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We have several natural based products, our most popular being the It Works! Ultimate Body Wrap! http://www.wrapmeup352.myitworks.com/

Operating as usual

[03/07/14]   I STILL have a sinus infection D:
How is everyone else?

[02/28/14]   Sinus infection is kicking me in the rear! I hope everyone is doing better than me today!



[02/27/14]   The winner of the $100 visa gift car giveaway is Kathy Johnson!!!!

I will be doing more giveaways in the future! (:


"For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe no proof is possible"

If you believe you can you are already halfway there! Message me to start a new journey with an amazing group of people! Make that extra cash to pay off your car, pay your child care, or have extra just for you (;


I did! Did you?

[02/27/14]   THREE MORE HOURS!
$100 visa gift car giveaway pinned to the top of the page!

[02/26/14]   I am looking to come to YOU and wrap you! (Locally only of course) Just $25! Have a friend who wants to try one have her go half with you and you get them for $20 each! Message me to set up an appointment time!


6 different ways!

[02/26/14]   The $100 visa gift card giveaway ends in 12 hours! Make sure you, your wife husband mom grandma sister brother cousins and aunts and uncles have all entered! The post is at the top of the page pinned! Tag a friend and enter!!

[02/26/14]   Good morning! How is everyone! I'm finally getting internet in my new house!!

[02/25/14]   Have you entered the giveaway for a $100 visa gift card? Its pinned to the top of the page!!!! Ends in 2 days!!! Enter while you can and tag a friend on the post who would be interested too!

[02/25/14]   What's your remedy for tooth aches? I have wisdom teeth coming in and they are kicking my butt at the moment!!


Hair, skin and nails! Enhances skin elasticity and promotes healthy cell growth among other things!


Hve stretch marks that don't seem to be going away? Try our stretch mark cream!


Boost your body's defense system with these yummy greens chews!!!


Host a wrap party and you wrap free!


You can wrap your legs too, not just your tummy!!

[02/21/14]   The body wrap tightens tones and firms the skin in just 45 minutes! Get a box of 4 for just $59 !! Message me for more info!

[02/21/14]   Have you entered the giveaway for a $100 visa giftcard??? Check the post pinned to the top of my page for more info!!


Here is som art for your day!!

[02/21/14]   Nat's Niche has an awesome gibeaway going on! Check the post pinned at the top of their pahe for more info!!

[02/21/14]   $99 can change your life!! Message me to find out more information!


Safe for those who are pregnant!!

[02/20/14]   Have YOU entered the giveaway for a $100 visa gift card? Its posted at the top of the page! Who's excited to win!?

[02/20/14]   I am going to break it down so you see how you can make $350+ in your first 30 days in profit and run your business for FREE!

You join as a distributor.
You take those 4 wraps that come in your kit and you sell them each for $25.


You get 4 loyal Costumers in your first 30 days. This will trigger your 120 in Free Products and 2 Wrap Rewards. You take that 120 and get 2 boxes of wraps (8 wraps). If you sell each wrap for $25.


So now you are $201 in Pure Profit, then let's talk about wrap rewards. A wrap reward happen every time you enroll 2 loyal Costumers, the company then will give you a chance to buy a box of wraps or a box of facials for $25!!! So since you got 4 Loyal Costumers in your first 30 days that means you get 2 wrap rewards! So let's say you take $50 from your profits..


And you get 2 boxes of wraps ( 8 Wraps ) and you sell them each for $25.


So now you are $351 up in profits You have wrapped a total of 20 people!! With the way our averages are, it means out of those 20 you will have loyal Costumers and distributors joining your team! You already know how the wrap cash works and you haven't even CASHED in to our actual compensation plan yet!!! Even though the steps mentioned above will give you also commissions! We are just talking about the cash.

Again... So tell me how it is hard to make money with this business. When everyone wants to try the wraps! Our only commitment is a 80BonusVolume autoshipment. You can make it 2 boxes of wraps and borrow the $$ from the profits. Once you sell the 8 wraps you will make your Profit back and extra, each month!

He or She who wraps the most wins...

That's all it takes to succeed!

We blitz- We expose people to our wraps.

We wrap- We wrap them! We make instant cash and if they want to know more we take them through the short and easy, fool proof party pad presentation.

We repeat- We Blitz & We Wrap over and over and over again.

This is how an It Works Distributor creates a legacy. Contact me for details!

[02/20/14]   $100 visa gift card giveaway starts in 10 minutes!!! Whose going to be the first to enter?!?!? Whose excited to win some money?!?

[02/20/14]   The wrap giveaway winner has contacted me (:
Have you checked the pin at the top of the page? giveaway for $100 vis gift card! Opens up at midnight!


*Roll Call*

Want to win a chance at a $100 Visa Gift card? 'Like' this status and 'Comment' "I want to win!" below! Want to be a dear? 'Tag' your friends in this post to let them know about the giveaway!

Giveaway is going LIVE tonight at Midnight CST! To enter, use this mobile friendly link: http://tinyurl.com/ladcbgp

[02/19/14]   At 6pm this evening I will choose another winner if Jessica Stratton has not gotten a hold of me before hand!! (:

[02/19/14]   I'm Looking For A Few More Product Testers For It Works! Thanks to everyone who has already taken advantage of this! You Get Items at Wholesale price For Three Months, get a $10 product credit & Give Me an Honest Review. That's It!

I need people for:

*Fat Fighters

Comment Below or Message What Product You Are Interested In & I Will Get In Touch With You!

[02/19/14]   I have no way to tag on my cell but Jessica Stratton is the winner of the giveaway! She has until the end of today before a new winner is chosen!

[02/19/14]   I cannot tag anyone from my mobile /: but Jessica Stratton is the winner of the giveaway IG she does not contact me by the end of today a new winner will be chosen!!

[02/18/14]   Jessica Stratton is the winner of the wrap giveaway!Congrats! You have 48 hours to contact me before another winner is chosen!

[02/18/14]   Posting the winner to the giveaway in 10 minutes!!




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