Marian Wright-Cosmetologist/Med-Spa Esthetician at ReJuv

I'm at ReJuv! Erie's First All Inclusive Beauty and Wellness Destination! Visit me at ReJuv for all of your Beauty needs! 814-480-8170 ATTENDED
*Forbes Road East Cosmetology
*Pittsburgh Beauty Academy Instructor Program
*Pittsburgh Beauty Academy School of Esthetic Skincare
*Pittsburgh Beauty Academy School of Professional Make-Up
*Pittsburgh Beauty Academy School of Electrology and Hair Removal
*Pittsburgh Beauty Academy-CCA Advanced Haircutting & Styling
*Certified Pivot Point Haircutting & Styling
*Toni&Guy Haircutting
*Martin Parsons Methodology
*Multi-Line Haircolorist-Certified Clariol, Matrix, Loreal, Wella
*Nails-Backscratchers, Tammy Taylor, Creative Nail, OPI

* Instructor:Pittsburgh Beauty Academy-School of Advanced Esthetics & Professional Make-Up-Pittsburgh
*Instructor/Supervisor: JH Thompson Academies-Erie
*Instructor/Supervisor: The Academy of Cosmetology-Erie
*Director: Toni & Guy-Erie
*PA State Board Test Administrator

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 06/17/2021

Timeline Photos

Heavy foundations don’t allow your skin to breathe, especially when you are in the hot sun. Stick with a #mineralpowder or #tintedmoisturizer for your daily routine. #TotallyWorthIt #SkinCare

Timeline Photos 05/28/2021

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Do you love #injectables? So does #DrPolon, and she is now offering services full time at ReJuv MedSpa which means there will be even more opportunities for you to get rejuvenated and restore a more youthful appearance! Connect Today. #TotallyWorthIt


#HollywoodLaserPeel is a painless, no-downtime procedure that will help achieve glowing skin, reduce pore size, reduce hyperpigmentation, improve acne and help create a flawless complexion that doesn’t require makeup. #RedCarpetReady on the streets of #Erie! Connect today! #TotallyWorthIt #ReJuvMedSpa #NonInvasive #NoDownTime #HealthySkin



Boom 💥

Timeline Photos 04/28/2021

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Are you ready to join team #ReJuv? We are looking for a fun, outgoing, organized, multi-tasker who loves working with the public to join us as a front desk concierge! Connect today by sending your resume to [email protected]. #TotallyWorthIt

Photos from Marian Wright-Cosmetologist/Med-Spa Esthetician at ReJuv's post 04/20/2021

➡️I’m Slightly Obsessed with HydroJelly Masks!! Look at this Beautiful and Beneficial Hydrojelly Custom Cocktail!! Australian Sheep Placenta plus Vampire PLLA!

I used this after Dermaplaning and Endymed 3Deep RF Skin Tightening! Sorry no after pictures...but a very Happy Client just the same!

➡️ Australian sheep placenta is used for firming and refining and has 24 karat gold powder in it

➡️ reduces skin Sagging by stimulating collagen production for firmer looking skin.

➡️ helps to firm and tighten skin by providing building blocks of proteins and acts as a free radical scavenger, protecting cells from oxidative harm. Less oxidative harm results in fewer lines and wrinkles.

➡️ decreases large pores and promotes healing.

➡️ enhances the skin renewal process and reduces the appearance of scars therefore increases elasticity and reduces the appearance of saggy skin.

😁Australian Sheep Placenta Hydrojelly, a conversation starter for sure

➡️Sheep Placenta is very rich in what we call bio active nutrients (amino acids, Hyaluronic acid, nucleic acids, superoxide dismutase, epidermal growth factors ( EGF’s), antioxidants, senescent cell activating factors, antioxidants)....essentially all the right ingredients to facilitate collagen production.

➡️Strict regulations in Australia ensure premium quality 🐑 placenta.

➡️PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic acid) aka-vampire mask.“collagen restoration powder,”
➡️ Helps boost the regeneration of the skin’s own collagen to provide a gradual
increase of skin thickness and smoother skin for a more youthful appearance.

➡️ Gradually replaces lost collagen to reduce the appearance of laugh lines, smile
lines, and neck lines caused by facial aging.

➡️ Replenishes the derma
foundation and enhances facial volume that is lost to aging.

➡️ Contours areas such as hollow chin and sunken cheek areas that need a naturally
smooth facial line for a youthful appearance.

➡️ Skin collagen slowly builds up
around absorbed PLLA and helps replenish collagen and provide
unparalleled overall skin firming and tightening


Photos from Marian Wright-Cosmetologist/Med-Spa Esthetician at ReJuv's post 04/17/2021

Shout out to my beautiful friend Marian Glowacki Wright!!

