Bedazzle my Hatchet

HELLO INTERNET WORLD!! My name is Erin and I run Bedazzle My Hatchet. Ive been talking about making my creations open to the world for quite some time now and I finally desided to sit down and actually do it. I love to work with my hands and make people smile. My goal here is not to make a zillion dollars. Mainly, Im jus trying to get my name out there. Although, making a lil extra money definitely wouldnt hurt. If you have any questions, or jus wanna chat, feel free to email or message me. CLOWN LOVE YALL!! Kisses! -Q AND A- Q: What type(s) of payment do you except. A: Paypal is definetly preffered. But I will also accept money oreders because I know that not everyone has a paypal account. Q: Do you make dread falls/dread kits? A: Nope. I don't have the time, energy, nor the attention span to be dealing with all that. Q: Sooo...where can I get dread falls/full sets? A: Check out the group call Hair Extension Society. There's tons of reliable sellers there. Be sure to do your research before you make any purchase. The are just as many bunk sellers out there aswell. One piece of advice; DO NOT go through Shadowcraft Designs (Morgan Wade). She personally f**ked me over hardcore. Q: Do you do trades? A: HECK YES I DO! Q: Are you gonna rip me off? A: No. I believe that honest buiness is profitable business. If you do deside to buy from me, I promise to go out of my way to make you feel comfortable and confident about your order. COLORADO CUTOMERS -If you live in Colorado, Id be more than happy to schedual a personal drop off or pick up, for both payments and products. No body likes a middle man. Lol I also offer baked goods, feather hair extension instalation, makeup and face painting to local customers. Contact: Personal Facebook -!/profile.php?id=1071548812 Twitter -!/pikajrb

Mission: To make and sell great quality products. :)

[06/25/13]   Hello everyone!! I apologize for the super long hiatus, I have had so much going on in my life I had to place my business on the back burner. Among the many things, what affected me the most is that, on mother's day, my dog went missing. I'm still not fully over it, but I'm not going to keep me from moving on with my life. On the up side, in the time that I've been gone, I moved and now have an entire room dedicated to my creations.
Anywho, thank you for not giving up on me. Keep a look out for new products (coming very soon), sales, and giveaways. xoxo

[04/20/13]   ***** SURPRISE FLASH SALE*****

Today only!! 40% off of all tutu's, bustle's, and phone cases!

Must contact me by midnight tonight with your order, but I will give you until tomorrow to make payment.

[04/05/13]   Steampunk. Thoughts?

[04/03/13]   I wish my hands worked as fast as my mind. Gahhh! So many great ideas up in the ol' noggin. Keep an eye out for big changes in the shop. ;) xo

[04/01/13]   What color combos do you guys wanna see in the stock pile of bustles (and maybe tutus) that I'll be making for the gathering??

[03/26/13]   So I've got 2 contest ideas in my head:

1) The winner will be chosen by number of likes they personally get for maybe like an inspiration photo for a bustle er something (haven't quite figured it out yet)

2) The winner will be of my own choosing. No random generator, no likes, just me. :)

Any ideas, thoughts, or ideas? And which one should I do first?

[03/26/13]   Update: I've heard back from the first and second place winners of the contest. Still waiting on third place.

[03/25/13]   Haven't heard back from any of the contest winners yet. Looks like I might be pickin some new ones.

[03/24/13]   And the winners are:

3rd place - Crystal McConnell
2nd place - Dollepop Danni Casualtie
and 1st place...
Sammantha Rose!!!!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated.Winners, please contact within 3 days (Tuesday by 11:59pm, Colorado time). If I do not here from you by the required time, I will redraw and give your prize to a runner up.

Didn't win this round? Don't be too bummed. Ill have a new contest up within a few days and then another one after that. :)

[03/24/13]   Guess what guys? We did it! Finally reached 300 likes! Thank you guys sooo much. I couldn't have done it without you. Ill be choosing a winner shortly (before the night is over). Use this time to get in any last minute entries. Remember: you can purchase 2 extra entries for just $1. =)

[03/21/13]   $#@!/^&*$#!/&*^$#@£&^/#!&

[03/20/13]   Just 9 more likes until u can pick a WINNER!! C'min everyone, let's get some shares goin so I can wrap this thing up and give out some prizes! :D

[03/07/13]   Slowly but surely, we're gettin there. Just 22 more like till the contest ends. :)
Also, I've received the main part for my for my new project. Im jus slackin on ordering the smaller parts. lol. Cant quite make up my mind.

[02/25/13]   Ohhhhhhh SNAP!! I just came up with the most ingenious idea EVER!! Y'all are about to be so in love with me. Like legit, down on one knee proposing to me. Lol. Parts are already on the way to my house so, keep an eye out. Here in about a week, I'll have a new product that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!

[02/25/13]   Got like 4 new contests brewing in my head. Wish this one would just end already so I could start a new one. :p

[02/24/13]   Tutu or bustle - which do you prefer?

[02/22/13]   This contest is going to be the death of me. If I wasn't such a stickler for rules, I'd just end it now... -_-"

[02/20/13]   If you could go back (or forward) in time, what time would you travel to and why?
Me? I'd go back to the to the early to mid 90's so I could go clubbin.

