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services are:
🔸️Semi-permanent makeup 🔹️Eyebrow shading
🔹️Lip Blush
🔹️Scalp micropigmentation
🔸️Eyebrow Lamination & Tint services

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Getting ready for the colorful season, Fall is in the air 🍂

This is one of my favorite color sets that I've created, and I think the colors I used are a big part of it.

If you were going to wear color lashes, what color would you pick? Leave a comment, I'm interested to know :)

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As a busy woman who likes to look good and presentable, I always look for services that can make my beauty routine as quick and efficient as possible.

Swipe for before and after 💋pigmentation. (First photo, no touchup on lips)

Having semi permanent makeup on my eyebrows and my lips has saved me so much time aaaand money 💰

Also there's a peace of mind when you have water/smudge proof makeup.

🔸️No more trips to the mirror after dinner for lipstick re-application.

🔸️No more lip stains on your drinking glass or your clothes, especially on that favorite white outfit 😰

🔸️No more bleeding lipstick around your mouth

🔸️No more blushing trace after a kissing session 😉

Comment if I miss anything 🙏

Book your semi permanent makeup appointment before October 1st and use the code FARNAZ15 for 15% off

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Gray brow hair is real and happens to most of us, tining and henna can help cover the grays while creating beautifully defined brows.

Tint/henna can stay on the skin for up to a week and on hair for up to 3 weeks.

This transformation is eyebrow lamination + Tint by

Farnaz's calendar is now open for October

Book your appointment before October 1st, using code: FARNAZ15

And 📣get 15% off


Your words mean a world to us 💕🙏


It's no secret that color lashes and lash designs are my passion 😌

It's an art that is slowly becoming more known and popular. It's about time! 👏

Lashes can be bold, color or not, but they can also be natural to fit your everyday lifestyle.

A great way to save time on your morning routine, aaand they are confident boosters 😎🙌

Book your appointment and see how they can change your life (trust me, they do).

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Looking for a positive, friendly environment to work and grow in your wax & brow career?
If yes, then send over your resume and become a part of our team.


Hi! My name is Faride and I’m the founder of Flair de Beaute 🤗

I’m a master lash artist (lashes are my obsession) and a permanent makeup artist. 

I love what I do, being a creator, artist, and entrepreneur. Through my work, I’ve met many incredible women who do amazing things in their fields and built relationships with them outside the treatment room.

It’s been 6 years since I started my journey in the beauty industry and it’s been a fun ride 😃

I can write pages about my journey but here’s a highlight:
After receiving my license and working for a year in salons, I decided to go on my own. 
In August 2018 I moved to my loft and started building my business. 
When I was ready to take the step toward my dream and scale my business, we moved to our current location in Falls Church VA. 
I don’t know what future holds but as always I’m super excited for what's to come 😌✨️

Outside my work, I’m a mom of an awesome human and an adorable dog 💞

Coffee is my fuel. I Love to explore and experience different places, food, culture and more...

What else do you want to know about me? Leave a comment or DM 

Thank you for being here 🫶



Lashing is art! ✨️
And art takes time to make!

It takes a lot of practice, patience, precisio, and accuracy.

Our full sets typically range between 2 to 3 hours to complete depending on your natural lash count and desired fullness!

If you're unable to lay down for a long period of time, lash extensions may be a difficult service to receive.

Lashes might take long to make, but they save so much time that it's worth it. 💯🙌

Comment 🙋‍♀️ if you agree.


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When these specific things happen, it can be extremely difficult for us lash artists to isolate and place lashes properly.

🔸Blinking/Squinting: the eye pads shouldn't feel uncomfortable at all. If they do, please let your artist know and she can adjust them. Blinking and moving your eyes around makes it hard to isolate.

🔸Expressive talking: try not to talk with your hands or move your face around too much when you're talking. Don't forget, sharp tweezers next to your eyes :)

🔸Caffeine: avoid drinking coffee before your appointment to prevent your eyes from fluttering. Caffeine can stimulate the eyes which makes it hard to relax

🔸Opening your eyes: the glue fumes will burn your eyes if you open them mid-service. Always keep your eyes closed and wait for your artist to let you know when it’s safe to open them!

