UNBOTHERED is a self-care brand which focuses to enhance your self-care routines. All curated through experience.

We believe with the right tools, the pursuit of inner peace & love is achievable, therefore we supply products to support that journey.


You heard him!

Give it another go, you got it!


Give yourself the space to be , free, and happy.

Protect your , energy and . You can’t control what happens around you but you control how you react, respond, and tolerate.

Practice living in your bring all your attributes together, live out your purpose, accept what season your in and who you are and who you are becoming.

Be always Unbothered 😉


So how do you find these people?

These people will support your goals and new ideas, they will allow you to think out loud without judgement, support your new business, offer ideas, show you love, encourage, clap for you, there if you need help and are real to you when it’s the right time!

They don’t shut you down or make you feel not good enough!

Be around people who uplift you!

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Validate Yourself!

I’m not down for someone else making you feel not good enough, someone who tells you your are too sensitive, someone who doesn’t want to understand how you feel…

But the reality is these people exist. So we have to not live for the validation of others!

You know what you are , you know what you need to , take a moment to your thoughts, process how your body feels and take the steps to get back to the best version of you.

Your are , just as real as how you accept everyone else emotions. It’s time to ACCEPT YOURS It’s time to LOVE YOU


Let’s Talk about it!

Embrace change and the difficulties we face to start change. Kick imposter syndrome in the ass and allow yourself to be work in progress. SHAMELESSLY!!

Allow yourself to move towards the life you envision for yourself. Make a list of things you want for yourself and slowly work towards them.

It’s Okay to be Work in Progress!


Affirm your “I Am” today!

Strengthen your self worth and positive thinking through these and many more I AM affirmations.

Love you!


Acknowledge/write down what is causing you sadness, confusion, anxiety, fog brain, low energy and/or negative thoughts.

Once you have identified what caused you to feel those emotions (someone, your own behavior, alcohol, overthinking, not enough sleep, disrespect, lack of communication etc) it’s time to find a SOLUTION

Give all your POWER, focus, energy, time to the solutions you have made to change those negative thoughts/feelings.

You Are in Charge of creating the next best version of yourself!!

Unbothered Essentials on Instagram: "5 ways to improve your mindset: 1. Improve the way you talk to yourself 2. Practice coping with criticism 3. Journal 4. Practice Self Awareness 5. Shift your perspective Most important Have Patience with... 09/24/2022

Mindset is Everything! Choose Positive Thinking! :)

Unbothered Essentials on Instagram: "5 ways to improve your mindset: 1. Improve the way you talk to yourself 2. Practice coping with criticism 3. Journal 4. Practice Self Awareness 5. Shift your perspective Most important Have Patience with... Unbothered Essentials shared a post on Instagram: "5 ways to improve your mindset: 1. Improve the way you talk to yourself 2. Practice coping with criticism 3. Journal 4. Practice Self Awareness 5. Shift your perspective Most important Have Patience with yourself… • be proud… you have now made...

Unbothered Thoughts Journal | Unbothered 09/20/2022

Unbothered Thoughts is in stock! Grab yours today to start you journaling journey to a more peaceful life. Through journaling comes inner peace, love and reflection. Available now :)

Unbothered Thoughts Journal | Unbothered UNBOTHERED THOUGHTSGive yourself the time to unwind, reflect and release! Each day write down your Unbothered Thoughts and through paper and pen let go of any feelings your having! Our Unbothered Thoughts journal is made with everyone in mind. Sending you PEACE & HEALING always


You’re freely allowed to express how someone made you feel. Your emotions are yours to express and work through.

Here are a few ways to validate your own emotions:

1. I’m doing my best and that is enough!
2. I’m allowed to feel upset / confused about what happened to me!
3. I’m making progress!
4. I’m proud of myself!
5. My feelings are valid!

Peace and Love

Self-Care Products | Unbothered Essentials 06/21/2022

Happy Day from Unbothered Essentials! Everything is currently in stock and ready to join your SelfCare journey.

