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Purple Sage Vermont


Muted purple-brown color today and I’m obsessed 🤩 it came out so beautifully and it was done with permanent color so it’ll last longer than a fashion color 😉
Purple Sage Vermont
I recently had an appointment for a haircut with Ariel. This was my first haircut in a salon in over a year. My hair was long, damaged, and totally uninspiring.
I wish that I had taken before and after pictures, but the biggest improvement that Ariel made couldn't be captured on film. She really improved my sense of self. I have been trying to practice more self care and Ariel gave me a major boost in that department the other day.
She really made me feel cared for and pampered. I thoroughly appreciate all the work she put into her job and the fun conversation that we shared.
What an awesome experience for this tired, stressed, business owning mom!
The cherry on the sundae? I asked if she had time to possibly wax my eyebrows. She said definitely.
I explained that I was always very hesitant to let anyone do my eyebrows because every salon I had ever gone to messed them up and I have had to overpluck most of my life. Now that I had some eyebrows that have actually grown in I am very specific about just having them lightly cleaned.
Ariel listened to my concerns and requests and when she was done and handed me the mirror my heart stopped for just a moment. When I caught my breath I realized that she had done a PERFECT job!!!
I am jumping on right after I finish writing this to book my next appointment with Ariel. I want to make a commitment to keeping up a self care routine and I know that she, and all the other lovely folks here at Purple Sage, are just the ones to help me do it.
Thank you all for a beautiful and rejuvenating experience.
Feeling and looking good spiritually and physically is an important part of life’s journey.

Purple Sage Vermont in Essex Junction was founded on that belief and the dedicated professionals there work with clients to have a successful experience that lasts long after people walk out the door back into their regular lives.
to the dark side we go 😍 Purple Sage Vermont
Thank you to The Essex Experience, ArtHound Gallery, Bibens Ace Hardware, Black Flannel Brewing Company, Elements of Healing, Essex Cinemas, Eurowest Properties, 4F, EurohatsVT, Famous Footwear, Hammer Fit, Hanes, Jockey, Kinderworks, Magic Mann, The Mad Taco, Magic Nails, Oriental Wok, Purple Sage Vermont, Peace of Mind Pilates, Sukho Thai, Sweet Clover Market, Turnertoys and Uncommon Coffee for their support this holiday season by collecting food for Aunt Dot's place. We are thankful for their support of local community members in need.
THANK YOU to Jess, staff and customers of Purple Sage Vermont located at The Essex Experience - formerly Essex Outlets & Cinema for your $200 donation to the American Cancer Society of Vermont. 💜

Every dollar counts, now more than ever!
Why? Because Doctors and Researchers with help from ACS are currently investing more than $69 million in breast cancer research grants. They’re doing everything they can to find answers, give hope, and save lives. With your help, they can do even more ♥👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

There is still time to help this team reach their FUNdraising goal at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/EssexExperienceVT
Board, scrolling aimlessly....sound familiar, then I have something you could that actually has a purpose! Leave Hair by Lynda at Purple Sage Purple Sage Vermont an online review!!!
Yelp, Google, & Facebook make sure to get all 3!
Salt Therapy Association Facility Member Purple Sage Vermont of Essex Junction, Vermont was recently featured by the Saint Albans Messenger: https://www.samessenger.com/news/crafting-new-experiences-in-essex/article_d4e071ca-0bc6-11ea-ad30-1b0e6b031f47.html

To become an STA member and experience the wonderful benefits, click here: https://www.salttherapyassociation.org/join

For $200 OFF your ticket for our 2020 Conference, click here: https://www.stacon2020.com/

New pavement at the The Essex Experience - formerly Essex Outlets & Cinema is just one small part of how the outlets are transforming into a community center for eating, shopping and experiencing everything from live performances at the The Double E to the salt cave at Purple Sage Vermont.

Click below to learn more.
Congratulations to one of this years Howl-O-Ween's costume winners ! Pepper impressed the judges with her Leaf Peepin' Season costume.

Thank you to our event sponsors Homeport, Star 92.9, and 92.1 WVTK - FM for putting on such a great event. We also want to send out a huge thank you to our prize donators Lake Champlain Chocolates Church St, Pet Food Warehouse, Purple Sage Vermont and The Automaster.

The Salt Therapy Association would like to welcome Purple Sage Vermont of Essex Junction, Vermont as a NEW Facility Member.

