, every customer receives the Floyd's 99 signature hot lather neck shave* and aaahhh…shoulder massage. Floyd's 99 approach is to keep services simple, focusing on traditional hair cuts, styling and color services for both men and women and men's specialty barbering (face and head shaves). Besides beating high prices traditionally found in salons, Floyd's 99 has overcome the long lines often associated with discount-priced cutteries by adequately staffing its shops to take care of its number one priority: its customers. Walk-in service is the norm, but customers can also phone ahead to be put on a wait list (just like in restaurants). Appointments are recommended for those wanting face and head shaves, or coloring services. Customers can check Floyd's 99's locations page on the website to see when their favorite stylist or barber is working. Because customer service is a top priority at Floyd's 99, all shops provide a full-time front desk staff, a rarity at most barbershops and discount chains. Floyd's 99 Barbershops most importantly represent great business in practice. Visit us to see why! Floyd's 99 Barbershop is the brainchild of brothers Paul, Rob, Bill O'Brien. Brothers Paul and Rob also own and operate Observ, Inc., a foodservice subcontractor operating in numerous sports and concert venues from the Midwest to the West Coast. The first Floyd's 99 shop opened at 1092 Broadway (the corner of 11th and Broadway) in Denver, Colorado in February of 2001. The company is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

The original Rock 'n' Roll Barbershop for Men & Women. Services include Cuts, Color, Shaves & Waxing (prices vary based on location), along with our Signature Massage Shampoo. We're open every day! Walk-ins & Reservations accepted.


Man leaves hairstylist $2,500 tip, $3,300 more to barbershop employees

"For him to come back and give out such generous tips to all my colleagues really just left me speechless," Novotny said. "I can't even tell you how much this means to us all." via Good Morning America

goodmorningamerica.com The generous tipster wished to remain anonymous.


Anonymous client tips Denver hair stylist $2,500 — then leaves $3,300 more for her coworkers

The support we've seen since being able to reopen some of our shops where regulations allow has been astounding. This is just one great story from one of our Denver shops. Thank you to our communities for supporting us during this time. More markets to come...

For more info on our reopenings and safety practices, visit: floyds99.co/Safety.

denverpost.com The man asked how many employees worked in the store, and handed the manager another $1,8000 — $100 each for the 18 employees.


Safety Practices - About Us | Floyd's 99 Barbershop

Update: We are daily assessing when we can safely reopen shops in your area. This past Friday, we reopened (10) shops in Colorado, with local government regulations in place: Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch & Loveland. To find out via email when your shop will reopen, sign up here: floyds99.co/FanClub

To read more on our Safety Practices, and for an updated list of shops as they reopen, please click below.

Here's some feedback we've received from clients in these CO shops so far:

- "I visited the day salons reopened in Colorado, and was very impressed with the safety measures in place! It's obvious the stylists care about safety, and I appreciate Floyd's following all Colorado regulations in regard to masks, social distancing and sanitizing equipment."

- "I was impressed with the steps taken to ensure my safety and the safety of the staff and other clients, and was happy it was made possible to get a haircut during a crazy time!"

- "We felt very comfortable with the cleanliness and the care taken to ensure a safe environment. The management team of Floyd’s is top notch and we appreciate their contribution to our neighborhood."

floydsbarbershop.com If you are a returning client, thank you for trusting us. You are part of our family, and we'll always provide you with a clean, safe environment that you can count on. 

How's free haircuts for a year sound? Enter for a chance to win by showing us your quarantine flow in our #NoHaircutChallenge.

As we prepare for when we can be able to reopen, we want to see see pics of your at-home hairstyles! Share your photo using the hashtag or comment with your pic below. Then, once you've had your clean cut after we've reopened, show us your transformation photo – either by replying to your original photo in the comments below, or by using the hashtag. The best hair-changing transformation will win free haircuts for an entire year!


Floyd's 99 Barbershop

We are continually assessing how soon we can ensure a safe reopen of our shops for you. To find out what to expect and how soon you’ll be able to book, please sign up for our email list here: floyds99.co/FanClub

To read about our Safety Practices, visit: floyds99.co/Safety


Want to be among the 1st to know when your shop will be able to reopen? Join the Floyd's Fan Club to be notified via email as soon as we know when your shop is ready. SIGN UP: floyds99.co/FanClub

Everyone's needs a haircut right now, so make sure you'll know how quickly you'll need to book your return reservation! Sign up today at floyds99.co/FanClub.

