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What a lovely and Zen experience. Thank you Andrea for you undivided attention to my body and enhancing my peace of mind at the end of a long week. Namaste🙏Kathleen
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Massage, Workshops, and Conscious Boutique all within a magical Victorian house transformed into a healing sanctuary in Denver.

Peace of Mind Massage is a community of Massage Therapists who are passionate about Massage Therapy. We love helping people. Helping people is our passion and Massage Therapy is our calling! Our goal at Peace of Mind is to provide the best massage experience for our customers, clients, and friends in the (Denver, Colorado!) community we love. We aim to bring our clients out of their heads and into their bodies where they can experience the positive effects Massage Therapy has to offer for both the body and the spirit. We achieve our goals by being very selective in who we choose to bring onto our team. We encourage growth, providing training through what we call “Community Skill Shares” on a monthly basis. These skill shares give our team an opportunity to come together and share their skills, learning and growing from one another. It is also a job requirement to take continuing education courses outside of the business, and that is how our modalities/services offered is so extensive.

Employee Relief Fund, Community Donation and MASSAGE RAFFLE! - Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness

We miss seeing our clients smiling faces when they enter our doors! And we really miss our clients massage-stoned faces when they come out of a session with one of our talented therapists! We're praying we get to re-open in a few weeks. In the meantime, we've created a Employee Relief Fund/Community Donation/Massage Raffle!

We're collecting donations to disperse equally amongst our team to give them help through this challenging time. We're also donating 22% of what we collect to the Denver Metro Emergency Food Network to spread aid to the greater community in need.

For every donation made we're entering your name into a raffle to win a free massage! The more you donate, the more your name is entered into the raffle, and the more donations we receive the more massages we're giving away!

Thank you for for your continued support. We love you!   We are holding a fundraiser “raffle” style to help support our business and nearly 20 employees during the government mandated shut down of our beloved Massage and Wellness center, Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness. For every $10 donation, your name gets put in the pot. (example: $50+ name in 5x,...

Join Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness’ LMT Andrea A. as she shares with you techniques to use at home to massage your TMJ (temporomandibular joint). If you find yourself now working from home and experience extra tension in your neck, face, and jaw, shoulders and chest from the hours at your desk, or experiencing tightness from the stress of the current global situation, this video is for you! Share with someone who needs to take a little break and learn how to take care of themselves. Enjoy!

Nataraja Shiva- The Dance of Bliss, symbolizing the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, the rhythm of birth and death, and the manifestations of eternal energy- creation, destruction, preservation, salvation and illusion. ⁣

How is our dance upon this earth upholding these principles? What needs destruction, what needs creation, what needs preservation? Questions for your meditation, yoga or journal time today- how is this archetype of Shiva alive in my life right here, right now?⁣

Let your dance in this life be of bliss as you move through the challenges these cycles bring. Sending you our love and Shiva’s blessings. 💜⁣

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Counting down the days... 21 days til May 1st. Praying we will be back then! Who is in need of a massage right now? Maybe more so than ever! 😳⁣

💙 Be gentle and give yourself time and space to process your stress. We’ll be back soon to help your body mind and spirit release the stress of the past few weeks. 💙⁣

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Happy Full Moon! POM founder Elena Rose is in her Facebook group Kundalini Bliss today sharing her practice and invoking Kali Ma. Kali is the fiercest form of the Goddess, holding a severed head and adorned with a necklace of skulls. Kali represents a willingness to cut the head of ignorance and the ego. The ego feeds off of fear, and collectively fear is strong in the field right now. This practice can empower you to channel that Kali energy, the force of nature, and help you to be in reverence to this energy. Check out today’s video with this practice on Facebook! Join the Kundalini Bliss Facebook group and join in each morning with Elena as she shares sattva practices to start your day and help to expand your awareness during these times 💙🌎💙

