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Ladies so im very upset because the other night after I went live I came across this female who completely stole my page name in all its originality. Im super upset because myself and my admin both reached out to her and asked her to please change her page name since that is my page name not to mention ive had my page way longer then her and she just views our messages she wont respond she wont change her name knowing she basically stole it. She doesn't deserve to have my page name that I created I worked hard for my reputation and everyone of my followers know me as Makeup By Hope. So if you ladies can be so kind to please help me out by going to this page and report it as scam/fraud and it will come up as an option of her pretending to be a page she isn't. If she can't be grown and respectful to change the name she stole from me then I would like for all of my loyal followers to help me out so her page can be gone all together. Thanks so much in advance ladies and have a good day! -Hope ❤

I don't own rights to the music in the backround

[03/05/19]   Lives coming up*
Friday march 15th- raffle names picked, makeup and chit chat.
Sunday march 17th- birthday makeup and hang out fun.
Wednesday march 20th- confessions with hope.
Friday march 22nd- give away makeup and chat. And so on..
I will plan more as i go and im excited to hear from you all 💓 -hope

[03/05/19]   Hey ladies so i am going to be going live next friday and i am going to be raffling off a makeup bag with a bunch of cute makeup items and accessories that will also come with a cute makeup bag to. The raffle entry will be $5 please lmk if you would like to be entered into the raffle. This bag will have some makeup brushes, a beauty blender, a makeup remover, cleansing wipes, a few eye shadows, a few lipsticks/lip glosses, blush,mascara, a body spray, 1 eyeliner/ 1 liquid eyeliner (optional), some glitter & 2 packs of lashes. Yall know i always hook my ladies up for a cheap price i will stuff the bag lol and i am coming back to my lives with some interesting fun stuff already planned out :) so lmk if yall would like to enter the raffle you have untill next friday at 4pm mst to enter and i will be going live at 7pm mst to pick 2 winners of the raffle and show yall ladies what the winners won to and i will package & stamp it on live and have it ready for send out the next morning :) see yall next Friday & Have a great night ladies. 💓💓

[03/04/19]   I think i should start to be active again its been so long and i miss you ladies!! Who is ready to see me live again?

[02/02/18]   Thank you all for joining tonight’s live ! The winner tonight was Sabrina Kilcollins! So congratulations to her The next video our share goal is 100 for us to do the next Giftaway I know we can do it !! Thanks for the love and support and all shares tonight ! We love y’all

[02/02/18]   So ladies I'll be going on tonight to announce winners and open a package that I was gifted from an awesome viewer of mine were also thinking of doing a Q&A to so if you would like to participate in that please post questions below this status we hope to get more this time we should be going on here in awhile stay tuned :)

[02/01/18]   So ladies I been gone and super super busy all day long I just got home and it's late still gotta get babygirl showered and in bed for school I didn't plan on being so busy but since it is late and I still have so much to do I'm going to extend the giveaway one more day and go live tomorrow night once I'm off work I'm so sorry you guys I really wanted to get on because I miss y'all but be ready for tomorrow I will post in advance before I start the live Thank you all & have a good night

[01/31/18]   Thank you ladies for joining me tonight and chatting with me I appreciate you all!! I feel so much better now

[01/30/18]   Someone posted this in the endomitriosis group I'm in & really it is like cancer except you don't die it just never goes away my doctor said the same to me get to know me before judging love all my followers and supporters who support me for me for who I am!! Love that. Take a quick read 📖

My doctor described Endometriosis as “noncancerous cancer” because the disease itself is not life threatening, but Endo itself behaves and spreads just like cancer cells do. And I’ve heard stories about how Endo has led to life threatening problems for some people (i.e. adhesions causing organs to fuse together, needing blood transfusions because loss of blood, etc.)

So does that mean Endometriosis can be classified under types of cancer?

I tried googling my question and I couldn’t find much on the topic (most of the links were about Endometrial Cancer). But I found a couple links that said yes it can be classified under cancer and a couple others that say no it’s not.

I’m not trying to be insensitive to anyone who has cancer and/or have loved ones who have cancer. I lost 2 grandparents to lung cancer, my grandma had a type of blood cancer, and my aunt currently has ovarian cancer. So please don’t think I’m being insensitive and write rude comments.

I’m just trying to learn as much as I can about what we have and how to explain it to others who don’t understand it.

[01/25/18]   Sorry ladies my phone died and we tried to go back on but the service was not going through so we just ended it but we were on long and we're able to talk to y'all so I appreciate you all for participating and everything to make this live the best during confessions with hope y'all are the best :)

[01/25/18]   We got a package in the mail today I wonder what it could be ☺ I'm super excited to open it on live that just adds to our stuff to do with you all :)

[01/24/18]   Remember ladies tonight is confessions with hope and the giveaway for the 11 piece set stay tuned and send your story's in by at least 7pm mst see you guys soon 💖

[01/23/18]   Sorry ladies I'm running super super late as usual ugh lol but I'll be on any moment so stay tuned also some stuff isn't going as planned just because wifey is not feeling to well but I'll still be on as promised!! Be watching out for me 💓

[01/21/18]   We love support from each and one of you! We love our viewers who continuously come back and show soo much support one person who stood out to us who is always on each live , who helps us in many roles already which is Stephanie Pizano so please welcome her and congratulate her as now one of our Admins to the page

[01/21/18]   Q&A for tomorrow’s challenge! Drop your questions! If we get enough questions we will be doing random questions during the challenge !

[01/20/18]   After work I bought marshmallows you know that means? Tonight’s challenge —> Chubby bunny challenge

[01/17/18]   Hey ladies have your story in by today we will be going live tonight

[01/17/18]   Remember tomorrow is the deadline for “Confessions With Hope” we hope to receive some letters 🙏♥️

[01/16/18]   Since we didn’t get any stories we are gonna extend the story time deadline .. soon as we have enough stories we will do story time

[01/16/18]   Setting up to go live here in a few seconds stay tuned. 💋

[01/16/18]   We got no stories in so we won’t be doing story time tonight

[01/15/18]   Remember if you’d like to share a story send them in before 6pm mst we will be live around 8pm mst we will inform you if we go live early have a bless day and keep slaying that makeup ladies Peace and One Love ❤️

[01/15/18]   Ok y’all tomorrow we will be having a story time you can send us a letter of something big that has either impacted your life for the better or something you have gone through whether it be good or bad .. whether it be an abusive relationship, a drug addiction, an anxiety attack ! We want to get to know y’all we can keep you anonymous we will be sharing a story of our own as well! Hope to hear from y’all we will be reading the stories live tomorrow 😍♥️ peace and one love ❤️

[01/12/18]   Don’t forget to turn on the notifications to catch our lives !! Tonight we will be doing the What’s in my mouth Challenge with a special guest stay tuned

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