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It was nice meeting you girls! See you when I get back from Europe!
Tarot and Tinsel is a perfect way to start your day! Thank you so much Sadie McGarry for the wonderful reading! Ashley Garcia per usual you help me feel like a queen when I get Bling String! Today is gonna be great!
Congratulations on the grand opening!!! Another satisfied customer!

A modern occult based apothecary focused on amplifying the body, mind, and spirit with herbal remedies and rituals. Follow us on IG at @arcanaherbal

Mission: A modern occult based apothecary focused on amplifying the body, mind, and spirit through herbal remedies and ritual.

We have to join the fight against the system. It will be a long, grueling battle, and we are strongest together.

Take advantage of tonight's Sagittarius full moon eclipse, a lot of witches all over the world are taking part in spells and hexes to bring down our enemy and to protect one another. @earthmoonherbs on ig has a great video for beginners who may have questions or are feeling hesitant towards hexing.

Donate to Black Visions or find the organization of your choice. Give tons of shout outs to your favorite pages and accounts of witches of color. Buy from small businesses owned by POC. Sign petitions for national and local reform. Be an advocate and a protector when you see police brutality. Speak out against our corrupt leaders, even with family and friends who feel differently! Question what you were taught in school--take initiative and educate yourself in ALL the history (not just the parts that don't make you feel uncomfortable).

And most importantly, stand together. Link arms, lift each other up, keep talking, and LISTEN TO EACH OTHER. Strength in numbers is absolutely everything, we must unite.

We can't wait to finally see you all again tomorrow at the store, open 12-6pm. ❤️


Let's do our part to continue the fight against the system. No more silence, no more looking the other way.

100+ Black-Owned Etsy Shops - The Mad Mommy -

😍✨ Lots of witchy and spiritual shops on this list! #BlackLivesMatter #SupportSmallBusiness Email [email protected] to be added to this list! This list was gathered from posts in multiple Etsy support groups that keep getting removed. Even when groups allow self-promotion, posts asking about Black-owned businesses are getting deleted. This is a list that will be updated freque...

👀 We have a limited quantity of decks available right now on Etsy! ✨ This will be your last chance to grab yourself a gorgeous Rider Waite deck before our grand opening on June 6th! Link in bio to purchase
-D 🔮💀🌙


Get to know your favorite plants.

Vaughan House Greenhouse


Dreamscape. ✨

Hello magick - makers! I'm sure you probably noticed, but yes, I skipped Tarot Tuesday yesterday. The Universe, my Body and Spirit told me to be still. To sit in solitude and reconnect with my heart center, so that's exactly what I did. I'm a huge believer in taking all the time needed to heal, even if that means putting work on hold... Including spiritual work. So here is your Tarot Tuesday on a Wednesday, witches. I hope this message resonates with you and gives you guidance throughout the week!

BTW! We still have openings for our online Astrology Basics workshop! Students who sign up now will also receive a 10% off coupon to our entire store. Don't miss this!

S. 🕯️🖤🌿

𝓢𝓸𝓻𝓬𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓷𝓮𝓭

To help stay more connected during this time, bring a friend! Right now we’re doing a buy one get one when you register! This 3 week online astrology course is taught by @__tiffanyrising where you will learn the foundation of Astrology (the basics, the zodiac, the planets, and the houses) and use it in practical, healing, enjoyable ways to get to know yourself on a deeper, cosmic, soul level. Check out all the awesome details and to register at ✨

I mean, yeah. MORE PLANTS!

White girls trying to turn their one bedroom into the jungle book

Altar vibes! Here are some tips for creating an altar that feels right for you and works in a practical way. Get creative and make it personal to you. ✨
*Featuring a special appearance by my dogs in the background.
-E 🌱✨👁

🌱Today's ritual includes some much needed tarot, a little palo and A LOT of herbal tea!🌱

Subscribe to our email list at to see which card was drawn for you this week for our Tarot Tuesday reveal! And if you haven't already, check out our upcoming events. You don't wanna miss this!

