Denver LMT: Life Management & Transformation

Denver LMT: Life Management & Transformation

Life Management & Transformation using Life Alignment Technique,

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Victory Boyd

My siblings and I made an arrangement of our favorite BeeGees song. Follow our group Infinity's Song.

If you’d like to support our sibling band as we make these videos send some love to our cash app $InfinityFam

Stay tuned and stay safe ❤️ #beegees #howdeepisyourlove #familyband

The Natural Parent Magazine

Often parents having a hard time with their children (e.g. breastfeeding, mealtimes, sleep, behaviour) need space holding, not advice or dismissing.

Also, children need space holding too, not fixing, not intervening or judging, just holding space to process their situation.

Share with everyone, many of us need practice at space holding.
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Denver LMT: Life Management Transformation

[03/26/20]   I'm offering my #COUPLES #MASSAGE #workshops online! Are you stuck in the house and want to learn techniques to give massage to each other? Strengthen your relationship? I've been teaching this workshop since 2000. You'll receive academic style brief anatomy, areas to be cautious and techniques. practice time and question time. This is a 3 session Zoom platform. 2 hr + 2 hr + 1 hr session Zoom online workshop. $200.00/ couple. Private and group sessions available.

Denver LMT: Life Management Transformation

Anschutz College of Nursing Bone Health Study, University of Colorado

Denver women over 55 Bone Health study: Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus are conducting a bone health study for women age 55 to 85. The purpose of the DAMES study is to learn more about how to improve bone health in postmenopausal women with low bone mass (osteopenia), or moderate osteoporosis. Receive com...

Why Is Everyone Stretching? Is it the next Pilates? Can it make you taller? Our columnist booked a session.

Why Epsom Salt Baths Are The Highly Sensitive Person's BFF - Alcantara Acupuncture & Healing Arts Epsom salt baths have been used for centuries for detoxification and relaxation. However, epsom salt baths are much more powerful than the occasional soothing soak! For the everyday Warrior God/dess, there comes a time when we need to replenish ourselves – on physical, mental, emotional, and spiri...

Unlock Your Hip Flexors: For More Strength & Flexibility Heal and prevent issues caused by tight hip flexors with an easy, low-impact step-by-step method which can be performed anywhere.

Healing Through Movement

"I have been using the exercises presented in Unlock Your Hip Flexors for the last two weeks, and I cannot believe what an impact it has made!

Not only am I able to walk longer, but even sitting is more comfortable.

With a more toned lower abdomen, my pants are fitting better and I’m feeling muscles that I didn’t even know I had!" - Jen, Michigan

Try 'Unlock Your Hip Flexors' now!

Self-Care Is Not An Indulgence. It's A Discipline. Self-care is not an indulgence. It's the ongoing practice of keeping ourselves physically and emotionally healthy.

The Independent

This mesmerising animation is remarkable

Schierling Chiropractic, LLC

Imbalances of muscle and fascia create specific and well-known patterns of pain and dysfunction, two of the most common being Upper Crossed and Lower Crossed Syndromes. Today I am going to not only show you what Lower Crossed Syndrome is, but show you ways to start effectively addressing it.

Pet Honest Co

Helps with inflammation, anxiety and stress.

Farm To Friend is a USA pet supply company that provides all natural solutions to caring for pets health and happiness.


Start your indoor exercise slow to avoid injuries during this cooler weather season.

Which pup are you? 😂

Prepper Living

Depth Wellness

The beauty of the system of the body - *Everything is Connected* - this is biotensegrity...

UPDATE #3: ***NOW AVAILABLE!! For everyone who was interested in purchasing one of these beauties...
"Everything in nature has an intrinsic frequency; biotensegrity represents the dynamic reciprocal elasticity inherent to life." - Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP. Tensegrity spines are officially available for purchase from

UPDATE #2: *To everyone interested in purchasing one of these beauties*, we are trying to determine a fair price considering cost of production! Please consider the cost of other quality spinal models, production costs and the time and care that goes into a professional engineer HAND MAKING making something like this - we are trying to gauge the thoughts of the public! What do you feel is a fair price? Please comment below or email [email protected]

UPDATE: we have had a lot of questions about wanting to purchase one of these beautiful models! Please email Dr Satya at [email protected] if you’re interested!

Thank you for sharing so much knowledge this weekend Dr. Satya Sardonicus! You have given us an elegant new lens to see through...

Check out!

And thank you Dr. Sam Zoranovich for allowing us to use your gorgeous space at Zoranovich Chiropractic in San Francisco! To any interested students, Dr. Sam welcomes you to come learn and practice in his space on weekends! Just reach out!

Coaching The Body Institute

Massage Therapists - Want to become a Pain Hacker and rock your clients’ worlds? ⭐

I teach therapy that works – And I use it every day in my own practice...

I've integrated the best techniques from Thai bodywork, trigger point therapy, functional movement, martial arts, Asian medicine and osteopathy.

I want to invite you to attend a webinar where I will demonstrate...

✅ Why When You Treat Pain It Always Seems To Come Back...
✅ Why I Had To Develop What I Call “Trigger Point 2.0”...
✅ How My Newest Tool, The "Muscle Liberator" (Demonstrated In The Video) Can Soften Taut Fibers In Mere Seconds If Used In The Right Way...

And so much more. I only need an hour of your time to revolutionize your ideas about pain.

PLUS, If you stick around to the end, I'll give you an opportunity to get your own Muscle Liberator absolutely FREE.

Sound interesting?

