I had an overall poor experience. I went for a facial wax on the last week of May as there was a BOGO promo for first time customers. Ricki was my waxer. The wax service was rendered properly, though I was told that I did not have a substantial amount of hair on my face in general and that I should wait it out and allow for more hair growth. As such, I cancelled and rescheduled the second appointment because I did not have enough hair. When I did this, I specifically asked about the BOGO privilege. At that time, I was told I will be able to reschedule whenever I am ready to and still get the promotion. When I called in to reschedule that second appointment, I was told that I was no longer eligible because I was outside of the 6 week window. The time window was not explicitly told to me during my first service as well as the cancellation/rescheduling call. I spoke with Rio, the manager on duty, as well. She was rude, insensitive, and seemed to be eager to guilt-trap me. She commented that she prominently protects her employees. While I respect that attitude, sacrificing customer service and satisfaction cannot be the solution. When I mentioned I'd be going to Lunchbox's other competitors (specifically European Wax), she even encouraged me to go elsewhere for my waxing needs. I learned my lesson to stick with European Wax Center. They are very flexible, understanding, and accountable for their mistakes and miscommunications. They put the customer first and know how to balance customer satisfaction with protecting their employees. I really regret coming here as I paid a rather hefty price and didn't get the promotion I deserved.

Smooth skin and tailored brows in a chic, modern boutique. We wax every body, top to toes, bottoms and brows, cheeks and chests, a little or a lot.

Our expertly trained waxologists are devoted to making every guest's skin smooth in a chic, modern environment that was specially designed for your comfort and care. At LunchboxWax, we wax men and women, bottoms and brows, a little (think ear fuzz) or a lot (from tip to toe). Walk into any LunchboxWax, and you'll instantly feel you're in capable, caring hands. We pay attention to every detail, be it the steps we take to provide the perfect wax service to the products we've formulated to pamper the skin of every guest before during and after a session. The clean, urban layout of each salon is thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable vibe.

Operating as usual

LunchboxWax has a full range of Body Care products to keep you smooth between visits, and our DEFINE brow line to maintain that newly-coiffed brow look. Be sure to ask your waxologist for full product details!

Now that you’re hooked, we have a number of ways you can SAVE and MAINTAIN your wax!

Now, it’s time to get you ready for your next visit! Until we see you next, it’s important to plan your waxing treatments. Your maintenance schedule will depend on your natural hair growth cycle and other factors. You will notice that new hair will start to grow back within 2-3 weeks. We suggest follow up appointments 3-4 weeks for facial waxing and 4-6 weeks for body waxing.

Visit us online or download our app to make your next appointment, or book before you leave to make sure you get your favorite waxologist.

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At LunchboxWax we know that the waxing service really has two parts - first your experience in the salon, and second your experience until your next appointment. You can expect to leave your appointment knowing exactly what to do to keep your skin healthy, happy and feeling good.

Your waxologist will make sure you know what to expect and how to best maintain that fresh after-wax feel.

For post-wax skin care tips, visit us online or download our App!

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At LunchboxWax, we're here to help you have the most hair-free and care-free process as possible. Some advice we always give our guests is to:
- Go for something comfy! Wearing loose, flowy clothing is more comfortable post-wax
- Take ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment! If you have a low pain tolerance, it can also ease the nerves
- Use our FreshBox! We provide them in the suite so you can freshen up and feel confident post-wax

Our waxologists are here to guide you through your wax. Whether your a first-timer or a regular waxing pro, we want you to feel safe, comfortable and confident. Our waxing services range from 15-45 minutes, getting you in and out quicker than a lunch break!

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The first thing you will notice when you enter our waxing suites is the clean, well-appointed and thoughtful furnishings. From the original art, to the covered beds, they were designed with our guests in mind. We want you to be as comfortable as you are confident in your service and surroundings. Your modesty is very important to us, so if you are having an intimate wax, you will notice our “Bed Welcome” – FreshBox towelette to freshen up, disposable towel to cover up, and a disposable bikini – if you choose.

This is a no-judgement zone! All are welcome. We believe all bodies are beautiful. We are here to make you look and feel your most confident self!