To join the STA and take advantage of all the wonderful benefits that come with membership, please click here: https://www.salttherapyassociation.org/join

Spa Industry Association
Enhance your Essex Experience with a visit to Purple Sage Vermont.
Your experience begins the moment you enter this one-stop salon and spa as you immediately feel calm and relaxed. Their motto is “Beauty from inside out” and owner Kim Scofield has tailored her spa menu with well-being in mind.
Enjoy the holistic benefits of a Himalayan Salt Cave and detoxing Infared Sauna; relieve stress with a full-body massage or revitalizing facial treatment or enjoy the best of today's styles performed by some Vermont's top stylists. Kim also practices spiritual healing techniques such as Reiki, Cording, and Past Life Regression.
Start your Essex Experience by making an appointment at Purple Sage! For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit www.purplesagevt.com. For more Essex Experiences, visit www.essexexperience.com

Full Service Salon Company
Skin and Beauty Treatments
Massage Treatments
Himalayan Salt Cave

Purple Sage offers a wide range of beauty and wellness services from traditional spa treatments like massages and waxing, to healing sessions in our salt cave and detoxifying sessions in our far infrared sauna. All of the stylists, practitioners, and staff at Purple Sage are dedicated to helping our clients feel beautiful from the inside out.

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We welcome a few new beautiful associates to our Purple Sage family!
and are now available for appointments!
We are very excited to have you ladies apart of our team💇🏼‍♀️💗

The Role of Salt Therapy in Pulmonary Rehabilitation By Tami Peavy, MBA, DPT 09/06/2022

The Role of Salt Therapy in Pulmonary Rehabilitation By Tami Peavy, MBA, DPT

“In fact, studies have found that dry salt may even be more effective than aerosolized saline at treating certain respiratory diseases such as COPD and Cystic Fibrosis. A major component of this is that dry salt greatly helps with mucus control.”

The Role of Salt Therapy in Pulmonary Rehabilitation By Tami Peavy, MBA, DPT Tami Peavy, MBA, DPT, who is the Clinical Director and Owner of La Mesa Rehab Pulmonary and Physical Therapy explains the role of salt therapy in pulmonary rehabilitation.

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We’ve all thought “what’s the benefits to relaxing in a salt save?”

Well this is something you’d have to experience for yourself to understand the true benefits of a Himalayan salt cave! ⭐️
Schedule your appointments online, or simply call us at 802-879-1160.
“P.S. you’re beautiful”


We’re taking it back to the 50’s here at Purple Sage💃

📸: captured this beautiful shot of

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Is your hair wild frizzy and out of control? You need L’Anza CBD hair care products. Check out my before and after mannequin! #VermontSpa #Burlington Vt #Health benefits #Journal events Experience


Help tame your wild, lovely curls!


Rehydrates, leaving hair soft & shiny
Boosts volume & fullness
Restores fiber integrity, resulting in stronger hair.
Sulfate-free & safe for color.

Benefits of Salt Therapy | How Does Salt Therapy Work? 08/02/2022

Benefits of Salt Therapy | How Does Salt Therapy Work?

In their latest issue, Harper's BAZAAR Australia explains the benefits of salt therapy...with a little help from the Salt Therapy Association: https://harpersbazaar.com.au/benefits-of-salt-therapy/

Benefits of Salt Therapy | How Does Salt Therapy Work? A time-honoured treatment with modern benefits: BAZAAR breaks down everything you need to know about salt therapy.


According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, August is Psoriasis Action Month.

Studies show that regular salt therapy treatments can decrease itching, decrease or resolve scaling of the skin, and dry and heal small fissures, scratches, and exudative symptoms.

Dry salt particles absorbed by the skin increase the activity of skin ion channels, stimulating cell growth and regeneration, balancing skin pH and auto flora, as well as reducing harmful bacteria and inflammation.

To find a Salt Therapy Association Facility Member near you, visit: www.SaltTherapyAssociation.org

Spa Industry Association


Come pick your favorite tee shirt! Many to choose from!

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“From the cave to the Clinical”

Our salt cave has more benefits then just being a beautiful cave to relax in. It has SO many amazing health benefits that have been proven to help with asthma, COPD, and respiratory disorders. Amazing benefits with amazing results!

Call us now to schedule your salt cave appointments here at Purple Sage✨

Photos from Purple Sage Vermont's post 07/23/2022

Photos from Purple Sage Vermont's post


Journal, and on every page leave a little bit of space so that when you come back you can write your blessings and what you’ve learned.


A natural balayage for a natural glow✨


A self care day for this beautiful client!
did a beautiful lash and brow tint, along with a refreshing hydration facial✨
Book now with Cereus!

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We’re feeling that summer weather! 🌞

It’s a tropical, and beautiful day here at Purple Sage🌺🌼


Come find a peaceful state of mind in our salt cave here at Purple Sage🌙
Sit back, relax, and detox in our 400 square-foot Himalayan salt cave that’s filled with 20,000 pounds of salt, and is 4 inches of ground salt on the floor.
Call and schedule your appointments today!


