Long Run Physiotherapy & Performance

Long Run Physiotherapy & Performance


I have been to a variety of PT's searching for guidance about a hip injury, and despite the fact that I don't even live in Colorado, Ryan has gone out of his way to help me! He has sent me information, made himself available for questions, and has provided extremely helpful insights for me. He has helped guide changes in my exercise routines, encouraging me to try specific strength training exercises and even sending visuals of each exercise so that I'd learn the proper technique. Ryan's guidance is genuine, and his thoughtful and deliberate manner will very clearly come across to patients. I highly recommend talking to him and wish I could go to this practice regularly!

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YOU did this!
Thank you!
As promised, 50% of all sales from Brick by Brick are going to support community operations at @officialblackgirlsrun.
This was just from the month of June!
Thank you for believing in the work these lovely ladies are doing.
Thank you for trusting me to deliver on my promise & on a quality product. We're stronger together!
If you haven't heard of #blackgirlsrun, please give them a follow & plug into the beautiful work they do in our communities all over the country!

These feet are FREE.
These feet are unbound. They are free to walk, amble, hike, skip, jump, saunter, wander, or run wherever they please, without question or consequence.
On this July 4th, let's celebrate our individual freedom and be grateful we don't report to Queen Elizabeth II, but be mindful that not every person's feet are so free as these.
We've made some progress, no doubt, and we should acknowledge it, but we've still got so much further to go.
So let us continue walking, ambling, hiking, skipping, jumping, sauntering, wandering, and running, ever forward until Black feet, Brown feet, & all types of feet are FREE and unbound.

It seems every year around this time I find myself on top of a few mountains.
These are from a trip 5 years ago near Telluride & Ouray to climb the Wilsons (Mt. and Peak), Sunshine, and Sneffels.
Nothing makes me feel more connected with the Earth than moving, walking, hiking, or running in these hills.
Remember that this land is not our own. It belongs to everyone who came before & everyone who will come after, and was stolen from its first caretakers.
I hope you and your families are making time to move through the outdoors this weekend. When you do, please be mindful that, while the land is not our own, it is our responsibility to respect it. @ Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Thank You!
For your trust in me, for your belief in the great things @officialblackgirlsrun are doing in our communities, & for your generosity!
We sold 34 copies of #brickbybrick in the month of June!
That means a lot of you will be getting stronger for the long run, and I'm able to donate over $200 to #blackgirlsrun to support their efforts.
The work doesn't stop here. 50% of the proceeds from this program will ALWAYS go to @officialblackgirlsrun. My ask is that once you engage with Brick By Brick:
1️⃣ SHARE it on social media
2️⃣ TELL your friends about it
3️⃣ ASK me for modifications to suit your needs
As always, the link is in my bio.

Step it up! 1 more day to purchase #brickbybrick before I make our first donation to @officialblackgirlsrun!
Your gym may not be open for awhile, or you may not feel comfortable going, or it's too time-consuming to go and you don't have equipment at home.
Whatever your reasons, there's no reason to miss out on resistance training to improve your runs. Brick by Brick is an entry point to at-home resistance training for runners using only a cinder block!
50% of proceeds go to support @officialblackgirlsrun!
We crushed our goal of 10 from last time, so I'm matching that donation! Let's see if we can get 10 more by midnight tonight!
Link in my bio.


Brick by Brick — Long Run Physio & Performance

5 more days until our 1st donation to Black Girls RUN! If we sell 10 more by midnight 6/30, I'll match the donation from those 10 copies!

If you don't already know about this amazing organization (and why their work is important), I strongly encourage you to visit their FB page and website!

longrunphysio.com A simple at-home strength guide for runners looking to improve or maintain their strength and skill. We believe that we can lower the barriers to training by not requiring expensive equipment or gym memberships, empowering runners to live healthier, happier lives. 50% of proceeds go to support

Self-Care Sunday (on Monday):
The physiological effects of stress & anxiety are VERY real & established in research.
Cortisol is the body's primary stress hormone. Along with adrenaline, it's secreted by the adrenal glands in fight-or-flight scenarios. When the body remains in a prolonged or constant state of feeling endangered, such as with anxiety or depression, we become overexposed to cortisol. This has damaging effects on almost every aspect of our body's function, and in any number of ways including:
⏩ Worsening anxiety
⏩ Worsening depression
⏩ Sleep disturbance
⏩ Weight gain
⏩ Headaches
⏩ Heart disease
⏩ Difficulty w/concentration and more.
Find your self-care, what sets your soul at ease, and do it as regularly as possible.
This is one of my forms of self-care. Hard trail run/hike, lingering for some views, a rock scramble or two, followed, almost always, by a beer.
🍻 @ Colorado

To support anti-racism, sign up and run a virtual 5k with @brooksrunning who is donating $100k to the @eji_org , plus an additional $1 for every person who signs up (up to $250k!).
Sign up and run TODAY THROUGH JUNE 7. Link is in my bio.

