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Diane Diaz CND Education Ambassador’s & takeaways for you, our Nailfriend, on this, the final day of Salon Digital Summit by Modern Salon & NAILS Magazine 👏👏

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Goodies come with every CND class! Check out the new #CND art mat that comes free with Art-Rageous class!

Happy 40th anniversary #CND! 🥳🥳

#CND nail nail includes a super special surprise this month!

Totally inspired by Grand Junction’s Nail Professionals. Thanks for going all in on these techniques, nailfriends! #CND #CNDArtRageous #ItTakesAPro

Limited-time replay of Create Your $10K Nail Art Business workshop Salon Nail Art Success without adding extra time to your schedule even if you aren't an artist. Here's what we covered: - How I turned simple nail art into a $15,000 business asset without booking extra time for it (08:33) - #1 non-artist hack for foolproof nail art (21:35) - 2 questions to reframe objections and nail your nail art business strategy (28:16) - How to create fangirl-worthy nail art every time (36:33) - The #1 mistake nail professionals make when it comes to nail art (41:58) 🌈 We also unveiled my best ever Master Painter Bonus 🥳🥳🥳 (51:04) If you've ever thought you're not an artist, you don't have time for art or your clients won't pay for it, I hope this workshop helps. 👉 get the goodies:

Ice cream sandwiches after an awesome workshop. If you missed it, there’s one more session tonight at 5pm Mountain. Register here to get a replay, too!

Thank you for an awesome class, Lifespa Parker! Congratulations to 4 new #CND Luxe certified Nail Professionals! 👏👏👏

How I turned the nail art jitters into a $10,000 premium add-on service 💅😍 I’ll admit it. I’m not an artist. I used to hate it when clients asked for nail art 😅🤮 Instead of cheerily pulling up social media for inspiration, I’d pull out a dried-up sheet of nail decals & pray my client would choose one of them. Sometimes, it worked. Other times, she’d sort of hmmm indecisively & ask, “Can you paint a flower instead?” I’d cringe as I got out 2 striping brushes, a stylus dotting tool & a set of acrylic paints, scavenged from childhood art supplies. I’d hold my breath to steady my shaking hand, hoping the green line would make a straight stem…. ...and that my dots would kinda look like flower petals instead of pooling into a lopsided glob. Most of the time, I wouldn’t even charge my client after the trauma of it all 😭😭😭 Gah, the nail art jitters! Can you relate? 😵🤢🤦‍♀️ There’s good news: you don’t have to be an artist to make awesome nail art and get paid for it. There are *many* ways to create a nail art style 💯 All you need is a good toolkit of *techniques* to break it down. Think of the techniques as nail art building blocks. The more building blocks you have, the more intricate nail art designs you can build for your clients. Designs that you’ll feel confident charging for, even you aren’t an artist. The best part? You don’t even have to schedule extra time for it. Nail art building blocks can be used alone, too. They’re still premium service upgrade! Click the link below to get the easy nail art building blocks I used to go from nail art jitters to $10,000 in add-on nail art services. Start building your nail art dream castle as soon as tomorrow. 👉👉

My first business coach said I shouldn’t have photos with different hairstyles on my website. That it’s inconsistent branding and confusing for my clients. But what she didn’t know—or even bother to ask about—is that different hairstyles is a BIG F**KING PART of my life...and currently inextricable from my brand. Even if my clients didn’t actively enjoy checking out how my color fades and shifts, the many ways I wear my hair are simply an expression of my heart, my values and how I help people. My hair does what good branding should do: I find fun people who aren’t afraid to build their businesses in ways that are true for them, even if it leaves other folks like 🤨🤔 THAT is what I want to be known for. People who don’t take my hair color seriously probably won’t take my business advice seriously (even if it will help them break that $100K revenue mark). And that’s fine! There’s a biz bff for everyone out there. 🧞‍♀️🧚‍♂️🦄🌈 hair or not. Side note: That first biz coaching experience left me traumatized and paralyzed for 2 years. I didn’t feel seen or supported and it took a lot od courage to find my way again. But I’m grateful for the experience because now I know what I need in a coach. I have many awesome referrals if you’re looking for a mentor or coach but aren’t feeling my rainbow, find-your-awesome-and-speak-it vibe. You will succeed and I will cheer you on no matter what. Hair by @dodsalon303 for downtown vibes but with a spacious parking lot 😝🚗