Register for this exclusive web class before it fills up by clicking “Learn More” below 👇👇

Live Happy

Mental health expert, Dr. Alice Boyes offers simple strategies to beat negative thinking. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

How to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve for Better Mental Health “ By developing an understanding of the workings of your vagus nerve, you may find it possible to work with your nervous system rather than feel trapped when it works against you. ” — Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Clinical Psychologist Stimulating my vagus nerve h

12 Ways to Unlock the Powers of the Vagus Nerve Discover how to hack your nervous system and de-stress your life.


Become a better runner with these bodyweight moves.

Getting Nerdy With Mel and Gerdy

When science teachers make holiday cookies!

Dr. Mercola says: "I'm grounded 95% of the day!" (Down to Earth - Full 15 Minutes Video)

Grounding to reduce inflammation.

This movie has so huge implications that google tries to hide it very hard. Have a google search on: "Down to Earth"! No Copyright infringement intended. Upl...

Yahoo News

Did you eat an apple today? If so, did you wash it properly?

Clean your Body’s Drains! 11 Ways to Detoxify your Lymphatic System The lymphatic system, or lymph system as it is also called, is a system made up of glands, lymph nodes, the spleen, thymus gland and tonsils. It bathes our body’s cells and carries the body’s...

How to Know if Therapy Is Working In many cases, it's difficult for clients to know whether they're making progress because therapists do not necessarily state the goals and desired outco...

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Dramatically Reduces Inflammation Stimulating the vagus nerve reduces inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis.

Jason Silva

I have the tools.Ask me. #LifeAlignment

Can we change the past? Hint: yes, by changing our 'cognitive framing'.

Jason Silva

Like this

Dr. Mercola's Nitric Oxide Release Workout

There are many calisthenic exercises that can be used to help release nitric oxide production -- here are some from Dr. Mercola. To know more health and fitn...

104-Year Old Japanese Doctor Recommends These 14 Healthy Pieces of Advice 104-year old Japanese Doctor – Shigeaki Hinohara gives advices how to live to a hindered years and enjoy every single year of the life. The oldest Japanese educator and clinician was born in 1911. He is also an author of 150 books including the best-seller “Living Long, Living Good” and founder of t...

Anatomy In Motion

What is collagen? by Medical News Today

Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals, accounting for around 30% of the protein content of the human body. It is often considered to be the "glue that holds the body together".

Collagen is found in fibrous tissues such as skin, ligaments and tendons, as well as in the bones, blood vessels, the cornea of the eye, and in the gut.

Collagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity and strength. The degradation of collagen causes wrinkles and other skin issues. As a result, collagen is one of the most popular supplements among the elderly - because of it's skin healing properties.

Characteristics of collagen
Collagen's triple helix structure
Collagen has very good tensile strength - it is one of the long fibrous structural proteins that gives cells structure from the outside, as well as supporting the majority of the body's tissues.

As an amino acid, collagen is made from the amine (-NH2) and carboxylic acid (-COOH) functional groups. The main elements of collagen are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon.

Collagen contains three-stranded helical segments of similar structure. The rare abundance of the three amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, give collagen its triple-helical structure.1

The composition of collagen is considered unique given its high hydroxyproline content.

Functions of Collagen
There are over 28 different types of collagen. Collagen fibers give strength and structure to many different parts of the body. It is one of the main components of the extracellular matrix, which is the defining feature of connective tissues in humans and other mammals.2

Collagen is necessary for conserving the youthfulness of skin and attenuating wrinkles, it is also essential for the elasticity of the connective tissue of the skin, allowing it to expand and contract without damaging any tissue.3

Collagen and old age
As we age the production of collagen begins to
slow down and wrinkles begin to develop.
When we get older, the production of collagen begins to slow down and cell structures start losing their strength.

As a result, skin starts to become fragile, less elastic and wrinkles set in. In addition, hair starts losing its color, joints lose their flexibility, and bone quality begins to deteriorate.

Millions of people worldwide seek out ways to stimulate the production of collagen when wrinkles start to show.

Injectable skin fillers are becoming increasingly popular for getting rid of the lines and wrinkles associated with aging.

According to a study published in Archives of Dermatology, injections with "dermal fillers" contain hyaluronic acid, which is thought to stimulate the production of collagen, restoring the structure of damaged skin.4

Medical advances
Treatment for heart disease - scientists found that collagen is able to transform from its rigid form into a more flexible state and then back again. Their findings have enabled scientists to develop drugs that can reduce the risk of heart attack by preventing collagen from rupturing in arterial plaques.

Gum healing - a novel method using bovine collagen has been shown to be able to enhance gum healing, according to an article published in the journal Head & Face Medicine.5

Arthritis - A strong and stable alternative to human collagen was developed by a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which could be used to treat conditions caused by collagen defects such as arthritis.6

Article with links and citations:

Face Yoga Method

Do you exercise your face the same way you exercise your body?
There are 43 muscles in your face! You can tone them the same way you tone your body at the gym through body exercises.
People incorrectly think it's your skin that sags but...
your skin is attached to the muscle, so as your muscles start to sag, it brings your skin down with it.
For the last 15 years I've studied the most common signs of facial aging in women, and have been OBSESSED with this question: "What REALLY causes a woman’s face to age prematurely, making you look older than you feel?
You see, millions of women are unknowingly adding 5 to 10 years or MORE to their face, making them feel as if they’re totally losing control of their looks, just by taking ordinary, routine actions.
You’re probably doing it right now, without even realizing it!
Give me 30 seconds and I will uncover your #1 Aging Habit and show you how to reverse it for FREE
Limited time only! ➨

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