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Fairfax Physical Therapy is a wonderful find. The two therapists, Keith and Gianna work well together and know sooo much. They have helped me through operations every time since 1996...and they are funny!

We are a small clinic that provides excellent individualized care. Your duration of the appointment consists of one-on-one time with a licensed therapist.

The entire duration of the appointment consists of one-on-one time with a licensed Physical Therapist. There is only one patient per room, allowing patients to have plenty of time to ask questions and work with their therapist in a private setting. We believe exercise is a vital component of treatment, and we customize the exercise program for each client. We are well-equipped to treat a variety o


Happy Spring from Fairfax Physical Therapy! ๐ŸŒธ

This is a picture of some gorgeous camellia flowers brought in by one of our wonderful patients from their own garden!


Keith ran into his old client Joe Theismann at the Rehab Summit in Las Vegas! Learned lots of good orthopedic therapies to bring back to Fairfax P.T.

Photos from Fairfax Physical Therapy's post 09/01/2020

-Those who spend 12 or more hours/day seated, are at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease and life-threatening falls.
-1 out of 4 adults in America have suffered back pain in the last 3 months
-7.6 million adults are disabled with back pain
-People with chronic back pain control their posture and balance differently. With poor posture, muscles are recruited to hold up the body which are typically not used to perform that job. This causes them to move inefficiently when they are supposed to perform their regular duties, which then forces them to use more energy causing stress and tension throughout joints in the body, resulting in pain.

By starting with addressing your postural muscles during sitting, you can then strengthen the body to sit, stand and exercise with good form. This can decrease stress and tension that you may have in low back, upper back, shoulders and neck. This is especially important for those who work a "desk job" and those working from home during these times. Make sure you have a good, comfortable chair, that will allow you to sit upright and work on good sitting posture. It's easy to get focused on what you are doing at your desk, at the computer, on your phone, but try to pull yourself away for a minute to check where your posture is positioned. Pull your shoulders back and down as seen in the images to begin strengthening your upper back and neck. Perform this exercise several times throughout the day, holding the position for 3-5 seconds, relax and then repeat.

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google 08/10/2020

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google I had my first Covid 19 test today. (Wow, they push that swab up your nose really far!) Good news, I tested negative. And I have decided that the therapist will be tested going forward every few weeks to help keep us all safe. Stay active, Stay positive, Stay Safe. Keith Scott, PT

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google 07/20/2020

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google It is Summer Road Trip season. Long car rides tend to really increase Low Back Pain and stiffness. When driving for prolonged periods, getting out of the car and stretching every 2 hours can really make a difference. Pictures are of my favorite stretches on Road Trips: Calves, Hip Flexors and Trunk....

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google 06/10/2020

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google

Please see our Google Post for updates on our hours and policies.

Fairfax Physical Therapy on Google Fairfax Physical Therapy is OPEN! Currently we are taking appointments for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. One patient in the clinic at a time. . Please bring a mask. If you do not have a mask, we are happy to provide you with one. . See you soon!


I am enjoying having people coming in for treatment. I have my new toy ( forehead thermometer) and I ordered 50 masks, so I am ready!

Presently, we are seeing just one person at a time in the office and airing out the office between patients. Call us when you are ready for Physical Therapy. 703 934 9411. Stay safe, Keith Scott, PT


March 18th, 2020. Here is what we are doing to help you feel safe at Fairfax P.T. during the Covid-19 pandemic. We only have 1-2 patients in the office at the same time. We are asking family members that bring patients to wait in their cars (unless it is really cold.) We are leaving the treatment rooms open to air out for 30 minutes between patients. And we are wiping down surfaces that people touch all day long.

Medicare has also approved telemedicine for Physical Therapy. So if you just want an update of your exercises and a few questions and are worried about going outside, contact us for a telemedicine appointment.

Lastly, I would remind everybody to limit constant media broadcast, take deep breaths and walk out side when you can. YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!


Yes we are still open at Fairfax Physical Therapy. The only change is Aileen and Marcy are wiping down surfaces and doorknobs frequently. And, so far, we still have Purell! So please come to your appointment if you're well. If you are sick, please stay home--we are not charging cancellation fees for March and April. Just give a call to let us know. We'll get through this together.

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These are the "do NOT's" of squatting. Avoid these motions when performing squats, you'll notice a difference ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘


Squats are a great exercise... when performed properly

-Squats are a great exercise for building up your strength. They recruit large muscle groups
-We need to squat every day in some form โ€“ sitting up and down from a chair, getting in and out of bed, getting in and out of a car, going to the bathroom
-Performing a proper squat can really take a strain off those knees from having bad techniques during squatting... So why not just do them the right way :).

Like our page to see more videos like this.