[04/16/20]   Episode 4 of our Amplified Series: Expert Cuts, Amplified Perseverance.

Singer-songwriter Josh from Mondo Cozmo stops by to chat with us about style influences, authenticity and perseverance, all while getting his 1st barbershop haircut in the last 4 years! Listen to the new single, "Upside Down" here: https://ffm.to/upside-down.

For more on Mondo Cozmo, visit: www.mondocozmo.com, or follow him @MondoCozmo.

Floyd's 99 Barbershop is proud to partner with JDRF, and want to share this important message about the Warning Signs of Type 1 Diabetes (#T1D).

Remember, while we are all social distancing and refraining from non-essential medical appointments, please understand these warning signs, and seek emergency medical attention when necessary. Learn more at: jdrf.org/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=20200407_Floyds99&s_src=twitter_social&s_subsrc=20200407_Floyds99

Altitude TV

Floyd's 99 Technical Director/Education, Patrick Butler, went live with Altitude TV this morning walking through an at-home haircut & providing other tips. For Free Shipping on all products, visit: floyds99.com/store

Your Nuggets, Avalanche, Mammoth, Rapids and the Colorado Community all under one roof! Today's guests include Colorado Avalanche Head Coach Jared Bednar, former Avalanche player John Mitchell and CU Head Basketball Coach Tad Boyle!

Check out the latest update to our #QuaranTunes Playlist on Spotify, including some great new tunes to help start off your week! ⁠Stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4u0X9aqgzEnCcxELGbXkQ0?si=DE7xdIHuS7SM_C_rMqlogg&fbclid=IwAR3a-RA_hzf-12ooZP57egFkOWKzaRyih0K1Z1rcMxgwd2KZxiDjYf52uUQ

Wanna pre-buy your next haircut(s)? The best way to do it is by purchasing an E-Gift Card from us online! Get yours today: floyds99.com/egift-cards/

*The purchase of an E-Gift Card can be used at your next appointment for when we are officially able to reopen! We will notify you via email before your shop reopens so that you can book your appointment and be ready to redeem your E-Gift Card in-shop.*⁠ (Bonus Vouchers below are not valid in Dallas, Houston, Lexington, Las Vegas, Orlando or San Diego shops).

$100 E-Gift Card ➡️ $25 Bonus Voucher⁠
$75 E-Gift Card ➡️ $15 Bonus Voucher⁠
$50 E-Gift Card ➡️ $10 Bonus Voucher⁠
$25 E-Gift Card ➡️ $5 Bonus Voucher

The Hairald Hair Hacks (Ep. 5): Quarantine Styling Tips

Floyd's 99's Technical Director, Patrick Butler, otherwise known as "Butler P.I.," discusses quarantine styling techniques using Floyd's 99 Styling Cream which helps show shape, separation and definition in your hairstyle while at home social distancing. To get your hands on some Styling Cream or other product, visit floyds99.com/store. (Free Shipping Available!)

Amplified Comedy: Jeff B. Davis

Episode 3 of our Amplified Series: Expert Cuts, Amplified Comedy.

Comedian Jeff Bryan Davis, who most notably appeared on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?," discusses comedy, improv and impersonations while getting a straight razor shave from a Floyd's 99 barber.

We put together a list of some of the best hair & barbershop-related movies and TV shows for you to binge watch during quarantine. Check out the list here: floyds99.co/barbershop-flicks

[03/31/20]   Finding yourself ready to grab a pair of clippers and go to town on your hair? While we'd rather you grow out your quarantine flow and wait for your favorite barber or stylist to give you your long awaited post-isolation haircut... if you *have* to do something, here's a great how-to for you to do it! Amplify your stay-at-home experience with this latest quarantine hair hack instructional.

