A Moment for Yourself Wellness Center - by appointment only

A Moment for Yourself Wellness Center - by appointment only

Therapeutic Massage and related products by appointment only. You are in good hands with practitioners Susan Lee and Edith Webber who both graduated from the renowned Florida School of Massage in Gainesville Florida.

Their combined careers offer you over 60 years in health-care experience. Edith, more commonly known as "Edie" has a 36 yr background in physical therapy and Susan brings her expertise from multiple health-care areas. Channeling the powers of the heart, our Wellness Center offers a quiet, healing, and empowering environment to take a vacation from everyday life. We congratulate you on taking the time to take a Moment for Yourself to relax, restore, and rejuvenate. By Appointment Only.

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The Biology of Belief

Today’s Infinity Matrix Livestream about narratives is completely in alignment with the law of vibrational energy.

When you understand how the narratives which are pushed upon, completely affect the quality of your life....it becomes quite empowering

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Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

I've been thinking so much about how abusive relationships start. One of the first things an abusive person will do is test whether your emotions can be changed or controlled. They don't feel strong enough in their own selves to let others be individuals, so they test, test, test to see which people they can interfere with.

Gavin de Becker writes about this in his marvelous book, The Gift of Fear. When someone is intending to harm you, they'll often try to push past your "no" first.

"Oh, come on, one drink won't hurt." "You don't really have anywhere more important to be." "Why do you have to be so mean?" And so forth.

If you allow someone to push past your "no," which is your ability to set boundaries with your anger and fear, they're in. And then they're able to increase the control and actually begin to hurt you if you don't catch on.

If you know how to listen to your emotions, you'll see abusive people coming, and you'll know what control feels like, and the testing will stop right there.

The Biology of Belief

Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

Fear contains your instincts and your intuition. When someone tells you not to live in fear or not to feel fear, they're basically wanting you to become unintuitive and hoping that you'll leave your own vital instincts behind. It's never a good sign.

Of course we should fear Covid-19, which has killed over 1 million people worldwide. And we should feel anxious, because our anxiety helps us prepare for the future. And we should feel panicky, because our lives are at risk.

Feel your own good feelings and protect your own good mind. Your emotions don't lie.

Yes, I'm a cheerleader for fear: I'm a fearleader! Go fear! #fearisvital #emotionsareyoursuperpower #emotionalgenius

Girl God Books

Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with emotions is to confuse an emotion with people's lack of emotional skills. Anger helps you set boundaries around what you value; that's its purpose. Anger brings you the strength you need to be vulnerable.

*How* people set boundaries depends on their training. If you see anger being used badly, don't blame anger. The problem is usually because people have never learned what the power in anger is actually for! Anger is an essential part of love.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

The Power of Your Mind.


The Biology of Belief

Gregg Braden

I shared this a while back and thought I would share it again because it's such a beautiful poem. It's also a great reminder to always be kind and loving towards yourself. How does it make you feel when you read it?

Author Laura Ding-Edwards - Rainbird Roots

The Biology of Belief

Center for Spiritual Living Ocala

Thanks Rev Jane Beach

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

You Will Do It! #alwayslearning



Grief: The deep river of the soul

karlamclaren.com Grief is a beautiful, languid, and powerful emotion that is very different from sadness. Sadness arises when you're holding on to something that isn't working anyway; sadness arises to help you relax and let go. Grief is different: it arises when something is lost irretrievably, or when a death occ

Dance with me in the Heart

How are you and the kids going?
While I appreciate this time is not good for the many parents who were already locked in the pandemic of poverty, many parents are loving this time just hanging out with their kids. For them, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, just space in their lives to do real stuff together they enjoy. But some parents have kids whose schools are ploughing on doing ‘learning’ by distance. Being the good parents they are, they allowed ‘schooling’ into their stay-home Bubble. That could be a good thing, or yet another interruption from society into our family time together.

