Sugar Suite Lounge

Sugar Suite Lounge


Petra Dillard-Laws this is the place to be.... 😘😘

A luxury full service spa, that caters to both women and men.

Operating as usual

It’s the fresh face and lashes for me always. Happy fresh face Friday Suitehearts 💛. #freshface #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasesthetician #skin #sugarsuitelounge #esthetician NO FILTERS OVER HERE. 💛💪🏽 @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician

🗣WHAT SHE SAID💛💪🏽. Run that back sis 💛. What filter 💪🏽💪🏽. We don’t do Paris #igfilters over here. 🗣 SUGAR COATED VIBES ONLY. Stop playing with me. 💛💛💛. #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #dallasesthetician

When you see her , know that’s sugar coated 💛💪🏽. From Dallas to Ireland, yes Ireland 🇮🇪!! Every time my sis touch down the sugar coat is real 💛💛💛. Y’all know how @corporatecountrychic feels about her sugar coated skin... FLAWLESS. #dallasesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarsuitelounge

Happy Self Care Sunday 💛💛💛

Cause my whole #team lit and you can’t go wrong either way. Consistency with those @sugarsuitelounge ladies #selfcaresundays #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge IF I EAT, my whole team gonna eat 💛💛💛 (And @sugarcoatedbydestinyg is killing the brows. Post coming soon )

Mr and Mrs. #blacklove

😩 it’s the sugar coat for me💛. God truly has blessed my hands 🙌🏾. Have you been sugar coated 💋. When they ask, tell them @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #dallasesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #freshfacefriday

Happy birthday Mommy 💛💛. To the one that created who I am today, my reason for the things I do. My spiritual counselor, my rock, my backbone, a true fighter and superwoman to me..... it’s been just you and I and you always made sure I didn’t miss a beat. I will never know the true sacrifices a single mother has to make or the ones you made, but I have and will continue to make sure that because of those sacrifices you made for me, you will never have to make another one as long as I have breath in my body. To the Director of @sslskininstitute , Mama Suite to @sugarsuitelounge , MiMi to my girls , my mommy..... HAPPY 58th BIRTHDAY TO YOU 💛💛💛. Love you more than you know #happybirthday 💛💋💋 @texasmimi3 ENJOY CHAPTER 58 mommy the best is yet to come 💋

How did you wake up this morning 💛💛. Sugar coated for my suitehearts 💛🤞🏾. 🗣 NO FILTER #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #dallasesthetician

#helloseptember 🍁🍂 I know that I’m booked until March 2021, however my amazing team is here and ready to get your skin sugar coated and together 🤞🏾💪🏽
You are only as successful as those you put in the same position to win. Allow me to reintroduce the SSL team. Together we are an entire vibe. 💛 @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician Owner, Lead Esthetician that specializes in corrective skincare, Sugar coated Peels all day and any and everything related to skin and body (5 yrs Esthetician experience and nursing experience) 💛 @sugarcoatedbyjaz Lead Esthetician, specializing in all things skin, Microdermabrasion Master 💛 @sugarcoatedbycallie Yoni specialist, Beard Gang provider, specializing in all men skincare needs, and getting all of our teen suites together, and Office Manager 💛 @sugarcoatedbydestinyg Eyebrow Specialist, Microblading, Microshading, ombré brows, lamination and all things Brows also, Destiny provides with the perfect facial consultation services to get your skin and journey on the right sugar coated path 💛🤞🏾
ALL OF THESE LADIES GRADUATED FROM MY SCHOOL @sslskininstitute 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛. Welcome the SSL DALLAS Team. #dallas #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 BOOK WITH THOSE SSL LADIES 💛💛

Whatever you do, don’t pick. Leave it to the professionals 💛 💋 @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge

It’s definitely the texture for me 😩💛 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge

