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REVOLT HAIR STUDIO is a private studio salon located in Frederick, Maryland.


Oldie but goody*

Gray (or grey?) coverage doesn’t have boring and non-dimensional. Nor does it need to be one opaque root color every 4 weeks!

I always like to recommend gray blending with highlights and sometimes lowlights for clients who are starting to notice more stubborn grays, but don’t want to commit to the maintenance of a root touch up every 4-6 weeks. This allows your grays to grow out seamlessly and less noticeable, as we’re not getting rid of ALL of your grays — we’re just camouflaging them☺️


Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday! So grateful for each and every one of my beautiful clients, friends and family ♥️



The calm before the ✨holiday✨ storm.

NOV&DEC are officially booked ya’ll! I am so grateful for another amazing year. A few new things that I’ll be changing up in the coming weeks:


Be safe, be kind, stay healthy babes! ♥️



If you’re new here…
HELLO & WELCOME!✌🏼 I’m Nikki (she/her), owner + stylist of Revolt Hair Studio in Frederick, MD. After nearly 11 years of experience in this industry, I am still blown away by the fact that I get to do this incredible work on a daily basis!🥰

• I am Vietnamese-American 🇻🇳🇺🇸
• I’ve been vegan for seven years🌱
• I’m a furmama to two chihuahua rescues 🐾
• I just got engaged in July but loathe the idea of wedding planning 🫠 so tips/advice are humbly welcome!
• I love to cook and experiment with different vegan foods
• Horror flick fanatic 👻☠️
• I love supporting grassroots organizations and movements working towards social justice + human rights
• Love to travel for good food & dope art 😎

Questions and/or kind comments are always welcome ♥️ It’s nice to meet you, and I hope to see you in my chair soon!





For clients who are experiencing postpartum hair loss, DO NOT highlight the resulting regrowth or “baby hairs”. I like to keep those babies out of my foils! We don’t need/want to draw attention to them until they’ve grown out to a certain length that doesn’t look like breakage when lightened 🙃🫶🏼


Fall doesn’t mean you haaaaave to go darker! For my blondes who aren’t quite ready to part ways with their blonde - a great option is to ✨TONE DOWN✨ with a demi-permanent gloss.

Toning down your blonde can ever so slightly deepen the tone so it’s not summertime bright blonde🌞but it’s not dark af either. 🙃

Over time, your gloss/toner will fade and before you know it…. It’s nearing Spring and it’s time to go blonde again! This also makes your stylist’s life sOooooo much easier when taking you back to blonde for the warmer seasons!

Happy Fall! 🍂🍁



.murphy COLOR.ME GLOSS gave us the most beautiful multi-tonal blonde and neutral level 5 root smudge ✨


This applies to evening (non-haircut) appointments starting at 5pm or later, Sunday/Mondays,and holidays. Holidays may be subject to higher price increases*

Availability is limited and may not be guaranteed. Text me at 301.388.8977 to schedule a premium appointment! ⚡️


Hey babes! Gonna sound a little weird because we’re still technically in Summer, but here is a friendly reminder to please book your appointments for the remainder of the year — specifically around the holidays! I am currently booking into November with literally ONE more Saturday opening in December! 😶

Don’t see availability on my schedule, but absolutely NEED to get in? Text me to inquire about PREMIUM APPOINTMENTS OPENINGS! ✨

Wait, whaaaat is a premium appointment?! Stay tuned for more info in a separate post! 😏🫶🏼


Greetings from Austin ya’ll! I’m still here in Texas, but I’ll be back in the studio on Wednesday! I love KEVIN.MURPHY] so much because it’s so much more than just hair products. The brand encompasses diversity in culture, humanity, environment, sustainability, inclusivity, social awareness and justice. If you all know me, you know that’s my jam. Well. It should be ALL of our jam(s?) shouldn’t it?! 😜 I’m so excited to get back to the studio and share with you all what I’ve learned throughout this amazing educational experience ♥️

Coming soon:
KEVIN.MURPHY] COLOR.ME GLOSSES! A unique colour + treatment demi-permanent gloss that not only adds luminous shine, but also reconstructs and deeply moisturizes the hair for incredible strength that actually increases every time it is used on your hair. I’ll let you all know when I get my paws on them!😏