⁣ Art by Elizabeth Ogletree Art

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Hug or massage, we can’t wait to be back to fulfilling the basic need of human connection through physical touch when all this is over. 🤍⁣

POM founder Elena Rose shared this message this morning and we want to pass it along to you. ⁣🤍

What we are experiencing collectively right now is challenging us on every level and we may feel lost, hopeless or like our entire worlds have been flipped upside down. It’s good to remind ourselves now more than ever to be gentle with our hearts as we do what is necessary to keep each other safe. It doesn’t take the pain away that we can’t hug each other and share comfort in that way, but we can still look forward to a hopeful future when we soon again will embrace, look into each other’s eyes, and remember how grateful we are to be given this precious, fragile gift of life. On behalf of all the future hugs humanity will one day share again, let’s take care of this fragile gift while we have this precious moment to stop and really appreciate it for what it’s worth.⁣

Take care of yourself PoM family, we will be back soon with so many hugs for you. 🤍⁣

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Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness is sharing at home massage tips for you to enjoy and add to your self care toolbox! Join POM massage therapist Sydney Z. as she shares her techniques for massaging the eyes, face and scalp. Tend to yourself in these times when we are spending more time than ever at our screens and collectively experiencing stress we have never been through before. Stay tuned for more shares, tips and videos from our talented staff. We hope that this can make up for the missed time until we can see you on our massage tables again. ☮️💜✨

April 2nd✨🌎✨The Sattva Sangha is uniting for 12 consecutive hours of meditation taught in 120 countries to our global communities. Join Sattva Yoga Master Teacher @devielenarose tomorrow, April 2nd at 8am MST in the Kundalini Bliss Facebook Group -

✨Elena will be sharing a special guided meditation shared with Sattva Yoga teachers around the world by Sattva Founder Anand Mehotra Sattva Yoga 💙⁣

🙏🏽Co-create a collective vibration of compassion and love to set into motion a great healing for all of humanity with us and thousands of others all across the globe 🙏🏽⁣

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Missing our special space... so surreal that it’s been over two weeks since we were all together at POM. ⁣

💜We miss giving massages, holding space for you, and giving you relaxing and stress relieving time to heal in. ⁣We’ve never been away from our work this long and we truly miss being able to offer this healing modality right now. ⁣

💜We also miss getting to gather together in community! This video is a little snippet of POM founder Elena Rose leading us in meditation during our Havan fire ceremony last August. Seeing everyone in ceremony together is a simple joy that we can’t wait to return to. ⁣

💜Our prayers at that time were for the lungs of our planet, the Amazon, and now we find ourselves looking back on what we prayed for and seeing our prayers now shift to the lungs of our human brothers and sisters battling coronavirus. ⁣The macrocosm and the microcosm- it’s all one.

💜Send your healing to these brave people on the frontlines, and everyone who is doing their part to help right now. We’ll be back soon, and until then, we’re here sharing beauty, positivity, and healing to get you through until we are allowed to work again 🙏🏼 ⁣

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You’re invited to join us in a global distant Reiki Share happening tonight to send healing light to all beings and the entire planet! Holding a special place in our hearts for all those who are sick and who are grieving the deaths of loved ones. ⁣

We are all feeling waves of grief, uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. That is why taking time together to spread peace and harmony as a collective is so powerful. We heal through commUNITY.⁣

If you are attuned to Reiki please set aside an hour with us tonight at 6:30pm MST to send distance reiki across all borders into the hearts of all beings.⁣

If you aren’t a reiki practitioner you can still take this hour to pray, chant, sing, dance, write, or just receive all the good energy we’ll be sending out. ⁣

Happy New Moon in the fire sign of Aries 🔥 🌙 It is also officially spring, and it is time to usher in the new. The new way of living in harmony with the earth. There is no more time left to spare, no more hesitating or waiting. Now is the time to invoke and connect our power to rise as a collective. If you are feeling the need for community support that will involve a space for self expression as well as coming together in a shared New Moon ritual join us in the sisterhood of the Red Tent. We will use the sacred power and wisdom of our womb to offer healing and strength to the earth and all beings. Tonight you are invited to join us for a virtual Red Tent gathering hosted by Elizabeth Ogletree. You can sign up for it here. After signing up you’ll receive a zoom invitation. We gather at 6:30pm MST!