So, lay down, get comfortable, take in the LunchboxWax signature scent, relax to LunchboxWax radio, enjoy the original art and custom furnishings and let us do the rest – you’re in good hands! It'll be over before you can say KELLY CLARKSON!

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Location, location, location! Did you know that we have 48 salons across the country and growing (pun intended)? Our salon locations have been carefully scouted to not only allow our guest easy access, but the convenience of being paired with other like services and neighborhood hubs.

One of our core beliefs is serving our communities. We see ourselves as one community serving another. So, don’t be surprised if you see Ms. Box and our waxologists at community events and fundraisers. Stop by and say hi!

Step inside! The first thing you will notice is we do not have receptionists. Our teams work together to personally welcome you and guide you through our intentional Guest Experience. Because we believe that when you come to LunchboxWax, it is more than a quick wax (yes, it is that), but more about how you are treated like family from the moment you open the door until you leave.

We built the Guest Experience and our salons around the "5-senses."

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It is just as important to take care of and prepare the area before a wax as it is to take care of it after a wax. Follow these tips to ensure a quick appointment that is as comfortable as possible.

- Ensure your hair is at least ¼ inch long - about the length of a bottom eyelash.
- Exfoliate the waxing area 24 - 48 hours before your appointment. This will remove any dead skin cells and allow all hair to break through the surface - we want them all!
- Taking a bath or shower on the day of your appointment to open up follicles, allowing for easier hair removal.
- For best after-wax results, we recommend ditching the razor at least ten days before your appointment.

For more tips and FAQ's, visit us online or download our App!

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Let’s talk about wax! When we developed our proprietary wax method, we chose Soft wax, also known as strip wax, because it is hands-down the superior method for hair removal. It takes more skill, but that is why our loyal guests rave about their waxing results!

Our exclusive formula contains Azulene, which is a powerful healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent derived from the stem of German Chamomile flowers. This gentle wax is designed to quickly and effectively remove hair without breakage, often associated with the hard wax method.

Combined with our proprietary speed-waxing waxing technique, the LunchboxWax process and products makes the hair-removal process an easy, efficient and fast experience.

See our Story for more benefits!

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Walk into LunchboxWax with hair you don’t want, leave feeling bare and beautiful in just a matter of minutes! As a full-service speed-waxing salon, we deliver a unique customer experience. It’s true what they say about us – hair today, gone tomorrow. We utilize refined, effective waxing techniques to give you that smooth skin feel and boldly confident look in no time at all.

What makes LunchboxWax so appealing to loyal guests across the country? Stay tuned! Over the next two weeks we will be pulling back the sheets to reveal what makes us the go-to choice for waxing connoisseurs nationwide!

It’s time to bare your beauty! Put down that razor and
book your appointment with LunchboxWax.

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Want to keep it au naturel? Our DEFINE Clear Gel is the perfect way to keep your newly coiffed brows looking like you just stepped out of the salon.

to·pi·ar·y /ˈtōpēˌerē/ : the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes. Just a little off the top or completely bare. What is your personal style?

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” –Theodore Roosevelt. We Wax Every Body®.

Set. Match. We have coupled your favorite services to save time and a little cash. Check out Bare Bundles on our website for the full list of services - game changer!

Show off those brawny biceps! Our arm wax will have you smooth from fingertips (yes, we wax fingers!) to shoulders. It's okay not to go all the way. Our half-arm wax gets you bare from here to there (elbows to shoulders or elbows to fingertips) -- you tell us!

Strays peeking out? We have a wax for that! Our Unlimited Memberships are the best way to keep you tidy in your whities. Visit us online or check in at your local salon for pricing options.

How cool! Because sweaters are only for winter - and then only the kind you can take off at the end of the day ;)

Jumping for joy! When you find out that you can come in for your first wax and your second visit FREE. Oh, happy day! #BOGO

Groom a pair! You've been thinking about it, and with the hot summer months, there is no time like the present. #malewaxing #intimatewaxing #grooming #malegrooming

Because a 5 o'clock shadow is only sexy on your face. #smoothmove #bodywaxing

Before and Ahh-fter. Keep that just-waxed feeling going between visits with our super popular aftercare products: Gently rub BodyBuff in a circular motion over dry skin. Rinse off in a bath or shower and pat skin dry. Follow with SoftBox ingrown hair tonic and BodyWhip moisturizing body butter. #smoothup

"I've tried other salons in the area and LunchboxWax is, by far, my favorite. My waxologist is fantastic. Professional, meticulous and gentle! 10/10 will go back!" - Marc G., LunchboxWax Framingham

There is a fine art to waxing male anatomy. But, our waxologists have gone through extensive, clinical training to make sure it is as painless as possible. Yeah, we just said that.

