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Real talk- I have really bad melasma - it started when I got pregnant with my first 14 years ago and it went from a small spot on my forehead to a full blown map on my face and cute mustache. I do feel insecure about it. I struggle with looking in the mirror when I don't have makeup on - I never go bare faced - and I've gotten flack for that. I've tried a lot of things to fade it but it's still growing. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I'm trying to be ok with it, guys it's hard. I want to not cake face all the time to let my skin breathe and heal from other skin conditions - so I've been trying out Sweat Cosmetics foundation and so far I really like it and it holds up really well with a massively sweaty workout and it evens this stuff out. #realtalk #melasma #sweatcosmetics
For us older folk. Does it settle in lines?
Great place to get great gear, ladies!
Thank you Sweat Cosmetics for being one of the great sponsor's of the Pampered Mother's Mother's Day giveaway that I won............I am excited to try your products.
nice makeup
Looking forward to trying this great product. Waiting for the June coupon code. :)
New fans sent by Beautyundercover.com!
New fan. Came from BeautyUndercover.com. Would love a chance to try your GLEAM ON Mineral Illuminator Kit !! Thank you !!
BeautyUndercover.com referred me to your page.
Love from Beauty Undercover and me…
Pankaj kumar pandey ji

Cosmetics and sun care developed by athletes for active women. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients and all-natural SPF.

Sweat is the only mineral powder foundation created and tested by athletes who have competed at the highest level. As Olympians and professional soccer players we know on an intimate level how much damage and stress we put our skin through. The Sweat team has researched, tested and retested different ingredients and formulas until we found one that achieved every single one of our needs as an athlete and could build a product we love. We have all personally put it to the test in our hardest workouts and daily lives and know that this is a product active women everywhere can trust. It is durable. Sweat was created with the active woman in mind. Therefore creating a product that was both sweat resistant and had breathable coverage was our first priority. Through research and direction from our chemist we found that by using a mineral powder we could accomplish both and add a high level of SPF. Powders allow skin to breathe and don’t run off the face with sweat like liquids do. Sweat is made with the most durable yet natural ingredients so while it will outlast anything from a quick jog around the park to a 90 minute game, it can still keep your skin nourished, healthy and beautiful. It is natural. Each ingredient in Sweat was carefully selected. We wanted a product with minimal ingredients to keep it as clean and healthy for our customer’s skin as possible. Sweat contains natural occurring sunscreens, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, so that it has both a high level of protection from the sun while also remaining chemical free. It is beneficial. Besides being comprised of only natural ingredients, Sweat includes beneficial ingredients that are anti-oxidants, anti-aging, anti- inflammatory and moisturizing. The first of these, vitamin E is a very common and proven moisturizing ingredient that has dual anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while also neutralizing free radicals that can damage the skin. Milk thistle was also added as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that aids in DNA repair after skin has been exposed to the sun, thus helping to prevent premature aging. Rhodiola rosea is the third specialized ingredient and antioxidant that helps skin resist stress and remain strong when faced with pollution, UV rays, and hot or cold weather. It can also increase collgen synthesis for younger looking skin. It is clean. While the ingredients included in Sweat were carefully selected, the ingredients left out were equally done so because of the probability of negative effects on an active woman’s skin. Oil, fragrance and silicone are all ingredients found in thousands of skin care products but are some of the most common causes of skin issues. Sweat is without talc, a common filler in cosmetics that may cause respiratory problems, dry skin and accentuate wrinkles. Sweat will also stay away from nano materials, artificial colorants and dyes and controversial preservatives like parabens. It is tested. Along with SPF and stability testing, Sweat will be go through hypoallergenic and dermatologist testing. This will be an extra cost that the company will gladly incur because of the importance of the certification. Sweat wants every woman who uses the product to know that it is safe and has been tested and approved by experts.

Mission: Sweat is a mineral powder foundation and sunscreen 100 percent dedicated to protecting today’s active women with both natural and skin enhancing ingredients. Every single aspect of Sweat, including the container was developed with active women in mind. Sweat is a brand that active women can count on to work as hard as they do and still keep their skin healthy and beautiful.

[02/05/20]   We have sports to thank for the strong women we have become 💪We are proud to be female athletes, and even prouder to support the next generation of girls striving to be great! • • • thank you @theecnl for providing an amazing platform for young girls to succeed! #leadersplayhere #womeninsports

Did you know that Sweat’s Founding team is made up of former professional soccer players? Not only did the game of soccer give us the best years of our lives, establish our greatest friendships, and build us into the women we are today… but soccer was the foundation and starting block of this company!

