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I LOVE this place! David is a great trainer. Will definitely help motivate you and get you going in the right direction. His expertise and knowledge is unsurpassed. definitely give him a try. What do you have to lose???
Hiked 7.1 miles in 3.5 hours this morning on Green Mountain. The heat made it hard!
Needed to drop something off @ ups, so I decided to walk
Finally cool enough for an evening pup walk
Nightly pup walk
Lunch time walk yesterday
Hiked the first 8 miles of Segment 3 of the Colorado Trail today. 6 hours! Amazing people. Great trail
Walk around Crown hill after work
Hiked 4.6 miles in about 3.5 hours today with John and Bobbye
Beautiful evening for a pup walk
Lunch time walk before the rains come
It's the nightly pup walk

Fitness Together Denver is the city's best personal training studio. Our biggest loser to date has lost 100lbs. Every trainer on staff has helped a client lose at least 30 lbs.

Today and every day Fitness Together honors the bravery of the fallen heroes we've lost. We also want to thank you to the FT owners, managers, trainers and clients who are in active duty or who have served. We are grateful for you. #MemorialDay2020

You don't need fancy equipment to get a great workout! Try this simple but effective routine, all you need is a set of dumbbells, resistance bands and your body weight:
- 20 dumbbell squats
- 20 standing resistance band bicep curls
- 20 jumping jacks
- 15 dumbbell shoulder presses
- 15 resistance band shoulder raises
- 15 lunges
*repeat 3 times!

Summer is just around the corner! Check out these delicious summer fruit recipes to keep your meals fresh and healthy:

You might notice some changes during your next visit as we have implemented new policies and procedures to further promote the health and safety of clients and staff. You can learn more here:

The community garden is coming along! Great job Deb and Jason!

Edgewater’s master gardeners Deb and Jason Bump. #edgewatergothic #communitygarden #victorygarden

Keep squatting and smiling FT family!

We have virtual training until we reopen here shortly.....#staysafe #edgewater #privatepersonaltraining

Keep on smiling and shining FT family. We can’t wait to see you in person in the near future. Until then please eat your leans and greens, get your cardio in and be good to yourself. #fridayfitnessfunny #edgewater

Like everyone else, teachers lives have been turned upside down these last several weeks with many schools being closed. We want to give all the teachers a special THANK YOU and let you know how AMAZING you are!

We’re happy to see so many of you in our virtual sessions. We look forward to training you all in person again in the future. #edgewater #privatepersonaltrainer

Keep smiling and shining!

Thank you everyone that came out to clear the community garden. It will be coming soon on the corner of 25th and Fenton.

Thanks to Jason, Deb, David, Tyler, Jenna, Catherine, Lou and Linda, the 25th Avenue Community Garden is clean and ready to prep the soil for planting!

Fitness Together's cover photo

A few snaps from today’s run. Did you workout today?

They can’t quarantine your smile. Keep working out and shining family.

Please call 720-855-6600 to get started today.

We’re still open for business. #virtualtrainer #oneononetraining

We’d love to help you burn some angst via our online training sessions. #edgewater #privatepersonaltrainer

We’d love to help you burn some!

We are pushed forward with online services. Please reach out if interested. Thankful to still serve our friends and clients online! #doorslocked #onlinepersonaltraining #wegotthis #survivalofthefittest #stressrelief

Hello Fitness Together family.

Per a mandate from Governor Polis and “The Governor’s Expert Emergency Epidemic Response Committee has recommended that gyms, casinos and theaters, including movie theaters, be closed for the at least 30 days.”-

We will have a staff meeting today to discuss virtual training and steps moving forward and then we will lock our doors indefinitely.

In these unknown times, let's all do our best to remember, the most important thing is to keep your self and others out of harms way. As we proceed through these difficult times we wish you and yours a faithful, safe and healthy journey.

We understand, we all must do what's best for the greater good. As we often say, all great things require sacrifice. The staff at FT will do our part with our heads high knowing that we put society first when we close our doors today. We promise to stay focused on our dreams and our health as we practice socially distancing.....We also promise to do our burpees to help ease the anxiety as go ;)....we hope you continue to join us on the same path.

Keep shining and smiling Fitness Together family. We got this!

We will miss seeing you in person but look forward to seeing virtually soon.

One Love,
David, Anthony, Alex and Sharon

Love, kindness, positivity, and great health are also VERY contagious. Please remember to spread these things whether you are choosing to stay home or leave your home during this time. Studies show that fear and stress weaken the immune system. When you come to Fitness Together, we can help to combat those fears and stresses in a safe, clean, and fun environment. There is rarely more than 10-12 people in our private training environment making FT a perfect place to experience social distancing. I'll warn you may experience the following symptoms: happiness, elevated mood, connection, and empowerment. The long-term repercussions are great health, excellent immunity, and a strong feeling of peace regardless of what's happening around you. Continue making wise choices that support your health and we'll hope to see you at the studio as we #wipethevirusout
May we spread Love & Grace to people everywhere with a spirit of kindness, compassion, and discernment. May we infect others with positive energy and feelings of empowerment! #FinessTogether

Tight calves: Causes, treatment, stretches, and more

Check out this article for some relief! #FitnessTogether #Stretch #Strengthen #Recover Tight calves can occur due to overuse or cramps, and they can cause discomfort and difficulty walking. Learn about the causes and treatment of tight calves here.