I've had the skills for years, but ignored how I could apply them. I am complicit.
#dothework #whiteprivilege

NOW is the time to educate, but it's always been the time.
There are so many great resources on social media for white folks like you and me. I'll be taking a step back from pushing content for a bit to make use of those resources.
Below is a short list of where I'm starting, and where I suggest we ALL start educating ourselves on the lived experiences of Black and other People of Color.
If you've got other social media tools, PLEASE share in the comments. If you don't believe I/we/you have a problem, just tap that "Unfollow" button.

This idea is several years in the making.
After trying to demystify strength training for runners for at least 5 years, I took a course from @zerenpt & @runningmatekc in early March.
Inspired by what I learned & spurred by Covid quarantine, I started playing with cinder blocks at home. I discovered I could build a hard, but simple running-specific workout with ONLY a cinder block.
This guide lowers the barriers to entry to strength training for runners by compiling 9 running-specific movements into a simple workout using only a cinder block. If you've got just 10 minutes, you can knock out 1 round of this workout, including rest between sets.
Unfortunately, in the midst of editing this project, I learned of Ahmaud Arbery's murder, which shook my privileged little running world. Runners run to think, feel, escape, & explore. Fearing for your life shouldn't be part of the deal, yet it is for some. After some reading & self-reflection, I stumbled onto the beautiful folks at Black Girls RUN! Their work empowering BIPOC (Black, Indigenous + People of Color) women in communities across the US is incredible & SO vital! That's why 50% of all proceeds from Brick By Brick will go to support their foundation & continued growth.
If you're a runner who struggles with strength training - making the time, knowing what to do, being consistent, having the funds for equipment or gyms - this guide was built for you (and me). If you're a health/fitness pro who wants to work with runners, but need more structure in your approach to strength, this guide is an entry point. Beyond this, I'll recommend knowledge from Zeren PT & Performance & Runningmate PT and Performance Coaching every day of the week.
If you don't need the guide, use it as a gift for another runner, and please consider making a donation of your choosing to @officialblackgirlsrun.
If you purchase the guide & have any questions at all regarding exercise modifications, workout structure variations, or anything else, please DM or email me.


HUGE thanks to @miafred6 & @matt_anzur for their help with the editing process! @ Long Run Physiotherapy & Performance

[05/24/20]   Tomorrow, we build.

This took WAY longer to construct than I anticipated. When I began building it just before quarantine, it's safe to say this medium was not my strong suit. It's still probably not.

Thanks to a couple kind folks' help, a GREAT resource is coming your way. It's simple, but I PROMISE you it's effective. I'm proof of that.
📷 cred: Eric Einstein Photography and Video

If there's a silver lining to COVID-19, it's that we've been shoved into creativity where there was structure & routine. There isn't one nook or cranny of life that hasn't been impacted in some way.
In the spirit of that creativity, I've put together something any runner anywhere in the world can use, for as long as they want to run, and longer.
I'm stoked to release it to you, but you have to wait until Monday!

Copied from my friend Maria Randazzo:
"Slavery was legal. The Black Codes were legal. Sundown towns were legal. Sharecropping was legal. Jim Crow was legal. Racial covenants were legal. Mass incarceration is legal. Chasing a black man or boy with your gun because you suspect him a criminal is legal. Using lethal force as an act of self-defense in a physical dispute that you provoke and could easily have avoided is, often, legal."

I've been heartened to see so many friends expressing their disgust and outrage over Ahmaud Arbery's murder and I applaud those who have spoken up -- the fact of the matter is, running today and welcoming hard conversations is not nearly enough, frankly, it doesn't even come close.

Here are a few action items I'm using to hold myself accountable, would love to hear all of yours.

Educate: It seems more than fitting that Nikhole Hannah Jones and the NYT team won a Pulitzer just this week for the 1619 Project -- well worth the listen: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/14/magazine/1619-america-slavery.html

Donate: If you have the means, a GoFundMe has been set up for Ahmaud Arbery's family as they fight for justice: https://www.gofundme.com/f/i-run-with-maud

VOTE: Not just in the presidential election (178 days away) but in state, local, and county level elections -- we can choose to put people in office (and judges on the bench) who truly believe in reforming our deeply flawed justice system, not in simply propping up a system that works one way for white people and a completely separate way for people of color. https://www.vote.org/


@poleary87 & @doosterfilm did a beautiful thing!
Last year, Paddy went home to set the FKT on the Wicklow Round in Ireland. It took a village, & the men of Dooster were there to capture all the blood, sweat, tears, & wind.
If you run, at all, the film is inspiring. If you're an ultra runner, Paddy's journey home to run the mountains of his backyard, is an experience you dream about.
TRAILER link in comments!

