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Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is caused by inflammation of the muscles of the forearm that attach to the elbow. It’s usually a result of inflammation of the extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon.

Symptoms of tennis elbow develop gradually over a period of weeks or months as a result of repeated or forceful use of the wrist, hand, and elbow. Your symptoms may include:
- Pain that radiates into your forearm and wrist
- Difficulty doing common tasks, such as turning a doorknob or holding a coffee cup
- Difficulty with gripping activities
- Increased pain when you use your wrist and hand for lifting objects, opening a jar, or gripping something tightly, such as a knife and fork
- Stiffness in the elbow
- Weakness in the forearm, wrist, or hand

Below are some exercises you could do at home to help rehabilitate tennis elbow:

1. Fist clench -- Poor grip strength is a common symptom of tennis elbow. Improving grip strength by building the muscles of the forearm can help improve ability to perform daily activities.

2. Supination with a dumbell -- The supinator muscle is a large muscle of the forearm that attaches into the elbow. It’s responsible for turning the palm upward and is often involved in movements that can cause tennis elbow.

3. Wrist extension -- The wrist extensors are a group of muscles that are responsible for bending the wrist, like during the hand signal for stop. These small muscles that connect into the elbow are often subject to overuse, especially during racquet sports.

4. Wrist Flexion -- The wrist flexors are a group of muscles that work opposite the wrist extensors. These small muscles that connect into the elbow are also subject to overuse, leading to pain and inflammation.
As the days grow warmer, people tend to exercise outdoors more. Here are a few tips to help you keep cool while helping you stay in shape this summer.

1. Drink a LOT of water during and after exercise. Dehydration is a serious condition that can cause many other problems.

2. Wear sunscreen

3. Adjust your timing- Early in the morning or late at night are cooler times during the day. If you have to exercise outside, chose these times instead.

4. Dress appropriately- wear moisture wicking clothing that is loose fitting and can let your body breathe.

5. Go swimming- its great exercise and cools you down!

Our mission is to provide the best physical therapy services in a relaxed and friendly environment. We believe in providing one-on-one hands on care.

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JUNE IS SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH! The goal of this month is to highlight the growing need for public education, early detection and awareness about scoliosis and its prevalence.

Scoliosis is a 3 dimensional spinal deformity with deviation and rotation of the spine in the same direction. It generally occurs during a growth spurt right before puberty so early detection is paramount for greater success with interventions.

As some might already know Madhura is trained in the schroth method of treatment of scoliosis. To show the visual results that this effective treatment can produce here is an actual success story!

This is one of Madhuras younger patients, a 9 year old who received treatment for about 6 months. Here are the before and after X-Rays. Her curvature reduced from 17 degrees to 6 degrees!

So if you or someone you know suffers from scoliosis we encourage you to come see us and have an evaluation performed! Stay tuned to see what type of exercises are taught and performed to help reduce curvature of the spine.


Hand Therapy Week 2022

Although we are little late in celebrating Hand therapy week✋✋ which is from June 6 - 12 and was established by the American Society of Hand Therapists(ASHT) we wanted to remind everyone that the hands are extremely important for everyday life whether it is work, your hobbies, and for some, even communicating! Like every other body part, when there is a problem it is important to get the correct information from a professional who can guide you and start you on the path to recovery!

a little bit about this week:
"Throughout the week, members of the hand and upper extremity therapy community sponsor and organize events and celebrations in an effort to raise awareness among various audiences, highlight the benefits of the specialty and educate the public. Hand Therapy Week is held each year during the first full week of June (beginning on a Monday)." - AHST

Have you ever suffered from pain at the base of your thumbs? Maybe you experienced an unfortunate accident that impacted the movement of your fingers? or perhaps you have experienced abnormal discomfort in the elbows?

If you have experienced any of the mentioned issues then we can most certainly help. At Allied Health Solutions our OT/hand therapists can help with all of these issues, our hand therapists can also treat a mirage of upper extremity and hand conditions including:

👉 Arthritis and rheumatic diseases
👉 Fractures
👉 Nerve injures and conditions
👉 Tendon injuries and repairs
👉 Vascular disorders
👉 Wounds and scars

So if you are in need of hand therapy we got you covered our OT's Shay or Emily can help guide you down the right path to recovery!💪

Faulty Foot Posture Leading to Low Back Pain - Allied Health Solutions 06/07/2022

Faulty Foot Posture Leading to Low Back Pain - Allied Health Solutions

Many people who come for therapy for low back pain🤕💢 never suspect that their foot posture👣 influences their felt symptoms. Check out our latest blog where we discuss how ones foot posture influences low back pain symptoms and what can potentially be done to alleviate these symptoms!

