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I have just spent 1/2 hour using OLIVE OIL to TRY and work a glue out of my hair, guaranteed verbally to be “water soluble.” I’ve been attempting to remove it now for 2 days, I WAS REFUSED A REFUND EVEN AFTER HAVING RECEIVED FALSE INFORMATION FROM THE WOMAN I BELIEVE TO BE THE OWMER (even after losing hair)
It has now been FOUR days trying to get wig glue out of my hair. I was told when purchased it dissolves with water for removal. That was a LIE. And they refused a REFUND when I tried to return it.
Special gratitude to Kay who made me feel soo much better today - chemo is not friendly to our body and it is people like Kay who can make your day too, Thank you so much for helping me to feel feminine!! YOU ROCK!!
Quality and honesty is the first ,My virgin hair had given old clients many back customers ,and I think that my hair can give more and more back customers to you ,I know that can not send price in here ,and i had sent the price to you as a message ,please check it . whatsapp:+86 13345073182
Quality and honesty is the first ,My virgin hair had given old clients many back customers ,and I think that my hair can give more and more back customers to you ,I know that can not send price in here ,and i had sent the price to you as a message ,please check it . whatsapp:+86 13345073182
Went to get new wig today. Everyone there was awesome. Kay did my wig today. She helped me pick one, asked me how I wanted it styled and did it exactly how I wanted it. Thank you for making me feel wonderful!!

Home of the finest European 100% Human Hair wigs, hairpieces, toppers, and extensions in the industry. We also carry a huge selection of synthetic wigs.

At Kim's Wig Botik we offer a wide variety of wigs and hairpieces in Denver Colorado. A one-stop shop for fashion wigs, chemotherapy wigs, Alopecia wigs as well as all the products and accessories you will need. Our Brands include Follea, Raquel Welch, Beverly Johnson, Aspen, Dream USA, Estetica Designs, and many more! We have full wigs, hairpieces, children's wigs as well as men's wigs. Our friendly and knowledgeable stylists will bring out your beauty and give you the confidence you deserve!

Cancer & Alopecia
Did you know that you may be eligible for a reimbursement from your current health insurance provider? Most insurance companies will cover between 80% and 100% of the purchase price of a wig or hairpiece for medically related hair replacement purposes. Find out more at or CALL US: 303 779 1811.

The Best of Denver

Kim of Kims Wig Botix, sat down with Host & Business advocate Gary Atencio on "The best of Denver on Consumer News TV", and discussed what it takes to be "The Best of" in this industry.

Summer brides! Are you dreaming of longer, fuller hair for your perfect wedding hairstyle? With our wide variety of human and synthetic extensions and hair pieces, our experienced stylists can help make those dreams come true! Call us at 303-779-1811 or visit for more information. Appointments and walk-ins welcome!

We will be closed on Tuesday for the 4th of July! We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and fun holiday! We will have regular business hours the rest of the week.

[01/06/17]   Compliments are free, easy to give, and always make someone's day! Practice being a day maker and hand them out with abandon. Remember, what you put out there, comes back to you :)

Our wish for you...

World Alopecia Community - Alopecia Education & Support

"Looking at myself in the mirror while cutting it off brought on so many emotions – anger, sadness and embarrassment. In a few months I had gone from a head full of thick blonde hair to nothing. That evening, I visited the doctor and was diagnosed with alopecia."

Wishing everyone Joy & Peace this Holiday Season

Alopecia Awareness

Receiving a diagnosis of Alopecia can be devastating and hit a hard blow to self esteem. Finding solutions that work to help regain confidence is imperative. We are happy to help find what will work best for you at Kim's Wig Botik :)

#Alopecia #Awareness #BaldIsBeautiful

Shout out to the Women's Hair Loss Project for such an insightful read. We know the ins and outs of wearing hair and can totally relate. Thanks for putting the feelings and emotions into eloquent words that make us all feel we deserve to look our best.