We are so excited to announce our newest partnership with the nation’s leading youth soccer league, the ECNL. Together, Sweat + @theecnl are reinforcing the power of positive role models by motivating young women to achieve their potential. We are proud to support these young female athletes and encourage them to dream big!

Find our more about our partnership at the link in bio. #TeamUp #LeadersPlayHere

#SweatOnTheSidelines 🤩 This month's feature is none other than the gorgeous Joy Taylor. You may have seen her on FOX Sports giving you the latest sports news and updates. Prior to FOX, she worked (and killed it) as a radio host, and wanted a new adventure! She found her home on TV, and we could not be more excited about her love for Sweat™ Cosmetics. Find out more about @joytaylortalks - link in bio!

The Sweat Cosmetics Team is excited to announce a new monthly blog series — Sweat On The Sidelines! We are interviewing our amazing network of female athletes, sports lovers, and women totally crushing it in their field! And guess what... they all love SWEAT 💦💪 First up: Jenny Taft @jennytaft
A former college athlete turned successful TV broadcaster! Learn more about Jenny at the link in bio!

Rose Goals Blush launches today 💕⭐️

Timeline Photos

Cheers 🥂

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Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


We’re #shoppingsmall and back for round ✌️this Black Friday! Get 25% off sitewide this weekend only! .
*discount applied at checkout
#shopsmall #smallbusinesssaturday #blackfriday #athleisure #beauty

We’re #shoppingsmall and back for round ✌️this Black Friday! Get 25% off sitewide this weekend only! .
*discount applied at checkout
#shopsmall #smallbusinesssaturday #blackfriday #athleisure #beauty

We’re #shoppingsmall and back for round ✌️this Black Friday! Get 25% off sitewide this weekend only! .
*discount applied at checkout
#shopsmall #smallbusinesssaturday #blackfriday #athleisure #beauty

It’s going down on sweatcosmetics.com this weekend! This will be our biggest sale for the rest of the year 🤭 don’t miss it!

ATTN: Denver #sweatbabes 📣We’re teaming up with FEMCO and these other amazing brands to bring you this UNREAL ✨GIVEAWAY✨!!! Get your Sexy on and #entertowin 👉🏾
~ @ThefeminineCollective 2 tickets to our Femco event November 21 + two swag bags.
~ @wanderandivy - 1 case of wine (24 bottles)
~ @awakeningboutique - Dolphin vibrator from Fun Factory
~ @thesafewordis - Safeword - T-shirt
~ @charleycowork - Complimentary three-month Charley's Babe Membership
~ @sweatcosmetics - 2 twist-brush products - Translucent and Illuminator
~ @presspauseproject - CBD Bath Bomb
~ @vail_oil - 1oz jar of organic & pure CBD + Coconut oil & 1oz jar of the pure coconut oil
~ @shannonkeating - doTERRA Intro essential oils kit
~ @BronzedDenver - Bronzed Mystic Babe Instant Airbrush Self Tanner
~ @shopshea - $50 Gift Card
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~ @bethany.russell.counseling - One free consultation with Feminist Therapist Bethany Russell.
~ @TotemTrue - Wild Child yoga mat
~ @_emmajune - Pamper Party for you & friend (champs is included duh)

Here's how to enter...
Like this photo 🖤
Tag 2 of your best girlfriends below and tell us what makes you feel sexy!👯‍♀️
Follow all of the participating brands.
Bonus extra entry by SHARING on your story.
Contest closes on Wednesday, November 20th by 10pm, so GOOD LUCK!!

[Winner will be announced Thursday Morning (the 21st!) and must be present at our FemYoga event in Denver to win]. .

Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Powder Jar

Looking for more coverage? Then say HELLO! to our Mineral Foundation Powder Jar. Sweat's same amazing powder in a more coverage controlled application.

Shop now at htpps://www.sweatcosmetics.com

"It is the perfect compliment to every activity- I take this stick with me everywhere. I love it, I'm obsessed and it's a true lifesaver." - Jordan Angeli, Broadcaster, Former Professional Soccer Player and also just the best person you'll meet 💜

Jordan Angeli

Full send for the weekend #sweatbabes 💦code | Laborday 💙❤️

Hey boo, we’re trending! Shop Sweat now at all @rileyrose locations nationwide xx

#rileyrose #activebeauty #athleisurebeauty #trending #sweatcosmetics

I am Holly w/ the Earl Experience

This is my favorite foundation!

