Sugar Suite Lounge

Sugar Suite Lounge

A luxury full service spa, that caters to both women and men.

Let’s talk dry and oily skin at the same time💛 Do you know the difference? Is your skincare specialist educating you properly??? It’s important when you have acne and dry skin that you know how to properly use your products especially when you have dry patchy skin as well. A lot of acne products make your skin dry because it’s drying out your acne, but what are you doing to add the correct amount of moisture 💧to your skin to keep it hydrated and even without creating future breakouts🤔 I met this Suiteheart almost 2 months ago and she came in with Combination of Dry and Oily Skin.🗣However, the knowledge behind products and how to properly treat the skin is what’s important suites. We have completely changed her regimen, got her on a routine for her peels (She’s only had 2) and her skin is already doing amazing. No more patchy, red, dry, oily and uneven skin for this Suiteheart. Sugar coated all 2020 💛💛💛. #sugarcoated #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 Wait until she finishes her series. 😩🙌🏾. SSL is a lifestyle 🤞🏽.

Over at @sugarsuitelounge we are walking advertisements of what the SSL Brand stands for 💛💪🏽. My beautiful Suiteheart and amazing Assistant Esthetician @sugarcoatedbyjaz ✨✨. She started her skincare journey with me a year ago and get into her skin right now 💛💛💛. She enrolled in my Esthetician program at @sslskininstitute and has been working side by side with me for these past 6 months and has been killing it 💪🏽💪🏽. I’ve been teaching her this whole sugar coated process and she has been sugar coating the city right next to me and is booked 💪🏽🤞🏽💛. They say you’re only as successful as those you put in position 💪🏽💪🏽. Get it Jaz. So proud of your skincare journey and your amazing work ethic. SSL is a lifestyle 💛💛😘 #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasskincare #dallasesthetician #sugarcoated #teamssl #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sugarcoatedbyjaz

Thank you 2019 it has truly been an amazing and blessed year both personal and business. I created my own Skincare line in 2019 and sold out sooooo many times. 💛✨ I’m truly thankful for each one of my suites for keeping me booked until MAY 2020 right now at my baby @sugarsuitelounge and excited for all the new things in store to offer with the new services. I’m so thankful for each student suite at my school @sslskininstitute that has came and went and those that are still there. It’s truly an honor and blessing. So thankful for an amazing and supportive family. And I can’t wait to see what all God has in store for this amazing new decade in #2020 If I don’t say it enough, 🗣 Thank you for each client, each referral, word of mouth, and so much more. 2019 showed me so much about ME, and I’m excited for 2020 and the growth 💛✨. CHEERS TO 2020 SUITEHEARTS. THANK YOU LORD FOR ANOTHER YEAR 💛💛💛. Signed your skincare specialist @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #happynewyear #sslvibesonly🤞🏽

It is with great pleasure and honor that I welcome one of my suitehearts to the @sugarsuitelounge team. Being a nurse. It’s hard to find another nurse that you think will be just as great. Welcome @sugarcoatedinfuserdez to SSL team. Dezeray is a RN with 9years experience. Her Background is in Oncology and Medical/ Surgical and Has a history working with cosmetic patients. 💛💛. 🗣 DEZERAY IS OUR IV HYDRATION NURSE OR WHAT WE LIKE TO CALL, our SUGAR COATED INFUSER 💛💉💉. We have customized 11 IV drips and will also offer amazing injections(B12, Vitamin D 💉and etc) What is the benefits of IV hydration 💧
We are all different. Our bodies have different needs depending on our health, activity level, and our lifestyle. Drinking fluids doesn’t give your body the specific things it needs to perform at the highest levels. Hydration IV therapy 💧is completely customized to your body. You get the perfect mix of fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients that you need to feel your best. You can have hydration IV therapy that focuses on:
– Athletic recovery
– Energy boosts
– Hangover recovery
– Skin care
– Immunity boosts
🗣BOOKING WITH @sugarcoatedinfuserdez BEGINS FEBRUARY 1st Suitehearts. 💧. Promo video coming soon. #sugarsuitelounge #ivhydration #drips #sugarcoated #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #onestopshop