[02/17/13]   Soooo, while I'm waiting for this never ending contest to come to an end, I think I'll start working on a stock pile of merch to bring to the Gathering. Also, I've got a few new ideas in the ol' noggin that I'll be workin on very soon. ;)

TA-DA!!! I blinged my shifter knob!! I also did around my air vents but, haven't taken pictures of that yet.

I drive a stick (obviously) so, I'm constantly handling this and I've yet to lose a single stone. Like a boss!!

[02/04/13]   Sorry sorry sorry!! I'm such a slacker. Lol. Uploading a picture or the bedazzled mystery item in 3...2...1...

[02/01/13]   Good morning people of facebook! Sorry I haven't posted the pictures of the mystery item like I promised. Work has been kickin my butt. Its the weekend tho (woohoo!) So I promise I'll reveal it by tonight. :)

[01/30/13]   Who's ready to see the mystery item I bedazzled?? Posting pictures after I get home from work.

[01/24/13]   Reading thru some old posts and noticed A LOT of typos. That's so unlike me. lol.
Anywho...still 56 'likes' to go. the anticipation is KILLING me. XD

[01/22/13]   Got a lot of compliments on my phone case today at work. I love when people admire my creations - makes me feel accomplished. :)

[01/21/13]   63 to go... :)

Black, white and red - for my Galaxy S3


$5 a piece, unless otherwise specified.
Can be made in all colors and themes. :)

$5 a piece, unless otherwise specified.
Can be made in all colors and themes. :)

[01/20/13]   Awww yeahhhh! Just finish the case for me phone. Took me all dang day. lol. Its pretty sick tho. Pix in the a.m. :)

[01/19/13]   Aw poo. No new 'likes' in a while. -_-"
C'mooooon. I'm impatient. I wanna give away some free stuff already.
Pretty pleeeeeease. :D

[01/12/13]   So I've decided to stay true to my name and I'm going to start bedazzleing the crap outta evrything!! Lol. Guess what's up next after my phone. C'mon, guess! :D

[01/12/13]   Had to order the supplies for my phone case from like 6 different shops. Some has come, but still waiting on others. Ahhh, the anticipation is killing me!!

[01/11/13]   Still 70 likes away? Looks like its gonna be quite some tine before I can give away some free stuff "/

[01/07/13]   Keep the shares comin! The sooner we get to 300 likes, the sooner I can start giving stuff away! :)

Contest ends when the page reaches 300 'likes'
Only open to USA, sorry "/

To enter: you must 1) LIKE the PAGE 2) SHARE this PICTURE (make sure the privacy setting is set to public) and 3) leave a comment on this picture.
You MUST do all 3 to be entered.

For bonus entries, you may give a $1 donation. Each donation is good for TWO more entries. Message me if you would like to give a donation.

How to set share as public: click share on this photo then, when that window pops up, before you click the blue 'Share Photo' button, click to the left of the blue button and select public.

[12/31/12]   ***CONTEST***

I've decided what my next contest is going to be. At 300 likes, Ill do a free giveaway. First place will get the choice of a custom case or bustle, and second place will get a free custom hair bow. Hows that sound?

As usual, to enter you'll have to like and share the page and an image (which Ill post soon) but, I'm also thinking about selling entries. Each one will cost $1, and it will put your name in the drawing 2 more times. Is this something any of you would be interested in, or does it just over complicate things?

Pink and white, Hello Kitty theme for 4th generation ipod

[12/27/12]   WOOHOO!! Broke the 200 mark! :D

Jay, lookin stunning in her short pink and white bustle, to match her Hello Kitty outfit.

[12/16/12]   Waiting on supplies for 2 custom Ipod cases. Super excited to get to work on them. After that: phone case for me. :)

[11/23/12]   !!!!!BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!!!
Now until 12am tonight, Colorado time.

Tutu's - $15 off
Eyeball headbands -$10 off
Bustles - Short, $2 off // Medium, $5 off // Long, $10 off

Eyeball headbands

Can be made in ANY color combination

Can be made in ANY color combination


They're jus like tutu's...but for your butt. Lol.
Layered from short at the top, to long at the bottom.
Can be made in ANY color combination

Short (12 inches, at it longest point) - $10
Medium (24 inches, at it longest point) - $20
Long (36 inches at it longest point) - $30

They're jus like tutu's...but for your butt. Lol.
Layered from short at the top, to long at the bottom.
Can be made in ANY color combination

Short (12 inches, at it longest point) - $10
Medium (24 inches, at it longest point) - $20
Long (36 inches at it longest point) - $30

[08/16/12]   Uploading pictures of the product Ive been promising, RIGHT NOW!! I know Ive been promising this for quite some time but, trust me, it was worth the wait. Although, the pictures are pretty lack-luster so, to make up for it, I created another product as well. Thats right! You all get a 2 for 1 today. Lol. Stand by, theyll be up within moments!

Pearls (custum phone cases)

Pearls (custum phone cases)

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