Becky Bos, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Becky Bos began using Arbonne products in 2002. She became an Independent Consultant in Dec of 2016. Currently a Dist Manager, she strives to hit the top!


Join us! A new 30 Day Challenge group begins Jan 4, 2021!

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Say WHAT???!!!!!!
I woke up to this amazing news:
- new limited edition WATERMELON FIZZ!
- new essential oil blend!
- $0 sign up fee
- reduce consultant sign up fee! ( which was only $49 to begin with!)

Hurry! Hurry! Take advantage!


Curious as to what the SCOOP is with the 30 Day Challenge I keep talking about? Here's the run down.....

......You purchase the "kit" and with it comes a 30 day supply of shake mix / 2 per day (vanilla & chocolate- 60 meals worth), detox tea, 60 energy fizz drinks (Pomegranate, strawberry and citrus flavors), digestion plus, fiber, and a 7 day body cleanse! Basically you replace two meals a day with shakes and have one clean meal. Snacks if needed, like rice cakes, almonds, almond butter, veggies, hummus, berries, green apples! You would also be added to a detox support group with recipes and advice and have me as your coach! the shakes are gluten/soy/dairy/whey free and no artificial colors and sweeteners. The program restores your body to its natural ph and alkalinity level so that you won't be holding onto toxins and storing them as fat! It truly gets you healthy from the inside out so your body can more efficiently process nutrients. It retails for $434 but I can get you the WHOLE 30 day package for $266 plus tax and free $50 gift!! Which is an amazing deal because you're getting 2/3 of your meals for the month plus drinks and supplements and we have a 45 day money back guarantee. It truly saves you money and time...:) It's amazing!! We give you meal plans, grocery lists and recipes and add you to a personal group page. During the 30 days there's no dairy, soy, sugar, coffee, gluten, or alcohol. Sounds terrible but it's only temporary!! We want your body in an alkaline state...not acidic. That's where sickness and disease and cancers live.

Watch this video to explain more, how our gut plays such a big role in our health.

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Ok ANYONE approaching JUNE (yes! june!) Ready to start something new? To take care of yourself. Or your spouse, or family? This could be just the thing you need To make better, healthier choices!! A jump start. A feel better, you!
The 30 Day Challenge is SO WORTH IT! I can NOT say enough good about this easy program. No starving, no pills, no 'juicing' just clean eating for 30 days. Resetting your metabolism.

Are you interested? A little? A lot?
Let's talk! Drop a nite or message for info! πŸ™‹


So many new products!! This deal is amazing....

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And the winner is..... OHHHHH STRAWBERRY!! I’ve waited so long for you!!!! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰πŸ₯‚πŸ“

πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“It’s back for good by popular demand. Strawberry Flavor Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks. Helps reduce fatigue with botanicals like Ginseng B Vitamins, CoQ10 and Chromium. Drink it as an afternoon pick me up or morning coffee replacement. Don’t leave home without.
πŸ’—Water + Fizz = Pure Joy!

I'm so happy!!!!!!


Here it is......
Face wash
Spot treatment
Pressed powder

The basics for beginners! I'll set you up.


Basis 101


All this!!!! For only $212.80! This set lasts 6-8 months.....and is worth every penny! Six products....PLUS A FREE BOX OF DIGESTION PLUS!

I absolutely love this set! It is so obvious when using these products that there are no cheap fillers or toxic ingredients. Your skin will seriously look more radiant, healthy and vibrant.....immediately!

What's to lose? All products are 45 Day guaranteed.


Healthy gut healthy skin DEAL ALERT

Deal ALERT!!!! So....did you know that your gut health affects your skin condition? Yep!
Healthy inside means healthy outside!

Right now the #1 Anti-aging skincare line is being paired with a FREE box of Digestion Plus! Healthy gut= healthy skin!!

Order before the end of February to get your FREE box!


Even after the 30 Days is over Im still sticking to 90% clean eating. I feel good I don't want to fall back into that slump of fatigue. Something about the shakes make me feels so much better.
Restocking the essentials!

How to start with your 30 Day kit 02/02/2020

How to start with your 30 Day kit

I made this little video explaining what to do with all the parts and pieces when you purchase a 30-day kit.

How to start with your 30 Day kit 30 Day supplies


Join the 30 Day Challenge!

Still time! Group starts Feb 3.

Arbonne 2020 Catalogue: US English 01/10/2020

Arbonne 2020 Catalogue: US English

Check out this BEAUTIFUL new catalog!!
I love how its broken down...
More moisture
Lip treatments
Healthy gut

Arbonne 2020 Catalogue: US English Our Mission: We empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living.


Hum.....i wonder.....will Arbonne bring back Strawberry Fizz?

I create things Arbonne thru Photofy....there are a few strawberry fizz images. No blood orange. No green apple.....hum......

What do you think?


Heads fizz flavor coming Jan 15! Rose Champagne to celebrate Arbonne's 40 year anniversary.

Limited edition.

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Say WHAT?!? Arbonne just announced a NEW FIZZ FLAVOR!!! Rose Champagne!
I have no idea what this is going to taste like.....but.....i have loved them all! ( ok...except green apple. Not 100%)

Word got out at the NVP trip in Maui! How cool is this?!