Join us for some relaxing


Why should you wear crystal bracelets? What’s the purpose?

Crystal bracelets can make you feel grounded and calm. Helps bring peace and balance to you. It’s up to you to decide what crystals your drawn to, but they’re all incredibly beneficial to wear throughout your daily life.
Your right wristband is important to wear a crystal bracelet on to help you take action and control the energy you give to others and the universe.
Your left wristband is important to wear crystal bracelets on because it’s what you’d like to receive within your life and inner self.
These crystal bracelets are handmade by Kim! Come find the one that speaks to you📿


Such a beautiful balayage done by ✨

Come get that summer hair love here at Purple Sage! ☀️


Tickets are still available for Shelby’s crystal grid class this Thursday, July 7th at 5:00pm in the salt cave!
Call and grab your tickets now! 📿


We welcome our new aesthetician to Purple Sage! we are very excited to have you as a part of the Purple Sage family✨

Lash lift & tint from yesterday done by Ceres! She has openings this Sunday, July 3rd from 11am-3pm. Call today to schedule a facial, lash/brow tints or waxes with Ceres! 🧖🏻‍♀️

Photos from Purple Sage Vermont's post 06/30/2022

1️⃣ more week to go‼️

Shelby has a few more tickets available for her crystal grid class!
She will be hosting her event in our salt cave on Thursday, July 7th at 5:00 here at purple Sage!
Join her as she guides you along the way to manifesting all your desires while using crystals, a crystal grid, and your manifestation. This event does require tickets ahead of time, which are offered at purple Sage, or call us to have the tickets mailed to you! 802-879-1160
Happy manifesting🕊✨


Purple Sage has tons of beautiful new items added to our boutique!
Come check everything out for yourself, we promise you won’t be disappointed ✨🫶🏻


Hot like fire🥵

Beautiful, dreamy hair done by ✨


Come relax and wind down with our amazing stylists as their goal is to help you feel comfortable, beautiful and at peace✨


Rose gold by Kelsey


The team at purple Sage would like to congratulate .by_sammi on her level 2️⃣ promotion! Hard work, talent, and love of the industry makes Sammi stand apart! Congratulations Sammi💗


Today, June 11, is Global Wellness Day!

The Salt Therapy Association encourages everyone to Inhale, Exhale, and Breathe Well, and enhance their mental and physical wellness by including salt therapy in their general wellness routine.

Salt therapy is the fastest-growing wellness modality in the spa industry.

To learn more, visit: www.salttherapyassociation.org


Looking for a new, refreshing bachelorette party idea? Corporate wellness, or relaxing team building event? Our salt cave can seat up to 8 guests!


You’ve asked for future dates for more of Shelby’s crystal grid classes and we’re happy to announce the next event date‼️

Shelby will be hosting a guided class working with a crystal grid, energy and crystals to attract abundance into your life!
This class will be held on Thursday, July 7th at 5:00pm in the Salt Cave! Tickets are $55.00 each and available now! Please call, email, or reach out on social media to purchase your tickets while they last!
Happy manifesting✨🕊


to celebrate !

Did You Know?

Top athletes are always looking to get the most out of their performance by training to reach their maximum potential. A big part of their training may include finding ways to improve their breathing patterns, optimizing lung capacity, and shortening recovery time.

Once athletes can optimize their breathing, less breath is required, which, in turn, means they have more air in reserve to achieve superior performance.

To prevent and treat respiratory weaknesses that often affect athletes, the Salt Therapy Association recommends introducing dry salt therapy into sports training to better lung function and improve overall performance, endurance, and recovery.

To learn more and find an STA Facility near you, visit: https://www.salttherapyassociation.org/

Spa Industry Association


We all need a deep understanding of what life has in store for us🕊

Tarot and Oracle card readings are officially offered here at Purple Sage🧿
Shelby and Kim are available by appointment only. Give us a call or book online‼️

Welcome To Purple Sage

Where inner and outer beauty, wellness, diversity and laughter are celebrated with relaxation, innovation and pampering. Purple Sage is a one-stop salon and spa that offers holistic healing, spa, and beauty services to our clients. Our goal is to have you leave looking and feeling like your best self.

We offer a wide range of beauty and wellness services from traditional spa treatments like massages and waxing, to healing sessions in our salt cave or far infrared sauna. All of the stylists, practitioners, and staff at Purple Sage are dedicated to helping our clients feel beautiful from the inside out.

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21 Essex Way, Suite 224
Essex Junction, VT

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 11am - 3pm
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