Faulty Foot Posture Leading to Low Back Pain - Allied Health Solutions This blog gives an insight into how faulty foot posture can lead to Low Back Pain and how they are interlinked with each other.


Having low back pain?🤕💢 we got you covered! in this video our physical therapist Madhura explains the use of a very affordable yet effective tool that we use at the clinic called a lumbar roll. This lumbar roll will and has helped those who sit for prolonged periods of time through out the day.
Link to the roller we use:


Got Aching hips?

Our physical therapist Melissa was feeling some left hip aching with walking and moving about this morning so she decided to take action and prevent the pain from progressing more as the day progressed with the exercises performed in the video. Here is a breakdown:

1. Single leg stance: a good basic starting position for stability of the lower extremity. Great for beginners and can be progressed further with...
2. Tree Pose: also known as Vrikshasana. It can help your posture as well as your core and leg stability.
3. Happy Starfish: helps the stability in the frontal plane of the body. (Plus, it's just fun to do! 😄)
4. Hip airplane: helps challenge coordination, mobility, stability, and glute activation in the more challenging transverse plane. This is usually not a beginner move but can be worked up to with the right guidance from a trained professional like a yogi, PT, or ATC.

**DISCLAIMER: Always consult your medical provider before attempting a new exercise regime. **

If you're experiencing pain, limited mobility, weakness, or balance issues, contact us for guidance so we can help you find the right treatment to help you help yourself!


Learning ‘Shock Wave Therapy’ from Dr. Lonny Nodelman @District Foot & Ankle
Here is what he posted on Linkedin👇

"Madhura Gurjar is the best physical therapist in Northern Virginia. Here I'm showing her how my shockwave unit works. I only use it for lower extremity pathology like chronic plantar fasciopathy or achilles' tendinopathy but it has a plethora of other applications like calcifying tendinopathy of the shoulder, tennis elbow, erectile dysfunction, skin ulcers and delayed or non-uni" - Dr. Lonny Nodelman


When to apply heat and cold packs

A very common question our patients ask our therapists is when is it appropriate to apply a heat pack🔥 or cold pack❄️ on an injury? If you have the same question then look no further! our therapist Madhura has answered this commonly asked question in this short 1 minute video! if you have any more questions that you might want answered then leave a comment below!

Physical Therapist - Falls Church, VA - 04/26/2022

Physical Therapist - Falls Church, VA -

We are hiring!!!

Physical Therapist - Falls Church, VA - Allied Health Solutions, LLC


"Medicine adds days to life occupational therapy adds life to days"

Our OT Shay Hagerty was rocking words of wisdom while on her trip to Florida. As a friendly reminder we do have hand therapists at Allied Health Solutions to help with any hand related issues✋🤕. We truly believe our OTs can help add life to your days!


Happy Earth day🌳🌎🌞everyone! what better way to celebrate earth day than to go out and work in your garden. For those who are afflicted by arthritis of the hand we highly suggest you take a look at our latest blog post!


A very useful tool in a physical therapist and occupational therapists tool box 🧰🔧is kinesiology tape. The benefits patients see from taping can immensely change the tolerability of the discomfort which arises from their condition. Taping is commonly seen in large areas of the body such as the shoulder and legs but our Occupational therapists love using kinesiology tape for smaller areas such as the hand. When they evaluate a patient and assess their condition, taping will be done as part of their plan of care if appropriate.

Below is a small graphic made by our Occupational Therapist Shay. In the graphic you will see an example of specific tape placement on the hand which will aid with pain presented in the thumb when doing the movements mentioned.


Having hand arthritis discomfort✋🤕? try these exercises!

Here at Allied Health Solutions we have occupational therapists who work with the elbow, wrist, and hand at both our Falls Church and Sterling locations! if you or a loved one have any concerns about a specific problem affecting those areas we highly recommend you set up an initial evaluation to get a better understanding of your condition as well as learn some specialized exercises to help the condition or injury.

(Falls Church)
2841 Hartland Rd #403, Falls Church, VA 22043

46090 Lake Center Plaza STE 303, Sterling, VA 20165
Phone: 571-771-3130


Occupational therapy month

April is National Occupational Therapy Month👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️, which is all about celebrating the holistic approach that occupational therapy has brought to healthcare, the vital importance of occupational therapists (OT’s), and the miraculous achievements of their patients. This month we will be sharing various posts related to occupational therapist but what better way to begin than by showing off our very own OT’s here at Allied Health Solutions!

Here is a little bit about them!