[04/11/20]   STAY SHARP:
Keep moving forward.
Everything is in flux today. You were training hard, anticipating your upcoming race that has now been postponed or cancelled. Whenever your next race might've been, it wasn't your last shot. You've been given the gift of time. Here's how to use it:
1️⃣ Learn how to rest/recover.
2️⃣ Heal.
3️⃣ Stay strong & get stronger.
4️⃣ Drill work - practice the craft.
5️⃣ Play. Do something else.
6️⃣ Practice patience & fortitude.
7️⃣ Hone your nutrition.
8️⃣ Post less, learn more.
9️⃣ Arm your mental health.
🔟 It's a long road, get gritty.

Running specific strength sesh.
This one focuses on knee health and strength!
If you have ongoing, or prior, issues let me know beforehand and we'll discuss modifications!

With yourself & with your friends.
Take a run or walk by yourself. Use the relatively quiet time to check in on your own head space in this stressful time. Whether you feel it or not, your body is constantly responding in a very physiological manner to affect your state of being. Focus on your breathing, expand your ribs in 360° while you do it, stay in control.
Come home and schedule a Zoom meeting with friends or family. Use that newly reformatted head space to talk about the good things you're seeing and doing!

The blog is back!
After a (couple) long winter hibernation periods, I'm blogging again!
Social media posts can be daunting to read when all you really want to do is triage for that tap & scroll content. It's hard to deliver real knowledge and affect positive change this way.
The Runner's Moneymaker link is in the comments. Take a look 👀
📷 cred @einsteinphotography

This one's for the Mamas!
I'll be working virtually with @fem.unfolding (we go WAY back) & locally with @adominoes to deliver return to sport/running programming for post-partum mamas.
Stay tuned!

Thanks to the tireless & brilliant work of my friend @maryarnoldnyc of @active_brand_nyc I've got a shiny new logo & website (that actually works)!
With this sexy new look, I'm rolling out a few new features:
⏩ Streamlined scheduling process
⏩ #Bulletproofhips is live!
⏩ Virtual/remote visits (ask me)
⏩ Remote gait analysis (ask me)
⏩ Monthly (or more) blog content
⏩ Out-of-network insurance reimbursement
Have a look around, let me know what you think, hit me up with blog/social content you'd like to see more of, ask me about #bulletproofhips, virtual visits, & how remote gait analysis all work. Everything is shiny, new, & ready to get you back on track to crush 2020!
📷 cred @einsteinphotography

Australia is burning. The relief run is a way to help.
Just show up tomorrow morning, the lot just west of 23rd & Colorado Blvd. 5k loop to 21.1k options. Run, walk, crawl, roll. Movement starts at 8a.
Registration link in my bio, donations go to Australia Red Cross. Thanks to my dude, @troy0330 for being the brilliant community organizer he is!

College me and present day me have never agreed more with each other.

[01/10/20]   The Greatest? It feels amazing, but I call this The Money Maker.
#BulletproofHips programming coming in HOT next week! Armor your hips (and knees, and back) for any adventure. Time to be about it!

'Tis the season for goal setting!
What's the difference between achieving a goal or not? Sometimes we miss out by the slimmest of margins, sometimes we could drive a truck between our goal and our landing spot.
No matter the goal, the journey begins with your narrative. What stories do you tell yourself about... Yourself? Your narrative drives your decisions. Your decisions drive your habits. Your habits become behaviors. Your behaviors become your identity.
If you have a goal in mind, consider your inner monologue and the stories you have with yourself. Want to exercise more? Start by telling yourself you're a person who exercises instead of a person who needs to exercise. Want to eat healthier? Start telling yourself you're a person who eats healthily instead of someone who eats junk food. Want to be a faster runner? Start telling yourself you can run fast instead of someone who needs to run faster.
I don't want to oversimplify this, but you get the idea. The stories we tell ourselves dictate nearly ALL of our decisions and, thus, ALL of our behaviors. If you want to achieve something for yourself, start by addressing your narrative around that idea, put a positive spin to it, repeat it often when faced with a decision. Those decisions will start to change, which will change your behaviors and will be rocket fuel for your goals.
🏁 @ Long Run Physiotherapy & Performance

Don't be the person who gives socks... again 🙄
Your family sees you coming, and they're armed with fruitcake in return for your socks. Give the gift of health this year!

▶️E-gift cards are available at point-of-sale or by request!
▶️ Email at [email protected] or snag one at your next visit!
▶️ These will be available from here on out, NOT just the holiday season!
Wishing you and your families a healthy, happy holiday season and New Year!

Today & ONLY today you have an opportunity for discounted visits through 2020!
5, 7, & 10 visit packages are available to use through 2020. In-person or virtual visits whenever you need them!
Wait, virtual visits? Yeah, virtual visits! PT from the comfort of your own home, just by turning on your laptop!
Tap that 'Message' button and ask how to secure a discounted rate for EVERY visit you need in 2020!

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