All Natural “All Time” face oil
Hydrogel Eye Mask
“Unbothered Thoughts” Journal

✨ Link in bio or shop through IG ✨
Peace and Love to all of you 💚

Self-Care Products | Unbothered Essentials UNBOTHERED self-care products catered to enhance your self-care routines.

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A few ways I’ve used journaling and how you can use it to!

Journaling for Self Care is a game changer it’s very similar to venting to someone but instead it’s to yourself on paper. Provides Instant relief, helps reduce stress and personally I’ve gone back to read past writings and seeing how far I’ve come is a great feeling!



UNBOTHERED THOUGHTS is here! Journaling has been insanely beneficial to my SelfCare journey therefore it only made sense to launch a journal to start or enhance your SelfCare practices 🤎

Grabs yours today! This week only 15% off, use code Journal15 till June19th



I applaud you for getting up everyday and getting things done. Where you are in life today is because the selfcare practices, leap of faith, decisions, actions and conversations you had “yesterday”.

Don’t sell yourself short! You’ve come a long way and GUESS WHAT you still have a long way to go! LOVE IT ❤️


When you find healthy behaviors, healthy activities, healthy relationships which make you feel good, KEEP DOING THESE THINGS! •

Surround yourself with good energy, love, happiness, and sunshine ☀️

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Sometimes we forget how it is to have this life, this one life. We get caught up in our day to day and allow unnecessary negative energy into our space…

Take this moment to affirm good things into your space. Remember life is good, you are good, you are energy, you are life! Take a moment to applaud yourself for how far you’ve come!

I AM grateful for my surroundings, my family, my capabilities, my mind and body!

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Keep the positive energy flowing around you!


Just a woman and her UNBOTHERED essentials eye mask!

Peace and Love

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I started using the ALL TIME face oil to gain confidence without makeup by benefiting from the glowing and hydrating effects. Yet once I see other positive changes it was providing to my face I I couldn’t get enough of it.

My face is at it best when consistently using this oil. I’m so happy its apart of the UNBOTHERED experience that everyone is welcome to live!

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Swipe for some ways to Create Positive Energy in your life.

“You absorb the energy around you and you give energy to those around you. Make it the good stuff”


Showing yourself Love is not easy yet it’s not impossible. You can develop habits that cater to more which results in more , , , , and inner .

Forgive yourself for your mistakes, practice , partake in activities and take care of your body.

Love yourself first…only then will others know how to love you.


It’s March 1st, start of a new month, continued journey with new adventures and goals to put yourself first!

Reminder: Schedule your Me Time!


Yesterday I shared a video about unhealthy SelfCare choices. Today I share a few more.

Just because is feels good doesn’t always mean it’s right.

Remember PEMS, SelfCare needs to Positively benefit you Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually!


Here are a few ideas to practice Healthy SelfCare 🤎

# BeHappy

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“People with different personalities give and receive love differently. Learning to recognize these preferences in yourself & in your loved ones, you can learn to identify the root of your conflicts, connect more profoundly, & truly begin to grow closer.”

Highly recommend taking this test for any season in your life. Also take it again at another season in your life because my changed from being single compared to being in a relationship.

Happy Valentines Day!


The month of love! 30% off all waxmelts.

No code needed! Automatic savings on UnbotheredEssentials.com

Put the aroma of essential oils in your SelfCare space. Essential oil wax melts provide relaxation, peace, mood boost and more


I’m not always so , I have my days when I just want to lay in bed, days I don’t want to talk, days I over analyze my entire existence lol... Life is not perfect and it’s okay to have bad days.

I always suggest letting those physically around you know you are having a off day therefore they give you space or are open to helping you.

Don’t let bad day turn you rude. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to work through those . is key


Self-Care menu has some specials today just for you!

Feel free to choose one or all. Peace & Love

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UNBOTHERED THOUGHTS is here! Journaling has been insanely beneficial to my SelfCare journey therefore it only made sense...




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