The Swell Symposium

The Swell Symposium

The Swell Symposium is an interactive and educational community event to introduce natural strategies for inflammation and pain. Sat, Sept 19, 12-5pm

My personal desire to limit medications for Crohn's Disease led me to try various therapies and treatments, supplements and meditative approaches. Along my journey, many others have asked about my experience, so I decided to create The Swell Symposium to connect natural health and wellness topics and providers with the Erie community. Anyone interested in wellness or facing health concerns can lea 09/07/2017

Maki Kurata Wellness Workshop

Excited to team up with Maki Kurata!

[11/06/15]   One good thing leads to another! From the Swell Symposium comes New Health - Erie (NEW = Network for Enhancing Wellness). Join us for a once monthly breakfast networking group of professionals from all areas of wellness in the Erie area. Like our page to keep updated on meetings and wellness events in Erie!


What a pleasure it has been to create this event for the community. Today is the day!! Come out and share the wellness!!

Dr Coppola is a hot ticket for a personal appointment, but come see him speak today for FREE at 1:00!


Dr Coppola is a hot ticket for a personal appointment, but come see him speak today for FREE at 1:00!


Dr. Pam is kicking off the schedule at 12:20 on Saturday with a great talk about getting to the source of your symptoms. Get there early to get your seat!


I'm excited to release the final agenda for Saturday.


Today is Eat Clean awareness day! The sugars and chemicals in our processed diet are very inflammatory. Try this for 24 hours and see how great you feel! Then do it again :)


Announcing 14 top notch sessions on natural health & wellness at The Swell Symposium September 19! Please note the times are subject to change - hit the sign up button above for free updates as they come!


Timeline Photos 09/01/2015

Wow! We've got 14 jam-packed natural health & wellness sessions in just over 2 weeks! Register for FREE at, and share with your friends!


23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

What would you give for your health? How about 30 minutes?

Check out our new website Follow Dr. Mike for new videos! A Doctor-Professor answers the old q... 08/24/2015

9 Things Only Someone With Chronic Pain Understands

Some days are great! But then there are other days. "Like" if you can relate! If you suffer from chronic pain or know someone who does, here are 9 symptoms to look out for.


This is a fascinating book! We WILL be doing Tai Chi at The Swell Symposium, and I just invited Dr Wayne to speak. Fingers crossed!!


The Swell Symposium


The Swell Symposium 08/10/2015

In brief: Inflammation, pain symposium set for Bayfront Convention Center

How exciting! Thank you Erie Times News for the save the date! A symposium will be held in September to discuss natural ways to reduce pain and chronic inflammation.


And a little humor... But really, Acupuncture does wonders for diet and myriad other issues. I'm a huge fan for migraines and managing Crohn's joint swelling. How has acupuncture helped you? Come to The Swell Symposium Sept 19 to learn how acupuncture can help you!


Looking forward to several speakers on the link between our food and inflammation, both what to do and what to avoid.

[08/03/15]   Mark your calendar for Saturday, Sept 19 for a FREE afternoon of Education, Workshops and Information on Natural Health & Wellness at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center.

Geared toward addressing inflammation and pain, the Swell Symposium will feature local and regional leaders in wholistic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, qi gong, tai chi, guided meditation, physical therapy, reiki, massage, low impact exercise, environmental toxins, essential oils, restorative yoga, nutrition, supplements, and anti-inflammatory cooking.

Like and Share to get updates on the agenda as we get closer. 07/31/2015


Thrilled to have Pam Grover, MD speaking on the leaky gut link to inflammation and disease! Even more excited to learn Pam will start seeing patients in Erie out of Dr. Michele Polon's office! Her holistic practice is very exciting for anyone struggling to get to the bottom of mystery medical issues. Check her out at Dr. Grover is excited to be starting her own private practice where she will continue to provide high quality, individualized care but also focus on a team approach collaborating with a variety of Integretive Health Care Providers in the Western New York Area.Dr. Pam works as an Anti-Aging and Funct…

[07/27/15]   Chiropractic can be a very effective tool for inflammation and pain. Most people just think of a chiropractor when their back is out, but they can treat so much more. Who is your favorite Erie area practitioner for chronic conditions?


Did you ever consider your joint pain and high cholesterol might be related? Most disease is related to chronic inflammation, but there are natural ways to manage it. We will educate on about a dozen different strategies at the Swell Symposium September 19 - come see what could work for you! 07/24/2015

19 Things People With Chronic Pain Want You To Know

So True! What's your favorite? We may not look sick, but we are sick.


True Pain Relief Obtained From Acupuncture | Health Aim

The Swell Symposium is looking forward to having Maki Kurata Acupuncture lead a workshop with us on September 19! A new study of acupuncture found that it could ease arthritis, migraines, and other forms of chronic pain. The researchers found that acupuncture outperformed 07/16/2015

What Is Reiki?

We'd love to include Reiki at The Swell Symposium - who are your favorite practitioners in Erie? It's not meditation, massage or prayer. But practitioners and clients say reiki heals in ways that are hard to explain. 07/12/2015

10 Silent Signals You're Way Too Stressed

Stress less! Any of these sound familiar? You'll get a bunch of new stress-busting strategies at The Swell Symposium. You may be more stressed out than you think. Here are 10 signs your body is feeling too much stress and anxiety, and how to safely reduce stress and relax. 07/10/2015

How Sleep Affects Your Weight and Performance

Great article by my friend Chris Freytag on the importance of sleep! I find I sleep better and wake up less anxious (stress --> inflammation) if I keep my phone FAR away from the bedroom. Sleep is as important for your health as diet and exercise. Learn how sleep directly affects your weight and your performance during the day—and how you can optimize your sleep for better overall health and wellbeing.

[07/10/15]   Do you struggle with inflammation and pain? Like our page to get updates on the Swell Symposium, Sept 19 at the Bayfront Convention Center! Loads of interactive information on alternative strategies to combat inflammation and pain naturally!

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