Jessica Moore Hair, Vienna, VA Video November 11, 2021, 9:14pm

Videos by Jessica Moore Hair in Vienna. Low Maintenance Hair • Vienna, VA

highs ⬆️ & lows ⬇️

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Swing by the salon today for a glass of rosé and a “permanent” piece of jewelry!

Two weeks until our pop up with @linkedxliv ! Book below to get your perfectly dainty,“permanent” jewelry! Linked jewelry is welded onto your wrist and stays on until it breaks or you want to take it off. Olivia offers free rewelding for all of her clients as well if your chain ever breaks! Solid gold or sterling so it’s sweat, shower & swim proof! 💕

depth ✔️

natural red + copper lows + strawberry highs = ❤️‍🔥

long & bronde 🌞

I’m fully back from maternity leave, I’m just horrible at replying to messages/taking photos/posting/remembering how to work. 🤪 Haven’t taken a single hair pic since my first day back. 🙃😅 If you have reached out and haven’t heard back please text me again! I promise I’m not ignoring you, I am just notorious for opening a text and then getting distracted. 👶🏻 🍼

warm for the summer 🌞

highs ⬆️ & lows ⬇️

PSA: you don’t need a full balayage every time/ever depending on the results you want. I love the depth (and HEALTH) a partial highlight or balayage keeps in the hair 🙌🏼

4 month balayage touch up ✨ low maintenance hair is my jammmm

videography: 2/10 perfect fall tones: 12/10 ☕️🍂

🍂everyone is lowlighting and I love it 😍

apple cinnamon spiced fall mulled wine hair of my dreams 🍂🍁🍷☕️🍎

pumpkin cream cold brew vibes (except I tried to get one this morning and my starbs was out of pumpkin 🙃🥲)

when the temp° drops & I get to mix more bowls of color than bowls of bleach 😍🙌🏼 letssssgooooooooo ‘ber months!

Washes out over time, doesn’t stain your blonde, fun little add in for summer because WHY NOT 🫐💎🌎

babylight balayage combo 🌤💫⭐️


darker hair is having a moment and I’m 👏🏻 here 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 it! ⏩ also! Holiday appointments are quickly approaching 🎃🦃🎄and I’m planning to be completely out of the salon after the first week of Jan - mid March, and then back for just a couple days/week until April. All that to say, PLEASE consider booking your appointments for the rest of the year *now.* If you’re an every 12 weeker you’ll only have 1-2 appointments left before I’m on maternity leave (hyperventilating while writing that)! I’ll also have some help for everyone while I’m on maternity leave and will be introducing you to the stylist I will be referring you to during your upcoming appointments! I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my schedule to be like when I come back and I’ve almost finalized that, so if you have any questions please let me know! ❤️

@redken shades 9VG is my new fav toner so if you’re a blonde I’m going to be talking you into this tone for the rest of the summer sorry not sorry



got to brighten up my mom’s hair a little bit while she’s in town 💖

rich & warm

🤍 will be daydreaming about this platinum for forever 👼🏼

another one of this head of hair because… 😍😍😍

up close & personal ☁️

another pink post because it’s so good 💖

wedding ready 👰🏼✨💗 congratulations, @lgoodie92 !!!