These past 9 MONTHS HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to see your transformation 😩💛 It’s important when you have acne and dry skin that you know how to properly use your products especially when you have dry patchy skin as well. A lot of acne products make your skin dry because it’s drying out your acne, but what are you doing to add the correct amount of moisture 💧to your skin to keep it hydrated and even without creating future breakouts🤔 I met this Suiteheart 9 months ago and she came in with Combination of Dry and Oily Skin.🗣However, the knowledge behind products and how to properly treat the skin is what’s important suites. We have completely changed her regimen, got her on a routine for her peels and her skin is already doing amazing. No more patchy, red, dry, oily and uneven skin for this Suiteheart. Sugar coated all 2020 💛💛💛. #sugarcoated #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 SSL is a lifestyle 🤞🏽. When they ask, tell them 🗣 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician 😘😘😘😘 #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge BOOKED UNTIL MARCH 2021 in real life 💛🤞🏾

How did you wake up this morning.... no like skin that has been sugar coated and needs no filter in the morning. 💛. Happy Sugar Coated Saturday Suitehearts #dallasesthetician #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽

Talk to me nice 💋 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician

Happy fresh face Friday’s with one of my favs 😩😩 @_justdeee 💛💛💛. No filter, just another sugar coated suiteheart dripping #melanin down your timeline 💛💛. #freshfacefriday #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarsuitelounge #dhairboutique

Real BAWSE business 💛🤞🏾
Another Friday, means another payroll and signing checks. Real boss ish. Staff of 5 at just one of my businesses #bosslady #reallife #payday #happyfriday

#forehead vibes 💛 Sometimes your skin looks so amazing but you have that stubborn area that just won’t let you Be great 😩😩. Don’t get frustrated, it time to customize your regimen and understand that you may have to use stronger products that may contain B3, AHA, In some cases hydroquinone, just to name a few and spot treat that one particular area. In some cases get spot treatment chemical peels. 💛. But most importantly , you have to be CONSISTENT 💛💪🏽🙌🏾, STOP picking , use your customize regimen as instructed and even though you may not like the way the SPF looks, you have to use it. 😩💛. Try Adding it to your moisturizer to take away that film you may not like and don’t cake it on 😩🤦🏽‍♀️. Just a little, it goes along way. Make sure you are being properly educated suites 💛. #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #hyperpigmentation #dallasesthetician

I’m so excited about MY WEBINAR. So many people email from all across the world asking if I can do a #webinar (Especially my NYC and Atlanta esties)... well the wait is finally over. If you are a new estie or advanced estie that would like to introduce the “Sugar Coated” technique, then I can’t wait to meet you all. This class will be live and will require for you to have a model during such. It will be intimate so that everyone can ask their questions. #staytuned for more details 💛💛💛💛 #webinar #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽

I truly love #transformationtuesday
Sometimes everyone doesn’t have sheets of skin falling off and that’s ok 👍🏽. Peels help improve texture, reduce breakouts, lighten darker areas, and so much more. Look 👀 at the new skin vs old skin 👀You can definitely see the benefits she had from her peel in this picture. It’s not about your skin falling off 😩😩😩, it’s about the effects you receive from your peel 💛 As well as your skin not being damaged from someone trying to go too agressive with a chemical peel 🙄. Y’all please make sure you are being educated properly. It’s a process 🤎🤎🤎 At home and filter free. Direct sunlight vibes💛💛 #sugarcoated #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #dallasesthetician #chemicalpeel BOOKED UNTIL February 2021 🤞🏽💛

When the hair is quality is bomb, your units will always look brand new. Especially if @thedivaglam is doing your units. This @dhairboutique hair is 2 yrs old and looks and feels brand new. #bestdamnhair #dhairboutique #divaglam #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician

✨The Sugar coated Dermaplane is still one of my absolute favs to perform .

🙌🏾Provides deeper product penetration
🤞🏽Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils
🌹Promotes smoother skin
🍑Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peachfuzz”
❤️Reduces the appearance of acne scars
🤞🏽Diminishes the look of fine lines
👱🏾‍♀️🧔🏾👵🏼👩🏼👩🏽Works on all skin types
☀️Instant results and no downtime
🗣WILL NOT CAUSE YOUR HAIR TO GROW BACK THICKER. It will come back in its same form 🥰

Book now for March and April 2021👩🏾‍💻🌹#sslskininstitute #newskin #sugarsuitelounge #dallasesthetician #dermaplaning #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarcoat #sugarcoatqueen👑 #bestesthetician #dallasskincare #dallasfacials #sugarsuitelounge