My goal is to always position those around me 💛. Callie, my Callie 💛💛
It is not always the easiest dealing with someone like me 😩😩 trust me I know, but my assistant/receptionist @sugarcoatedbycallie does it so effortlessly 💛💛💛. All while going to school right next door @sslskininstitute Callie I’m so thankful for you and your amazing humbling spirit. I’m so excited for what’s to come in the future for you. I would like to announce that Callie is officially our YONI SUGAR COATER 💐💐. Officially FEBRUARY 1st you are able to book your Yoni steam with Callie 💛💛. Callie was very particular and serious about this task and making sure we had the best herbs, that were truly top of the line and the best yoni chair 🪑 to make this all so comfortable 💛💛. What is yoni 💐 Let’s face it — between menstruation, sexual intercourse, and childbirth, the vagina withstands a lot. When you add changing hormones and pelvic floor issues to the mix, sometimes the vaginal area is anything but comfortable. Vaginal steaming is an age-old natural remedy said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating and sooooo much more. Promo video loading 🎬. For now you can book online because y’all know how we fill up at @sugarsuitelounge 😩💛. Sugar Suite Lounge is more than Selfcare services, it’s a lifestyle 💛🤞🏽🥂. CHEERS TO YOU CALLIE. #sugarcoated #sugarcoatedbycallie #yonisteam #sugarsuitelounge

Before the year ends, let me take a minute and thank my beautiful assistant Esthetician @sugarcoatedbyjaz 💛💛. Jaz you have been killing it as my assistant these last 6 months and I’m soooooo proud of you. So humble, so sweet, takes directions and constructive criticism sooooo well. You handle every task, suiteheart and business at hand which so much grace. I’m so thankful to have you apart of the SSL team. In 6 months you have made more than some would in 18 months 💪🏽💛. Killlinggggggg it 💛. So humble with it to. Thank you to all that have trusted her with your skincare. For a FIRST YEAR ESTHETICIAN SHE HAS BEEN KILLING IT. When they ask, what school she went to 🗣 @sslskininstitute of course 💪🏽💛. She has been team SSL from the jump. Thank you Jaz and here’s to making double what you made it 2019 🥂. If you know then you know 💰. OH YEAH, she’s booked out until February 2020 💛💪🏽. It’s an SSL Thang #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarsuitelounge #sugarcoatedbyjaz #dallasesthetician 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

[12/29/19]   Suitehearts make sure you are cleansing for a FULL MINUTE 💧💧 but when adding steam it makes it sooooo amazing. Steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse✨Opening up your pores also softens blackheads, making them easier to remove.
It promotes circulation. The combination of warm steam and an increase in perspiration dilates your blood vessels and increases circulation. This boost of blood flow nourishes your skin and delivers oxygen. The result is a SUGAR COATED GLOW✨Opening up your pores allows the release of dead skin cells, bacteria, and other impurities that clog the pores and contribute to acne.
It releases trapped sebum. When sebum gets trapped beneath your skin’s surface, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and causes acne and blackheads.🤢🌬Steam hydrates the skin by helping to increase oil production, naturally moisturizing the face. Not to mention it promotes collagen and elastin💫✨. #skincarespecialist #dallasesthetician #dallasskincare #sugarsuitelounge #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #SteamSunday

Don’t try to kiss anyone under the mistletoe this #nye with dry, crusty lips 😩😩😩🤦🏽‍♀️Get up and exfoliate those lips 👄by exfoliating the lips, you are able to neutralize lip discoloration and get rid of those pesky dark spots and impurities. 💋 Exfoliating the lips lifts the dead skin, and it helps to fade the darker areas around your mouth. How often should you exfoliate your lips💋.... at least once a week. People always ask, what’s my favorite lip exfoliater.... @freshbeauty Sugar Lip Polish 💋. Get it now. @sephora galleria always sells out because I send so many of my suitehearts over there to pick them up 💋💋 #lips #drylips #exfoliate #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasesthetician #educationiskey

