Set Physical Therapy

Set Physical Therapy

We offer an array of techniques with a one-on-one approach to enable you to live life your way.

SetPT is a physical therapist owned and operated practice, founded on the premise of treating the individual. We are committed to providing physical therapy services of the highest quality in the Washington D.C., New York City and Atlanta areas.


Guess what! Morgan and Aimee are raising money to help fund a nursing care coordinator to help impacted families.

Please consider donating at the link ➡️


Never heard of POTS? That’s ok! You can learn more AND donate to the cause ➡️


Our team members Morgan and Aimee are participating in a race Oct. 15th to raise awareness and money to fund a nursing care coordinator to lessen the strain on families of kids with POTS!

Please consider donating (and learn more about POTS) here


‼️ Squat Depth ‼️

Getting into a deeper squat has its benefits! But do you have difficulty getting deeper?

✨ Here’s a quick tip to help you increase your squat depth!! ✨
➡️ Grab something to put under your heels
➡️ perform your squats as you usually do and see the difference 👀!!

This not only helps to increase your squat depth, but it can also put your lumbar spine in a better position as well. TRY IT OUT 🤗


✨✅ Dry Needling Level 2 ✨

Aimee and Morgan from SetPT DC just finished up their second dry needling course with ! They now have the skills to treat even more of your muscles in need. 🙌🏼

Curious about dry needling? Check out our website to learn more!

Photos from Set Physical Therapy's post 05/17/2022

Speaking of exercise bands, Erika (Set PT NYC) taught an 💥Injury Prevention Workshop💥 to the incredible dancers of 2400 Crew!

What things do you do to help prevent injuries?


We are still offering virtual appointments! For those who want care from the comfort of your own home, this is a wonderful option. Our values in Service, Expertise, and Time still stand in virtual appointments.

Visit us online for more information or find a location near you!

Poor Sleep Increases Pain: How Physical Therapy Can Help 03/29/2022

Poor Sleep Increases Pain: How Physical Therapy Can Help

Springtime🍃 is here and we have officially sprung ⏰ forward! However, don’t forget to still get a proper amount of sleep! 😴

Quality sleep can help decrease pain! Check out how to decrease pain with sleep in our blog!

Poor Sleep Increases Pain: How Physical Therapy Can Help One activity that can easily be overlooked is something we do and need every single day is SLEEP! During our physical therapy sessions, we try our best to look at the body as a whole, and sleep is a topic we often talk to our patients about. One study

Photos from Set Physical Therapy's post 02/23/2022

🌟 Resistance Training 🌟
It can help slow down normal age related changes. So don’t be afraid to encourage a loved one to buy some weights or go to a workout class.

Read more about the benefits in our blog:


Mid Back Exercises

Ready to hit the green? ⛳️ Working from 🏠 a lot? This is the PERFECT exercise/stretch for you to help mitigate mid back pain! Grab your Swiffer or broom and get to work!


Chris - New Year's Resolution

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ is the start of something new. Chris’s (SetPT DC) resolution is something we all should work towards!

What are you doing/saying today to build a better future?


Resolutions - Erika

Erika (Set PT NYC) believes in looking for ways to improve at any time of the year. A new year can mean a fresh opportunity (so does every new day 😉)

This is what Erika is working towards, what goals are you working on?


Happy Holidays from Set PT! We hope you spend this time reflecting on the past year and enjoying some time with family and friends.

Holiday Stress Results on the Body 12/10/2021

Holiday Stress Results on the Body

Holidays are fun but also stressful. Between family gatherings, local events, gift shopping and more, it can be hectic.

We have a blog with a few quick tips on how stress impacts the body and what you can do to relax. Check it out!

Holiday Stress Results on the Body It’s the holiday season! It is time to get together with loved ones and have a good time. It is that time of year when you can cozy up in a blanket and enjoy a hot beverage while watching your favorite holiday movie. Unfortunately, with all the good that comes during the holiday


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Set! Whether you’re traveling this holiday season or staying put, we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Thank you to every man and woman that has served. We are in a great debt to you. We are thankful for your service and hope you have a good Veterans Day!


