Redwave Tattoo & Art Gallery

Redwave Tattoo & Art Gallery


Thank you Red Wave for my beautiful tattoo. These are all song lyrics. The favorite songs of my sisters and brother. Means a lot to me I love it.
Richard your work is greatly appreciated! Thank you once again for taking care of myself and daughter. We will b seeing u again! KPW

Red Wave Tattoo & Art Gallery.. hosts of the fresno tattoo convention. Solid crew....14 years strong.

Redwave Tattoo was established in 2006 with the intent to not only raise the bar of custom tattooing in Fresno, but to introduce the first of its kind art studio & gallery while maintaining a safe, sterile environment for our clients and art collectors. The goal was to be immersed into a melting pot of art in all mediums such as tattoos, sculptures, watercolors, acrylics, oils, airbrush and graffiti paintings all hand painted by Redwaves Resident multi-talented artists. Our piercing staff is world class and practice the safest/cleanest, high level of piercing with the most experience in the Central Valley. We pride ourselves with having the most exotic/organic jewelry found today in our professional community such as Tawapa and much more. As your proud hosts of The Fresno Tattoo Expo we at Redwave strive to maintain a higher standard of tattooing & piercing with an experience that sets us apart and speaks volumes in the Central Valley. No tattoo or piercing is too small and we eagerly await the honor of becoming part of your lifes timeline in ink & art.

Purchase yours today and thank you all for the support!!!🙏🏼🇺🇸 Heres the link.

Cen Cal Covid Support

Attention Friends!!! Bigfoot Print has put together a movement to help small businesses raise some relief funds and Redwave Tattoo has a #HereToStay t-shirt for sale...Please click the link, purchase a shirt and join the movement for us and many others small businesses who are fighting to support our families and sustain our businesses during this pandemic! Thank you so much for your support!!!

Are you or your business deemed Non-Essential or know someone who is??? (Cosmetologist, Hair stylist, Manicurist, Barber, Make-up Artist, Massage Therapist, Gym owners & trainers, Tattooers, Body Piercers and or any others) If yes to either, Please sign this petition!!! I’ll be fighting for us via social media videos and interviews next week! It’s simply not fair to be ordered not to work while our bills stockpile against us with no true guaranteed help from our Goverment, State or City!!! (No donation needed, just sign the petition please...Thanks, Rico S. *Non-Essential Business Owner*) PLEASE SHARE & REPOST

Here’s one from better days before Covid-19...Can’t wait to get back to work!!! Hope you’re all doing well, staying strong and positive! My thoughts & prayers go out to all my awesome Client/friends & family during this mega-flu bs!!! We’ll all have plenty of stories to share once this is over! See you soon in the chair! 🙏🏼🤙🏼💪🏼 #covid19life #AtHomePostedAndPosting #samuraitattoo #samurai #hanya #samuraihannya #nucleartattoosupply #papatattoosupply #swashdrive_tattoo_official #MissMyShopAndCrew #redwavetattoopiercingbarbering

Holdin up like my Fro! Gonna let it go & grow until this house parties over! Who’s with me? (Frovid-19) Lol! #frovid19 #covid19 #longhairdontcare #stayhomecation2020 #missmybarbers @xbeautyambitionx @corpse_of_an_artist #redwavebarbers #redwavetattoopiercingbarbering #fresnocovid19 #shelterinplace #shelterinplace2020 #wewillriseagain🙏❤️

Hope you’re all enjoying Stay at Home Fest 2020!!! All that’s missing is InHouse of Pain! Lol!!! (Reposting) Thanks @samtripoli 🤣🤣🤣 #stayathomefest #stayhomefest #stayathomefest2020 #Covid-19Party #YouCanStillLaughTho #dontloseyoursenseofhumor #thistooshallpass

