INVINCIBLE is about empowering athletes to prepare, perform & recover.

Every athlete wants to feel INVINCIBLE. To feel like they can accomplish whatever they want. To become invincible, every athlete must know how to prepare their body in a way that allows them to move properly. They must use this movement to help them perform to their best ability, in whatever fitness/sport they choose. They also must be able to give their body TLC in order to recover properly, either from their athletic task or if an injury comes up. This is where I (Dr. Missy Albrecht) can help.... I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011 from Mount St. Mary's College and was certified through the NSCA in 2008 as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. With a background in coaching soccer and doing personal training at all levels, she received her CrossFit Level 1 and Mobility certification, and began to coach CrossFit in 2010. I have experience working in various outpatient orthopedic clinics, as well as working with athletes on-site at CrossFit Southbay and currently at CrossFit Colfax. Additional areas of study: - Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (trained through Graston) - Visceral Functional Mobilization - Rock Doc - FMT 1 & 2 2013 - Functional Movement Screen - Level 1 certified 2010 - Yoga Tune Up - Mobility WOD - mobility certified 2010 My goal is to empower athletes with the knowledge they need to become their version of invincible, allowing them to accomplish any goals they set their minds to.

Diaphragm dysfunction

After another session of #visceralmanipulation with my professor I was left breathing better and with a deeper understanding of the power of this work.

The day of pram in this image is the squiggly line to show one side of the muscle being more active than the other. There was a restriction near my phrenic nerve which is the main nerve that helps contract the diaphragm to allow it to function. She worked quite a bit on my pancreas (highlighted in yellow) which was contributing to the dysfunction of the diaphragm.

All of the work that I’ve had done on my liver and gallbladder and right lung recently has helped to open up space for the diaphragm to contract easier, but the addition of the phrenic nerve work really opened up a new area of movement. My homework for now is to be even more intentional about that 360° breath to ensure I am using my diaphragm fully. #breathingexercises #organsneedtomovetoo #pancreas #diaphragm #physicaltherapy #dns

Just an update on Ayn’s physical therapy post surgery with @crcg_colorado Getting creative here to improve weight bearing on her right hind leg but also working on the uninjured left side. Thankfully she’s good motivated 😂 One of her PTs suggested I try the same food motivation with my human patients lol

Did you know that our sense of smell is the only sense that goes directly to the brain and the olfactory system. All other senses must be processed in another area of the body before it is sent to the brain. This is why smells have such an immediate effect on the brain and how we feel in the moment! I always have at least one DōTERRA essential oil near me so that I can take a deep breathe if I need stress relief, focus, uplifting, etc. What’s your favorite oil to breathe in?!?
📸 @sarahaddy

#aromatherapyscience #doterra #naturalsolutions #stressrelief #focus #anxiety #depression #stayinvincible

She’s loving her ‘return to play’ rehab #caninept #catahoulasofinstagram #invincibleayni

Did you know you have ligaments attaching the top of your lung to your spine and 1st rib??
•Pleurovertebral ligament
•Costopleural ligament
•Transverse pleural ligament
Issues either these ligaments can create neck and upper back tension that doesn’t resolve with traditional treatment. It can also lead to breathing dysfunction and headaches. How can you see if yours are tight and creating issues in your body? #visceralmanipulation #organsneedtomovetoo #physicaltherapy #stayinvincible #neckpain #whiplash #headaches #breathingdysfunction #pneumonia

Taking you back to my body after my first @rocktape class in 2013 😂

I’d say this in an excessive amount of tape to be used at one time, but this was a result of a full day of practice with my colleagues to test out different techniques.

To this day I am so grateful that I went to that class because it opened so many doors for me with CrossFit, professional relationships, business opportunities, in-depth education beyond what people think is ‘just tape’ and tools to be able to helps others (& myself!) #physicaltherapy #rocktape #tapingmovementnotmuscles #performance #education #pain #rehabilitation

The New Years tradition continues! Plus some inside out s’mores and mezcal ☺️ Grateful for this life and another year to live it!