Heyyyyy @msashleydarnell ✨. I get asked how often should someone get a facial?🤔 Everyone’s skin type and skin condition aren’t the same. For my acne prone/oily skin suites I recommended every 3 weeks depending on the severity. However, it’s recommended to receive a facial approximately every 4-6 weeks no matter what condition you may feel your skin is in. 🙌🏾💛That's how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation💛💛💛💛 Everyone’s skincare goals are different. 🏡 Home care regimens and maintenance are truly important. We have figured out for her, that every 4-6 week facials is just what is needed to stay on track 🧖🏾‍♀️🧖🏾‍♀️🧖🏾‍♀️. 🤔Do you have your routine down? Let me help you get your skin on the correct regimen ✍🏽🧖🏾‍♀️. When they ask, tell them 🗣 @mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarsuitelounge #dallasesthetician #dallasskincare #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #educationiskey

#transformationtuesday 💛💛

Heard 👂🏽 someone tell another that it’s just the products I’m using 🤷🏽‍♀️ no love it’s the knowledge behind the products and the one performing the service. Skincare is MORE than applying cleanser to someone’s face and steam and relaxing music and etc... You have to truly know the products you are using ,the background behind your client and what each product does for each type of skin type🤗. When I say TRUST THE PROCESS, I truly mean TRUST. Trust me and the the process behind what is being done. It’s more than just Products, it’s knowledge, continuous education to your client in what is going on internally from intake of nutrition, life factors(health, these masks 😷,stress , job stressors and etc) and finding a skincare specialist you can trust☝🏽as well as doing what you have to do at home for your home care regimen that I put together and customize for each one of my clients. I don’t do the same protocol for my clients, I customize it for each one of my Suites. It’s not an overnight procedure, it’s a continuous ongoing process with more than JUST products. 💋. Please don’t discredit my work, I’m truly passionate and very Hands on with my BUSINESS and each one of Suitehearts can contest that I’m truly PASSIONATE about my craft 💛💛💛. #cantdimmylight #everyonecanshine #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #dallasskincare #skinispoppin #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #sslvibesonly🤞🏽

Make sure when you finish talking , that you say, but sis doing it though 🤫😘

💛 What Is Residual Income? While residual income can be used to describe the amount of net income after all costs are paid down, it also refers to the amount of money you continue to generate after your initial work is done. There are countless ways to make money, but some are much more time-intensive than others. Year 2 for @sslskininstitute and still going strong 💪🏽. Not to mention a 99.9% pass rate in the FIRST TRY. Next class starts October and BOTH DAY AND NIGHT PROGRAMS ARE FULL. Currently enrolling for January 2021 #success #blessed #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslskininstitute #sugarsuitelounge #blackownedbusinessess

Only person I’m EVER in competition with....myself #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #sslskininstitute #blackownedbusinessess

Have a sugar coated Friday 💛💛✨✨✨✨. Doesn’t @sugarcoatedbyjaz look amazing in her sugar coated robes... #sugarsuitelounge those SSL ladies #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #robe

First day of school. First time out of Private School uniforms. First day of virtual learning for the next few weeks. Here’s to 2nd and 7th grade. My left and right of my heart ❤️. #backtoschool

Would you believe me if I told you, my suiteheart suffers from #rosacea 🤔 🙋🏾Rosacea most commonly affects women with fair skin. It can be mistaken for acne or other skin conditions.
🔑Key symptoms are facial redness with swollen red bumps and small visible blood vessels.
👉🏽Left untreated, it tends to worsen over time. With proper skin care and treatments and Sugar coat of course 💛😩, it will help women with Rosacea skin clear up. Thank you @unekechic for trusting me for the past 2 years with your skin 💛💛💛 #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #dallasesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #skin

#griseldablanco with this skin... I’m dope in real life #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #sugarsuitelounge #sslskininstitute #blackownedbusinesses