Let's Work on Those Squats

-Set yourself up near a stable surface that you can hold on to for balance.
-Place your feet just wider than your hips and slightly turned out
-Make sure as you perform the squat, you keep your head up as you lower down. So, if it helps, find a spot on the wall in front of you and keep your eyes focused on that as you squat
-Keep your back flat and stay โ€œheavyโ€ on your heels
-Start by pushing your hips back as if to sit your bottom on a chair (if you need to set a chair behind you for reference, thatโ€™s not a bad idea)
-As you perform the squat, keep pushing your hips back so that your knees do NOT go over your toes
-Keep your core tight. Keep that chin up with the focus spot on the wall. And make sure the knees do NOT turn inwards
-The squat does not need to be deep in the beginning, start with mini squats to get the feeling of good form and go from there.
-As you come back up, squeeze your glutes (your bottom/behind/buttocks however you call it) and bring yourself all the way to an upright, straight position. Even add an extra glute squeeze at the top

Here's a side view of good squat form :)


Those wacky people at Fairfax Physical Therapy can't resist dressing up at Halloween! Happy Halloween from Marcy, Keith, and Aileen.


Our PTA, Gianna Nicosia, is now a Licensed Massage Therapist! She is offering Massage services at Fairfax Physical Therapy, Tuesdays or Thursdays and weekends! Call our office 703-934-9411 or email [email protected]


Ankle Sprains! I am seeing a lot of them this year (not counting my own). If you sprain your ankle and can't walk normally in a day or two, it's time to see your MD and start Physical Therapy. Part of the intense pain associated with a sprained ankle comes from the ankle joint still being out of alignment even a few days later as you return to walking. So it is very helpful to have a skilled P.T. help line up your foot and ankle bones.

At Fairfax Physical Therapy, we teach you exercises to strengthen your leg, give you balance and proprioception activities to prevent future injuries, and teach you K Taping so you can walk sooner with less pain. Click CALL NOW at https://www.facebook.com/Fairfax-Physical-Therapy-1800556530212492/ for more info or to make an appointment.


Happy Thanksgiving from Stella and the Fairfax Physical Therapy team! Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!


Happy Halloween from The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing 2!


I am writing about ANKLE SPRAINS, because I was running with Stella (the dog), last week and tripped and gave myself a terrific ankle sprain. It got me thinking about what Physical Therapy has to offer for lateral ankle sprains or the dreaded "high ankle sprain."

Sprains are by definition ligament tears. They are painful and heal slowly. It is not uncommon to have swelling and slight muscle tears as well. Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy we can teach you how to tape yourself with Kinesiotape to decrease your pain, instruct you in Active Range of Motion and strength exercises. And most importantly, we can work on balance and proprioception activities so you don't sprain it again! By the way, I am back to Yoga but not running with Stella yet.


Fairfax Physical Therapy welcomes our newest employee, Stella! As you can see, Stella is a lover of belly rubs and welcomes all of our patients with a big smile and happy tail wags.


Lots of stories in the news this past year on concussions and post-concussion syndrome. Most of these articles deal with athletes in contact sports such as football or soccer. It occurred to me I am currently treating several adults (ages 25-85) for concussion and none of them are from sports injuries.

These articles recommend treating concussion with rest, over the counter pain meds for headaches, and gradual return to activity. All these are good ideas, but I have not read any articles that mention Physical Therapy or Craniosacral Therapy.

Fairfax PT has more to offer you than just rest and pain meds. We treat concussion and the headaches and dizzyness associated with concussion with traditional manual physical therapy techniques to re-align the head and neck. We also use Craniosacral work to improve the movement of the cranial bones and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and take the pressure off shifted cranial bones.

This seems to me like a very common sense approach to healing. If you have a blow to the head strong enough to knock you unconscious, what did that force do to your neck? And if you have a concussion, why wouldn't you seek out a therapist who has the skill to work gently with the bones in your head to make you feel better and hasten your recovery?

Share this post if you know someone struggling to recover from a concussion.


What's that Ringing Sound in my Ears??

Tinnitus is the medical term for that soft ringing in the ears or "woosh" sound that people hear- often in the evening when everything gets quiet. One of the most common causes of Tinnitus is side effects of medications (please read the side effect hand out that comes with prescription medication, especially with antibiotics or diuretics). However, Tinnitus is often caused by very tight muscles in the neck and a malalignment of the neck and head.

Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy, we have success with decreasing or eliminating Tinnitus by treating the head-neck-shoulder complex. By that I mean, the more we align your structures, and decrease muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders, the less you have ringing in the ears.


Big News! Keith cut his hair! But don't worry...clients say he's still got it. Call for an appointment today and come see for yourself! 703-934-9411. Happy 2018!


We are happy to announce a new addition to our rehab team!
Gianna Nicosia, PTA started at the beginning of November. She has a good background in teaching exercise and Yoga. Recently, she has been training in Pilates mat and reformer work.


Bulging discs is a common diagnosis for younger people with Low Back pain. But often ,with the over 40 crowd, Low back Pain can be caused by Spinal Stenosis. Spinal Stenosis is a medical term for narrowing within the spinal column. One of the classic symptoms associated with Lumbar Spinal stenosis is low back pain with prolonged standing and decreased walking ability. Often people can only walk for 5-10 mins. before they need to sit down. After sitting just a brief time they can walk another 5 -10 minutes.