30 Day Challenge Info - Arbonne

30 Day Challenge Info

Photos from Becky Bos, Arbonne Independent Consultant's post 12/10/2019

If you don't think you'll see a difference, THINK AGAIN!
I love this set! My face feels the best when I'm using this set! Vitamins and safe ingredients that create cell turn over, which then helps with fine lines. Vitamins to nourish and hydrate my skin leaving it glowing!!

Want to try it? I've got samples! Give me a "thumbs up" if you want to see results!

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New products and bundles ALERT!!!!
Holy smokes.....I can't believe what Arbonne has come out with for Christmas!
Look at these sets!!!!
I want them all!!!!! πŸŽ„

Photos from Becky Bos, Arbonne Independent Consultant's post 12/02/2019

Begins .....NOW!!!
Save an additional 20% and get FREE SHIPPING!!
But hurry!.......these deals will sell out fast!


Another super cool offer!!!!
How fun would it be to get this under the tree?!!!! for granddaughter? Moms?.....for daughters?

Set contains:
β€’ It’s All in the Eyes Eye Shadow Palette (choose Volume 1 or 2) | 12 shades
β€’ Arbonne Botaniques Vanilla Moisturizing Lip Balm
β€’ Double Take Matte & Shine Lip Duos (choose 2)
β€’ It’s A Fine Line Liquid Eye Liner β€” Eclipse
β€’ Speak Volumes Mascara
β€’ Let It Set Refreshing Finishing Spray
β€’ Makeup Primer
β€’ Prime & Proper Eye Makeup Primer
β€’ Dissolve the Day Facial Cleansing Cloths
β€’ Limited edition makeup bag

This is while supplies last. If I were you I'd be all over this deal!!! (I already have all these...such good basic products to have!)


Have you seen all the offers lately? So awesome!!!
Arbonne is now offering huge pump bottles of shampoo and conditioner!!!! These will last a long time! Less waste!

$40 a container?!!! Not bad for a clean, chemical free hair product!


I would LOVE to share with you!
What interests you the most?
1. Skincare
2. Makeup

Grab a few friends/sisters/cousins and I'll give you a FREE FULL SIZE PRODUCT of your choice, plus $150 of product for $120!!

Give me a "πŸ‘" if you want to schedule something!

Photos from Becky Bos, Arbonne Independent Consultant's post 11/06/2019

Arbonne has 2 really cool sets this Christmas season.
Lunar - cool shades of brown with a fun red shimmer to add a pop of color. Also a radiant red lip with gloss.
Comet - warm shades of brown, gold and a green. Also a n**e color lip with gold gloss!! ( this lip color is my new favorite!!)

Check out the really cool tutorials on how to use the colors. And to know that the colors they put together "go" together.

Photos from Becky Bos, Arbonne Independent Consultant's post 10/24/2019

This is my friend from Skagit county, Nina Hill. LOOK at these before and afters!!! I'm so pround of her and her healthy living journey!!
If you want info you can:
1. Watch tonight as i explain the program
2. Message me for details!


Mercedes Benz presentation in Snohomish! This is a real thing everyone. And this opportunity if open to ANYONE!

Must be: coachable, willing, positive and ready to make life changes!


These two have joined my team and I absolutely love them. They both bring so, s***k, a desire to help others!!

Working is fun when you get to spend time with girls like Bridget and Kobi!


Gearing up for another round of Healthy Living!!! Starting October 7!!
Message me if you'd like info!

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We eat clean for 30 days. Yes, eat! This is not a "juice" diet/cleanse.
We eliminate certain food groups that can cause inflammation and irritation. Especially to our intestines. We focus on getting rid of toxins and adding good bacteria back into our system. All while flushing toxins.

If you think back in time, like to bible times and pilgrim times, there were no processed foods. No chemically formulated products to put in or on our bodies. Makes sense why we would choose to eat like that and actually SEE and FEEL results. This is how we were made. Back to the basics. And, whats so cool is that as you eat this way your taste chances. Food tastes tastier! You start to crave good food. Food to fuel your body and mind.

Well here are 2 little "cheat sheets" on this program if the do's and dont's that I find so helpful.

Take a peek!


Wow!!!!! Today only! Order 150 QV and get a FREE PRODUCT!!! Doesnt matter if you have a reward or not!!!


Anyone want info on the 30 Day Challenge that is starting soon?


This month Arbonne is doubling its cash rewards for consultants! On top of your commission.
They are constantly spoiling us for a job well done.
Question......what is your current job situation? Do you get rewarded? Pay raises? Where will you be financially in 5 years?
This job takes small amounts of consistent work. The formula is already layed out. You just need to follow it.
I have gained so much more than just an income. Personal growth. Renewed friendships. Fun times.

Something to think about. I'm always ready to show a new person how this works or answer questions.

Photos from Becky Bos, Arbonne Independent Consultant's post 07/30/2019

30 Day Challenge breakdown.
So many people want info on what's involved with this whole challenge bit. These pics give a breakdown of what a typical day is like. Whats expected and why.
Groups start every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.


Next group for the 30 Day Challenge starts NEXT MONDAY!July 1.
Message me if you want to join the fun!πŸ˜„

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Healthy gut healthy skin DEAL ALERT
Join the 30 Day Challenge!
30 Day Challenge Info - Arbonne
Mother's Day Rescue & Renew Bathing Ritual Set
30 Days to Healthy Living
Arbonne Essentials Nutrition Blockbuster




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