You are the highlight of our day! Come in for a visit and check out our new range of DEFINE highlights/concealers. Pick a concealer to match your skin tone, but collect all three to highlight all your best assets!

Pure joy! Summertime is for friends, family and fun. What are you doing today that brings you joy? Post in the comments and tag someone that brings a smile to your face.

WE LOVE YOU! We also know that this is a challenging time, so we want to remind you of all the ways you can stay smooth and save with our Friends with Benefits® program:
• Unlimited Monthly Memberships: Unlimited waxing.
• Wax Series: Buy 5 get one FREE.
• Bare Bundles: Bundled services to save time and $$.
• BOGO: New guests come in for your first visit and the second is on us.
Book your appointment online and ask your waxologist for all the details!

Hello, aloe! Wanting to go au naturel? Did you know that aloe gel (the good stuff) can be an all-natural skin soother after waxing? You're welcome! #waxtip

Brow down, babies! Define Gel Tints tint and thicken the look of brows with a few simple strokes. Made with innovative tapered brushes that deposit a fiber-in-gel formula adds color, builds volume and creates fullness. Available for purchase in salons. #brows #browdown #eyebrows #browproducts #beauty #beautyproducts #salon #waxingsalon

Two for one -- yes, please! New to us? Come in for your first wax and your second wax is FREE! #BOGO #lunchboxwax #letitgrow #booknow

Oh, how our gardens grow! Waxing vs Shaving? Shaving cuts the hair leaving behind a blunt, prickly grow-out - NO! Waxing grabs those little hairs and removes them from the root so when they grow back, not only are they soft to the touch, the little tips are fine and less likely to show - YES! #waxtip

Better together! We've coupled our favorite services to save you time and a little cash. Who doesn't love that! Our Bare Bundles have you (un)covered. Book online or on our App. See you soon!

Our arch enemy? Basic brows. Enhance your beauty with our new line of DEFINE brow pencils, tints and highlighter/concealer duos. Colors to coordinate with every hair and skin shade. Or, go completely bare with our clear gel to just keep things in place.

Red, white and smooth. Wishing you a happy Independence Day full of stars and stripes and everything nice. Stay safe out there, friends! #happyindependenceday

Eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Your waxologist will work with you and your natural shape to give you the knock-out brows you've always dreamt of. TIP: bring in a picture of your ideal brows. It may not happen overnight, but we'll help you get a routine that will get you there. #waxtip #eyebrows #browwaxing

Let it grow and let us take care of the rest! We know it can be tempting to shave during visits, but regular waxing keeps that smooth feeling for weeks. Want to come in more frequently? Sign up for our Unlimited Monthly Memberships. One low price. Unlimited waxing. Go online or call your local salon for all the details.

Unification \ ˌyü-nə-fə-ˈkā-shən \ noun : the state of being unified or linked. #unity #waxingwithapurpose #wewaxeverybody #pridemonth #welovetheskinyourein

Pride \ prīd \ noun : confidence and self-respect as expressed by members of a group, typically one that has been socially marginalized, on the basis of their shared identity, culture, and experience. #pride #pridemonth #waxingwithapurpose #wewaxeverybody #welovetheskinyourein

Our Story

Ripping out hair takes skill, a sense-of-humor, and crazy heart. We should know. Our vision has remained the same, ever since our inception in 2010: to honor every body by providing beautiful experiences in beautiful settings, with an open heart and a badass attitude. And that guiding light has served us well. Today, LunchboxWax is one of the fastest-growing franchises in North America, offering a spate of specialized waxing services briefer than a lunch break. At our foundation, we’re one community serving another with respect and authenticity — we just happen to be waxing.

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