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[12/16/13]   If you try to find a "healthy" cookie, even at a health food store, it's nearly impossible!

For example, most "gluten free" cookies that I see at health food stores are still LOADED with sugar, rice syrup or agave syrup, have almost ZERO fiber, and just simply replace wheat flour with rice flour or another high glycemic flour that instantly digests into sugar in your body, spiking your insulin and triggering extra body fat to be deposited.

Another example is "low-fat" cookies that I often see, which simply replace some of the fats with extra sugars and other carbohydrates, giving you an even WORSE mess for your blood sugar and hormones than if you just simply ate a full-fat cookie.

The other horrendous example is that I've seen a few brands that tried to create high-protein cookies but use estrogenic and genetically-modified soy protein as the main protein source... NO THANKS!

But there's not one single cookie I've found on the market that is truly high-fiber, high-protein, gluten-free, soy-free, low-carb, and also rich in healthy fats for steady controlled energy without spiking your blood sugar levels.

[12/15/13]   remember one of the most important things about your gut bacteria...

It's those friendly gut bacteria (probiotics) that help to crowd out pathogenic strains that could get you sick. This is one way that probiotics help keep you from getting sick.

The other way is simply that good gut bacteria also form a barrier in your intestinal lining to prevent pathogens from escaping into your bloodstream. It's when pathogens escape into your bloodstream that you're more likely to get sick. This is why some people are more likely to get food poisoning than others despite eating the same food as others that might have contained some pathogens. This is also why some people never get sick at all from exposure to harmful germs whereas others get sick from every little thing that they're exposed too.

The people that have good gut flora balance (from eating large amount of probiotics) have that "microbial barrier" in their gut that doesn't allow pathogens to get from your digestive system into your bloodstream.

There's a great new documentary that I watched recently called Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics that I think is a great thing to watch for every family. I think seeing things in a movie format is a lot more powerful for some people than just reading articles and will make some people take probiotics more seriously.

So to summarize about whether consuming "too much" probiotics is possible... I think we've established that our ancestors consumed a MUCH higher quantity of probiotics naturally than even the most avid fermented foods consumers eating a modern diet and/or supplementing with probiotics ever could.

Make sure to read this article below... I show you my exact daily plan I've come up with in order to get a huge variety of probiotics from different sources... remember that VARIETY of strains is just as important, if not more important, than just sheer quantity of probiotics.

[12/13/13]   Other studies have found similar results with interval style workouts as short as 4 minutes producing dramatically more fat loss than long, extended bouts of cardio.

Here's an example bodyweight, short-burst exercise routine that you can try today to boost your metabolism and your fat loss results:

30 seconds of bodyweight squats
30 seconds of push ups
30 seconds jumping jacks

Repeat 4 times.

That workout right there only takes SIX minutes and you'll burn way more fat than you will with those long, drawn out, boring cardio sessions.

But here's the real secret...

NO workout will ever help you lose fat unless you get your nutrition in order. Unfortunately, nutrition is an area where most people really struggle, and sticking to a "diet" long term can be near impossible.

But, have no fear... our good friend and Nutritionist Josh Bezoni is here! At the link below, Josh is going to take all the guess work out of your nutrition and give you a step-by-step diet to follow that's not only easy to understand, but even EASIER to follow.

Just follow the 3 simple steps he gives you here. After all, he shows you exactly what foods to eat, meal by couldn't be easier:

[11/28/13]   EAT PROTEIN
Your body uses more calories to metabolize protein than carbohydrates. "A protein-based meal will elicit a thermic effect that is close to 30 percent of the total calories," explains Jack Groppel, PhD, co-founder of LGE Performance Systems in Orlando. For example, if you consume a meal that contains 600 calories of protein, you'll burn approximately 180 calories just by eating it.




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