Fresh face and filter free vibes with @itstameraw 😩💛
How are you maintaining your skin at home during these times😩😩😩. Maintenance is key 🔑 and every 6 weeks I promise her skin just gets healthier and healthier 😩😩. Y’all wish this was a filter 🙄🙄. Besides promoting relaxation, regular facials provide many benefits, including noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture and appearance. ... It is important to understand how your products can help you maintain the look of your skin and apply them regularly to feed your skin with essential nutrients. ✨. Just know that when you see this Suiteheart that sugar coat is real 💛✨💪🏽 . #filterfree #sugarcoated #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 #dallasesthetician #houstonesthetician #esthetician #skincare #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician SSL IS A LIFESTYLE 💛✨🤞🏽#freshface

As I prepare for MY 2nd year of being in the BEAUTY SCHOOL business, I would like to thank GOD, for GIVING ME the vision he had and the foundation I have set forth for my amazing Esthetician Program, My amazing instructors @tamekamanns and @cipher_spa (Michele) for being able to execute everything to my day and evening students the SSL way and My director of admissions @texasmimi3 (MY MOMMY!!) for being the backbone for the school, students and staff. Being able to employ your hard working single parent and pay her the most she has EVER MADE IN HER LIFE WITHOUT ANY WORRIES!!! Without any of these ladies, I would NOT have the successful pass rate for My Esthetician Program of 99% on the First Try!!!! Thank you to My amazing Team! Thank you to all of the 60+ students that have came through My School doors in these short 2 years. There have been a lot of Graduates out here sugar coating the city with their added touch. #foundationiskey Here’s to the start of another amazing Year for @sslskininstitute #esthetician #beautyschool #sslskininstitute. Did I mention enrollment is FuLL for August and October programs. Currently enrolling for January 2021 Programs. 💛💛✨✨✨. Best black owned Esthetician School in Dallas!!! #beautyschool #esthetician #sslvibesonly🤞🏽

Let’s talk Facts💫💫
#chemicalpeel 🗣can be scary to some that have never received a peel. Here are a few things to keep in mind when receiving a chemical peel 💫. Have you ever received a peel? What products are you using at home prior to your peel service? Did you stop exfoliating at least 5 days prior? Did you stop using retina and retinols a week prior? Do you know that peels are done in series of 4-5 and are done @sugarsuitelounge at least 4-6 weeks apart to allow your skin cells to turnover. We don’t do them 2-3 weeks apart here for a reason 🤷🏽‍♀️. Do you know that peeling is not a sign that your peel did or did not work? Peels help with texture, preventing less breakouts, improving discoloration and so much more. Did you know that your skin can turn darker in your hyperpigmented areas and then peel off 🙀(this can be scary to some) Do you know that your skin will likely detox (purge) especially if this is your first Medical grade peel. Did you book your entire peel series (my books fill up so fast 💨😩, its best to book in advance for them). Did you do what we discussed for your Post Peel treatments? Did you book your post peel microdermabrasion for a week later from your peel? PEELS ARE A PROCESS AND COMMITMENT. 💛🤞🏽. I promise to always educate my suitehearts and future suitehearts and prepare you for what’s to come and have the best results possible. 🗣We are in this together. SUGAR COATED IS A LIFESTYLE ♠️💛🤞🏽 #bookeduntil2021 #dallasesthetician #newskin #sugarsuitelounge #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician

🗣Skin, Education moment ✨ “ice pick scar” 😔 is a long, narrow scar that extends deep into the dermis. Ice pick scars are deep with steep sides, leaving a small, yet obvious, "hole." The skin looks as if it has been pierced by an ice pick or other sharp instrument 😔 🙀What causes Ice pick scars? 👉🏽They are caused by an inflammatory breakout, such as a deep papule or cyst, that has damaged the skin's structures. They are most common on the cheeks. Some look like a large, open pore. Others are more obviously a scar. They can be fairly deep, extending a few millimeters into the skin. Everyone’s treatment plan is different. This is not an overnight fix. Make sure your skincare specialist is educating you 💛💛💛 #educating #mrssugarsuiteismyesthetician #sugarsuitelounge #acnescars #sslvibesonly🤞🏽 Education on your Skin is important so that you can know that this is not an overnight process. Let me and my SSL team educate you and get you on your sugar coated skincare journey #dallasesthetician

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