My 2019 vision board, along with my 2019 word >> cleanse. It’s so cool to reflect on vision boards and how much comes true when you make the time to dream!!!

This year was a huge cleanse for my life. Body, mind, business, people, home. A lesson that cleansing must happen for growth. The cleansing is not always fun or easy BUT the growth that comes with it is worth it all. And I’m excited for 2020 🥳 #2020vision #growth #stayinvincible

Posted @withrepost • @riseandthrivecollective DENVER POP-UP RETREAT: FEB 1, 2020... Get the most out of your Healthy Living Resolutions. Join us for a collaborative experience as we outline steps for a personalized detoxification protocol. We'll dive into organ health & the affects on detox, as well as, dietary changes & activities to create a better environment for your body to repair itself. @stay_invincible @naturalmedicineofdenver We will also be guided through a beautifully grounded yoga flow + meditation. Create your own @doterra essential oil blend. And nourish your body with plant based sushi from @wellnesssushi Link in bio. Early rates through Jan 1st! ...
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Hip tightness after sitting? Try this!

Your hip joint can get stiff in areas that stretching doesn’t address. This move works similar to mobilizing with a band around your hip, creating space in the joint capsule and surrounding tissue...helping to increase blood flow to the area and relieve discomfort.

Hinge forward from your hips, midline active, and use your hands to apply force to the crease of your hip**make sure you’re on your leg bone** Apply the force back as you hinge forward. Move a little side to side. Roll your leg side to side. It should feel like a fresh new hip after, along with a good stretch on the back side of your leg 💪🏻 #hipmobility #hiphinge #hippain #sittingisthenewsmoking #roadtrip #physicaltherapy #jointmobilization

Liver boost through compression

I wanted to show how you can use a rolled towel or blanket to do this, but my fav tool as you know is the #coregeousball

Most people have been doing a lot of things they don’t normally do, which can add more strain to the liver:
- more sugar
- more alcohol
- less sleep
- change in routine
- more scented candles and plugins

Gentle compression of the liver will help kickstart the function of the organ, helping your body process the changes.

Lie on your right side near the bottom of your rib cage. Breathe deeply. Roll slowly back and forth. Spend 1-3min doing should feel amazing ☺️ #organsneedtomovetoo #visceralmanipulation #livercleanse #stayinvincible

Merry Christmas!!

What’s your motivation to get out and move in the midst of the holiday season?!? Today mine was a run/walk for this view 😎 #movementismedicine #stayinvincible #beachviews

Cars do not always set you up for a happy body. Often times their default setting is to push your head forward and slouch your body as if you’re slouching in a couch. No wonder people are so uncomfortable after driving and sometimes in pain!!

The pic on the left was the default position of the headrest for a brand new car. The forward tilt of it awkwardly pushes the head forward and forces a rounded shoulder position to use the support of the seat.

A simple tilt back of the headrest allows the body to naturally be more upright AND in a position that feed into a cycle of discomfort.
**note** a lot of cars won’t allow you to adjust perfectly because everybody needs different settings. So you may need some props to assist. For example, if I couldn’t adjust the headrest here I could have added a rolled towel between her shoulder blades to shift her body forward and balance out her head position. There’s always a way🤓 #bodyawareness #physicaltherapy #carposture #posturecorrection #forwardheadposture #stayinvincible

Give that belly some hang time!!

I didn’t use to teach lying on the side with the #coregeousball probably because it didn’t seem ‘intense’ enough when you compare to normal foam rolling. But when rolling your organs you’re not searching for intense. You’re searching for soothing, relief, movement.

Working the organs from the side is a whole different effect than the front. We get to work on allowing the belly and it’s contents to relax over the ball. The messenteric root of the small intestines is given some space to improve blood flow. And on a more superficial level, the muscles and fascia here can get restricted so it’s a great area to work!