Womb Grid art piece by Elizabeth Ogletree

We are missing our community! While we're sharing some virtual offerings there's no replacing or supplementing Massage Therapy. This time is reminding us just how important safe, caring touch is for human beings, with many of us isolated from one another. It makes us cherish what we get to do even more.

Our hope is that we will be able to return to regular business by the start of May and welcome you back into our healing sanctuary. This is a really challenging time for all small businesses and their employees. Massage Therapists really rely on physical contact to do the work we love and to earn a living.

We've set up a way you can help if you're in a position to make a donation to offer some relief to our team during this time when we're unable to work. All donations will be equally distributed amongst our team.

Please read our blog where you'll find more information and how you can make a donation.

With love and gratitude,
The Peace of Mind Family

To our clients,
According to the state mandate made by order of the Colorado Department of Public Health, all massage studios in Denver are ordered to close until April 30. It is with a heavy heart we announce that we will remained closed during this time to do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Our hope is that we will be able to return to regular business by the start of May.

To be totally transparent with you, our business and employees are in need of your help to weather this storm. More details TBA shortly via our social media and newsletter on how you, our beloved community can help us during this time, so that we may come back to do what we love. For 11 years, we have offered our healing touch to thousands of you. And you have touched our hearts with your loyalty and support. We would not be here without you, and that remains true now.

Love, the POM family.

More good news 💜✨☮️

💯 Ain’t this the truth!

Rp: @neweconomycoalition ⁣

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We're putting together some offerings for you all to lift spirits, learn, grow and evolve together during the time we are closed. Stay tuned! Thank you for continuing to support our small business, we are so grateful.

Namaste beloved community✨🙏🏽⁣
While we remain closed for in person massage sessions and workshops during this time we are still a place you can come to for peace, healing, and connection. ⁣

Our founder Elena Rose is currently in Panama and has committed to sharing live practices every morning at 8am MST on our Kundalini Bliss Facebook group!

🙏🏽She’s sharing Breathwork, Kriya, Mantra, meditation, movement, and any wisdom that comes through which could be of service to us while we are all processing these challenging times.

Stay tuned as we are about to launch a lot more virtual offerings via online workshops, distance healing sessions, and more! We have a talented team of healing artists who love to be of service and this is a time when we need to be creative in the ways in which we stay in community and keep our spirits up, bodies healthy, and minds clear. ⁣

Namaste beloved community✨🙏🏽⁣
While we remain closed for in person massage sessions and workshops during this time we are still a place you can come to for peace, healing, and connection. ⁣

Our founder Elena Rose is currently in Panama and has committed to sharing live practices every morning at 8am MST on our Kundalini Bliss Facebook group!

🙏🏽She’s sharing Breathwork, Kriya, Mantra, meditation, movement, and any wisdom that comes through which could be of service to us while we are all processing these challenging times.

Stay tuned as we are about to launch a lot more virtual offerings via online workshops, distance healing sessions, and more! We have a talented team of healing artists who love to be of service and this is a time when we need to be creative in the ways in which we stay in community and keep our spirits up, bodies healthy, and minds clear. ⁣


🌸Sending you the healing compassion of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. A bodhisattva vows not to enter Nirvana until all beings enter Nirvana together. Avalokiteshvara is a symbol of the healing compassion in the world and the willingness to bear the pain of others.⁣

🌸 Now more than ever, we are all being called to walk this path. As the world feels a tremendous pain unlike any we have felt in our lifetimes, it is time to focus ourselves on the immense compassion and prayers of healing that is needed for everyone on the planet.⁣