Yesterday, I felt really dumb choosing to cancel a class vs driving over the mountains. Then I found out there was an avalanche that trapped cars and the highway closed due to a jackknifed semi. Thoughts on taking care of yourself in order to take care of others. What do you do to make sure you show up as your best self?

The truth about social media marketing for Nail Pros... Social media marketing is a long game (especially if you don’t have a system to turn followers into customers OR money to spend on targeting) and it should NOT be the only marketing tactic you have in place if you’re looking to build your clientele. Learn how to leverage it WISELY here 👇👇👇 #CND #CNDArtrageous

Diane Diaz CND Education Ambassador’s & takeaways for you, our Nailfriend, on this, the final day of Salon Digital Summit by Modern Salon & NAILS Magazine 👏👏

Day 1 of the Salon Digital Summit presented by Modern Salon, Salon Today & NAILS Magazine is done! It was a FULL day with so much good information on how to use social media to gain clients! Here are our biggest takeaways from today’s sessions. Diane Diaz CND Education Ambassador

Easy Nail Art for Non-Artists: Carving
From the archives, one of my favorite #CND Shellac nail art techniques, carving! (Is there a fancier word for it?) This is a great technique to try if you want to do more detailed artwork but are a little scared of using a teeny tiny paintbrush, or if you're heavyhanded 🙋🙋

Karen Dye Kennedy is celebrating 25 years as a Nail Pro & 5 years as a salon owner! She shares how she continues to make it a successful career & how education helped build her salon culture. Join us on October 15 when she & Nailuxe Boutique host the last #CND Master Painter in Colorado this year.

Happy Friday, Nailfriend! Hope it's full of fun surprises!!!

Take better care of yourself by taking better care of others by taking better care of yourself 💕

Bored of trawling through YouTube, Pinterest & even Facebook looking for nail art ideas to copy? I'm chatting with Holly Schippers aka FingerNailFixer about how she creates awesome, profitable nail art on the fly using her #naileyes. Drop a "Hello" & a question in the comments!

How to build incredible authority as a style leader in your community AND increase service value $$ with Richael, Nail Pro & CND Education Ambassador!

What a ✨brilliant✨ day in snowy Colorado yesterday! CND Art-Rageous is insanely inspiring! Next chance to catch it live: next Monday in Aurora. See ya there! 🙌🙌

Are you overlooking this simple way to protect your clients?
Are you overlooking this simple way to protect your clients? Chatting with Carmen Glover CND Education Ambassador

It's going to be a great morning!
How my best mornings start: smile on, coffee hot, Nails, Fashion, Beauty. <3

Are you a morning person? I so wish I was! I'm up bright & early today to work with the beautiful students of Warren Tech. 😻💅✨ How did we used to get to school at 7:30am??? 😴☕️🤓 #latepost

How do you *really* get clients from posting on social media? Become searchable!

How did your business grow last year? The #3 best thing I did for mine!

Happy holidazeee! And a secret use for Rescue RXx that makes it a perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for that wild office partygoer...

Show & tell to boost your holiday income! ✨👌😉

Chatting with Barbara Abeyta about a Nail Pro's most powerful business tool! 👌✨💅

The empowered (& counterintuitive) way to eliminate competition (‼️) & easy nail art: marbling with Shellac! 👌😍 Ready to leave your competition in the nail dust & get more dream clients? Comment WORTH IT below! 🙌🙌

New Vinylux formulation? And winter nail art at Cosmoprof Aurora!

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