Now I always teach the side because it’s just as important and cursing around the front. You can breathe deeply here and/or rock slowly back and forth. Or get creative with other movements. Find a spot between rib cage and pelvis, but also work up the rib cage to address liver, spleen, lungs and heart💜 #visceralmanipulation #stayinvincible #organsneedtomovetoo #bellylove #selfcareishealthcare


Closed Dec. 23-27. Available for questions & guidance via text & email!

Added extra hours Friday Jan 3rd 7am-12pm.

Booking through or call/text 303-900-5811

DENVER POP-UP RETREAT 2/1/20 Learn how to get the most out of your Clean Living Resolution. Join us for a collaborative experience as we dive into organ health, optimal nutrition & activities to support the body + mind as you embark on a detox or cleanse for the New Year. Link in bio. @ramblerretreat @stay_invincible @naturalmedicineofdenver @victoria__larkins @wellnesssushi ...
#newyearcleanse #detox #newyearresolution #organhealth #doterra #visceralmanipulation #chinesemedicine #plantbased #mindbodysoul

Did you know your flat shoes may be tricking you by sliding this heel lift in as the cushion?!? Make sure you check out the inserts in your shoes to make sure you’re truly in a flat shoe if that’s your current goal for healthier body mechanics 🤓 #footcare #footwear #barefoot #insoles #physicaltherapy #stayinvincible

I am loving these boots!

Women Omni-Grip Powder Summit Mid Wool Bootie

Wide toebox to keep the toes free and active

soul is pretty flexible to mimic normal foot movement

No heel to keep the whole body balanced

cute and warm! #happyfeet #footwear #snowboots #stayinvincible


Posted @withrepost • @drruscio Do things seem to “stick” in your gut? Adhesions are a kind of scar tissue that can form in your gut (or elsewhere), sticking tissue together and creating blockage. ⠀
They usually form because of surgery, trauma, or inflammation. ⠀
Thankfully, a practice called visceral therapy (or visceral manipulation) can gently break up these adhesions. ⠀
Visceral therapy can help hiatal hernia, stuck diaphragm or ileocecal valve, some types of SIBO, IBS, overall movement, and more.⠀
My guest Dr. Jason Wysocki shares everything you need to know on today’s podcast! Don’t miss it!⠀
#guthealth #sibo #ibs #visceralmanipulation #visceraltherapy #adhesions #hiatalhernia #inflammation #guthealthmatters #digestionsupport

Our hands work hard. Make sure they’re part of your self-care routine 🤓 #yogatuneup #textingthumb #grip #carpeltunnel #deskboundtherapy #stayinvincible

A few reasons you should avoid pushing to go to the bathroom🤓
• it strains the pelvic floor which we want to keep healthy for all kinds of functions
• it adds excess pressure to the blood vessels in the rectum = hemorrhoids
• it adds excess pressure to all of your organs, leading to dysfunction and pain
• people have passed out on the toilet from pushing to hard/long

Tips to avoid pushing:
• stay hydrated and eat clean most of the time for healthy bowel movements that comes naturally
• sit in a supported deep squat to help prepare you for a bowel movement
• use a squatty potty to ensure and easy, smooth path to exit
• work with someone on proper supplements to support healthy elimination
• get on your #coregeousball to improve movement and turn on your parasympathetic system to ease elimination
• receive #visceralmanipulation to ensure optimal organ may be your digestive organs BUT it could also be your lung or ovary affecting your bowel movements! 💩#organsneedtomovetoo #healthybowelmovements #poop #pelvicfloor #incontinence #hemorrhoids #pelvicpain #constipation #squattypotty

I have talked in the past how I love using @rocktape to assist in the healing of diastasis recti because it can help facilitate the reduced of space between the rectus abdominus muscle bellies (aka six pack). But I also LOVE it for the woman who just can’t seem to nail down body awareness in addition to all the mom responsibilities. They can master the exercise in my office, but everything goes out the door once they’re back caring for their family. This is common because it’s hard work to stay mentally aware of your body if you’re not used to it!! So the tape gives feedback on position of the body and just a gentle reminder of ‘oh yea I’m rehabbing this area.’

