Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics


Thank you for my mystery box. My daughter has already stolen my new lip stain. I guess I'll have to purchase a replacement for myself.

Get the latest and greatest cosmetic tips and trends! Check here for events that you might be interested in joining in. As an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay I help women with their skin care and glamour needs as well as mentor those who want to start their own Mary Kay business.

Joined Mary Kay in 1984 and worked in part time for 8 years while working in computer related sales. In 1992 became a Sales Director. I love helping women to see their potential and beauty!


What are your favorite ways that Mary Kay has empowered you?

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their phone number. 04/29/2022

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their phone number.

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their phone number.

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their address. 04/11/2022

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their address.

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their address.

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their phone number. 04/11/2022

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their phone number.

Marty Beach, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics updated their phone number.

Marty Beach — Independent Sales Director Mary Kay | Official Site 02/17/2022

Marty Beach — Independent Sales Director Mary Kay | Official Site

Mary Kay® Supreme Hydrating Lipstick feels as good as it sounds! 💄 Just a single swipe delivers luscious hydration, rich color and a brilliant shine finish.
Find your supreme shade:

Marty Beach — Independent Sales Director Mary Kay | Official Site Ours is a business where selling results from a truly personal one-on-one relationship – a friendship.

Sell Mary Kay 02/14/2022

Sell Mary Kay

At the heart of every Mary Kay opportunity is fun and flexibility. 🥰 Discover how It Just Fits:

Sell Mary Kay Mary Kay was founded by a woman for women. As an Independent Beauty Consultant, you can offer products that help women look and feel beautiful, share an opportunity that empowers her, and enrich the life of every woman you meet by sharing Mary Kay with her.


Decisions decisions decisions-
February 14 Valentine’s Day
Chocolate🍫 or Roses 🌹OR Both🍫🌹?

Chocolate is moonstone, hazelnut, rustic, cinnabar, espresso, mahogany.
Roses is blossom, rosegold, dusty pink, sunlit rose, golden mauve, and merlot.


I am THRILLED to share that Mary Kay has 2 new products that have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal!!!
Mary Kay Unlimited® Lip Gloss and
TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E™…….an absolute ⭐SUPERSTAR!⭐ Vitamins C and E are effective on their own, but together they are extraordinary!!!
Good Housekeeping Institute has been analyzing and evaluating products since 1900. 👩‍🔬 Their expert team thoroughly tests each product before granting it the trusted seal. # mymarykaylife


It is the last month of the Mary Kay Year! Message me if you would like to have a special deal for being a hostess this month!

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Mary Kay Naturally Exfoliating Powder- What a powerhouse with lots of ways to use it! Mix it into your cleanser or with water and scrub it on your skin, mix it into your shampoo, use it as a Dry Shampoo, mix it into your body wash as an exfoliant when you shave for super silky skin!


May 12th, we celebrate what would have been the 103rd birthday of a woman who stepped outside her comfort zone in 1963 and changed the lives of women, men, and children around the world. This year we celebrate 55 years in business as a debt-free, family-owned company operating in over 36 countries. Happy Birthday, Mary Kay Ash!
When Mary Kay was passed over for a promotion, she made a vow to create more opportunities for women, laying the foundation for millions of women around the world who currently enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and financial security of a Mary Kay business.
It wasn’t an easy start for her. Everyone told her not to do it. She was a mother of three and had already retired from a successful direct-selling business. With a killer business plan that she designed, only $5,000, and nine friends, she developed her dream company. She was named the greatest female entrepreneur in American history.
Thank you, Mary Kay, for blazing the path and all you have done for my own family. Thank you for creating an opportunity to help EMPOWER WOMEN all over the world. And thank you for leading us, by example, to put our Faith First, our Family Second, and our Business Third!


How to Apply Lip Color Perfectly

Is there any better mood-booster than a pretty pop of lip color? It’s the answer to just about anything. Got the cloudy-day blues? Swipe on a red lipstick to brighten things up. Don’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup? Add a touch of pink gloss to look (and feel) put together in seconds.

Although we can fully attest to the life-changing power of a lipstick, we also know we could all use a little help with tricky areas, like finding the right shades for our skin tones, making our lip looks last all day, and applying color to enhance our lip shapes and to create the most natural – or precisely bold – effect. For all the answers to our important lip color questions, we tapped makeup artist Lauren Lancaster who makes it her mission to help women discover easy-to-achieve looks that make them feel confident, beautiful and empowered. Here are her tips and tricks for creating lip looks you’ll love.

The White Tea & Citrus Satin Lips® Set is photographed in an African-American model’s pink-manicured hand in front of a two-toned pink background.
Tip #1: It’s All About the Prep.
The secret to smooth, seamless lip color is starting with properly prepped lips. In other words, moisturize, soften and polish.

First, gently exfoliate your lips to slough off any dead skin, then follow with a hydrating, softening lip balm. You might be thinking, “Is this really necessary?” Trust us, you don’t want color looking cakey and clumping to your dry lips. (How’s that for a powerful visual?)

Something to note: If you regularly find your lips feeling dry and chapped, that could be a sign of dehydration, so make sure you’re drinking enough water, especially if you’re a coffee or tea drinker.