Especially, if you tend to be a sweaty betty, like me.

Find it https://amzn.to/2lyBmuT

Or check out all my recommended beauty products

We've always got these babies on deck ✨ Tap to own our essentials today and spice up your gym routine!⁠
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Sitting pretty and waiting for your glow up 🔥🔝 Add our sweat-resistant mineral foundation and tactical-grip twist brush to your beauty bag now!⁠
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Goldmembers unite 🏆 Suncare, skincare, SPF 25, and silky-smooth twist brush to apply it seamlessly? Groovy, baby 🕺✨⁠
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She's Next

Thank you @fox and @visa for sharing the Sweat story with one of our founder's Leslie Osborne Lewis. See more of Leslie and Sweat in action ;) on FOX Soccer every day during the Women's World Cup!

LAST DAY, BEST DAY! Happy Memorial Day babes. 30% off site wide to celebrate like you mean it. CODE| MEM30

We like sweating, we like shining 👟✨💎 we like Memorial Day saving! 30% off site wide through Monday. Code| MEM30
#sweatitout #sweetsweat #sweating #gymstyle #fitnessjunkie #naturalbeautyproducts

"I have been testing this product for a few months now in the gym and I love it! This powdered foundation offers a great, light coverage, glow, and sunscreen!" Itsfotoula

When ya’ look good, you feel good! Whether it’s a new pair of Violate The Dress Code leggings or little glow from Sweat Cosmetics..... I love feeling cute in the gym vs. like Mrs. Trunchbull with an insanely large out of hand bun. 💁‍♀️ Maybe it’s just me, but my workouts are better! Anyone else this way? 🤷🏻‍♀️ ⁣

I have been testing this product for a few months now in the gym and I love it! This powdered foundation offers a great, light coverage, glow, and sunscreen! It’s sweat and water resistant up to 80 minutes as well! I also love that it’s full of clean ingredients! Ya’ girl is all about the #cleaningredients that promote healthy living! ⁣

📸:⁣ Gilco Customs ⁣⁣⁣
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This👇. This👇. SO MUCH THIS 👏👏

Repost @nike

Sweat Cosmetics

"We tested sweat-proof makeup and it was actually awesome!" - @BuzzFeed

Convenient Packaging. Multitasking Benefits. Designed to Fit Your Needs.

Shop the entire collection here >> http://bit.ly/ShopSweatNow

Sweat Cosmetics's cover photo


Hiii 👋! Jess here. 💋
Just have to say... I’m officially OBSESSED with these Sweat Cosmetics at the studio!
Annnd, since it’s my birthday, I figured I’d quit using our “testers” in the studio & treat myself to my own!
I 💖 love the Twist Brush Foundation, Glow Hard Bronzer, & Gleam On Illuminator! Yep... bought all 3! 🙈💋
Pretty much gonna be my daily bag essentials so I can sweat like a superstar! 🌟
Active beauty for the WIN! 🙌

Check out the Wall Street Journal today 🤩 You might see a little something-something on the FRONT PAGE!

The. Wall. Street. Journal.


Pack Up + Go

Is there anything better than a #GirlsWeekend?! 👯‍♀️

We've teamed up with some of our favorite brands for the ultimate Girlfriends Getaway #giveaway! One grand prize winner will receive a long weekend trip with your best friend planned by us - as well as all of the makings of a good time together from Health Warrior, Thrive Market, Aaptiv, K-DEER, and Sweat Cosmetics. 3 first prize winners will win a runner's up prize package!

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Health Warrior

We're giving away our biggest prizes yet to send you and a friend on a girlfriends getaway PLUS setting you up with all the healthy food, apparel, and workouts you need for a killer 2019! One grand prize winner will win a long weekend with your best friend on a vacation to a surprise location planned by Pack Up + Go that includes a 3-day, 2 night trip. Grand Prize winner will also receive:
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PREORDER! We’re Gearing Up for the New Year with new official Sweat Swag! Get um’ while they’re hot ($5 off + Free Shipping today only- BYE2018). Whether you’re Sweaty AF, Sweaty- Not Salty, or just straight cropped logo- everyone will know where you stand this 2019



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Sweat Cosmetics

Don't Ever Think You Can't. Monday Motivation.

"Sweat Equity is the most valuable equity there is."

Sweat Cosmetics's cover photo

Sweat Cosmetics

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Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Powder Jar
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