The Gleaux House, LLC

The Gleaux House, LLC


It’s the fact that The Gleaux House, LLC is listed in multiple categories for me. Kea Chardoné Caitlin Shaw I am so proud of my girls 💞🤞🏾
So did y’all know that The Gleaux House, LLC offers kids facials to? Well let me tell y’all, they do & they’re AMAZING. Due to our hectic schedule lately, we haven’t been able to do as much with the kids. So as part of our family fun day, Treasure got her first spa experience. I contacted Kea Chardoné and explained to her Treasure chronic eczema and sensitive skin. She had her come in for a skin test consultation and everything was clear so we were able to proceed with the appointment the next day. Treasure LOVED it. She said she was relaxing like she was out of town. She talked abt her “face massage” the whole weekend lol. If you haven’t already, get to booking!

The Gleaux House is an innovative day spa prided on providing stellar service and advanced skincare We’re currently accepting clients by APPOINTMENT ONLY


💕 Soft Locs
💕 Bohemian Locs
💕Butterfly Locs
💕Island Wicks

💕‼️ $100 ‼️💕
✨Hair is NOT included ‼️

Click link for booking
“Birthday Sale” tab

2141 Hoffmeyer Road Suite
Florence,SC 29501


Located in The Gleaux House, LLC

Come see me! I’ll be there Starting Sept. 19th 🌸


New Services will be offered really soon!!! We are working to expand offered services so we will be adding toe enhancements and pedicures very soon!

Located at the The Gleaux House, LLC

2141 Hoffmeyer Rd, Florence SC Suite B

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Say hello to the newest addition to The Gleaux House, LLC family.
Ms Tytia'na Xaviera !
Tytia’na is a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in nail art and design!
She is the owner of SunKissed Nail Studio and is located inside of TheWorks suite of the salon!
She will start accepting clients on 9/19! 💕
Check out her work and then click the link to book at


Hello September! 💕

It’s our birthday month & we’re GIVING gifts 💕
- The Gleaux Up
- Pamper Me Pretty
- Gentlemen’s Circle

Click the link to book


The month of September starts the beginning of “Self -Care” Sunday ✨
Every month for the remainder of the year I’ll choose 2 Sundays to open and offer
✨signature Gleaux facials
✨ hot stone back facials
✨ body waxing
& more 💕
Visit to book your self care day 🧖🏾‍♀️


Perfect Gleaux Seamoss Yoni Bars are $7 TODAY ONLY ‼️

- Freshly made
-All natural ingredients
-Perfect for anywhere on the body ESPECIALLY your 😻

💕Prevents Ingrowns
✨Promotes Heslthy Hydrated Skin
💕Brightens Skin
✨Reverses Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots)
💕Keeps Skin With a Youthful Appearance
✨Great for ANY skin type
💕Maintains perfect skin PH

In Salon Pick Up and Shipping Available

Local Delivery Available at addl fee


Listen and then go book 💕

Book GetLoc'd. Located inside of The Gleaux House, LLC


Present this card at your appointments to receive credit ✨💕

-I can’t and won’t remember to ask you for the card you’ll have to remember yourself 💕

50% off girlies

✨ First time wax clients DO NOT QUALIFY
✨ Sale/Special Booking only clients DO NOT QUALIFY



🗣 There’s a Back ro school self Care Edition too ✨

What are your self care plans once your kid is back in school?


Let’s get you all snatched up ✨
🌸Brazilians 🌸

My formulas DO NOT MISS!!! 💕💪🏽

🌸Guarantee to notice minimal hair growth after just your first session🌸


The booking site has been updated and dates are now open 💕


✨Appointments are available at

✨LED Therapy
✨Anti -Aging
✨Clean Guy
&& MORE !!

✨Hair Removal Services
&& MORE!



Pretty 😻 is HAPPY 😻

Quick post
Soooo here’s a little view over the “PERFECT GLEAUX“ aftercare kits.
Each item can be sold separately or mix and match to your needs .