Once your lips are fully scrubbed and smoothed, you’re ready for color. If you’re applying lipstick right away, blot your lips with a tissue or blotter to remove any excess balm.
A red Mary Kay® lipstick is photographed with its cap off lying atop a pink background alongside a smear of lip color.
Tip #2: Rock a Bold Lip Look.
Nothing says you mean business like a bold, red lip. For the most precise, long-lasting look, start by outlining and filling your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick. This will give you definition and an added layer of color to help avoid the dreaded lip ring that appears after a day of eating, drinking and chatting.

Start at your Cupid’s bow and work your way around your top lip, then line your bottom lip starting at the center and working your way out. And don’t feel pressure to “overdraw” your lips to make them look fuller. You can (and should!) feel confident enhancing your natural lip shape.
Next, apply your lipstick. If you prefer a matte look, choose a highly pigmented formula with comforting ingredients that will keep your lips from drying out. Apply straight from the tube, beginning at your Cupid’s bow and working your way around.

• Ivory Skin Tones: If your skin is fair, look for complementary blue-based reds.
• Beige to Bronze Skin Tones: If your skin tone is medium beige or bronze, choose a classic red or a warmer red with hints of orange.
• Deep Bronze Skin Tones: If your skin tone is deep, brick reds and burgundy shades can look stunning.

If you prefer a softer finish, dab your lips with your fingertips or a brush to smudge the color a bit. This will give a pretty, stain-like look.
An open tube of Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer is photographed alongside its doe-foot applicator and a product smear in front of a two-toned pink background.
Tip #3: Make Your Lip Look Sharp and Long-Wearing.
For extra precision and to keep your lipstick color in place, grab a skin tone-matching concealer, and apply it around your lip line. This will really sharpen your look and can help prevent any possible feathering.

To give your look some staying power, start by pulling apart a tissue so it’s one ply. Hold it over your lips and brush translucent powder on top. This easy extra step seals in the color.
A Mary Kay® lip liner in a n**e shade is photographed with its cap off atop a two-toned pink background and alongside a product smear.
Tip #4: Find Your Best N**e Shade.
If you’d rather make a more subtle statement, reach for a n**e shade. The key to achieving the perfect n**e lip is, again, making sure your lips are hydrated – these shades can throw a spotlight on dry lips, creating a chalky effect – and finding the best shade for your complexion.

• Ivory Skin Tones: N**e shades with a touch of pink wear especially well on fair skin.
• Beige to Bronze Skin Tones: If your skin tone is medium to bronze, try caramels.
• Deep Bronze Skin Tones: Rich cocoas are flattering.

Just like a bold lip look, you’ll want to start with a lipstick-matching lip liner since it really anchors the color. With n**es, a formula with a little luminosity is a great way to keep the color looking fresh and helps keep your lips moisturized.
A berry-colored Mary Kay® lipstick is photographed with its cap off next to a product smear on a two-toned pink background.
Tip #5: When in Doubt, Choose a Universally Flattering Shade.
If you want to take the guesswork out of finding the best shade for your skin tone or if you’re buying lipstick for a friend or family member (oh, hi, bridal party!), go for a rich berry hue. These delish shades work on just about everyone and come with an added bonus: Their blue base can make your teeth look whiter. Score!

You can pair it with a berry lip liner, or if you’re working with a bold shade and want to take it down a notch, a n**e lip liner is a great alternative. This will soften the color a bit while still delivering the added staying power and definition you crave.
An open tube of shimmery pink Mary Kay® lip gloss is photographed alongside its doe foot applicator and a product smear.
Tip #6: Make Your Lip Gloss Work Overtime.
Hey, gloss girls, we see you! And we get you – a pretty, nonsticky gloss makes lips look lush and is more forgiving than lipstick so you have more flexibility with shades and techniques. And you can apply without a mirror. (Insert hair toss.)

Aside from looking lustrous on its own, gloss is also a great partner for lipstick when you want to add a little dimension. Simply add a bit to the center of your lips and press them together for a perky pout, or swipe all over to give your lip color some added shine.
All prices are suggested retail.


Join my group Beach Life with Marty for a deal - TODAY ONLY!


Call me when your Look Book arrives in your mailbox!



Many women say:
I don't wear lipstick because I wear a mask
I don't do makeup because I don't even go out
I don't wear perfume because I'm home all day 💅🏻💋🏠
Take a good look at those phrases, you don't need to go out to do these things.
Remember that what we manage is for ourselves not for others, let's not neglect our appearance by being in the house.
Start doing things for you.
Fix yourself for yourself, use the perfume for yourself!
Listen to music and dance and sing - be silly and laugh💃
When you get ready, spoil yourself and get more beautiful, your whole environment looks and feels different and that makes people and yourself treat you different!!


Have you been skipping foundation because you are wearing a mask? Here are some reasons that you shouldn't! And ALWAYS at least wear Foundation Primer! If you don't wear foundation, it will give your skin a barrier for the air pollution and dust to land on. It has an SPF of 15 so it will aid against incidental sun exposure. If you are wearing foundation, it will go on smoother and you will use less. Less foundation in wrinkles, so you will look softer!


Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

Have you ever been curious about what has enabled Mary Kay Cosmetics to be successful for 57 years and still be on the cutting edge in 2020 and beyond?
Join me on Zoom on Thursday, Dec. 17th at 8 PM for a Peek into Pink!

We will talk about how Mary Kay was able to pivot to succeed in the pandemic!
You will get to check out some of the apps the Mary Kay has created to allow customers to “try” products virtually.
Just for listening and giving me some feedback, you will be entered to win $100 CASH in our drawing on
January 3.
Please RSVP to Marty Beach 703-927-9341 (call or text)

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


Day 4 of 13 Days of Pink

Hope you are enjoying these!


Guess I forgot to post Day 2 of the 23 Days of [email protected]


Day 3 of the 13 Days of Pink


Day 1 of 13 Days of Pink


Our NEW Serum+C&E details.
I Wanted to pass this info along to you. It’s DIRECTLY from our head scientist in MK, Dr. Lucy Gildea!!
🍊This was shared from a Director friend! It is long but It is a product MUST READ!!
Guess what...I had a client, who had a really great question about the c serum. she wanted to know the % of active vitamin c.
I called mk. a gal took the message and said you will get a call from a blocked number because the chemists are not on site. Within 5 minutes I had a return call.
SO the person who called me said her name was Lucy.
I like to write the name next to the questions for reference--
She answered my questions and told me that there is 18% active C by volume-highest on the market -with 5 patents.
she gave me the lists of ingredients it comes from.
I asked her what would help with chaffing from masks. She told me the C mixed with hand softener (from satin hands set) would lock it onto the skin cell. That would be best during the day.
There is no synthetic c of any type.
If any burning or raw skin...the nourishing oil is a natural healer.
We visited a bit more, then I thanked her for her patience and answers. I asked her last was Gildea...
I paused, and said Dr Gildea???
HOLY COW THE CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER for Mary Kay called me and gave me the info.....because no one else was available! That is amazing to me
Here is the ingredient list/sourcing:
• Pomegranate extract (Punica granatum). Pomegranate is considered a “superfruit” because of the large number of vitamins it contains. This fruit has a high level of vitamin C, other vitamins and antioxidants, and has been used for centuries to help reduce the effects of oxidative stress.
• Kakadu Plum extract (Terminalia ferdinandiana) is derived from the kakadu plum, a fruit reported to have the highest concentration of level of vitamin C.
• Camu Camu extract (Myrciaria dubia) is derived from a fruit known to have the second highest level of vitamin C of any fruit. The camu camu tree grows in the rainforests of South America.
• Acerola Cherry extract (Malpighia punicifolia). The acerola cherry is especially rich in vitamins A and C. This fruit has been shown to have powerful antioxidant benefits.
• Black Currant Berry extract (Ribes nigrum). Black currant berries contain high levels of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.
• Argan seed extract (Argania spinosa) is a botanical extract derived from the argan tree, which grows only in Africa.
I Wanted to pass this info along to you. It’s DIRECTLY from our head scientist in MK, Dr. Lucy Gildea!
Thanks for sharing this Jenny Paulus.


Available for pre-order now!

Limited Edition Holiday Products 2020 Promo 11/10/2020

Limited Edition Holiday Products 2020 Promo

Highlights of the Mary Kay Holiday Collection! The Winter Collection which debuts on the 15th has even more treats!

Limited Edition Holiday Products 2020 Promo Video featuring New Limited Edition products for Holiday 2020


Treat the women in your life with the Mary Kay 12 Days of Faves! It's a gift box, composed of 12 boxes filled with amazing products that all women will love!

Full size favorites include: Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15, Sheer Illusion Unlimited Lip Gloss, Satin Lips Shea Sugar Scrub, Naturally Buff Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick, MK Black Eyeliner, Light Beam Liquid Eye Shadow, Clear Proof Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask.

Travel size products are: Hydrogel Eye Patches (1 Pair), Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Deluxe Mini, Black Ultimate Mascara sample, Nourishing Shea Cream Sample, Microdermabrasion Plus Set Deluxe Mini.

If this set doesn't include all that you want - let me know and we can create a set just for you!

You could give your favorite gal one gift a day for the 12 Days before Christmas, the traditional 12 Days of Christmas that starts on Dec. 25 and goes to Jan. 6 or you might give her a gift every hour!

The women who enjoyed their 12 days of gifts the most were those who had great presentations. One husband made breakfast every day for 12 days and gave her a gift at breakfast. The other made a fire every night for 12 nights and gave her the gift in front of the fire with a glass of wine. She talked about that for month!

Mary Kay had limited quantities, so I only have 10 to sell - at $99 for all 12 gifts (that's only $8.25 per gift!) they will go quickly! Contact me today if you are interested to reserve your set!

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Day 4 of 13 Days of Pink
Mascara and Lash Primer- Which Mascara do you like be
Eye shadow - especially for deep set eyes
Eye shadow - especially for a deep set eye
Translucent powder and a quick contour and blush
Eyebrow tips
Foundation and concealer tips
Skin care for Frugal Woman’s Facelift


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