Elite Performance Golf Academy

Elite Performance Golf Academy

Junior Golf Training at 1757 Golf Club in Dulles, VA. Focus on Total Game Teaching: on course, full swing, short game, golf fitness, rules and etiquette.

Operating as usual


Love this finish position. Clubshaft parallel to spine, face looking back at camera. #tommyFleetwood #hesgood


Trajectory Challenge Short Game Style

Training takes on many forms. We love creating a competitive while fun environment. Short game trajectory challenge. Scott King Adam Harrell Colin Fisher Coaching. 1757 Game Improvement Center


Our students success is not by accident. Their efforts behind the scenes are what makes them Champions. #proudcoach
Scott King Adam Harrell


Putting stations in full swing. From today’s short game class. #moretocome #gottabeabletoputt


Great session using KCoach with a local club champion. The best get better. Why guess when you can measure. K-Motion 1757 Game Improvement Center1757 Golf ClubBilly Casper Golf


Awesome short game class today. These juniors really put forth a good amount of effort. And no one hit me. 😎 1757 Game Improvement Center 1757 Golf Club


Our juniors also are highly encouraged to take care of the green/short game area!!! Builds resilience and accountability. #bestjuniorsinthearea


This is why I love working with juniors. I’m just getting started. Relaunching the Academy is going to be fun.

Adam Harrell, PGA
1757 Golf Club


Great session today at our Elite Junior Short Game Class. Here we were challenging the students to hit the green from 40 yards with a 9/8 iron. We have relaunched this Elite Performance Golf Academy 1757 Golf Club program with the emphasis on developing competitive Junior golfers!!!! Message me for details. #youdontwanttomissoutonthisprogram

[04/24/17]   Brilliant


Coach Lisle

Parents and junior golfers,

Everyone's watching. Not just your score or swing but how you act. How do you carry yourself? Body Language is key to performance. Parents you are not immune.

Let's be kind and act accordingly.

Coach Harrell


Parents: If you have an athlete above the age of 7 in your household, sit them down and watch this with them for 2 minutes and 38 seconds. (Geno Auriemma, Head Women's Basketball Coach, UConn)


Today the possibility of a new World #1 is likely. When asked if he knew the scenarios which would allow this to happen he responded that he had no idea. Johnson, aka DJ, has his own swing but also his own mental "swing" that works for him. Many students, people, even society tends to gravitate towards the person who says they want to be the best and are working towards that goal. If this works for you great but if Dustin Johnson's approach (not focused on rankings, people's perceptions, the accolades that come with success) you may adopt this "seemingly" non aggressive mental strategy. Remember the way you play your best is to know how you play your best. Do you know? What steps are you taking to develop this mental skill?
Happy Hunting.
Coach Harrell


Westpark Golf Club

Fellow golfers and students,

I am proud to share this amazing new program from Westpark Golf Club. The 2017 Players Pass is an amazing value to you the golfer. Your savings from participating in the Players Pass is too much to pass up. Ask about this on your next visit

Adam Harrell, PGA

We are thrilled to announce for 2017 the new Westpark Player's Pass. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1baFHriNhHxTKgTZLLTKjtVjxasq8GHfGG1n_RfkVZgk/edit


What say you golf community?

Looking to improve at golf? It's not that hard really… (by Pete Cowen)


Congrats to Justin Thomas on his win at the SBS Tournament of Champions. At 5'10" and around 150 pounds Thomas is a prodigious hitter with tons of upside potential. I looking at his swing notice the following:
1) Bent left arm at top of swing
2) Feet basically off the ground at impact
3) Great balance after swinging hard

You too can hit it long by copying some of Justin Thomas' swing positions.

See you at Westpark GC. Great place to learn how to play.


Parents of junior golfers:

Your son or daughter may not yet have the skill to hit super long drives, high soft landing irons, or super spinning wedges. However they can develop the skills needed to putt well. Start small and build confidence. This photo should serve as a guide. Remember you 8 year old should not be able to putt as well as the a PGA Tour player......so set achievable yet challenging goals. Start small and build your way to the top.

Coach Harrell

www.loudountimes.com 11/28/2016

Hometown hero and professional golfer Billy Hurley honored in Leesburg | LoudounTimes.com


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Winner of the College Prep event this past weekend at Bull Run GC. 75-68. Great playing young man.


Honored to have worked with 10 juniors on this list, including the Champion who fired a smooth 68 day 2........using my irons nonetheless. Then had the audacity to say, "Isn't it nice to know that ur clubs know what it feels like to win a championship?" I'm speechless.....well almost. Great playing Champ.


Great rd today from Big Mac. 64 last day of QSchool First Stage. Fingers crossed.