-4 oz scrub
- Soap Bar ( I have 4 different bars made as of now that cater to specific skincare/ yoni needs)
- Ampule of Ingrown/ Hair bump serum
- Exfoliating Gloves
- Aftercare Product Instructions & Tips

I also have herbal bath pouches, yoni shower gels, yoni oils, sugar body scrubs, and more ✨

All products are all natural, Sulfate and paraben free! 🥰

All labels, cards, soaps and scrubs are made and packaged by Yours truly 💕

Items will be updated for online ordering this week 💕 orrrrr you can stop by the shop

The Gleaux House, LLC
2141 Hoffmeyer Road Suite B
Florence, SC 29501

🚨🚨 Quick Edit 🚨🚨

You DO NOT have to be a wax client or a person that waxes.

If you have intimate discoloration ( inner thigh, under arm, vaginal mound etc)
If you shave
If you have hair bumps or prone to ingrown hairs
If you just want to maintain a nice , balanced, craveable yoni
If you want to keep smooth, glowing and supple skin

Male or Female



Perfect for unsightly dark spots and discoloration
Smooths and polishes skin
Helps with hair bumps and pesky ingrown hairs

- can be purchased separately & in larger sizes


🚨 🗣 Ohhhhh ladies‼️

I’m sooooo excited to provide you all with the PERFECT GLEAUX aftercare kits!

I’ve worked for quite a few months to formulate the PERFECT formulas and products to give you ladies the ultimate aftercare experience!
No more running to the stores after your wax/sugar appointments to get the proper exfoliating tools and products .

Kits can be made up to your particular needs

✨ 4oz Perfect Gleaux body & yoni scrub
Perfect for your entire body!
Helps exfoliate skin
Brighten and lighten dark spots and intimate discoloration
Prevent acne , blackheads etc
Prevents ingrowns

✨ Exfoliating body glove

✨ Sample size Yoni Soap Bar - ( We have 3 …
Gleaux Erotica, Gleaux Eternity, and Gleaux Radiance) Full bars will also be for sale .

Perfect for ALLL skin types , yes. You with the extra sensitive skin , I kept you in mind too 💕
All bars maintain and balances natural PH
All bars can used all over your body!
All products are organic, hand made, and chemical free

✨- Gleaux Erotica : Increases libido, helps relieve stress, reduces symptoms of menopause, a natural relief of pms symptoms, makes your girl extra extra 💦 .

✨ Gleaux Radiance: Takes your Yoni hygiene to unparalleled levels !!!
Neutralizes body odor
RIds the body of yeast infections and BV causing bacterias
Brightens and lightens your skin
Excellent for intimate dark areas and spots
Helps in the removal of ingrowns and hair bumps as well.

✨Gleaux Eternity: Full body aromatherapy bar.
Infused with essential oils to brings calmness and relief to your body.

✨ V-Gleaux ingrown Serum
Spot stop treatment for ingrown hairs and hair bumps.

The Kits will be available for purchase in the spa on Tuesday , 5/29. I need to get them completely boxed up so bare with me 💕

They will also be available for purchase on the site soon 💕


✨ We can Gleaux/Glow together sis!

✨Body Treatments
✨Body Waxing
✨Sugar Hair Removal

Appointments available!!


For the girls that take their 😻 seriously ✨

VIP 😻 and Loyalty Cards are in and available at The Gleaux House, LLC

-Enjoy Half Off After Your 6th Wax ✨
Book your wax at

Card designed and created by yours truly 💕


Ladies Book Your Mother’s Day Look Today💕✨

Limited Appointments Available 💕✨


We are honoring you all May5th and May 6th with a Book one, Get one on our Brazilian waxes and Express Gleaux Facials 💕

These dates are NOT transferable!

Book your wax and the lady of your choice gets a free facial!


Have you booked your treatment??

Check out some of the key benefits of using LED therapy.
Appointments for May 2022 open this week💕✨

Check out The Gleaux House LLC. 04/02/2022

Check out The Gleaux House LLC.


💕 We’ve been nominated as
Best Day Spa
Best Massage
Best Nail Salon
Best Waxing Salon

Check out The Gleaux House LLC. Check it out now!

Check out The Gleaux House LLC. 04/02/2022

Check out The Gleaux House LLC.

Vote 💕
- Best Day Spa
-Best Massage
- Best Nail Salon
- Best Waxing Salon

Check out The Gleaux House LLC. Check it out now!


