Skinny in the Saddle

Skinny in the Saddle

Tighten, tone and firm your way to a healthier YOU in just 45 minutes with that crazy wrap thing! Visit to get yours!


Job description: Looking for #ONE person that loves ADVENTURE! 🚀 Someone who wants to get paid 💵 to sleep 😴, spend time with their family 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧, shop, travel ✈️ and well, pretty much anything they want to do...they want to get PAID for breathing!! 🙀Someone who likes playing on their phone/social media and would love to get paid for it. 👏Someone who wants to live in yoga pants and pajamas 🙊and call it their "work attire" (messy hair and no make-up is also acceptable!) 💁🏻 Someone who loves ❤️ awesome products and looking and feeling their best. 🙋🏻Someone that doesn't like alarm clocks ⏰, being told what to do or having a schedule. 🙅Someone who is tired of missing things they don't want to miss 😢. Someone who wants pay raises each MONTH 📆 and weekly bonuses 💵. Someone who wants to pay for Christmas 🎄 this year in cash with no stress. Someone who wants to have a lot of fun 🎉 every single day and call it their "job." Someone who wants to be their own boss 🙏 and decide how the day will look everyday. If this someone is you or someone you know message me ASAP or tag the someone that fits this!! #dreamjobapplication


Do you ever wish you could tighten up your and in a pinch? You can! Give it 45 minutes, it'll give you results.


Holy guacomole! I can't wait to get mine!


I'm ready to take care of myself again, now that my daughters are back in school. I've majorly slacked off all summer. Have you too?


This is an awesome deal!

[04/19/15]   Shoot me a MSG if you'd like 8 wraps for $59. We our having a heck of a deal at It Works RIGHT NOW!!!


Who would like to earn $1100 within the next 60 days? (And that's just the beginning!)
$120 in FREE products
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👭 While helping others get healthy and make extra money and doing the same for yourself?!

Message me!!!


Did you know you can wrap your arms?! You can literally wrap ANYWHERE you want to tighten, tone, & firm. Get 4 wraps for $99 or get 4 for $59 as a Loyal Customer. Text/call Jessica at 814-881-4042


Have you been wanting to become a Loyal Customer? I am available ALL DAY to help you get your orders in… I love our Loyal Program because you pay the same wholesale prices I do! Crazy, right?! Once you put your order in with me, you can immediately start earning FREE wraps along with other amazing products! You can't find a better deal! Message me to get started today!


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Like Energy Drinks? Picture this....A Natural energy drink with no jittery feeling, gives sustained energy and you're boosting your metabolism! Not only that, but you're feeding your body with HIGH vitamin B for brain function. Then add in the antioxidants and.....BOOM! That's exactly what you get with our BRAND NEW drink "ENERGY"! I've tried it and there is nothing like it!


Isn't it amazing what Mother Nature can do?


Did you know you can use the wrap ANYWHERE???


Do you have a "Mommy Tummy?"


Look at these amazing results. She used our wraps for 3 months.. just look at her excitement. I love my "JOB"


I'm pulling out a new chart today!! Here we go !!!!

But we need people who are ready to work with us! BONUSES all along the way for you too!!

Message me or text 814-881-4042 ASAP!! Below is our Ruby rank.. You'll make approx. $1000 when we get this rank done within 2 months. $99 for $1000... Sounds amazing!


Have you heard about how much I LOVE "Greens?" They are amazing! They give you energy AND alkalize your body. Don't know what that means? Google it, then buy them!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing these results! This is from a team mate of mine! Read her story:
'm closing my eyes as I post this pic!! These are my personal results! The first picture is from 6 days ago, before my first tummy wrap! Then I waited 3 days and did one more! Tonight I wrapped myself for the third time (honestly was starting to wonder if my big belly would actually change!) Because my belly is so big I'm only wrapping the top for now to get rid of that roll above my belly button!! So if you think your too big for this, or that it only works on others, STOP! Seriously try this (more than just once) remember one is a treat 4 is a treatment! It's probably going to take several treatments for me to do this, and I'm not giving up!!

MSG or Text Jessica for more info. 814.881.4042


Get a jump on your New Year's Resolution! From now until the end of the year we have an amazing BOGO!!!!!!!

Buy one box of Skinny Wraps and get 1 FREE when you become a Loyal Customer!!!!!

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MAMAS......I have the solution for your "mummy tummy" and I promise it WILL NOT cost upon a fortune!

Email: [email protected]


The bonuses this company hands out are INSANE! I have won the $10,000 one and am currently working on the $25,000 one. What bonus would help your family? MSG me if you think you might like to become a "Wrap Girl!"


Grab 4 wraps right now for $59 as a Loyal Customer. Text/Call Jessica at 814-881-4042
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I am looking for a couple more people who are tired of being BROKE, living paycheck to paycheck, or missing out on too much because of your job. If you work hard for a few months you can earn a commission check of $2,000/month PLUS a $10,000 bonus! It Works has amazing products people want including our WRAPS and an amazing opportunity people don't want to miss out on! I will coach and mentor you along the way! I am free to take appointments today so send me a message or text! First come first serve!!! 814.881.4042 ~Jessica


Have you been wanting to try the wraps? Or Buy One Get One Free offer has been extended until midnight tonight! Call or text Jessica at 814.881.4042 for more information.


Now this is funny!


Yes it's true !!:)


OOOOOOOHHHHH....what would the boys think of this ladies???? LOL!!!!!!!!


I am looking for new product testers! I need at least 3 for each product! You will get my wholesale price on all orders! At the end of 3 months receive a free gift!
PM, or text 814.881.4042 to tell me which items you would like to test!!


It Works Global has announced that they are bringing back the G.O.O.D Bonuses!! Woot Woot! My goal is to earn the $25,000 Triple bonus Who needs extra Christmas cash?? Shoot me a MSG and let's see if this is a good fit for you!


Who would like to earn a $10,000 Bonus by Christmas? Are you a hard worker? Do you have an open mind and a great work ethic? I personally earned this bonus, I know it can be done! Who's next?


I think we all need this reminder occasionally :)


Too funny!


Do you own a salon? This is a great "add on" service to your clients while they are sitting in your chair. The wrap seriously takes less than 2 minutes to apply! Cha Ching!


Ummmm...I sure can!

[10/24/14]   It's a beautiful morning in Pennsylvania! I'd like to know where my fans are from......Tell me where you are from and one of you will win a FREE wrap! GO!




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