Physical therapy can relieve symptoms associated with this diagnosis by offering exercise instruction and manual therapeutic techniques to increase flexibility and improve spinal alignment. Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy we help a lot of people with this problem. (And we accept Medicare!) Call for an appointment today 703-934-9411!


Fairfax Physical Therapy's cover photo


A diagnosis of "Chondromalacia" or "Patellofemoral Syndrome" sounds serious and sometimes scary, but these are just fancy medical terms for anterior knee pain. Often it presents as pain with walking on stairs, prolonged sitting, or under the knee cap. This pain can be caused by the patella (knee cap) not moving or tracking correctly as the knee bends and straightens. It's a condition that responds well to Physical Therapy. Traditional Physical Therapy helps the knee cap align itself better with stretching and strengthening exercises. Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy we teach clients patella taping so they can tape themselves to speed their recovery. Additionally, we use Myofascial Release techniques to address fascial restrictions at the hip and knee, which contribute to the underlying problem. End knee pain today! Call for an appointment (703) 934-9411


I see a fair amount of Headache clients at Fairfax Physical Therapy. Some have a Migraine component to them, but most are primarily muscle tension type headaches and are related to problems in the neck. A history of car accidents or trauma to the head from sports can be contributing factors.

Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy, we take a holistic approach to headaches which includes: Myofascial Release to decrease the pain and improve alignment of your spine, postural re-education, instruction in work place modifications, and gentle Craniosacral Therapy. Come and see us when you had had enough of those daily Headaches.


I have included this article today because, often sciatica or pain down the leg can be caused by muscles in your hip versus a lumbar disk protrusion. There are about 8 hip rotator muscles in this area that can cause pain down the leg. I think that they named it Piriformis Syndrome because that is the easiest muscle to spell. Myofascial techniques addressing the low back, hip and leg are very effective in turning off this kind of leg pain.

Happy New Year from the Fairfax Physical Therapy Team!



Do you have questions about essential oils? Do you want to learn what they can do for you? Oil Workshops is a great way to ask those questions and get more information on what oils can do for you. RSVP today by calling 703-934-9411.


Pilates is not just for dancers or athletes. With proper training and guidance, it can be an appropriate form of "head to toe" strengthening for just about anyone. Practicing Pilates regularly provides an individual with improved postural alignment, coordination, balance, strength, and stamina, that allows for increased ease with other sports or day to day activities. Learning the various Pilates exercises - whether on the mat, or the various types of apparatus, can be quite fun and provides a great way to connect your mind and body.

Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy, we incorporate Pilates exercises and principles into our rehabilitation. We provide individualized instruction, taking into account each patient's condition and personal goals. Our Pilates Reformer can provide a supportive and gentle means to build strength, while the Pilates chair can provide increased challenge by varying your position. Pilates is a well rounded discipline that can help someone rehabilitate, and provide a means of maintaining postural strength throughout one's life.



What to learn about essential oils and how they can change your life? Join us on November 29th here at our office to learn more!


Low back pain is the second most common reason for missing work. Almost everyone has had low back pain at some point in their life. I included this picture because the man is standing up, many of the exercises they show for low back pain they have you laying on your back. This is a nice place to start, but we need to learn how to sit and stand properly in those positions as well.

Here are Fairfax Physical Therapy, besides receiving excellent manual therapy we will show you proper exercises to get you back to moving and feeling pain free.



Join us this Friday for an evening of learning about essential oils. Taught by Keith's wife, Shannon Scott. Bring a friend!

vertigotreatment.org 11/02/2016

Cervical vertigo โ€“ caused by neck postures โ€“ Vertigo Treatment

I included this today because I went to an exercise class over the weekend and ended up with vertigo! We all think of vertigo as dizziness caused by inner ear problems. Often, vertigo can also be caused by neck issues. Muscler tension and forward head posture are often a part of the problem.

Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy we take a holistic approach to treating dizziness and vertigo. We evaluate your posture and your neck as well as your inner ear system. With this approach, we have been able to help a lot of people with dizziness and vertigo.

vertigotreatment.org INTRODUCTION Cervical vertigo can be defined as vertigo caused by neck postures irrespective of the orientation of the head to gravity. Cervical vertigo can also be simply defined as vertigo due to neck disorders (Ryan and Cope, 1955).


Headaches! We all get them. Many headaches can be caused by tight muscles in the neck. This picture shows how knots in the muscles (trigger points) of the neck cause headaches.

Here at Fairfax Physical Therapy our therapist are very skilled with working with the spine and understand the relationship between neck problems and headaches. Even a couple of sessions can make a huge difference in your headache pattern. We have also had some success working with people who have migraine headaches.


Planters Fasciitis is a very common orthopedic ailment of the foot. Most articles you see on the subject talk about calf stretching. It is more complicated and calf stretching usually doesn't work. In my experience, addressing the tightness or restrictions at the low back and hip as well as the foot and ankle helps this condition.

Here at Fairfax PT we can evaluate and treat your entire body and advise on foot wear and/or orthotics to help you get rid of this painful condition.

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Squats are a great exercise... when performed properly
Let's Work on Those Squats



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