Congrats to Mikey Brennan for winning the HS Regional Tournament today at Brambleton GC. He fired a smooth 71 to win and lead his Tuscarora team to a one stroke victory.

wtop.com 09/28/2016

Protecting a prodigy: Sihan Sandhu's golf family | WTOP

Great article for aspiring Jr Golfers and their family.


wtop.com As a local golf prodigy shines on the international stage, his support structure back at home tries to balance what's best for him.


Congrats to Maclain Huge for advancing thru Q School Pre-Qualifying this week in Georgia. Great start to his pro career. Keep it up!

[09/09/16]   Always nice to receive messages from students who are enjoying the game. Congrats to the best golfer in your house Mrs. B. 👍

Broke my low round today 73🎉🙌🏽👊🏽💪🏽 - 36, 37. 4 birdies. 30 putts at RCC. Elevator shaft backswing and your other techniques working - who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks???!!! Thank you Adam!!!

twitter.com 09/05/2016

Adam Harrell on Twitter

Congrats to this young man. Suneil has been working hard on his game over the last couple years. Fun to see results like this. Keep up the good work. Seaview Open/U.S. Kids Golf.


twitter.com “This session really paid off as Suneil finished 2nd at the Seaview Open. Working on shot shaping here. #ballflight”


A huge shout out to those who have guided this kid over the past few years. Paquiry Loganathan developed the fundamentals that still exist today. Awesome work Paq. Mark Guttenberg made great improvements as well. You both should be proud. -19 under after two rounds? Crazy impressive. But the most credit goes to this young man. Without his desire, passion, intellect, understanding this post doesn't get made. Sihan I'm proud to know you. Good luck today. As always smile often and enjoy the match.


Well this young man is 10 years old. Hardest working golfer I know. Has worked diligently on his putting of late. Seems to be paying off. After two rounds at the US Kids Worlds he leads by a dozen after rounds of 63-62. Yes you read this right -19 under after two rounds. Best of luck tomorrow. Have fun and enjoy the ride. Westpark Golf Club


JR Club Champion. Not bad for a 11 year old.


Another great week for this young man. Won an MAPGA event at the Naval Academy with a great round of 74. And was sick during the round.


Lee Westwood

This guy is "growing" on me daily. Well stated Mr. Westwood.

Here's my view on what the game of golf needs to do to help grow the sport I love!

vivaloudoun.com 07/14/2016

Golfer Maclain Huge makes his pro debut on Web.com Tour | VivaLoudoun

Another great article about EPGAcademy student Maclain Huge.

vivaloudoun.com Maclain Huge made his professional debut on the prestigious Web.com Tour, the official developmental circuit for the PGA Tour. (Photo courtesy the Huge family)


Frequently we post kids winning tournaments on the junior level or in high school or college or the pros. This is how it all starts: finding the love of the game. You never know when you are going to fall but when you do the possibilities increase greatly. This young man just made his first birdie ever. Look closely at the mini fist pump at the end of the video. To our more senior players who expect birdies.....remember the love of the game. Celebrate your successes more deeply and brush off failures. We all can learn a lot from Thatcher. Best going forward buddy.


Great job Sihan. Played up on the MAPGA Jr Event and fired a solid 74 to grab the win. Awesome job. Keep focusing on your putting.


Even though he missed by one shot, a great first pro experience for @Mac_Huge11. Two poor swings or he's top 15 heading into the weekend. Nonetheless a tremendous insight into high level competitive golf. Led the field in driving distance. And now you know you can play with these guys. We've always known. 👍


Great comeback win for Chase Nevins. 3 back after one rd then wins in a playoff. Kids/Parents this is why every shot counts. Always stay committed to each shot.

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Trajectory Challenge Short Game Style
Putting stations in full swing. From today’s short game class.  #moretocome #gottabeabletoputt
Awesome short game class today. These juniors really put forth a good amount of effort. And no one hit me. 😎 1757 Game I...
Frequently we post kids winning tournaments on the junior level or in high school or college or the pros.  This is how i...
This was the buys rebuttal to the single leg hoping girls. @TheFirstTeeDC. Westpark Golf Club
The girls at @TheFirstTeeDC showing how to perform single leg hops during the warmup phase of class.  Westpark Golf Club
Great time had by all at Camp Bring a Friend Day.  Not your typical golf camp!!!!!
Team relay rally game.  Super fun.  Working on distance and trajectory control.  Not your typical golf camp.  Still spac...
Well we asked the kids at camp today who they were pulling for........any guesses?
Big shout out to Kerry Nevins for firing a solid 71 with a 3 under front nine.  Great playing
Altered course EPGAcademy style. Fun times great learning.  Thank you Golf Channel
Allowing kids to be creative creates positive memories lasting a lifetime. The EPGAcademy believes strongly in this self...



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