Emily(Left) completed her undergraduate studies at Penn State University, then received her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She loves the field of OT because it allows her to help people perform the tasks and activities that are meaningful to them. She has clinical experience in a variety of settings, including hospital, skilled nursing, house calls, and hand therapy. Emily chose to pursue a career focus in hand therapy after seeing a need for specialized, skilled treatment of upper extremity injuries and conditions in all of her work settings.

Shay(Right) received both her undergraduate degree and Master of Occupational Therapy degree at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA making her a “double duke”! She loves occupational therapy because the rehabilitation process allows her to empower others, restoring their ability to participate in activities that bring them joy. She has clinical experience in hospital and hand therapy settings.


Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis🎾💪💢, is a common overuse injury that causes pain at the outside of the elbow. Symptoms of tennis elbow include pain when lifting items, grip weakness, and elbow stiffness. If you or loved one are currently experiencing symptoms of tennis elbow our occupational therapist Shay recommends that you try adding in this stretch several times a day to help manage the pain!

Tennis elbow normally resolves itself with rest but if you need more help and a better understanding as to why you are experiencing tennis elbow we recommend you set up an appointment with our occupational therapist for a personalized therapy program which will not only help with your current pain but prevent future occurrences.


We are excited to introduce you all to our newest neighbor here at Allied Health Solutions Sonia Marie‼ Sonia is a licensed massage therapist(LMT) who has been a positive addition to our growing ecosystem🌳🌳🌳 providing only the highest quality care to her patients. Sonia takes on a medical approach👩‍⚕️ for massage therapy that is intentional and intuitive. She not only provides a hands-on approach that is unique to each patient, but also educates those who wish to understand their body on a deeper level to yield empowerment.

Sonia holds a BA in Psychology from George Mason University👩‍🎓and a License in Massage Therapy. She attended an intensive 2 year massage program at NVCC, completing her studies in 2016. Sonia has had the pleasure of working on touring musicians and artists, such as the Moscow Nutcracker Ballet, and has done volunteer work as a Massage Therapist for the Marine Corp Marathon.

In her free time she enjoys strength training🏋️‍♀️, snowboarding🏂, and dancing💃. Every so often, she experiences nomadic outbursts. On a leisurely day, she enjoys sunbathing in bed with her cat and a good book, particularly on the topic of psychology.

To learn more as well as book an appointment with Sonia visit her website below!


Saint Patrick Days 2022

Happy St. Patrick Days everyone! today at Allied Health Solutions we are feeling extra lucky and blessed and its all thanks to every one of our patients who bring sunshine even on our most cloudiest of days!🍀🍀🍀

Schroth Therapy Stall bars - Allied Health Solutions 03/14/2022

Schroth Therapy Stall bars - Allied Health Solutions

As many of you may know, our physical therapist Madhura is Schroth certified‼‼ This allows her to practice the schroth method which is an effective approach used to address individuals with scoliosis. The Schroth method uses stall bars which are one of the primary tool of a skilled Schroth scoliosis specialist. If you aren't familiar with what stall bars are then we highly recommend you check out our latest blog to learn more, just click the link below!

Schroth Therapy Stall bars - Allied Health Solutions Stall bars are the primary tool of a skilled Schroth scoliosis specialist. Like many things, not all stall bars are created equal.


International Women's Day 2022

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY‼ Every year, March 8th is celebrated as International Women's Day across the world to promote women’s rights and honor their achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.📣

Allied Health Solutions is very proud of having such a strong team of ladies who put their best foot forward everyday to provide a level of care that is unmatched.

From Allied Health Solutions we would like to thank all the women who make this world a better place, this day belongs to you because lets face it being a woman itself is a superpower🦸‍♀️💢. Celebrate that. Happy International Women's Day‼


Happy Monday everyone, Just a friendly reminder to anyone thinking they need a referral to come visit us. SB 1187 was a bill passed during the 2021 General Assembly which was signed into law by Gov. Ralph Northam and became effective on July 1, 2021. What this bill proposed was to extend the treatment without referral period time FROM 30 TO 60 DAYS‼‼

This only applies to physical therapists who have completed a doctors of physical therapy program approved by the commission on accreditation of Physical Therapy Education OR who has obtained a certificate of authorization to evaluate and treat patients after an initial evaluation without a referral under certain circumstances. So if you would like to schedule an appointment but do not have a doctor's referral no need to worry because SB 1187 has you covered! For the first 60 days at least😉

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Occupational therapy month
Saint Patrick Days 2022
International Women's Day 2022
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Hydraulic hand dynamometer by Baseline



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