Her son called and booked from INDIANA‼️ 💕💪🏽😌

To make sure that his mother got the full Gleaux House experience as a birthday surprise! She definitely was surprised and enjoyed every min of her facial & hot stone back treatment! 💕

Gestures like these make me love what I do even more!

Mother’s Day is approaching! Make sure your mom feels the GLEAUX ✨




Everything’s Lit! ✨ Retwist Services


🚨 NEW Service ALERT 🍃

- The Pretty 🍃DOPE - CBD Facial is Now At The Gleaux House, LLC

How to book?
- Click book appointment


✨ Happy Wednesday ✨

The Gleaux House, LLC updated their business hours. 03/25/2022

The Gleaux House, LLC updated their business hours.

The Gleaux House, LLC updated their business hours.

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🚨 New Service Alert🚨

“Island Wicks”😍
These are faux wick locs!
Very light weight and flexible!
Giving all the island gal vibes with this one 🌴✨ at GetLoc'd.

Book the look 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Kids Gleaux Too 💕✨

Spring break is right around the corne! Book your kid’s next spa day with Us!


A Few Reasons You NEED A Hot Stone Back Facial

Aside of these therapeutic benefits….

They Also Feel Really Good! ✨

Book your Appointment Today!


Peace & Tranquility ✨

-&- of course a free nap ✨

💕 Hot Stone Back Facials


A little CBD a day… keeps the crazies away!

Surprise!!! Surprise!!!
We have some things up our sleeves for you!!!


She is GLEAUX’N ✨

Take a look at this GLOW!


Everything is ALWAYS pretty && ALWAYS A VIBE in here💕 Even the wax ✨

Mermaid Wax
The Gleaux House, LLC


The Clean Guy Facial

Because, 😏
The guys that get it, Get It !
& The guys that don’t, 🙅🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

- The Gleaux House, LLC
- The “ Clean Guy Facial “

He was snoring by the time I applied his mask 👌🏽




March Gleaux Madness 💕

Click Spring Time Gleaux for special pricing

March 2- 18 ✨


Ladies Book For Your Valentine’s Look💕

Click The Link



💕✨ Appointments Are Available for ALL of your beauty needs ✨


I’m wayyyyy tooo playa 😎✨

What’s this wax and vajacial combo Kea ?

Tune in ✨

Get your Valentines Day appointments in chileeee! 💕✨🌸

✨Wax & Vajacial “pretty kitty” package $65 2/1-12/22

✨ Free underarm wax with this booking ✨


Join us on 2/12/22 for cupcakes and mimosas during your service 💕✨



The Gleaux House, LLC updated their address. 01/12/2022

The Gleaux House, LLC updated their address.

The Gleaux House, LLC updated their address.


This guideline has been in place since opening however here’s a friendly reminder ✨
Face masks ARE REQUIRED for -ALL- Gleaux House services!
This is to include services rendered in the Nail Bar && GetLoc'd.

No Mask/ No Entry/ No Exceptions

Let’s continue to keep every one as safe as we can

Thank you


Let’s start your year off right!!! ✨
The GLEAUX way!
Attend the class and gain a new hustle and talent to your resume as well as maximizing your income this year
Gleaux getters ALL 2022!

Slots are limited! Book your seat NOW!


From our families to yours!

Photos from The Gleaux House, LLC's post 12/24/2021




Toooooooo ……….
🎉🎉 Nek hickmon 🎉🎉
Please contact me to get your day scheduled. 💕🧖🏾‍♀️💅💆🏽‍♀️

Thank you EVERYONE for your nominations!!!


The girls love a good nailie 💅🏽

14k Chocolate Swirl✨🍫

Have You Booked Yet? 👀 💕

2141 Hoffmeyer Rd Suite B
Florence SC 29501

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Hello September! 💕 It’s our birthday month & we’re GIVING gifts 💕 We now have NEW SPA TREATMENT PACKAGES AVAILABLE✨- The...
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🗣 There’s a Back ro school self Care Edition too ✨
Pretty 😻 is HAPPY 😻
Perfect for unsightly dark spots and discoloration Smooths and polishes skinHelps with hair bumps and pesky ingrown hair...
For the girls that take their 😻 seriously ✨



2141 Hoffmeyer Rd
Florence, SC

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
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