Help us Help others!!! I Spent the last couple of days drawing this up to support our medical Heroes!!! If we sell enough shirts, we’ll be purchasing masks where available to donate to whichever hospitals or medical facilities we can. So, please Pre-Order thru my PayPal for $30 each and specify quantity and size(s) *Free shipping in Cali* (Also accepting any added donations or tips with purchase, thank you) Once we reach 50 sold, they will be printed and shipped...Please share with any and all medical personnel. Our business is closed to the public, so we are following the safe & strict guidelines to comply with Covid-19 safety standards by working off a one man, home press operation. Let’s show support for our Covid-19 Heroes! Thank you and God Bless from us here at BIGFOOT PRINT COMPANY @bigfoot_printco #realcovid19heroes #covid19heroes #Caduceus #caduceusvitruvianman #vitruvianmancaduceus #RealHeroesTshirts #Realcovid19Heroestshirts #bigfootprint #bigfootprintcompany #bigfootprintgsd #bigfootprintfresno #helpushelpothers #supportourrealheroes

Definitely miss our little corner...Can’t wait to re-open! As of now, The City of Fresno has ordered two more weeks to the Shelter in Place order. So, unless they extend it any further, we’re told April 12th is the newest end date. We’ll keep you all posted if anything changes and look forward to seeing all of our families, friends/clients once this is over...Stay in touch, be safe and thank you all for your continued support! God Bless🙏🏼 #shelterinplaceFresno #fresnocovid19 #CityofFresnocovid19 #redwavetattoopiercingbarbering #salondivarnorthblackstone #bigfootprintcompany #fresnocalicovid19 #stateofemergency #ShutDownForNow #ButNotForLong #Gonnacomebackstronger #fresno @ Redwave Tattoo & Art Gallery

Attention valued clients & friends: We are not sure when the city lockdown (shelter in place) will be lifted so we can re-open both @redwavetattoo & @salondivarnorth. But, status info along with any other updates will be posted on all our social media pages...We wish you all the best during this crazy and historical time in our lives and send prayers & positive thoughts out to all...Let’s all take this time to turnout something positive along with taking any life lessons to be learned as we are all experiencing what we would think could never happen to us. Enjoy this break, learn from it and be productive & positive from home so we all can be much stronger & better humans once this is over...God Bless #2020Citylockdown #Covid19Fresno #Covid19lockdown #businessclosedtemporarily #temporarilyclosedCovid19 #PositivePrayers #Stayingproductive #BecomeBetterHumans #KeepStrongInFaith #GodsPlan #redwavetattoopiercingbarbering #salondivarnorthblackstone #californiacovid19

Some great progress yesterday on Mando...#Jesustattoo #JCtattoo #jesuschrist #christJesus #christtattoo #JeezuzChryse #Nucleartattoosupplyproteam #sponsoredbyPapatattoosupply #sponsoredbyPapacartridges #papaneedlecartridges #ChristHasHisBack #swashdrivevader #inprogresstattoo #redwavetattoo #redwavetattoopiercingbarbering

Had a blast tattooing my good friend/brother @jchristopher_esparza (Owner of Resistance Tattoo) yesterday! This ones been a long time coming and was truly an honor for me to poke this sexy mf’er!!! Haha! Love ya broski!!! Thanks for being so damn cool! #tigerheadtattoo #tigerstyle #wutangclanaintnothingtofukwit #freehandtattoo #tattooerstattooingtattooers #sharpietattoo #nucleartattoosupply #nucleartattoosupplyproteam #sponsoredbypapacartridges #papaneedlecartridges #papacartridgeneedles #papapenv2 #redwavetattoo #resistancetattoo #jayesparza #redwavetattoocollective #redwavetattoopiercingbarbering #fresnotattooers #fresnotattooartists #tattooerslife #559tattooers @ Redwave Tattoo & Art Gallery

One more time! Thank you all and we look forward to next years @fresnotattooconvention 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥🔥🔥 #fresnotattooexpo2020 #2020fresnotattooexpo #2020fresnotattooconvention #16thannualfresnotattooexpo #hostedbyredwavetattoopiercingandbarbering Thank you again for the honors to host @sugarhilljason @chrisearl661

Come in today! 🦋 ✂️✨

Thank you Fresno and all the Central Valley for making this years Fresno Tattoo Expo one of the greatest shows we've had! Thank you to all the tattooers, vendors, staff & entertainment who contributed to this shows success! Special Thank You to Jason Pistoresi, Chris Earl and for producing the best/biggest tattoo show in the Central Valley from Your Proud Hosts: Redwave Tattoo "This was definitely one for the books!” See you all next year! (Please tag us in all FB and Instagram pics) #16thannualfresnotattooexpo #2020fresnotattooexpo #fresnotattooexpo2020 #hostedbyredwavetattoo @ The Big Fresno Fair

Here we go!!!! The 16th Annual Fresno Tattoo Expo is next Saturday & Sunday!!! Any tattooed ladies who think they have what it takes to be the Tattooed Queen of the San Joaquin need to contact Angela Hoffknecht to register...The Tattooed Beauty Contest will be at 6pm on Saturday and the winner will receive $500 cash, a $500 Redwave Tattoo Giftcard and more!!! (Please tag any tattooed beauties you think can win) Let’s have some fun and make this Expo an epic one for the books!!!