When you wake up and realize that Sugar coat is real. What filter? Sugar coated all day and night long. How are you going into 2020💛💛💛. Fresh faces vibes #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #freshface #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #2020goals

Merry Christmas from mine to yours. 🎄🎄🎄🎄

How did you wake up this #christmaseve ✨✨✨. Make sure your skin looks flawless without that filter sis 💛💛. My suiteheart has had beautiful skin since coming but we had to even her out and give her skin the all around sugar coat. No more rosy cheeks, no more uneven skin🙅🏽‍♀️. Just absolutely FLAWLESS. She has been getting Sugar coated all 2019 and going in 2020 flawless. Make sure your #esthetician not filtering your photos 🙄. #hellosugar #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasskincare #dallasesthetician #nofilter #sugarcoated #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician 🗣BOOKED UNTIL MAY 2020 💪🏽 no letting up 💪🏽

“ice pick scar” 😔 is a long, narrow scar that extends deep into the dermis. Ice pick scars are deep with steep sides, leaving a small, yet obvious, "hole." The skin looks as if it has been pierced by an ice pick or other sharp instrument 😔 🙀What causes Ice pick scars? 👉🏽They are caused by an inflammatory breakout, such as a deep papule or cyst, that has damaged the skin's structures. They are most common on the cheeks. Some look like a large, open pore. Others are more obviously a scar. They can be fairly deep, extending a few millimeters into the skin. Everyone’s treatment plan is different. This is not an overnight fix. Make sure your skincare specialist is educating you 💛💛💛 #educating #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #acnescars #sslvibesonly🤞🏽

We’re leaving all 👏🏾dead 👏🏾skin 👏🏾behind in 2019 👏🏾💛✨. ✨. You may not think you need a peel because you don’t have hyperpigmentation and or visible acne, but everyone has dead skin that NEED TO GET RID OF. So every quarter we are doing just that to prepare for the weather and season for your skin 💛✨It’s something about trusting the Sugar Coated Process ✍🏽🙌🏾. Everyone has different goals with their skincare and for this suiteheart, I think it’s safe to say we have achieved her goal 🥅. Even skin tone,flawless skin and the ability to walk around with just a sugar coated glow and makeup free. Yassssss your skin is goals babes 🌹🌹. What are your skin goals for 2020 Suites? Thank you for trusting me with your skin and following your regimen and staying consistent for the past year 💛💪🏽✨✨. Such a suiteheart inside and out. 🥰🥰🥰🥰. Have you been sugar coated yet? It’s nothing like it, zoom in 🧐 so you know it’s real. No filters needed 😍. Sugar coated to absolute perfection. When they ask, tell them 🗣 @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician booked until April 2020😩🥰 #dallasskincare #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #2020goals #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #skincareroutine #glowup #glowupchallenge #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarcoatqueen👑 #yourestheticiansesthetician #chemicalpeel

#freshfacefriday ✨✨
♨️HIGH FREQUENCY , old technique that still works AMAZING ♨️so what exactly is it, so many have asked? 🤔 It’s a treatment used by professionals (NOT FOR YOU TO DO AT HOME 👀👀) to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles, rejuvenate the condition of the scalp and much more. Love a good High Frequency #sugarsuitelounge #dallasesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #freshface #highfrequencyfacial

2019 has been amazing. Let me see what this resume about to look like in 2020..... just wait #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #sslskininstitute #2019