Nikki Tran on Instagram: "Packing for @kevin.murphy FAST.FORWARD be like….. ✨✨" 08/03/2022

Nikki Tran on Instagram: "Packing for @kevin.murphy FAST.FORWARD be like….. ✨✨"

Will be in Austin Texas from 8/5–8/9 for the KM FAST.FORWARD show! 🥰✨

Nikki Tran on Instagram: "Packing for @kevin.murphy FAST.FORWARD be like….. ✨✨" Nikki Tran shared a post on Instagram: "Packing for .murphy FAST.FORWARD be like….. ✨✨". Follow their account to see 635 posts.


Because 🌼E V E R Y O N E🌼 deserves to have access to reproductive healthcare — including s*x education, birth control, the right to privacy and the right to a SAFE abortion.

For any and all retail purchases you make this month will support and their work in continuing to provide those basic and essential healthcare services to individuals in need.

On August 31, I will announce the total of all retail sold for the month. That total will then be matched and donated to Planned Parenthood.

Curbside pickup & online ordering/delivery are also available! Text for details*



Loving all the requests for chocolate/warmer tones this summer!🤗✨

Photos from Revolt Hair Studio's post 07/26/2022

Natural face-framing + baby lights for Trisha ✨



Perfect for chemically treated hair, these colour preserving, weightless formulas use an acidic pH system to provide the optimum environment for colour integrity by closing the cuticle after hair colour process and respecting the natural pH level of the scalp.

⚡️WASH: Hydrolysed quinoa extract, chicory root extract and nourishing rice proteins guard against mineral accumulation.

⚡️RINSE: Organic black cumin seed oil, rice proteins and inulin from chicory root for colour protection.

⚡️LEAVE-IN: Moringa oleifera seed extract helps repair and protect from environmental pollution and rice proteins for resilience.


I’ve had some pretty deep conversations with some of you this past week about the Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion. A lot of you told me your personal stories and experiences, and I told you mine. We shared tears of grief, frustration and solidarity. We shared opinions that were both unanimous and opposing, but nonetheless — respected.

When we “reach across the table” to individuals who we’re told are our enemies simply because they have opposing views and opinions, and just have a conversation… we find that we are all in fact, very human. I think this is something that’s often forgotten. Especially now. I’m guilty of forgetting that myself sometimes.

So, hi. Let’s have a conversation. ♥️✌🏼

Photos from Revolt Hair Studio's post 04/11/2022


Your visit is important to me and the allotted time of your appointment is curated just for you! I understand that unexpected events are inevitable and sometimes are out of our control. With that said, I ask that clients do their best to respect my time as I respect theirs. Time is a valuable thing!

These policies are industry standard and are designed to protect the stylist’s time and business, and also allows other clients a chance to book an appointment if you are unable to attend.

THANK YOU to all current and future clients for understanding the importance of these policies, as well as your continued love and support!

Please text or email me directly at 301.388.8977 or [email protected] should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!
🖤, Nikki


Hi all! I’m happy to announce that I am now taking clients in my new suite! I will be in the building, just in suite # 23 from this point on. Can’t wait to see everyone there!

🖤 —Nikki


When your client comes all the way from Philly to see you 🥺♥️ you give her the works!

⚡️ Full babylight touch up using
⚡️ is a my go-to product to maintain the hair’s integrity during any chemical process 🙌🏼
⚡️ Root tap/all over toner with calura gloss
⚡️ Chopped off 1 1/2 inches to maintain healthy hair throughout + minimizes breakage + long layers
⚡️ Styled with .murphy +



…But seriously.