🔸Scratching: of course if you have an itch you can get it, but try not to pull down on the eye pads as it can expose those bottom lashes

🔸Crossing and uncrossing legs: Any body movement makes your head move as well which makes it hard for the artist to isolate lashes. Poor isolation causes damage to your natural lashes. It’s all relative.

🔸Chewing gum: Again this is another form of face movement that makes it hard for us to isolate lashes and apply extensions overall.

Photos from Flair de beaute's post 07/26/2023

The first thing you should know is the difference between bikini and Brazilian waxing. Unlike a bikini wax, a Brazilian wax is the removal of everything, all hair from front to back ✨

Here are all the essentials to get you ready for your Brazilian wax:

🔸Wear loose clothing. Cotton panties are the most ideal (i.e., essential) item to wear to your wax appointment.

🔸Make sure your waxing hair length is appropriate: about a 1/4 inch.

🔸Pre-wax, disclose any sensitivities, allergies, or prescriptions you’ve recently taken (or if you are feeling nervous) to your wax specialist.

🔸If asking questions eases your anxieties, then, by all means, keep ’em coming. Need your waxer to walk you through the process? Strike up small talk. Not the chatty type? That’s okay, too. Our Wax Specialists will follow your lead.

🔸Exfoliate your skin the day before your wax

🔸On the day of your wax, avoid lotions and creams because they can interfere with the process.

🔸Skip tanning your to-be-waxed area 24 to 48 hours prior to your wax.

🔸Stay away from stimulants. Alcohol pre-wax can cause water retention and leave skin more sensitive. The same goes for caffeine.

🔸Most important: Breathe. Brazilian waxing is a sensitive area (both literally and figuratively). You’re disrobed from the waist down, but don’t let that deter you. Our Wax Specialists are complete pros. In a completely professional atmosphere. Just think of the smooth skin you’re going to have afterward.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to DM or contact us.

Photos from Flair de beaute's post 07/17/2023

Transform Your Look with Eyebrow Lamination - Get Fuller, Fluffier Brows that Last! ✨️🔥

Beautiful brows that will turn heads - at Flair de beaute, you don’t need to worry about makeup smudges or a sparse look.

Our Brow lamination procedure provides fullness and thickness, it holds even in humid weather.

Add tint to your service for the ultimate result 🤗

DM us with questions

Photos from Flair de beaute's post 07/14/2023

This is a very important question: Can you wax on top of a sunburn?
It’s a hard No.
A true wax specialist won’t wax sunburned skin.
This goes for other skin irritations such as any additional burns and rashes as well.

Waxing skin when it’s still recovering could cause further irritation and it’s painful!

Here are a few tips that might help your sunburn heal more quickly:

🔸Apply aloe vera to moisturize and prevent peeling
🔸Drink plenty of fluids to rehydrate the skin
🔸Try an oatmeal bath or essential oils

Once your skin is fully healed, book your appointment!

More questions? Comment or DM us.


Here's some reminders for long-lasting lash extensions 🤗👇

🔸️Clean your lashes daily, using a lash extension-friendly cleanser (we love the Prolong cleanser)

🔸️Don't brush your lashes while they’re wet.

🔸️Picking off your lash extensions will cause damage to your natural lashes, weaken, and/or permanently damage the hair follicles.

Lash extensions will only safely come off when removed carefully by your lash technician or when your natural lash sheds.

🔸️High heat from a blow dryer, ovens, stoves, grills, or anything with an open flame can cause synthetic lash extensions to singe or melt.

This could cause damage to your natural lashes or make them appear clumpy when they cool back down (NOT pretty!).

Dm us with questions

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Maintaining a regular wax routine is the best way to keep your skin smooth and glowing all year long. ✨ Plus, the other benefits: slower hair growth, less painful waxing and etc. make for a pretty amazing pay-off.

The problem is that it’s way too easy to put waxing on the back burner when life gets crazy we get it. That’s why we came up with a few tips to help you stay on track!

🔸Make Wax Appointments in Advance

Book your next appointment before you leave the studio. You can always reschedule later if something comes up, but this way you don’t have to take the time later to call/book online. Plus, booking in advance guarantees you’ll get your preferred time with your wax specialist.