Dear clients, we miss you! But, while we are closed, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all Floyd’s 99 Grooming products when you order from our online store. Any product purchase will directly help support the barbershop until we can open our doors again! (Plus, we don't want you having to use store-bought quality products...) To shop, visit: floyds99.com/store/

[03/27/20]   Hair getting out of control while self-isolating in quarantine? Ours too... but we're here to help in whatever way we can! Here are some ways to do some light, maintenance to help amplify your stay-at-home experience. We miss you and your hair, and can't wait to see you again when we're able to re-open! In the meantime...

Get FREE SHIPPING on Floyd's 99 Grooming: floyds99.com/store/
Send a tip to your barber or stylist, if able: tipmybarber.com


QuaranTunes 1, a playlist by Floyd's 99 on Spotify

Introducing part 1 of our #Quarantunes playlist - for you listen at home while your hair is growing. Stay tuned, as we'll be adding more tunes! ⁠Stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4u0X9aqgzEnCcxELGbXkQ0?si=DE7xdIHuS7SM_C_rMqlogg

open.spotify.com Floyd's 99 sharing Tunes during this Quarantine


tip my barber – tip barber shop

Some of our clients have been asking for ways to help their favorite barbers and stylists during this difficult time. If you are in a position to help someone, check out TipMyBarber.com to see if your favorite Floyd's 99 barber or stylist has signed up. This site allows clients to find their stylist or barber and tip them, whatever amount, via apps such as Venmo, Cash, PayPal, etc. We hope that this can be a channel for you to be able to find your favorite Floyds 99 employee and connect to them as many of you have requested.* (To find your barber or stylist, visit: tipmybarber.com).

*This site is not hosted by Floyd’s, and it is recommended that each employee do their own research to ensure it is the right avenue for them if they wish to sign up.

tipmybarber.com Click on the SEARCH BARBER button above or below you will be able to search a list of barbers that have already signed up. If you don't see your barber tag them on social media #tipmybarber @tipmybarber and tell them to sign up.

If you haven't heard already, all of our shops are temporarily closed until further notice.

When Floyd’s 99 Barbershop first opened, we did so with the mission to create an amplified hair experience for the communities we serve. Since then, we have continuously strived to engrain ourselves in our communities and best serve the well-being of our Floyd’s Family. It is with that responsibility in mind that we made this decision.

As we continue to navigate this evolving situation, we are committed to doing our part. We will continue to monitor the CDC, local and national regulations, and we will be in contact as conditions change.

We look forward to getting back to normal operations as soon as we can safely re-open. Once we know when we can re-open, you will be the first to know.

Who knew the hair trend of 2020 would be the “Quarantine Flow?”

Thank you for your support, understanding and once again, your commitment to Floyd’s. Please stay safe and let your hair grow.

Our commitment to our Floyd's family on COVID-19

Shout-out to our team in Arizona who shaved the heads of some Los Angeles Angels players for "Balding All Angels." Proceeds from the event will benefit Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center at MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach!

Today, Joe Maddon with the Respect 90 Foundation hosted “Balding All Angels” at Tempe Diablo Stadium!

Promote hair growth & restoration with Actiiv hair products: on sale in-shop for 25% OFF! Find your shop: floyds99.com/directory/

(Available in-shop only at participating locations. Sale ends Tuesday, 3/31).

Amplified Originality: Cole Becker of SWMRS

New Amplified video: Amplified Originality. SWMRS frontman, Cole Becker, gets his hair cut & colored at Floyd's while giving great advice on what it means to be original in style and as a musician. Stream their music here: floyds99.co/SWMRS

Liter Sale ends this Sunday, March 1! Have you got yours at the shop yet?

Find your location: floyds99.com/directory

The Hairald Hair Hacks (Ep. 2): "Let's Talk Neck Lines!"

Never know what to say when your barber or hair stylist asks, "And how do you like the back of your neck?" Here's our advice: Always. Get. Tapered.

Check out the ep. 2 of The Hairald Hair Hacks series, "Let's Talk Neck Lines!" Read more blow drying tips here: floyds99.co/NeckLines

Buy any (2) Floyd's 99 Grooming Liters for just $44 in-shop! Find your location: floyds99.com/directory

(Sale available at participating locations only. Ends Sunday, March 1, 2020).