SERVICE: “just the roots” bleach touch up
LIGHTENER: cream lightener


Hi everyone. Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases (once again……😑) and in an effort to do all that I can as a business owner to NOT contribute to our already overwhelmed healthcare system, and more importantly, our healthcare workers — I will be reinstating my mask requirement for all clients, regardless of vaccination status.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via text or email. Thank you! 🖤, Nikki


Gimme all the car selfies!🤪🤗 Deep mahogany/red tones for Kaitlin 🖤

Photos from Revolt Hair Studio's post 12/03/2021

I just can’t get over how beautiful this human is, inside and out. AND she’s gonna be a badass nurse! 👏🏼🙌🏼 Used + for that extraaaaa cool lift 😎 .murphy COLOR.ME to tone 🖤


These ginger tones are EVERYTHINGGG 🙌🏼 Need more of these requests please!😬🔥


But first: Thank you to all of my loyal clients & your continued support. If you didn't know, I am going into my 10th year behind the chair in 2022 + still loving it + built so many great relationships over the years. With that said, I've got some exciting things planned to show my appreciation for you all + Revolt Hair Studio's one year anniversary coming up in February of 2022! I'll be sharing all the details in a separate post. 😏

⚡️ As of 1.1.2022, there will be a 5-10% increase in base pricing for all services. As the cost of living, cost of products, supplies and material has gone up (as with so many other consumer products/services), I, as a hairdresser, creator, artist, and small business owner must also adapt + adjust.

⚡️I refuse to compromise quality. My clients deserve the best product and color I can offer, always. The longevity of high-quality, longer-lasting color is always worth it. Prices will be made to reflect quality and time.

⚡️Color in particular, is not what it used to be! It isn't as simple as "popping in a few highlights" and P**F you're done in 2 hours. That perfect "lived-in" color you found on Pinterest? Those colors require longer application times, more steps, more time for toner application, more product, more advanced techniques to master/investment in continuing education.

⚡️I understand I may not fit everyone's budget, but am always open to recommending alternative services that may fit your budget or recommend another stylist who may be more within your price range.

⚡️When you come in for your next appointment, I will be doing an in-depth consultation regarding the shift in pricing. It is importantly to me that you have full transparency on what you will be paying for your services.

I really cannot thank you all enough for your continued trust, kindness and understanding. It is because of each of you that my little salon suite has flourished in its first year. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

With gratitude,


MAXI.WASH BY .murphy is hands-down my favorite detox wash to use to get rid of product/environmental/mineral buildup; without stripping the hair of its natural oils. MAXI.WASH has a blend of witch hazel, tea tree, thyme, and rosemary essential oils to purify + restore balance for a nice clean, refreshed feel. I typically use MAXI.WASH once every TWO weeks, especially prior to using any violet/blue shampoos. Detoxing your hair every so often also ensures that the styling products you use on a regular basis never “stop working” after a certain amount of time due to build-up. 🌱


My girl came through and said she wanted her hair to be as dark as her soul. SAY NO MORE BABE! ☠️🖤🕷
Used .murphy 3.0+1.11, 3% activator for this gorgeous blue black.🌒🌑


A little toner appointment goes a long way! Hair, no matter it’s starting level (unless you’re naturally albino) A L W A Y S lifts and fades warm… some more than others. 😬 I like to recommend in-between toner appointments 4-6 weeks following your color appointment 🤗

This way we’ll be able to neutralize any unwanted (“brassy”) tones in the hair, caused by several factors: environment, mineral buildup from water source, heat-styling, product usage(are you using quality, professional products or drug store? 🤔), how often you’re washing your hair and HEAT PROTECTION. Please use heat protectant EVERY TIME you heat-style or blow dry your hair.

My favorites include KEVIN.MURPHY’s HEATED.DEFENSE and Cult + King’s SET SPRAY. 🖤
I personally alternate between both because I’m a product hoarder 🐸 and I alsooooo use Oligo Blacklight Blue Shampoo every time I wash my hair, which is 1-2 times a week. KM FRESH.HAIR is the life saver for the days in-between💃🏽

If anyone wants me to do a detailed at-home haircare routine, let me know! Just don’t ask me to make a reel. I suck at it. Takes me forever. Yeah I know, my millennial is showing. 🙃

Lastly — Thanks for being the beautiful soul you are! It’s always a pleasure to have you in my chair. 🥰

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Blonde babylight/balayage by Nikki Tran




5211 Buckeystown Pike, Suite #23
Frederick, MD

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
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Friday 10am - 5pm
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