It might be a good time to take a very critical look at what is on offer in the distance learning, and why. (Always ask “why?’ You did once, all kids do.) It’s either that we think what you learn at school is relevant in today’s world and we want to keep going with it - or that the kids enjoy it in the way we enjoy cryptic crosswords and sudoku. It’s something to do. When we look back at the YEARS we spent at school, day after day, not too much of it was relevant to our lives then, and is even less so now.

Dr Gordon Neufeld points out that play is the original school. There are many reasons it is “far more effective that anything society could possibly invent” but the primary one is to do with the evolutionary structure of the human brain. As play specialist Stuart Brown puts it, “The truth is that play seems to be one of the most advanced methods nature had invented to allow a complex brain to create itself.” The thing about play in the real world (as distinct from video games), is it is always relevant to the child in the stage of development they are at NOW. They set the challenges that they need for the unfolding of their multiple intelligences and stay with the play as long as is appropriate for that ‘lesson’ on that day. The incredibly complex human brain-nervous-system knows exactly which lessons are relevant, we just need to make space for play to happen.

The link to my blog if you missed it: ‘Keeping our Kids Occupied in our Family Bubble’: https://penniebrownlee.weebly.com/blog


Start Here

karlamclaren.com Hello and welcome! There is a great deal of information on emotions and empathy here for you, and this page will help you find exactly what you're looking for, in alphabetical order! These links below will lead you to a single post on each topic. If you want to find more information about any of t





The ingenuity of confusion

karlamclaren.com Welcoming and understanding confusion! In my empathic approach to emotions, I've separated emotions into seventeen categories that are based on the unique actions each emotion requires. When I created these categories, I wasn't trying to erase emotional nuance; I did it so that you could get a hand


Fear, anxiety, and panic: welcome their genius

mailchi.mp Hello from isolated Northern California! We're all well here at home, and I hope you are too. But I'm a little concerned about our hard-working emotions.I'm seeing soooo many messages that tell us not to feel: fear, anxiety, panic, or anything but happiness or peace. Here's why that's wrong:Your em...

L.R.Knost - Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources

"Life is amazing. And then it's awful. And then it's amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful it's ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing. Hold on through the awful. And relax and exhale during the ordinary. That's just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it's breathtakingly beautiful." L.R.Knost ----------------------------------------------------
Please respect the work of authors, photographers, and artists. You are welcome to share provided you include appropriate credit and do not crop out authors' names from quote memes. Thank you. :) #peacefulparenting #positiveparenting #gentleparenting #attachmentparenting #parenting #motherhood #fatherhood #children #toddlers #babies #breastfeeding #babywearing #cosleeping #life #kindness #christian #humanity #peace #books #coffee #quote #LRKnost www.littleheartsbooks.com *Account temporarily managed by L.R.Knost's son, Doc, while she fights cancer.





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Vasomotion revealed as potential strategy to treat Alzheimer’s

Learn about Bemer at Sacred Leaf. Come see us at
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drugtargetreview.com A study has demonstrated that inducing vasomotion helps to clear the brains of mice, so could stop amyloid-β build up in the development of Alzheimer's.

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BEMER Group USA - Improve your Life

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Soul Sisters Memorial Foundation


Mental health supports

Charles M. Schulz Museum

Happy National Dog Day! 🐶 This Peanuts strip was first published on January 12, 1959.

The Biology of Belief

Thinking Minds

This picture is too beautiful to not be seen all over the world. ❤️

By instagram.com/dickvanduijn

Hippie Hippie Shake

The Beatles


Attending live concerts increases life expectancy, improves well-being more than yoga, dog-walking, study finds | 98.7WFMT

wfmt.com A new study conducted by O2, a company which owns some of United Kingdom’s largest music venues, and Patrick Fagan claims that attending live concerts can help increase life expectancy and improve overall well-being.


Can You Get Acupuncture If There’s Nothing Wrong With You?

thecut.com Or is there always something wrong with you?

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