Healthy Snack Swaps That Satisfy Any Craving

Craving something sweet, salty, or savory? Try one of these healthy snack swaps to satisfy your craving while staying on track! 😋 #Nutrition #FitnessTogether #HealthySwaps #ManageCravings Try one of these healthy snack swaps to satisfy your craving without ditching your healthy diet.

Finishers to Turn Up The Burn

Try adding on of these Finishers to your workout! Finishers are quick, high-intensity circuits formatted in true Tabata style: They last about four minutes and are designed to tap your short-term energy systems and fatigue a large amount of muscle mass in a short amount of time. This means mega calories burned, a surge of growth hormone released and a delightful boost in post workout nirvana. #FitnessTogether #TrainerTIpTuesday #Finishers #TurnUpTheBurn #HighIntensityIntervalTraining #CircuitTraining #Tabata End your workout with one of these fat-blasting, Tabata-style finishers.

#MondayMotivation #NewWeek #NewGoals #NewAttitude #LetsDoThis #FitnessTogether

8 Great Postworkout Shakes

Fueling up after a tough workout is essential, especially if your goal is adding lean muscle and/or shedding fat (and whose isn’t!?). A post workout smoothie or shake is an easy way to get some quick nutrition without a lot of prep! #FitnessTogether #PostWorkout #Nutrition #MealPrep #PostWorkoutShakes After hard training, you need to replace essential nutrients in your cells to fuel recovery — and tomorrow’s workout! Here are some shakes to help with that.

Jess Dang: At-Home Leg Workout

Are you ready for a killer muscle-building home leg workout you can easily do in your free time? All you need is a little floor space, a resistance band, and a staircase! 🦵🤸‍♀️ #FlexFriday #FitnessTogether #LegDay #AtHomeWorkout Here's an Effective Home Leg Workout! You ready for a killer muscle-building home leg workout you can easily do in your free time? Fitness expert Jess Dang stops by to fill us in on a truly effective and efficient home leg workout that will have you crushing calories and building muscle! Break out i...

Supersets: Use This Exercise Strategy to Get More Done in Less Time

By alternating between two strength training moves that work opposing muscle groups, supersets allow exercisers to give their muscles the rest they need – without all that standing around. As a result, the muscles are able to perform more fitness-boosting work in the same – or even less – time than they would otherwise! #FitnessTogether #Supersets #SaveTimeDuringYourWorkout Discover how to put this total-body workout routine into practice.

Congratulations to​ Lisa, our client of the month for March. She had dropped 11 lbs since starting our program in January. The consistent moving and eating clean has proven to be a game changer. Her sacrifice and hard work are paying off! Shine on, Lisa! #supertuesday #superclient #edgewater #sloanslake

Working out when sore: Tips, benefits, and risks

This week's #TrainerTipTuesday is all about muscle soreness! From this article you'll gain everything from the do's and don'ts to benefits, tips and a broader understanding of exactly what's happening in your body making you feel this way. 💪😁#FitnessTother #MuscleSoreness #DOMS #LacticAcid #MuscleRecovery People may sometimes experience muscle soreness during or after exercise. Read on to find out the causes of this muscle soreness and how to continue working out when feeling sore.

#MondayMotivation #FitnessTogether #NeverTooLate #NeverTooEatly #TheHealthiestYou #GettingStrongetEveryDay

The workout drug

As researchers learn more about how exercise fights chronic ills like heart disease and diabetes, doctors may soon be able to treat physical activity as the powerful medicine it is! #FitnessTogether #ExerciseIsMedice #LocalPersonalTrainers As researchers learn more about how exercise fights chronic ills like heart disease and diabetes, doctors may soon be able to treat physical activity as the powerful medicine it is

Why Walking is One of the Best Cardio Workouts

If you’re looking for a way to boost your cardio fitness, walking is a great workout that you can do any time and any place. The key is to make sure you walk at a pace that challenges your cardiovascular system! If you don't know what that pace is your trainer can show you with a Cardio Together session! 🚶‍♀️❤️ #FitnessTogether #CardioTogether #CardiovascularFitness #HeartHealth #AmericanHeartHealthMonth Walking can be a good form of cardio exercise that can strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles — and help with weight loss, too. How often should you walk, how hard, and for how long?

How are you getting your cardio in today?! Check out this simple stair climbing workout you can do in just 30 minutes!
#FitnessTogether #FlexFriday #Cardio #StairClimbing #CardiovascularHealth

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Fitness Together Edgewater offers private and semi-private studios that are dedicated exclusively to helping you achieve your goals during your personal training sessions. No distractions, no waiting for equipment. All workouts take place in a private, comfortable atmosphere. Personal trainers help you use equipment safely. Our studio's certified personal trainers educate you on proper techniques to help you achieve maximum results. This unique and personalized training experience helps you devote all your attention and energy to your workout. You stay focused, motivated and energized, while achieving results far beyond your expectations.

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