🔸Plan Ahead

Think about the next time you need to have perfectly smooth skin. Do you have a special event coming up? A vacation? Are spring and warmer weather happening soon? Whatever the reason, make sure to book a wax appointment several days before you want to be at your smoothest.
Book your wax a few days before vacation to achieve ultimate smoothness for the entire trip.

🔸Don’t Shave Between Waxes

It may be tempting to turn to your razor if you experience a little stubble between waxes. But don’t do it! This will reset your hair’s growth cycle and erase one of the major benefits of a wax routine: getting all your hair to grow at the same rate, which results in perfectly glowing skin that stays smooth longer.

So there you have it – a simple plan to keep your wax routine on track and keep you smooth forever!

Book your next appointment today! 🤗

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This before & after is a great example of why brow lamination and tint procedure is so popular.

Brow lamination is designed to "taim" your brow hair so they stay in place without packing on makeup product on your brows.

It's up to you how to style them, you can brush brows upward or lay them nicely throughout your brows for a fuller and fluffy brow effect ✨️

This procedure can fill the gaps in your brows by creating an illusion of fuller brows.

Comment or DM us for any questions about lamination 🤗


Can you get wax and go to the beach? ⛱️🌊
It’s always best to wait one or two days between waxing and being in the sun—both before and after your wax appointment.

You don’t want to get sunburned pre/post-wax. appointment. Your skin is fabulously smooth, but it’s also sensitive.

Waxing exfoliates the skin, removing not only unwanted hair but your skin’s top layer of dead skin cells.
Fresh, open skin is more likely to burn and/or get irritated by grainy textures like sand or salt.
So wait 24 to 48 hours before beach time.

Also, always remember sunscreen!

DM us for any questions you have 🤗


Eyelash extensions are different from false lashes in one big way. They are attached to your lashes 24/7

Therefore, it is important to pick a style and fullness that works for your no makeup looks as well as with makeup.

Talk to our artist about what style and fullness work for your everyday life. We can customize a look that is specific for your needs.

Don't miss out on our promotion: $100 all fullsets with Mikailah.


Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there! 🌺💕

Today we celebrate the love, sacrifice, and unwavering support that mothers give to their children.

Wishing you a day filled with love and appreciation 🙏


We Love and appreciate the kind words that not only warms our hearts but helps our business to grow and helps us giving you the best experience that you deserve 💖


A beautiful combination of back and green spikes (Trendy classic) creates an eyeshadow effect while bringing out those gorgeous green, eye color.

Have fun with some color lashes this summer 😎☀️

DM us with questions, booking link in bio

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Hello May! 🌸💖
Treat yourself or a loved one to some amazing beauty services & products.

Need a perfect gift? our e-gift cards are just one click away. Use the coupon code to get 15% off on purchases $100 and up.

Take advantage of our limited-time offer and experience the beauty transformation you've been dreaming of.

Photos from Flair de beaute's post 05/01/2023

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that we can customize it to your eye shape, open or lift your eyes, give you the desired look (within reason) while considering your natural lash and eye health. 

We specialize in natural styling and volumes, thou we love the bold looks once in a while 😉

Book your appointment at the link in bio


Follow these tips to get the most out of your Lamination appointment

🔸Come with clean lashes
🔸Arrive on time
🔸No Mascara
🔸Get ready to relax
🔸Silence your phone

Remember to plan your appointment accordingly:
🔸No Water for 24 hours after Lamination
🔸No makeup for 24 hours after Lamination

DM us for any questions, we love to hear for you


Happy Birthday to the visionary founder who dared to dream and made it a reality.
Cheers to another year of success and fulfillment! 👸💗


Photos from Flair de beaute's post 04/17/2023

Waxing is a popular method of hair removal that offers several benefits, including:
🔸Long-Lasting Results: Waxing removes hair from the root, which means that it takes longer to grow back compared to shaving or other methods of hair removal.
🔸Smoother Skin: Waxing not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth.
🔸Reduced Skin Irritation: Waxing is generally less irritating to the skin than other hair removal methods like shaving or depilatory creams.
🔸Thinner Hair Growth: Over time, waxing can lead to thinner and finer hair growth, making it easier and less painful to wax in the future.
🔸Convenience: With regular waxing, you'll need to spend less time on hair removal, as hair growth becomes less frequent and less noticeable.
🔸Precision: Waxing can be done on various body parts, including large areas like legs and smaller areas like eyebrows.
Overall, waxing is a safe and effective method of hair removal that offers long-lasting results and can help you achieve long-lasting smoothness.