We are still in challenging times, so how do you stay healthy mentally during this times? BelievePHQ has some great tips in this illustration!

Take each day at a time, make some time for you to relax, talk to your friends and family are all ways to keep up your mental health.

Happy Friday!

Pelvic Health Part 1: What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy 10/11/2021

Pelvic Health Part 1: What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Not just for women! Pelvic floor therapy is for everyone! Want some stats: for men: 9% – 40% have reported pelvic floor dysfunction and in women: 25% – 50% have pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Of course this can increase with age. Want to know what happens at this appointment and figure out if you need to be seen? Check out our blog post!

Pelvic Health Part 1: What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy A physical therapist can do what!? That’s right, we can! A specially trained pelvic floor physical therapist can help you with all the things you do, but rarely want to talk about. For example, a pelvic floor PT (PFPT) is specially trained and educated to address bladder and bowel dysfunctions


WFH Exercises

Your back doesn't like sitting hunched over a computer 8-10 hours everyday. If you have a kitchen island, tall dresser, or something like that, you can do this stretch in between Zoom calls!


Vote for Us - Washington City Paper "Best of DC"

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Vote for us! Set PT is a finalist for best physical therapist in the Washington City Paper Please take moment to vote at this link:

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Vote for us! Set PT is a finalist for best physical therapist in the Please take moment to vote. Link in bio!

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Did you know that we use “wet” cupping as part of our treatments? Cupping has many potential mechanisms by which it can help people recover. We have attached some photos from an article titled.

The medical perspective of cupping therapy: Effects and mechanisms of action.

If you’re interested in cupping as part of your treatment, ask your therapist if it’s indicated for you.


Did the Olympics get you in the mood to exercise or try something new? If you’re trying tennis, you may want to use this exercise to help lengthen your rotator cuff! It’s great for your tennis 🎾 serve!


Submissions close on 8/1 for Washington City Paper’s Best of DC! Nominate SetPT today!

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💥To all our Wonderful Friends and Patients!💥
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Still trying to navigate a good home office? We have some advice on making your workspace more ergonomic and healthier for you!

Check it out in our blog ➡️


Strengthen Your Arch

🦶 enable us to stand strong, stay grounded, propel forward, become balanced. But excessive collapse in the arch, or overpronation, can lead to pain and functional limitations in the ankle, knee and hip.

➡️ Here’s a corrective exercise to strengthen the arch and promote better movement of the legs.

✨To progress, stand next to a wall on one foot and lift arch while pushing against the wall with the outer side of the non-weight bearing to strengthen the hips


4 Rotator Cuff Exercises from Chris!

It's good to stretch your rotator cuff to keep it strong! Chris is here to demonstrate his four favorite exercises he gives to patients that can all be done with an exercise band!


Happy Independence Day! Hope you all enjoy time with friends and family today!


Running Stretches - Stacy SetPT Atlanta

Whether you’re running for the first time or you’re a running enthusiast, it’s important to know what stretches are best for you! Stacy from SetPT Atlanta is here to show you her 2️⃣ favorite running stretches!


Riding your bike does more than just getting you out of the house - there are so many benefits to cycling! Here are just a few. Where is your favorite place to ride?

Belinda enjoys riding out in the country in Germany!


Tennis Elbow Stretches

You can get tennis elbow from more than just tennis. Here are some stretches to do when you start to feel that outer elbow pain.


Our SetPT team loves tennis!🎾 To help increase your strength for tennis, use a 10# medicine ball. Start at the top, and as you come down into a lunge, bring the medicine ball down across your body.

What’s your favorite tennis exercise?


It’s Memorial Day weekend! As you’re traveling and out and about this weekend, remember to stretch! Here is a great tip from Erika!