🌸 Send your prayers out and call upon Avalokiteshvara, The Hearer of the Cries of the World, with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. ⁣

🌸 While we are closed this week we will be sharing uplifting and healing mantras, self care practices, and rituals to continue to raise the collective vibration in this time of crisis. Be well friends, we love you 💞⁣

#avalokiteshvara #bodhisattva #ommanipadmehum #compassion #selfcafe #denverco #consciousness #newparadigm #ageofaquarius #newearth #healing

⁣⁣Out of an abundance of caution and preparedness, Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness has decided to close this coming week starting March 14, through Saturday, March 21st.⁣⁣
A decision like this is not taken lightly, but as a leader in the massage industry and community, we felt that it was in the best interest of our community here in Denver and the surrounding areas, given the nature of our work.⁣⁣
Recommendations from the CDC and WHO to practice social distancing are not possibilities in our work, and we must seriously consider that doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 means that we must limit the skin to skin contact that massage requires.⁣⁣
While massage is a wonderful way to boost immunity and relieve stress, we also believe that by taking action and allowing our employees and clients to stay safely at home and minimize contact will aid in the coming weeks as the virus continues to spread through Colorado, and prevent our healthcare system, hospitals, and emergency and medical staff from overwhelm and lack of space, care and equipment for those who truly need it.⁣⁣
All appointments made the week of March 22 and on will be honored and kept as long as we are able to reopen given developing circumstances, and appointments for this coming week will be notified to be rescheduled on an individual basis.⁣⁣
We do not believe that we need to be living in fear but we do believe that we need to work together as a community at this time to help protect each other, especially the elderly and immune-suppressed population.⁣⁣
If you would like to support our small business during this time when closures affect us all, we are running a gift card special- spend $75 and get a gift card valued at $100. That’s an $100 gift card for $75! Link to purchase here:

Thank you so much for supporting us and our team. ⁣
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.⁣⁣
With Gratitude,⁣⁣
Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness⁣⁣

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Our Story

Peace of Mind was founded in 2009 as a humble massage studio with a sole practitioner in a basement level studio on South Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado. The business grew to welcome many talented Massage Therapists and in 2011 it took over a Victorian house at 1249 South Pearl Street. The house was transformed into a healing sanctuary. Each treatment room was assigned a Deity and every inch of the home was filled with high vibrational details. The business has continued to grow over the years, and has become a destination for the best bodywork in Denver. The founder has traveled to and from India and South East Asia for her own spiritual growth and has continued to return to infuse the space with even more magic and sacred rituals to heighten the energy of the space. In 2018 the space opened its doors to hosting workshops, creating a intimate space for deepening into the healing process beyond the physical layer. 2019 marks 10 years in business and the official rebrand from Peace of Mind Massage to Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness to reflect the expanded offerings of workshops, different healing modalities, and the conscious boutique which has grown to include many items all locally made or sustainably sourced. Peace of Mind’s mission is to continue being a sacred space of peace for the community.

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The Kundalini Bliss Retreat in Bocas Del Toro, Panama



1249 S Pearl St
Denver, CO

General information

Peace of Mind Massage in Denver was created in 2009 by Nicole Davis, a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist from Florida. Nicole had a vision to cultivate a space that provides a serene escape from life's stresses. Nicole transformed a 1890 Victorian house on Old South Pearl Street into just that! It is a massage sanctuary in Denver that attracts talented, creative, and unique Massage Therapists who want to give their clients result oriented therapeutic massage and a deeply relaxing experience in a beautiful environment. Our goal is to give the best massage experience possible. Continuing education is very important to us and our list of services continues to expand as we learn and share with one another what we know. Peace of Mind is a community, a home for both therapists and clients to feel comfortable and at peace in. We specialize in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Therapeutic Stretching, TMJ Massage, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Oncology Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Chair Massage, and more!

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday 09:00 - 18:00
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