When I was 19, I was the victim of a home invasion. Being the bratty teenager I was, I never really dealt with the traumatic experience. Recently, PTSD has hit me full force. I think my body is making me deal with it because no matter how hard I try to push it down, it just keeps bubbling up. Although I’ve gone through years of counseling, I have three scars on my head and one on my face from the attack. One scar is close to my hairline and bothers me the most. Every time I see it, I think of my attacker.

I mentioned to Marian about how much it bothers me and that I think seeing it daily doesn’t let me heal and she being the amazing friend she is, did research and said “Jill, I know how we can make this better.”

Today was my second micro needle treatment. I went in not sure of how the first session took and she said the scar is flatter and she could even see baby hairs growing through the scar tissue!!!

I also had the 24K Hydra Radiance Luxe facial while I was there which quite possibly might be my new favorite facial!

I cannot say enough about ReJuv. It’s my favorite Med Spa and they hands down have the best esthetician!!!

Pics are Marian doing the micro needling, (check out my face during this, it’s right after the 24K facial), info on the 24K facial- I highly suggest all my friends book one, what micro needling is and finally, the thumbs up pic is me leaving ReJuv with ZERO makeup on.

I get one facial a month and Marian helps me with an amazing at home regiment with fabulous products that keeps me from wearing makeup! I apply mascara and I’m ready!

If you’ve ever been hesitant to get a facial or you are spending a ton of money on products you purchase at big box stores... 🛑 and visit the link I posted and request Marian Wright-Cosmetologist/Med-Spa Esthetician at ReJuv♥️♥️♥️♥️

Timeline Photos 04/16/2021

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#Laserhairremoval doesn't have to be so painful! Our Laser Hair Removal technology has solved this problem with two cooling mechanisms: a built-in cryogenic spray that instantly cools the treated skin and traditional air cooling making it virtually #painfree! Connect Today. #TotallyWorthIt #HairRemoval #NoMoreHair #ReJuvMedSpa #PainFree #NoMoreShaving #SkinCare

Timeline Photos 04/12/2021

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ReJuv is bringing the latest and greatest to you in #laserhairremoval treatment options. The technology is quicker, more advanced in treating lighter and darker hair, doesn’t require sticky gels - all with minimal maintenance. Get rid of unwanted hair today. #TotallyWorthIt #HairRemoval Connect Today #NoMoreHair #ReJuvMedSpa #PainFree #NoMoreShaving #SkinCare

Timeline Photos 04/11/2021

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Connect with us to schedule a #facial that will make your skin feel and look amazing! #totallyworthit

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Don’t let bladder leakage take away your laugh! Connect with us today and ask about Viveve Medical.

Thursday April 22 at 7pm, Dr. Polon will answer all your questions and give you the 411 on this revolutionary treatment!

Register Here:

#ReJuvMedSpa #NonInvasive #NoDownTime #VaginalHealth #WomensHealth #NoMoreBladderLeakage #TotallyWorthIt

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💥 🥊

NEW at #ReJuvMedSpa, Viveve Medical! A revolutionary system designed to treat women who are experiencing urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, va**nal dryness and va**nal laxity – the stretching and expansion of va**nal tissue after childbirth, with age or due to hormonal changes. Let's connect – this is #TotallyWorthIt!

Thursday April 22 at 7pm, Dr. Polon will answer all your questions and give you the 411 on this revolutionary treatment!

Register Here:

#ReJuvMedSpa #NonInvasive #NoDownTime #VaginalHealth #WomensHealth #NoMoreBladderLeakage #FeminineReJuvenation

Photos from Marian Wright-Cosmetologist/Med-Spa Esthetician at ReJuv's post 04/07/2021

Got Maskne?




Timeline Photos 04/05/2021

Another 1st in Erie! Make sure to register to hear more about this treatment! #othertreatmentsarenotthesame!

#ReJuv is first in #Erie to offer this #cool treatment! #ReJuvMedSpa is now offering the Viveve Medical treatment. This patented, cryogen-cooled radio frequency device helps rebuild natural collagen to improve the structural integrity of the va**na and support the urethra. Let's connect – you'll love this!

Thursday April 22 at 7pm, Dr. Polon will answer all your questions and give you the 411 on this revolutionary treatment!

Register Here:

#ReJuvMedSpa #NonInvasive #NoDownTime #VaginalHealth #WomensHealth #Feminine Rejuvenation #NoMoreBladderLeakage


Ancient Esty Proverb

#IMAGENation knowledge is power 🧡Let's share with each other what #imageskincare cleanser(s) you use to get rid of stubborn #makeup and impurities? We can't praise enough our ✨VITAL C hydrating cleanser✨

Your turn! Let us know below! #skincaretips

Timeline Photos 04/01/2021

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Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to enhance her complexion, so why don’t you?! Our HydraRadiance-Luxe Facial is the perfect way to get ready for spring!