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for HIM....which he will love to show off! - Sifa's Corner

Valentine's Day is just days away ❤️... and our products are perfect to help you spruce up your look before dinner, or as a gift idea! Shout out to Sifa's Corner for featuring some of our grooming line. To shop, visit: bit.ly/F99Store

sifascorner.com Looking for a gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day? Here are 100 Gift Ideas for HIM....which he will love to show off!

Amplified Series, Ep. 1 | Tattoo Artist, Dan Smith

Check out Ep. 1 of our new AMPLIFIED SERIES, featuring popular tattoo artist/musician Dan Smith Tattoo, as he gets his haircut at Floyd's and talks about trusting your barber while on tour, and the importance of image & style as an artist. For more, visit: https://youtu.be/prl4pbe1YLk


The Latest Trends for Men’s Hair this 2020

"The seasons change and so does our wardrobe, and hopefully our hair too! We have seen a lot of trends and shifts with men’s hair in 2019 and we expect 2020 to be just as active."

Thanks to FOX31 KDVR.com for featuring us today! Check out the video on Men's Hair Trends for 2020 below. To watch our video on blow drying tips, visit: https://youtu.be/yt3Q3I-jCKg

kdvr.com Floyd's 99 Barbershop has put together the biggest trends anticipated for 2020. The seasons change and so does our wardrobe and hopefully our hair too. As we shift into cooler temps and glide into the holidays our look should keep up. We have seen a lot of trends and shifts with men’s hair in 2019...

The Hairald Hair Hacks (Ep. 1): "Let's Talk Blow Dryers!"

Ever used a blow dryer? There's no shame in doing what it takes to look good. Sometimes that means using a blow dryer & brush.

Check out the ep. 1 of The Hairald Hair Hacks series, "Let's Talk Blow Dryers!" Read more blow drying tips here: floyds99.co/BlowDrying

Floyd's Cut & Wash

Nothing better than a fresh cut & shampoo. To book: floyds99.co/BookNow

Thanks for hosting us in Rotterdam, Reuzel Pomade! 🇳🇱💈

We had such a wonderful time hosting the group from Floyd's 99 Barbershop at The Old School Barber Academy this week.
Thanks to Patrick for once again bringing his A Team and for being such an awesome group to be around, we look forward to the next time.
Want to come to The Old School Barber Academy, or have us come to your shop or salon? Check out the site for more information on our courses, pricing and availability :- www.theoldschoolbarberacademy.com

Patrick Butler Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier Miky Whitetrash Liza Moerman Robert-Jan Rietveld

New year, new styles. Book yours today: floyds99.co/BookNow

Happy New Year! Looking for a resolution in 2020? We've got one for you: Be (YOU)nique.

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Expert Cuts, Amplified Experience. Open daily for all. Reservations encouraged, walk-ins welcome.

Our mission has always been to provide a memorable, unique and exciting experience for everyone that walks through our doors. Our talented staff perform top-quality haircuts, color, styling, waxing and other traditional barber services, such as straight razor shaves and shoulder massages. We consistently strive to give fresh styles and ideas by keeping up with industry trends and continuously educating our team of barbers and stylists through our Floyd's 99 Academy.

Though no two shops are the same, every shop is plastered with our iconic poster wall — a visual time machine of popular musicians and memorabilia. Floyd’s 99 Radio also plays throughout every shop and features music from today’s top hits to rock classics. Music has always been a core component of our brand. Some shops even have hand-painted wall murals highlighting moments in music and pop culture. All of this combined give each shop distinctive and authentic feel with a retro vibe and modern twist that makes our barbershop unlike any other in the world.

Want your business to be the top-listed Hair Salon in Denver?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Videos (show all)

The Hairald Hair Hacks (Ep. 5): Quarantine Styling Tips
Amplified Comedy: Jeff B. Davis
Amplified Originality: Cole Becker of SWMRS
The Hairald Hair Hacks (Ep. 2): "Let's Talk Neck Lines!"
Amplified Series, Ep. 1 | Tattoo Artist, Dan Smith
The Hairald Hair Hacks (Ep. 1): "Let's Talk Blow Dryers!"
Floyd's Cut & Wash





7300 Melrose Ave
Denver, CO

General information

Floyd’s 99 success is built on the choice to deliver great customer service, delivered by the best hairstylists and barbers in the business, in a unique and fun, high-energy environment at a great value.
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