Walk Ins available today! ❤️🌹

It’s coming up fast!!! Feb. 22-23rd is thee 16th annual Fresno Tattoo Expo!!! FREE ENTRY for Kids under 12 years old, so bring the family out for an event they’ll never forget!!! #fresnotattooexpo2020 #2020fresnotattooexpo #fresnofairgrounds #livemusic #livegraffitiartshow #tattooedhandsartshow #tattooedbeautycontest #tattoocontests, #artraffles #barfor21andover #fresno #hostedbyredwavetattoo

Covered up a full tribal half sleeve a few moons ago. Sorry, can’t find the before pic. #covered #coverup #nomoretribal #KickedOutOfTheTribe #snakeandeagle #snakeandeagletattoo #snakeeagleroses #Gone #coveruptattoo #nucleartattoosupply #nucleartattoosupplyproteam #sponsoredbypapacartridges #sponsoredbyswashdrive #swashdrivevader #redwavetattoo #redwavetattoocollective #redwavetattoopiercingbarbering #fresnotattoos #fresnotattoo #fresnotattooartist #559tattoos

Pre-Sale Expo tix only $15 while they last!!! Got a few left, so come by @redwavetattoo and get yours today!!! #fresnotattooexpo #2020Fresnotattooexpo #presaleticketsavailable #hostedbyredwavetattoo

Walk-Ins welcome today!🌹🐙

These limited amount Presale Tattoo Expo Tix are almost gone!!! Come get yours today so you save $5 off even entry!!!


February 22-23 is the Fresno Tattoo Expo hosted by yours truly!!! Mark them calendars and get the weekend off from work so you don’t miss out!!! We’re bringing back the highly requested Tattooed Beauty Contest, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to be the Tattooed Queen of the San Joaquin, be sure to attend and sign up on Saturday Feb 22nd!!! Winner gets $500 cash and a few more prizes!!! (Tag or share this with any high-caliber inked ladies that you feel would win) #Fresnotattooexpo #2020fresnotattooconvention #2020FresnoTattooExpo #tattooedbeautycontest #livemusic #beergarden #tattoocontests #fresnotattooconvention #fresnocalifornia #hostedbyredwavetattoo

A couple spots left for our guest artist! Don’t miss out.🐝

My bro Brian Dollar is here for a couple more hours! Come get something small before he dips out!!! Walk-ins Welcome!!!!#comeinforatattoo #comegettattooed #walkinswelcome #fresnoclovis #fresno

**ATTENTION** We have a killer guest artist on deck this weekend available for walk ins, come in before his schedule gets filled up! 🔥🔥

Yep, we go way way back!!! Shout out and Happy Birthday/weekend to my brother/right hand @johnny_rockit 15 years strong and still grindin!!! Love you bro!!! #happybirthdayRockit #RedwaveOriginals #HBDJohnnyRockit @ Redwave Tattoo & Art Gallery

Only the best quality work.💯

Our bro @theartofdollar is back to guest spot today & tomorrow!!! DM him what you want and come get tattooed!!! #guesttattooartist #guestartist #walkinswelcome #comegetanewtattoo

Come thru and see Hailey or Kasey today for a fresh new cut or a clean shave today!!! Walk-ins welcome!!!

Looking for a new piercing? 💎

Check this piece out, and go follow his Instagram.🌺

Come to the shop today and get scheduled for a new tattoo! ✍🏻

Back of the knee.🔥

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7277 N Blackstone Avenue, #102
Fresno, CA

General information

Tattoos, Art!!

Opening Hours

Monday 12:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 21:00
Thursday 12:00 - 21:00
Friday 12:00 - 21:00
Saturday 12:00 - 21:00
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