💚 Hybrid Blend of our HydraFacial with all the Relaxation of our ReJuvenation Facial plus the added elements of real 24K Gold and Vitamin C!
💚 Enhances the skin's natural renewal process
💚 Diminishes #hyperpigmentation and spots
💚 #Anti-inflammatory and #Antiaging properties
💚 Minimizes fine lines
💚 Rich in essential #fattyacids and #Bvitamins to give the skin a long-lasting radiant glow
💚 Contains #VitaminC, which helps brighten dark spots and prevent hyperpigmentation
💚 Gold gives the skin an instant brightening effect and a luminous glow

#TotallyWorthIt #SpringTime #Spa #ReJuv

Timeline Photos 03/27/2021

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#PRXT33 is here! This non-invasive treatment is the first of it's kind and we are excited to be the first in Erie to offer it!

✅ No Peeling

✅ No Downtime, you can immediately return to daily activities

✅ Can be used on all skin types

✅ Minimal to no discomfort

✅ Not photosensitizing, treatments can be performed all year long and even before special events

Let’s connect to talk about how this amazing new non-invasive PRX-T33 treatment can help you. #ReJuvMedSpa #ErieFirsts #NonInvasive #NoDownTime #HealthySkin #SkinHealth #AgeSpots #SunDamage #Biorevitalizer #SkinPeel #Melasma #SaggingSkin #Hyperpigmentation #Acne


Why you need to add Collagen Stimulating Treatments and Products to your Skincare ! Peels, Microneedling, Radiofrequency SkinTightening, VitaminC, Retinol, HyaluronicAcid! Connect with me to see what’s right for you!

#DidYouKnow that starting around 35, your age starts to correlate roughly with the percentage of collagen you’ve lost over time? 👀 Don’t panic—this is totally natural!

To build back up collagen and replace what you’re losing, drink your YANA #CollagenShots, #SlapOnThatSPF to prevent extra damage, find a good #Retinol (which helps fortify skin’s internal structure) and reach out to your local esty ✨

Timeline Photos 03/23/2021


These Results are amazing! Let’s connect to talk about how this amazing new non-invasive #PRXT33 treatment can help you. #ReJuvMedSpa #ErieFirsts #NonInvasive #NoDownTime #HealthySkin #SkinHealth #AgeSpots #SunDamage #Biorevitalizer #SkinPeel #Melasma #SaggingSkin #Hyperpigmentation #Acne

Timeline Photos 03/22/2021


ReJuv sets the bar in #EriePA!

The PRX-T33, a Bio-Revitalization Facial Treatment , induces collagen stimulation without harming the superficial skin. Although this treatment contains two acids that are known to be used in chemical peels, this innovative skin procedure is NOT actually a PEEL. It does pe*****te deep into the dermal layer of the skin and acts from the inside out. It does not cause frosting on the face. Once you experience it, you’ll be hooked! Let’s connect to see if this may be your next favorite anti-aging treatment. #ReJuvMedSpa #NonInvasive #NoDownTime #HealthySkin #SkinHealth #AgeSpots #SunDamage #Biorevitalizer #NonPeel #Melasma #SaggingSkin #Hyperpigmentation #Acne

Timeline Photos 03/16/2021

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For ultra #Hydration and #AntiAging benefits, Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream is Tarah's go-to! With key ingredients such as #Potato and #YeastPeptides, #AzelaicAcid, and #OnionExtracts this moisturizer is perfect for all skin types to use daily to hydrate, strengthen and repair the skins barrier. It even helps stimulate #Collagen and reduce signs of #Rosacea! Don’t forget to add the neck and #Décolleté too! #TotallyWorthIt #SkinHealth #LoveYourSkin #StaffFavorite


Eczema flares happen regardless of season but often become more common during winter months when the air is cold and dry. Clinically proven Renewal Calming Cream contains colloidal oatmeal – an ingredient shown to calm the symptoms of eczema such as dry, itchy skin. Daily use helps restore balance and much-needed hydration. #epionce #epioncepro #eczema #dryskin

Available @ ReJuv

Shop Online: Follow the Link Below

Eczema flares happen regardless of season but often become more common during winter months when the air is cold and dry. Clinically proven Renewal Calming Cream contains colloidal oatmeal – an ingredient shown to calm the symptoms of eczema such as dry, itchy skin. Daily use helps restore balance and much-needed hydration. #epionce #epioncepro #eczema #dryskin

Available @ ReJuv

Shop Online: Follow the Link Below

[02/07/21]   🌟Good Skin is Essential🌟
Make-Up is a Choice!
( Make Good Choices)

[01/01/21]   Happy New Year! Now let’s get S.H.I.T. Together! (Skincare, Happiness, Inner Peace and Let’s crush it TOGETHER!!)

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