River Run Wellness Center

River Run Wellness Center

Licensed since 1998, my patients recieve a massage that represent several different modalities, no two massages are the same because the body is different each time you get on the table.

Services offered:
Therapeutic massage incorporating swedish and deep tissue techniques. Craniosacral
Muscle Melting Hot Stone
Also barn calls for Equine Massage and Equine Craniosacral

Member: Florida State Massage Therapy Association
Florida Whips

health.msn.com 02/16/2012

The 10 Best Ways To Prevent Cancer - MSN Health - Cancer

health.msn.com A report calls for high priority research into endocrine disrupting chemicals commonly found in canned food lotion and other everyday products.

massagemag.com 02/13/2012

Obesity, Inactivity Contribute to Fibromyalgia

massagemag.com Many fibromyalgia patients turn to massage therapy for assistance with symptoms that include pain and tenderness. New research shows inactive and overweight people are at greater risk of developing fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome characterized by widespread pain lasting more than three months,...

well.blogs.nytimes.com 02/09/2012

How Massage Heals Sore Muscles

umm-suppressing inflammation with drugs, or a recovering enhanced massage. What would you rather have?

well.blogs.nytimes.com Researchers have found what happens to muscles when a masseur goes to work on them.

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Raw Food Detox

This smoothie sounds really great!!

massagemag.com Detox is growing in popularity these days. While talk show hosts promote the latest detox diet, celebrities are making headlines with their own exploration of detox. It may be difficult to separate the truth from the hype in the world of detox, but never fear: The Complete Idiot's Guide series has r...

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3 Wacky Health Trends to Skip - MSN Health - Healthy Living

This I just had to share!!

health.msn.com These new health trends may be making headlines but that doesn't mean you should jump on the bandwagon. Experts break down the pros and cons.

health.msn.com 01/27/2012

Minding Your Heart - MSN Health - Healthy Living

health.msn.com Unleash the power of alternative medicine to help strengthen--and heal--your most important muscle

[01/25/12]   Welcome to River Run Wellness Center Michelle and Lesli!

prevention.com 01/25/2012

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes: Fall Comfort Foods - Prevention.com

This one is for my very good friend Kathy, who loves her crock pot!!

prevention.com Fire up your crock pot with these delicious, low-cost slow cooker recipes for pork, chicken, corned beef and more

[01/23/12]   Welcome Sherri to River Run Wellness Center!

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7 Natural Ways to Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms - MSN Health & Fitness - Rheumatoid Arthritis

health.msn.com In addition to medical help these natural complementary methods can help control rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Learn 7 techniques.

[01/13/12]   Valentine's Day is coming! Love means a Gift Certificate for a Massage!!

massagemag.com 01/11/2012

Knee Pain Common Among Women: Massage Can Help

massagemag.com According to the American College of Rheumatology, more than 27 million Americans over age 25 suffer from osteoarthritisa leading cause of disability worldwidewith pain being the most problematic symptom for patients.

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Healthy Companies for Women - Prevention.com

Some of these benefits are very cool!!

prevention.com At this insurance company’s six regional headquarters, employees can get nearly all of their health needs met without leaving the building. They can sweat or stretch at an on-site fitness or yoga class, book a massage, or retreat to a quiet room for relaxation or meditation. And basic health screeni...



20023 E Pennsylvania Ave
Dunnellon, FL

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Kegelmaster 2000 Kegelmaster 2000
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The Kegelmaster is used to treat urinary incontinence by tightening the pelvic floor muscles. The Kegelmaster is the only product on the market that offers resistance.