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I came in last week in tears in so much pain from hurting my back and a week later after doing my exercises and resting, I’m actually smiling under my mask!

Physical therapy clinic in Everson Everson Physical Therapy has been providing services in Everson for over 30 years and under the Direction of RMTS since 2002.

We work with the physicians in our community as well as those in surrounding communities. Through our relationship with physicians, we are able to provide a quality outcome and patient education focus to clients. EPT works with the community, area employers and student athletes and their parents and coaching staff to assist in a positive outcome. Under the Direction of Brian Aasby PT, DPT, OCS, an


At Everson Physical Therapy we look forward to helping you recover from work related injuries.

Whether you spend your day at the computer, sitting at a desk, standing or lifting, we can work with you to design a program that will help you avoid or recover from work injuries.

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About half of all elbow dislocations in teens and young adults occur as a result of a sports activity.

Commonly elbow dislocations are associated with sports such as gymnastics, cycling, roller-blading, or skateboarding, but any sport where you have the potential to fall and consequently put your hand out to stop you can result in an elbow dislocation.

For more information visit our website: www.eversonpt.clinic


Manual handling involves pulling, carrying, lifting and/or restraining objects or people and is a common cause of injuries in the workplace.

A Physical Therapist can teach you safe handling procedures, including proper lifting techniques, to minimize the risk of injury.

For more information visit our website: www.eversonpt.clinic


Foot pain that is related to shoes, footwear and common degenerative diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, can often be well controlled conservatively.

Physical Therapy can assess and treat causes of foot pain such as tight or weak muscles in the lower leg and foot, or abnormal walking or running patterns, and help you rehab the joints and supporting muscles to reduce pain.

For more information visit our website: www.eversonpt.clinic


Many adults are currently struggling with this issue. Recurring pain that is not properly addressed can dramatically decrease your quality of life so it should not be ignored.

If you’re experiencing persistent neck pain, the sooner you seek professional assistance the better. The licensed Physical Therapists at Everson Physical Therapy may be able to help you overcome your acute or chronic neck pain.

For more information visit our website: www.eversonpt.clinic


Are you suffering from recurring pain in one of your joints?

You may be experiencing a repetitive strain injury and this painful ailment may become chronic if it is not treated properly.

Your joint may also suffer long-term effects if it does not heal correctly.

If you’re experiencing chronic joint pain due to a repetitive strain, the licensed Physical Therapists at Rocky Mountain Therapy Services may be able to help you experience less pain and better manage your discomfort.

For more information visit our website: www.eversonpt.clinic


Chronic headaches may require a more therapeutic approach, especially if the headaches may be the result of pain referred from the body (e.g., neck or upper back pain).

In such cases, Physical Therapy can help individuals address the cause of the headaches, and in doing so, reduce their occurrence.

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Timely and correct treatment of an acute injury will minimize recovery time.

Rocky Mountain Therapy Services can also help you prevent re-injury by teaching you how to maintain good posture and muscle balance, prescribing you a thorough stretching regime, and providing tips for appropriate volleyball equipment selection.

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Sports injuries are common among both youth and adults.

While they may not be completely preventable, there are ways to reduce the chances of acquiring an injury, such as training in body awareness and improving muscle tone.

Managing these injuries requires a combination of both protecting the injured body part and optimizing healing.

For more information visit our website: www.eversonpt.clinic


A shin splint is a common injury among people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Athletes and individuals who stand for long hours while at work are more susceptible to this type of injury, but there are beneficial techniques that reduce the risk of shin splints.

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Physical therapists come from different backgrounds including their training, continued education and experience. All PT's should have the same goal of getting you back to a pain free lifestyle, keep in mind not all PT's are created equal!

We are proud of our therapist and the exceptional work they do!

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Muscle strains involve a tear to the fibers of a muscle and vary in healing time depending on how severe the strain is.

If you experience a muscle strain, let the expert Physical Therapists at Rocky Mountain Therapy Services assist you in determining the severity of your strain as well as help get you back to your everyday activity or sport by guiding you through the appropriate rehabilitation program.

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While this condition is often spoken about and is very common, many people still don't understand what this condition involves.

Simply put, Fibromyalgia involves being in pain, all over the body, particularly near joints, all of the time.

Just because you are afflicted with this condition doesn't mean your life has to resemble a Greek tragedy. With our help and our assistance, we will help you feel better and live pain-free.

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Most likely everyone remembers somebody telling them when they were younger to ‘sit up straight!’ or ‘stop slouching!’

What is the big deal with slouching when it feels comfortable and is easy to do? And if you aren’t suppose to slouch, what is the optimal position to sit or stand in?

he least amount of strain is placed on our body when we are in a good posture. If our joints are not properly aligned in good posture, the force of gravity causes excess stress on parts of your joints as well as the ligaments that support them.

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Taking the right steps will help prevent tension headaches and migraines.

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Your ankles play a large role in many daily activities.

If you are suffering with painful or stiff ankles it can also lead to pain in your knees or even other joints!

Physical therapy can help you decrease your pain and gain your mobility back.

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If your job requires you to stand or walk on tile or hardwood flooring all day, wearing supportive shoes and standing on pads will go a long way to reduce the risk for plantar fasciitis and other foot and ankle pain.

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Your bones change over the course of your life through a process called bone remodeling.
Your bones will adapt according to the demands placed on them.
This concept is known as Wolff's Law.
Physical Therapy involves gentle exercises, stretching, and massage to restore strength and mobility after an injury or health issue.
Ask your healthcare provider or your Physical Therapist to give you specifics regarding your care.

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In life injuries are going to happen, whether you are an athlete or not. Getting injured may cause you to miss out on work, some lifestyle activities and sometimes, life!

Physical therapy can assist you in healing after an injury, and can help you avoid injury in the future.

Our goal is to get you back on your feet and to keep you there!

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Concussion, also known as a traumatic brain injury, has become a major concern for sports programs at all levels. It’s crucial that athletes be diagnosed quickly and accurately to allow for initiation of treatment.

Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified to treat and educate individuals suffering with concussion to rehabilitate their symptoms, monitor and guide them through return to school, work, and sport and teach strategies to prevent re-injury.

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