"An arrest is the act of depriving people of their liberty" - Wikipedia. I was Hair Arrested in 1999. My world stopped, my freedom gone. I am guilty of living a life of self loathing and hiding... for over a decade. I accepted the sentence, one I came to realize that I self imposed. After all, an "arrest" is not a jail sentence. I made it mine. I lived in a prison, shackled by my fears. I built my cell, and crawled into it. It was easier to get in the cell, than out. We accept we cannot change or adapt to something other than what we are used to, born with, what we feel we deserve should be ours. It's not fair. Well, it isn't fair. And so much of life isn't fair. It doesn't diminish the pain, Yours, mine. I have my own struggles still, but I know when I find the walls closing in... ultimately I am choosing to imprison myself. We are innocent. Live free. I write to you today, yesterday, and tomorrow... to let you know, you are not alone.xoxo

Too good not to share! Have a great day, everyone!!

Feel beautiful today!


Seek the kind of beauty that will never fade!

So true!

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS: Yes even our coffee needs coffee today, but we're trying...


Great video demonstration of how to properly wash a Follea piece. These techniques apply to both wigs and topettes. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at Kim's Wig Botik!

Follea Expert Vicka of our salon in Beverly Hills demonstrates how to best wash your Follea hair.

You definitely deserve to feel beautiful today and every day!

We hope you feel beautiful today.
You deserve it!
#QOTD #youarebeautiful

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Medical Insurance Reimbursement | Kim’s Wig Botik

Filing an insurance claim for reimbursement? We have gathered information to help make the process easier. Dealing with insurance companies is tricky, let us help get you the reimbursement you deserve for your cranial prosthesis. Visit our website for more information on getting your medical insurance claim paid or call us at (303) 779-1811. We are located i

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Things people say to wig wearers.....

Brooke offers some great insight into wig wearing in her blog. Not all wig wearers are the same, and not all handle it with the same humor and grace.

We want Brooke to know that she is beautiful inside and out and looks amazing no matter what is on her head. Keep inspiring others and making us feel "normal"... whatever that is! :) So here's my wig backstory: In the space of a year, I lost a daughter and a hundred pounds, and consequently, lost large patches of my hai...

Seven Types of Alopecia - The Natural Cole

Thanks to The Natural Cole for this handy alopecia reference. Suffering from alopecia can be frustrating and make you want to hide and stay silent. There is a whole community out there waiting to welcome you and share heartfelt stories about acceptance and moving on. Did you know that there’s more than one type of Alopecia? A recent Ask Cole question about hair growth with alopecia is what lead me to learn more about this disease. During my research I discovered that there is more than one type of alopecia. Hair loss can be frightening and embarrassing for a…

Wise words...

Follea makes the most natural looking skin top we have ever seen. If you are looking for flawless luxury, this is the piece for you!

For Premium European hair that will always stay secret, Lifestyle wigs are crafted with a “French Part” skin element.
Perfect for a sleeker look!

Bald, Beautiful: Meet 7 Women Empowered by Having No Hair

Daily dose of fierceness right here! Enjoy!! We invited seven amazing, beautiful women with hairless heads — a few by choice, others due to a medical issue — into our studios for some gorgeous, bald realness.

MetDaan Creative

Simply GORGEOUS!! Easy, elegant style for a perfect updo!

Beautiful Hairstyle !!!

My Hair, Part II

Within you is incredible strength.
Words by our friend, Ashara. We find inspiration from her, hope you will too. Remember that story about Samson and Delilah? Delilah cut off all of Samson’s hair, with the result that Samson became a wimp. Well, he lost all of his strength, or something like that. Anywa…


There are many reasons why women turn to using alternative hair as part of their beauty routine. Stress from over styling is definitely one of them and giving your hair a break helps it to stay healthy and able to grow to longer lengths.

Keira Knightley reveals that for the past five years she has been using wigs, which she explained, "is the greatest thing that's ever happened to my hair".

I Am Not My Hair

We wanted to share Ashara's powerful story of her journey alongside her best friend during her treatment. Wise words for anyone suffering with hair loss. Thank you Ashara! :) My very first blog post for Women Move It Forward was about my hair. How interesting that I now have another experience to share that involves that stuff on my head. In the third grade, I met the p…

Style Your Follea | Half Up Hairstyle

Gorgeous styling tips for your Follea!

Follea Friend “Y” of The Women’s Hair Loss Project gets her hair styled by Follea expert Vicka.

Seeing these: makes it all worth it!

The smile on Melanie's face says it all. Wearing alternative hair can restore self confidence and bring out your inner beauty. Stop by or make an appointment with us at Kim's Wig Botik in Denver to see for yourself what wearing a #Follea piece can do for you.

