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We are closed due to no power


I have just found out that I need to have a minor surgery. I will be out of work from Friday (2/12/2020) afternoon and coming back the following Friday (2/19/2020). I am going to be picking a few extra hours this week to accommodate having to move appointments around and if anyone needs anything let me know. Again thank y’all for being so understanding!


Anyone that is looking for Hopeforhunter shirts we have a few left available at the shop. Friendly reminder mask are required to enter the shop per state requirements. Thank you! Have a great day!


There are some openings before Christmas! If you need to get in call the shop! 434-983-3697! Merry Christmas! Thank you for your business! 🎄


Just a reminder! We have to take appointments and do them one on one, per the state of Virginia. With that in mind PLEASE be on time for your appointment. We have to stay on task for the next ones in line. Thank you all for your patience, we have missed you all as much as we have missed you!


So far, Governor Northam is giving us the green light for opening on Friday May 15th. There are definitely some changes. Please remember these aren’t our regulations these are the State of Virginia’s. We are excited to see each and every one y’all!


*When you first come into the salon, hand sanitizer at the door or you can stop in the bathroom to wash your hands.

*Face coverings/masks need to be worn for the salons to be able to stay open. I will have one on and we ask that the mask is on the ENTIRE time you’re in the salon. Because of this we aren’t able to do beard/mustache trims. Please let me know if you don't have a mask.

*We will ensure a minimum of 6 feet of separation between clients/customers when not directly performing service.

*ONLY one client can come to an appointment, we respectfully ask that family/friends remain in the vehicle unless a child is getting a service and the parent or guardian is with them.

* Food and drinks are discouraged because of the social distancing guidelines.

*I will not be having magazines at this time, if you want to bring something to read you can.

*Please only bring in with you the minimum items you need. I will have a small bin to set any items in.

*You will need to call me when you arrive. I will advise you to come in, wait outside (using social distancing) or in your car until I’m ready for you. I will need time to clean the area before and after your appointment for OUR safety.

We will be following the COVID-19 safety measures and procedures...

*I will be providing a clean/sterilized environment.
*You will be asked to sign a questionnaire .Please remember it is extremely important to answer honestly.
-Have you been in contact with anyone known to have had Covid-19?
-Have you been asked to quarantine?
-Have you had a fever in the past week?
-Have you traveled to an area that had known widespread Covid-19?
-Do you have a cough? Shortness of breath? Difficulty breathing? Sore throat? Body aches or muscle pain? Diarrhea? Loss of taste or smell? Chest pain? Chills or shaking from chills? Headache?
-Have you been around anyone with these symptoms in the past 14 days?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions we will have to reschedule your appointment. It is for my safety and my family.


The projected date to be able to reopen is Friday May 15th. Granted as we have learned lately that isn’t set in stone. The Governor is set to release guidelines on expectations tomorrow for all of us. It will be a little different I expect than we experienced before but we will all get through this stronger! ❤️


While on quarantine I’m am in the process of trying to transfer to a new system. If you and/or your family are clients would you please send me a message thru messenger with name, address, phone number, email address, and birthdays. It would be greatly appreciated! Stay safe!


I am very torn on the fight going on in Virginia to open our economy back up. Yes I’m tired of being at home, and I’m tired of being stressed out. For people who don’t realize small businesses, and I mean sole proprietors especially, have been left to figure it out. The federal government rolled out loans and encouraged everyone to file for unemployment. The media boost this every breathe while priding themselves that they are helping the little guy out. Let me tell you the truth on this. Those memes going around about people getting an extra $600 a week while they go to work, that’s crap. I could say the same thing about anyone who has ever abused the system and gotten help that they truly didn’t qualify for but made it work some how. How many of us know someone like that? I have put my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears in my business for over 20 years. I applied for unemployment, like I was told to, and was denied. I still have all of the same responsibilities that I had before Covid-19 changed all of our lives. They don’t magically change. The loans that offered where scooped up by bigger businesses than us little guys. One restaurant in Richmond got a particularly forgivable loan for 20 million. Last year that restaurant profited 42 million. How is that fair to the small businesses? Lots of Americans don’t know what else to do because they have no income. They are calling to go back to work because some don’t know how they are going put food on the table or pay the mortgage. Don’t assume that everyone receives unemployment or some form of help in this crisis. It’s a horrible situation when you have to try to figure what’s worse to take a chance with your health or go in to complete financial devestation for something you had absolutely no control of. No parent, business owner, or spouse should ever have to make that choice. So before you criticize anyone, have compassion. That’s what this world is missing.