We love hearing our client's positive experience with us. Your feedbacks are valuable, they helps us understand how to serve you better in future and give you the ultimate experience that you deserve.
Thanks for your business and loyalty 🫶✨


If you are still deciding whether or not eyelash extensions are for you, then try our classic lash set.

It's a safe choice to achieve a natural style or a bit fuller look (if you have plenty of natural lashes).
They are easier to maintain and take much less time to apply than other sets.

DM us if you have any questions about Classic extensions


Introducing our newest service in the menu - gentle and effective hair removal for even the most sensitive skin types! Experience silky smooth skin with our expert waxing service. Get ready for the ultimate smoothness!

Photos from Flair de beaute's post 04/03/2023

Experience convenience at your fingertips with our range of services:
🔸Eyelash extensions
🔸Eyelash and Brow Lamination
🔸Face & Body Wax hair removal
🔸Face Threading
🔸Eyebrow and Lash tinting
🔸Scalp micropigmentation
🔸Semi-Permanente Makeup
🔸Liquid Tattoo Removal

Our licensed, experienced and friendly team is here to help you look and feel your best.
Book your appointment today!


Get ready for something new! Introducing our latest service, now available for booking. Discover the ultimate in Wax hair removal and treat yourself to an experience like no other. Book your appointment now and be one of the first to experience this exciting new addition to our menu! ✨


Follow these tips to get the most out of your lash appointment

🔸Arrive on time
🔸Come with clean lashes
🔸Avoid caffeine
🔸Use the restroom before
🔸Get ready to relax
🔸Wear comfy clothes
🔸Bring headphones
🔸Silence your phone


Prolong lash cleanser is an FDA-approved foaming cleanser specifically made for eyelash extensions. It was created by the founder of the first eyelash-only studio in Australia and is trusted by professional lash studios around the world for cleaning eyelashes both before and after extensions.

Using a foaming eyelash cleanser for extensions means you’ll protect your investment and keep your eyelash extensions looking great and for longer between appointments.

Developed as a non-irritating, gentle, and lightweight lash bath free from oils, sulfates, parabens, silicone, glycerol, glycerine, ethanol, petroleum, and synthetics. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Wash your lashes daily! ✨


"Who needs black mascara when you can have green lashes?🍀


The best compliment for us is referrals, we appreciate you spreading the word 💞 To show our gratitude, you will receive 15% off any service when you refer a family/friend. 🌸

Now for the month of March and April, we will also show our love to your family and friends by giving them 15% off as well.

Share this post and book your appointment using the link in bio.

looking forward to enhancing your natural beauty! 🫶


Experience the ultimate relaxation and lash transformation in our private lash room. Let our trained artist pamper you with customized lash treatments in a serene and comfortable atmosphere.


Happy Women’s Day! 🌸💞
The day to celebrate the women who have made a difference and inspired us. A special shout-out to all the incredible women in our lives for being such an amazing source of strength, support, and inspiration.


"Your Feedback Matters - See What Our clients Have to Say in Their Reviews!"


Had Brow Lamination?
Follow the aftercare for optimal brow health, longevity, and fluff!

The brows don't stay in the same position. They're flexible!

Just like your hair, they need fine tuning daily to the position you want them, lamination just makes in 500x quicker than using a brow gel!

Brush every day in the morning using a small amount of your Brow Boost Serum, and every time you get them wet!

If aftercare isn't followed, hair may become dry and brittle, frizzy, and curly, and it will last half the time!

Being meticulous is worthwhile, I promise!

DM for any questions about lamination or booking


Happy Vday to all our beautiful & loyal clients! We love and appreciate you 💕✨️

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