#KimsWigBotik MELANIE My experience at Jentis Studios couldn’t have been better... I was incredibly nervous my first time going, mostly because I had never considered this option for my alopecia areata. Curtis and Jennifer were incredibly friendly, helpful, uplifting, and accommodating both on the phone and in pe...


Ahhh... beach curls. Soft, big curls for that perfect summer look! #Follea #KimsWigBotik

Just in time for Spring, our expert Sophie demonstrates how to create soft, beachy waves on your Follea.


We love sharing inspiring stories from Follea wearers. A Follea piece is a surefire way to regain some self confidence for those who suffer from thinning hair. #Follea #KimsWigBotik

For more information visit our website: KIM'S STORY I began losing my hair in high school and have obsessed about it daily since it started getting thin. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past summer and to celebrate, they took our whole family to Hawaii. This was a dream trip for our family and reviewing the pictu...

The Google Virtual Map of our store is up! Check it out and take a walk through the shop 😊

Kaci F.'s review of Kims Wig Botik

Helping women feel great during a difficult time is something we love to be able to do. We were looking for a wig for the first time, for my moms battle with ovarian cancer. My sister, mom and I were admittedly nervous and emotional about the whole...

Ready for a fresh new look for spring? We have hundreds of gorgeous pieces,…

Lots of gorgeous new looks at Kim's Wig Botik Ready for a fresh new look for spring? We have hundreds of gorgeous pieces, ready and waiting for you! - Kim Watts - Google+


This is one of the most inspiring stories we have come across on MyFollea. Melissa shares her story of struggling with hair loss and how finding the courage to wear a wig helped her regain her self confidence. Suffering from hair loss is devastating, but there is a solution.

Thank you for sharing Melissa, you definitely are an inspiration!!

The link on the video below seems to to not play the video unless you click on the youtube icon in the corner of the screen since it's unlisted, so I'm linking it here:

#MyFollea #Follea I owe my confidence and quality of life to Follea hair. After battling hair loss for over half of my life, I've found the hair that I was always meant to have

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer | American Cancer Society

Looking forward to the walk this Sunday 10/19. Thank you to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Denver, CO for all you do!! Once you sign up, encourage others to join your team! Participating as a member of a team could help you make a greater impact and have a greater experience. There’s strength in numbers!

WorldLife Water – Premium Spring Water

Counting down the days until the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Denver, CO walk on Sunday, October 19th! Thank you to everyone who will be supporting all of us walkers. We think it’s important to know the source of what you put into your body. Our ultra-pure premium spring water has a crisp taste you are sure to enjoy.

Susan G. Komen Colorado

Thank you, Denver Broncos for supporting and honoring survivors!

Did you happen to miss the incredible halftime show at the Denver Broncos game this past weekend? Well look what we just received! Thank you to the Broncos for honoring our survivors and making them feel so special.

My Follea.mp4

For all you FOLLEA hair wearers, or anyone who is considering Nature's Most Beautiful Hair, please check out My Follea and be inspired by others suffering from hair loss. You are not in this alone, and you can regain your self confidence and get "you" back!

Call us for more information or to make an appointment: 303 779 1811. :)

#myFollea #Follea

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Time to spread your wings and fly!

A touching testimonial from the voice of OnStar: Diane Williamson

We have experienced this reaction so many times, it is truly wonderful to feel the transformation when a woman feels complete again and her self confidence comes rushing back. #Follea OnStar provides customers with peace of mind. Watch as Diane Williamson, the voice of OnStar discusses her experiences with Alopecia and how her new Follea allows…

Meet Maddy - Alopecia Gripper Wig Testimonial

The Gripper by FOLLEA is so amazing to wear! Maddy is so eloquent in sharing her story about Alopecia Universalis and how wearing a Gripper has boosted her self-confidence.

Maddy has Alopecia Universalis and this is her story. In this Video Maddy wears a Follea Gripper Wig, 14" long in colour c5030. If you like what you see, please…

Who wants to see our Colorado Rapids Soccer Club take down the Sounders on October 5th?! We sure do!! Purchase your tickets through the following link and part of the sale will be donated to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Denver, CO.

The Colorado Rapids are going PINK! On October 5th they will be playing the 2014 Pink Game against the Seattle Sounders. Making Strides is offering discounted tickets and if you purchase using this link, a portion of every ticket sold will be donated to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Denver!

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