Blossom - Natural Healing

Blossom - Natural Healing


Not only is Annie a great energy worker and dear friend, but also a great teacher. I recommend to anyone wishing to learn more about the subtle energies so as to heal themselves and others to contact Annie and sign up for her Reiki class. It was a very educational, pleasant and meditative weekend. Thank you Annie! :)

Experiencing physical, emotional, or hormonal discomfort? Nothing seems to be helping? Try Reiki!! It really works. Donation based. For people and animals.

Energy Healing, Reiki Certification classes, Life coaching, and Essential oil's. Are you ready to blossom into the person you've always wanted to be?

[10/14/17]   Now that the fall time has arrived it is a time of reflection and healing. If you are in need of some relaxation and extra support of your journey just get ahold of me :) Im here

[07/15/17]   Are you interested in natural non toxic health?? That works at a cellular level??? Schedule with me now for a free consult on how Essential oils will benefit YOUR life TODAY!!

[07/14/17]   Are you READY???!!! Let me help you!! Want to live more healthy? get more done? Live a happy life with less stress? Im here to help you through your transformation!
Weekly meetings, phone calls and texts to help you on your journey,,, whatever that may be. Im here to help!

[07/13/17]   Ready for some support?? A very relaxing and healing experience awaits you!!

[07/07/17]   Now offering Transformational Coaching! 3 months of 1 hour weekly motivational meetings, where together we reach your goals and figure out what really is blocking you from achieving them!

[06/14/17]   Taking Poll: How many of you guys are seeing us through sponsored ads vs recommend by friends or both?

[06/09/17]   Hey Guys, You can now book an appointment directly from our page.

Try it out now!

by the way, new website coming soon!

[04/17/17]   I love when I have my own experiences of finding my truth in the world. And then I go to see if anyone has came to the same conclusion, and there's a whole school teaching that idea!
What I've come to realize with my own healing is that BREATHING in LOVE or god or spirit or whatever you want to call it... is one major thing in life.
Everyone talks about breathing... you practice being aware of your breath in yoga, and meditation. But I haven't anyone ever talking about bringing in spirit with your breath...
I'm having PROFOUND experiences with this!! I can literally breathe in love and imagine it going slowly down my body with each breath. I can take the spirit/love and move it to areas of pain in my body and guess what it totally goes away!! Like completely...
I think this needs to be taught way more... so I'll take it upon myself to do that.
Immersing myself in information now, and will need to get some certifications to do it the way I'd like. But it will happen.
Breathe in love, breathe out love

[03/05/17]   Meditation,
Repeat πŸ’•πŸŒˆ

[03/04/17]   CHALLENGE!!
Sit down, get in a comfy position, take a couple deep breaths. Try to be present.
Imagine a bright white light coming in from the top of your head, slowly move this white light through every little inch of your body coming down your neck and to your arms. Then starting back at the neck, down your abdomen and into your legs all the way down to your toes.
Now how do you feel???
Pretty amazing huh!!
The longer you do this, and the more consistent you do this, the better you will feel. This will help with JUST about EVERYTHING!!! Pain, depression, anxiety, stress, anger,,, seriously good for any situation.
Have fun! And feel better :)

[02/12/17]   I had SUCH a lovely time with everyone that came out last night to my new location for guided meditation, sound healing and reiki! Thanks for all that came and participated in spreading the good vibes :)



Reiki, sound healing, essential oil healing, stone chakra healing, life coaching,



380 W. 1st
Eugene, OR
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