So with Governor Northam keep changing the dates of reopening the salons a lot of people are struggling about what to do with their roots. There are color depositing shampoo and conditioner products that I can get in for y’all that are a safer way then box color. They also make color sprays that you can spray in your root line to make it not so noticeable. I was so hoping that this was going to be resolved soon, but I just don’t know. Please message me and let me know what you would be interested in and I will do my best to make it happen! Thanks to all for your loyalty, your love, and support! Stay safe!


Waking up this morning with a heavy heart. The statewide shutdown of our salons and beauty industry businesses is a tough blow to a lot of people. It’s a decision that is made for all of our health, but it doesn’t make it it easy. It’s not just about financial needs that some may think. It’s about not seeing our clients/friends for 30 days. Not being able to make someone smile who has had an awful week. It’s about that as being a hairstylist we get to spread love each and everyday. Because we love what we do. So I will take this 30 day time to reflect on things, get more continuing education to learn more for you, and to regroup on how we can make this industry better. So with that I have to say I thank each and everyone of my clients for being with me in the good times and the bad. We will get through this. See y’all in 30!



Hair Corral

Governor Northam order that all hair salons close as of Tuesday by 11:59 p.m. for 30 days. I have to comply with these orders. It will be a long month for all of us. We will all get through this and grow stronger through it. I appreciate each and everyone’s business, friendship, and kindness. God bless! Everyone stay safe see y’all soon!


Governor Northam order that all hair salons close as of Tuesday by 11:59 p.m. for 30 days. I have to comply with these orders. It will be a long month for all of us. We will all get through this and grow stronger through it. I appreciate each and everyone’s business, friendship, and kindness. God bless! Everyone stay safe see y’all soon!


Hey y’all! I need to let everyone know that I’m am going on medical leave on June 17. I hope to be only be out for maybe 2 weeks. Hopefully less than that. I appreciate everyone’s understanding! Thank you!


Hair Corral


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Hey y'all! Please head on over to our page and give us a review. Thanks so much!


Key Fobs for sale of all different designs. Come check them out they are awesome!


Hair Corral wants to extend their deepest sympathies to the Davis and Wiseman families. May God give each of you comfort and strength.


Its national hairstylist day! We want to show our love and appreciation to our clients! We love y'all!


We are open today, even though its a snow day! Lol


Wishing everyone a happy new year!


We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!


For your convenience Hair Corral will be open on Monday December 23 and a half day on Christmas Eve. We hope to see you!


Wow! Can you believe Christmas is so close! We have got you covered! We have gift sets, gift certificates, and of course appointments! Call us today! 434-983-3697


Thanks to everyone who helped us make Small Business Saturday a success! we couldn't do it without you!


We are thankful for each and every client that allows us the opportunity to service them. Without y'all we would be nothing! We love y'all! Happy Thanksgiving!


Please help a local family whose house that was destroyed by fire. They lost everything. They need these items you can drop them offI @ the Hair Corral in Dillwyn. ( 8 month old) 6-9 month clothing, (12 year old boy) shirts 12-14 pants 12 slim whose sz 5. (13 yr old) shirts xs/small pants 0/00 shoes 7. (14 yr old) shirts 12 pants 14 shoes 6 (17 yr old) shirts medium pants sz 2-4 shoes 7 1/2 to 8 (mom) shirts medium pants sz 5 shoes 7 1/2 to 8.


Thank you to all the veterans. You have given us our freedom and keep us safe thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Don't get caught with grey hair like Kate Middleton! Book an appointment today!


Is your hair feeling dry and brittle from the cold air? Why not try a miracle repair protein treatment? They are formulated with gluten-free plant proteins to help strengthen the weak spots in your hair.


Ever wondered about postpartum hair loss? Well here is why is happens. Usually around 3 months after the baby is born new moms hair sheds out. During pregnancy women's hair becomes thicker and more vibrant. It has steady stream of estrogen flowing to it. It causes. A change in Growing V/S Resting hair. A normal head will have 85 to 95 % of the hair in a growing state, while the other 5 to 15 % is in the resting state waiting to fall out and be replaced with new growth. When it comes to pregnant ladies their bodies wait until after the babies are born. After the baby is around 3 months old , new moms start shedding the hair that their body saved. There's ur explanation just in case u were wondering!


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