The beauty of the tape is it doesn’t even have to be applied in the perfect way to be effective because just the tape in an area brings your brain’s awareness to it. If you have an area you’re working on (ie glute activation, posterior core activation) try putting a piece of Rocktape on that area and see if it helps with your #bodyawareness 💪🏻 #physicaltherapy #stayinvincible #diastasisrecti #rocktape #birthfit #motherhoodtransition #postpartumbody

Missing these snow play days with my girl! Hope everyone is enjoying an active playful weekend, whether it’s outside or inside 😊 #play #movementrainbow #snow #physicaltherapy #stayinvincible

I just had the 4th #visceralmanipulation session with my professor and wanted to share more about what we’re working on....if you missed the other 3 recaps just find the image of the heart, blood vessels and liver with ‘my journey’ on it.

This session was a few months late because I had some other life happenings take priority BUT progress was still being made. She still worked on the blood vessels, liver and skull....but also added in some work around the right lung. Lack of lung mobility can affect a lot of things because not breathing well leads to poor organ mobility via the diaphragm, increased stress due to more neck breathing to compensate and possibly decreased performance (although this has been my season of very little performance type training - a story for another post 🤪).

My guess would be that my lung is not the primary organ issues BUT improving its mobility is the only way my liver, brain and blood vessels will function optimally. Why is this? Because all of these organs are connected and affected. Via the pleural tissue. Via the cardiac tissue. Via the surrounding nerves and blood vessels and more. So through all of my mini concussions in soccer and strain on my right lung was affected and will remain affected until it is treated. Skipping the lung treatment could cause the blood vessel and liver issues to stay and maybe get worse.

It’s important to have the entire body assessed for movement.....because even if it’s a big toe pain you’re feeling, the stomach could be the root of all the issues 🤯 #physicaltherapy #organsneedtomovetoo #lungs #headaches #detox #stayinvincible #concussionrecovery

The ‘hang on your joints’ standing vs ‘use your muscles’ posture. This can be a challenging fix but also one of the most powerful. Changing how your treat your body throughout the day, outside of specific exercise routines, is SO important for your overall health. Check it out today. Pay attention to how you stand. If you do the hang on joints thing, just gently move your weight back over your ankles and see how it feels to use those muscles 💪🏻 Ayni will be cheering you on 🐕#bodyawareness #stayinvincible #posture #physicaltherapy #jointhealth #lowbackpain #hippain #gluteworkout #gluteactivation #invincibleayni

This, my friends, is cold weather foot care. One fuzzy sock always stays on the non-mobilizing foot. And the toenail polish is usually a little worn out. Just a reminder to take care of those feet during the winter especially with all of the boot wearing and usually less time spent barefoot 🐾 #selfcare #stayinvincible #wintermobility #fancyfeet


We believe that self-care is the key to healthcare | We believe patients should be empowered to take their health to the next level | We believe in guiding patients along their healing journey | We believe that the whole body works together | We believe the whole body should be evaluated | We believe in a team approach for healing | We believe you are what you eat + digest | We believe it’s important to talk about your poop | We believe our body has a max number of toxins/stressors that it can handle | We believe doTERRA essential oils are a powerful tool for everyone’s health | We believe that organs need to move too | We believe that organs are often times the missing link to a lot of health/movement issues | We believe that mindset is HUGE when working towards any goal | We believe the 23 hours you spend outside of our office is more important than the hour you spend with us | We believe body awareness is KEY to healing & performance |
#stayinvincible #physicaltherapy #changeiscoming #visceralmanipulation #selfcare #performance #athlete

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