S. 🕯️🖤🌿

Hello lovelies! We wanted to give you an update about the shop. We’re continuing to get the new space all ready and set up and aim to be open near the end of May! With that said, our workshops have been shifted around - the macrame workshop led by @likewoahandmade is now on May 30th so go ahead and get signed up (! Our tea and incense making workshops are still pending a new date so we’ll keep you informed on that. The amazing 3 week online astrology course with @__tiffanyrising starts Tuesday, May 19th so hurry and get registered! We appreciate your support and flexibility during this time and WE MISS YOU!

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re hosting a 3-week astrology course starting May 19th which is going to be AMAZING. This course will be led by our friend Tiffany who’s here to introduce her wonderful self. We’re so thrilled to be collaborating with her and we know you’ll love learning from her. Register and learn more about the course at

✨ We’re so excited to announce our astrology course, Discover Your Soul’s Truth! Join us for a 3 week online astrology course taught by Tiffany Tarsa where you will learn the foundation of Astrology (the basics, the zodiac, the planets, and the houses) and use it in practical, healing, enjoyable ways to get to know yourself on a deeper, cosmic, soul level. Check out all the awesome details and to register at

🌿Witches! Magick-Makers!🌿

We're getting closer and closer to having our new space ready for all of you lovelies!

In the meantime, we're always available for you online. Plus, a lot of new items have been added! Check it out and while you're at it, subscribe to our email list at to see which card I drew for the week ahead.

Sending you all love and magic. So it is.

S. 🕯️🖤🌿

Mint Tea Magick • One of the easiest ways to practice kitchen magick is brewing a cup of tea! Today I wanted to use a simple tea spell to highlight some of the basic techniques that can be applied to any manifestation ritual using items from your own kitchen.

Tomorrow is the last day for the Mother’s Day special! Buy any Ritual Mist and get a free Palo Santo stick (plus 10% off and free shipping). It’s the perfect bundle! Shop now at

Alright y’all, there’s a new special for Mother’s Day! Our milk bath and bath salts are out of stock but don’t worry - you can buy any of our Ritual Mists and get a free Palo Santo stick with your order! This is on top of the free shipping and 10% off. 🙌 There are a variety of options for mists so shop now before the deal ends on May 4th.

Blessed Beltane!

Sadie here, wishing you all a weekend full of magick and beauty! Let us know how you honor and celebrate the midpoint between spring and summer in the comments below 👇🌿🌷

S. 🕯️🖤🌿

You didn't think we forgot about Tarot Tuesday, did you? 😉

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S. 🕯️🖤🌿

Get your mom something awesome this year for Mother’s Day, like our bath salts and milk bath and you’ll get a free palo santo stick with your order (including 10% off and free shipping)! Ends May 4th so don’t miss your chance for this extra goodie!

Have you ever used smelling salts in your practice? It’s a really great way to help enhance your intentions, promote mental clarity, restful sleep, and so much more! Shop online (link in bio) for some of our all-natural smelling salts.
-E ✨🌱👁

A little peek at the new shop. 😉 Still plenty of work to be done but honestly, we’re loving every part. We’ll keep you updated once we have an open date and until then, shop online with 10% off and free shipping!
-E ✨🌱👁

We’re missing all of you so much! Until we’re open again, shop online and get 10% off and free shipping. It’s a great time for some extra self-care so go ahead and indulge. ☺️

New Moon in Taurus comin at ya! It’s a perfect time for reflection and intention setting so check out more of what this moon represents and how to work with it. What are your new moon rituals? Let us know in the comments!
-D 🔮🌙💀

Today I felt called to use my oracle deck for your Tarot Tuesday reading. Today, Spirit's message is direct and concise; asking us all to take a moment to breathe, listen and just BE!

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We love you all.