Maintenance is key 🔑 and every 6 weeks I promise her skin just gets healthier and healthier 😩😩. Y’all wish this was a filter 🙄🙄. Besides promoting relaxation, regular facials provide many benefits, including noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture and appearance. ... It is important to understand how your products can help you maintain the look of your skin and apply them regularly to feed your skin with essential nutrients. ✨. Just know that when you see @prettygyrl07 that sugar coat is real 💛✨💪🏽. #filterfree #sugarcoated #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasesthetician #houstonesthetician #arkansasesthetician #esthetician #skincare #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician

🙀 If this is just 30 days, I can’t wait to see your 90 day transformation 😩🤞🏽 🗣REAL RESULTS 💪🏽. 🗣 NO #filter 🤞🏽✨✨. 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾. GO AWAY ACNE peel for the win 😍🤗. 🤔 Did you know that Acne in the cheeks is usually the buildup of sebum in the pores of the skin🙀Sebum is an oily substance made by the sebaceous glands under the skin. 🧐✨When this becomes trapped, it can form pimples on the surface of the skin. These are small, red, pus-filled spots and if you try to pop them on your own, that can leave a scar or depending on how long it has been there, it will leave a scar as well even when extracted properly 😩. A series of Sugar Coated Peels, at home regimen and well balanced diet and babyyyyyy we have a Sugar Coated Suite✨✨. Have you been sugar coated??? #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #byebyeacne #dallasskincare #dallasesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarsuitelounge 🗣 when they ask, tell them 🗣 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician

Mood all 2020🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 #2020 #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽

Nothing like a Sugar Coated Suite. Chemical peels do more than shed away old skin, and everyone DOES NOT PEEL, however it’s an amazing form of exfoliation, and a way to rejuvenate and revive the skin, improve the texture of your skin and so much more ✨✨✨ If one was to see My beautiful suiteheart prior to her peel, they would wonder why would she need a peel because to them her skin was “fine” 🤷🏽‍♀️ , her skin was dull and needed to be revived. But like I tell all of my suites, we are going to get rid of the old skin, prepare your skin for the weather and remove the old skin so that your products can penetrate the way they need to 💛 #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #dallasesthetician #esthetician #chemicalpeel #dallastexas #farmersbranch

The clarity of the video isn’t the best. I was having trouble recording this one 😩😩. But the focus is on what was coming out 🙌🏾🙌🏾. 🗣Ears👂🏾 are apart of your face also. Be sure your skincare specialist is educating you on the importance of your ears 👂🏽 as well. 🙀Oil and dirt will cause blackheads inside of your ears👂🏾 and can become very painful.😩😩. Yes more painful than the nose 👃🏽. 👉🏽extractions are so important. 🗣Extractions help to remove excess of oil, or sebum, which is made by the sebaceous glands that are found around the hair follicles. 👀When too much sebum and dead skin cells clog the follicles, they become irritated and inflamed, resulting in pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and other lesions. 🙀. Extractions are major 🔑. ✍🏾Booking now for April/May 2020 ✨✨✨ #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuitelounge #dallasesthetician #dallasskincare. #sugarcoated when they ask, tell them @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician 😘😘. #sslvibesonly🤞🏽#bookedandblessed

THIS SATURDAY IS MY 80s/90s Skate Party. WE will have giveaways for best outfits, food and alcohol. All while giving back for a good cause. WHO KNOWS HOW TO SKATE...... I KNOW I DO. RSVP IS A MUST #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #christmas #skateparty

Them: “What you got up your sleeve now for @sugarsuitelounge and @sslskininstitute
Me: “Oh, you know, planning on how to hit 2 million instead of 1 million for 2020 and continue to make sure my whole TEAM EATS!!
If you know then you know. I stay coming with something. Just wait. You thought they was mad in 2019, 2020 is gonna really hurt they feelings 😩😩😩😩😩
✨Skin: me 🙋🏽‍♀️ @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician 🙄
✨Bomb natural beat 💄: @janayefaces
✨Microlinked by the MicrolinkMadam: @naturally_kesh
✨Headed our in my @thesamanthawest Tshirt dress and making money in it.

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