Wayfare Wellness, LLC

Wayfare Wellness, LLC


Well I know I’m Sarah’s Mom and may be biased but really when you feel so much better after her massages that is a tell tale sign how awesome she really is. She believes in helping her clients feel better. Sometimes it 💕requires multiple sessions but you will improve. She pours her heart and soul into helping others , and laterally her body to make you feel good. Love you Sarah. Not only proud to call you my daughter but my therapist too.💕

Wayfare Wellness is a massage therapy business, in downtown Denver, that specializes in a multitude of massage therapy techniques to alleviate pain and improve the overall wellness of our clients.

Wayfare Wellness provides high-quality massage therapy to those seeking relief from chronic pains.

Wayfare Wellness is owned and operated by Sarah Monreal. Sarah studied Neuromuscular Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy at the Colorado School of Healing Arts, earning her Associates Degree in massage therapy and becoming licensed in 2014.

Operating as usual

Rest assured, if you schedule a therapeutic massage in Downtown Denver with us, you will not be let down by our strict cleaning process.

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If you’ve been wanting a therapeutic massage in Downtown Denver but have been worried about the precautions the business takes, make sure they have a strict protocol in place!

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Our Story

Wayfare Wellness is owned and operated by Sarah Monreal, a leading massage therapist in downtown Denver. Growing up, Sarah was a competitive athlete who experienced injuries time and time again that led to chronic pain. After spending time in physical therapy, Sarah realized that her recovery had plateaued, but she was still experiencing pain. It was not until Sarah began to see a massage therapist that she found relief for her daily pain. This is what lead Sarah into the field of massage therapy and what sparked the foundation of Wayfare Wellness.

Sarah later went on to graduate from the Colorado School of Healing Arts, where she earned her degree in neuromuscular therapy and cranial-sacral therapy. Sarah became a licensed massage therapist in Colorado in 2014 and began practicing massage therapy right here in Denver.

At Wayfare Wellness, we are passionate about helping people find relief from chronic pain and we strive to help others live their best lives possible. We treat every patient as an individual by searching for the underlying causes of their pains, and developing unique treatment plans for each patient. Our focus is on your needs.

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1615 California St, Ste 703
Denver, CO

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00
Friday 10:00 - 17:00
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