We're Hiring! Full Time Physical Therapist

✨Dream job in DC!✨ Hear from our DC SetPT owner, Chris Estafanous about the amazing benefits of working with us! If you're interested, please apply:

Photos from Set Physical Therapy's post 05/21/2021

🚨 PT JOB ALERT🚨 Join our team in DC! Swipe to see more about the description and requirements as well as who we are as a company! If you’re interested, please check out Indeed! Have questions, send us a message!


Want to know the kind of care that SetPT gives? Here is Belinda helping treat SIJ and lower back pain for one of her colleagues. Our DC office is 🅗🅘🅡🅘🅝🅖, so if you love spending time with your patients and want to give them 1x1 care for a whole hour - apply today!


Join our team in Washington DC! We are looking for a full time physical therapist with a passion for spending quality 1x1 time with their patients. If you’re interested, please check out the job description on Indeed! Have questions, send us a message!
Application link 🔽


We love getting feedback from our patients and this review brings a smile to our faces. Thank you Cindy for working with us!

Erika is in our NY office and is ready to help you get back to your best!


Working from home 🏠 OR from the office 🏢 can take a toll on your psychological well-being, and exercise is a great way to combat negative feelings! Plus it’ll give your eyes a break from your computer so you can clear your head 🧠 and come back to work with better focus. Do you try to exercise when taking work breaks?

Photos from CrossFit Route 7's post 08/08/2019

Photos from CrossFit Route 7's post


Go Karla Herdzik!

We are wishing Trident athlete, Karla Herdzik, the best of luck in the Tactical Games this weekend! The Tactical Games is where “CrossFit-Meets-Combat”.

Karla started training for the event four months ago. Her training included CrossFit, sandbag workouts in her backyard, Sunday Runday in a weight vest and some long rucks. She also included a couple range days to practice working out and shooting at the same time.

Karla credits weekly yoga at Trident and Kayla at SetPT for helping in her recovery, mobility and good movement patterns during training.

You can check out on Instagram and follow Karla; they’ll be going live throughout the event!

Plank Record Broken by Woman Who Held It For 4 Hours 06/19/2019

Plank Record Broken by Woman Who Held It For 4 Hours

Plank Record Broken by Woman Who Held It For 4 Hours By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory Superhuman feats of strength attracted the stone age people to each other. And in our times, while the meaning of …


We look forward to seeing you tonight at our FREE running biomechanics and yoga talk at 6p!


Good luck to all of the Boston runners tomorrow! Just know you’ve worked this hard and made it this far, you’ve got this, now just finish strong!!!

Shoulder MRI Findings in People with NO Shoulder Pain: Are Some Tears "Normal" - Howard J. Luks, MD 05/19/2018

Shoulder MRI Findings in People with NO Shoulder Pain: Are Some Tears "Normal" - Howard J. Luks, MD

Shoulder MRI Findings in People with NO Shoulder Pain: Are Some Tears "Normal" - Howard J. Luks, MD Your shoulder hurts and you see your doctor. You expect an MRI to be performed, and many doctors will oblige you and order that MRI. But .. what if I tol

Dry Needling in Physical Therapy: PATIENT SURVEY 12/19/2017

Dry Needling in Physical Therapy: PATIENT SURVEY

Dry Needling in Physical Therapy: PATIENT SURVEY Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.


If you have ever thought about stopping in to meet a physical therapist, now is the time! Kayla Robison from SET Physical Therapy will be at CrossFit Adaptation on 10/23. At SET we want athletes to keep training at their best. Schedule an appointment with Kayla by contacting her at [email protected].

Q & A with Kayla Robison on her experience as a Team USA PT 09/27/2017

Q & A with Kayla Robison on her experience as a Team USA PT

Q & A with Kayla Robison on her experience as a Team USA PT How did you first get involved in the Paralympics? I started working with Team USA in 2012 through the United States Olympic Committee’s volunteer rotation for medical providers. For my first two years, I worked with both Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the Olympic training centers in California…


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