S. 🕯️🖤🌿

In case you haven’t heard...we’re moving! We’re in the same building and hopping over to the unit right next door. 🤗 It’s more space which means we’ll have even more products for you, plus we’ll now have a designated space for events, tarot readings, rituals, reiki, and more. Wooo! We’ll keep ya’ll updated about a future open date but until then, shop online with 10% off and free shipping at

As Leslie Knope says, “Nobody achieves anything alone.” So thank you all for your support and to those who have helped make this possible. We love you so much. ❤️

-E ✨👁🌱

Salt is an amazing tool for neutralizing energy, protecting your space, transmutation and so much more! How do you use salt in your practice? Let us in know in the comments below 🕯️🖤🌿

#saltmagic #saltspell #transmutation #energyhealing #protectyoself #denverwitches #coloradowitch #cleanseyourenergy #auracleansing #letstalkmagic #sharetheknowledge #communityovercompetition #communitylove #householdmagic #Protectionmagick #evileye

Creating is our specialty and we take it seriously! Everything at Arcana is made in ritual, blended with intention and prepared with magick. We are creating with YOU in mind.

This is our house blended Salt Spell which is included for free with all online orders! Tomorrow we'll share a video on ways to use this salt and incorporate it into you daily spiritual practice.🌟

Sending you all love and magick!!
S. 🕯️🖤🌿


Subscribe to our email list at to see which card was drawn for you this week!

We also wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciate your patience with us as we try to respect current guidelines in flattening the spread of coronavirus. You might not be able to stop into our store right now but we're so grateful to be able to ship your orders right to your door at no extra cost to you! So head over to our site and take advantage of our 10% off sale and free shipping as always.

Sending you all the love and magick!

S. 🕯️🌿🖤

We had some questions on a previous post about propagating so here we are with more information! Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to propagate a pothos which is really fun and easy! Let us know if you have more questions and if there are other plant topics you want to see more of. Happy planting! 🌿✨

One year ago today these three little witches you see right here achieved a massive goal and opened their very own storefront! We worked so hard for the first three years selling exclusively online, and were able to turn our dream of a humble brick and mortar into our reality ✨ And in honor of our milestone, we are so excited to reveal some very BIG NEWS! 😍

We are currently in the process of expanding our shop and moving into the larger unit right next door! Not only will our storefront be bigger, but we'll also have a private room for tarot, reiki, private events and rituals, and more! The best part is we're still in the same building with that big beautiful mural painted on the outside wall, so you'll have no problem finding our new spot 😁 More room means more products, more plants, and more events and classes! We're using this time of social distancing to prepare the new space and make sure it is perfect when the time comes to open our doors again.

We can't thank you all enough for your continued support, without it we wouldn't be able to continue to grow and bring you our handmade magick. Make sure you follow along with us as we share our journey with you all 💜 We have SO much coming your way!

Our dear friend @paragonandbone is having such an awesome sale on jewelry right now! 15% off and free shipping sitewide! Go check it out asap. ✨

Spiritual Cleansings • Purifying your sacred space or your sacred self is a ritual all witches should be well versed in and practice regularly. Join me today for a brief rundown of wine of the common tools and methods available. And make sure to let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see more educational videos from us!
-D 🔮🌙💀

The Apothecary Story

Apothecary Craft & Brew is a Colorado based apothecary focused on the health and wellness of others through the use of high quality, hand-made, and natural ritual products. We developed a strong connection to the mystical side of life and through our journey we discovered our passion for herbalism. We began learning how to create our own ritual products then quickly decided that others could benefit from them as well.

We use modern design in our brand to reintroduce witchcraft and spell work as a welcoming and inclusive practice. Attempting to introduce alternative perceptions of what it means to practice witchcraft, love and light is an absolute in our production meaning every product is made with strong positive intention. Our products are not only made with care but are also nourishing and effective in maintaining health and aiding in spiritual growth. Our natural herbal based products use the highest quality of ingredients to ensure the user attains the best of the properties that the botanicals can give.

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Tuesday 12:00 - 18:00
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