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Hair By Jamille specializes in protective and natural hairstyles. Healthy, strong hair is the end goal and it can be achieved at an affordable price.

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Y'all see this lineup right? Do you see it? This masterclass is gonna be epic. If I wasn't teaching CERTIFICATION, I would be signing up because...well...the price. I normally charge $2200 for JUST certification in Solarlocs installs. But not only do you get that training BUT you also get training in how to do microinterlocs with crispy foundation with AND you get training in how to use the tool (and you also get one for your toolkit). PLUS you will receive training in braidloc and twistloc starter locs with . PLUS you get access to online learning modules along with business strategies and mentorship that guides you into 6-figures (low-mid and high).

All of this for $2222 (and $2999 for those in Canada)

I know it may seem wild to travel to Toronto to take a class but do me a favor and compare flights from wherever you are and between Toronto versus Nashville. You would be surprised to see that it's probably cheaper to go to Canada and train with me than to fly to me in Nashville.

Think about it.

Why become Solarloc certified? Because loc extensions ARE NOT CHEAP and clients want to make sure their investment is protected and handled by someone that
1. Knows what they are doing and
2. Is backed and verified by a reputable source

Additionally, you will have potential clients funneled to you at no additional cost, ongoing mentorship and access to new development techniques. Lastly, you get commission! Even if you don't install the hair, you still get paid if someone orders from you.

Feel free to hit me up for more info or visit


I snapped off making these.

That's it.

That's the post Friday sale going on right now on both the main site and Etsy.


PSA: This is why I haven't been posting or engaging.



I think they are trolling but either way, PLEASE stop doing this. Super glue, nail glue, cement glue, gorilla glue nor Elmer's glue have no business in your locs!

I mean, it's your head and if you want to use it cool but this message is for the locticians...we have a responsibility to our clients to make sure they have the healthiest locs possible and glue just ain't it. If you are in search of proper ways to repair locs outside of glue, reach out to me or or any of our certified solarlocticians....we are here to help.


Added a lil razzle dazzle to a previous undercut. I matched the extensions I installed 2 years ago up top.


My current canvas.

Let's play a game. First one to guess what I'm doing I'll cash app you $25.

(And you can't play πŸ˜‚)

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I was up til 2am retighteming my mom's hair. So this means I didn't make any locs or fulfill any orders last night.

Sorry. Mom is going on a girl's trip (again) so I had to squeeze her in after doing hair all day.

I was so tired that when I checked on my baby afterwards, I just crawled in the bed next to her. Most kids sneak into their parents room, but I was so tired, I snuck into hers and got the best sleep.

I'll stay up tonight and do locs, no worries. If you ordered 3 weeks ago, check your email for a shipment notification after tonight.


Nor is it a replacement for loc professionals....but hey...go off


Registration is open on for the next virtual class.

"How to make microinterlock extensions" is also available.

If you are interested in a physical, in-person class, DM or email [email protected] to schedule.


Imma shake the table real quick.

I'm all for people being in their bag, especially black women...BUT NOT at the expense of taking advantage of other black women.

It's getting outrageous.

My inbox is full of scam stories.

Im trying to save face but....the playing on my face HAS to stop.

It's taking everything in me not to tag.

I will say a company policy, I will no longer FIX extensions that were botchly installed out there in NC. Y'all gotta go back to them and make them fix it.

I said what I said.


Just my personal take on twist lock extensions.

I have ONE.....ONE CLIENT who I agreed to do these for and they look DAMN good because she is on top of her maintenance and followed all my rules (which mainly consisted of no ridiculous tight styles, braid and band and leave it alone). Hers worked because of her hair density and the amount of hair I added in was not too much. Also, placement is key also.... Im very cautious about doing this style and make it very clear to the clients about the pros and cons. If you feel you can handle the maintenance then this is an awesome option. But if you think this is an install and done type of journey, you are sourly mistaken.

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I did this repair with a crochet hook instead of my normal solarloc technique. Pros and cons to this technique but if you're looking for 0.35 or 0.4mm hooks, I'm the plug.


Friendly reminder....I'm a scientist during the day and moonlight as a please be mindful that I cannot immediately respond to messages and emails. Some emails/messages my assistants cannot answer and have to wait for me. There are times that I'm super available but it's sporadic. I promise I'm not ignoring....I'm just hella forgetful and doing 12 things at a time.

Photos from Hair By Jamille's post 05/14/2023

Happy mother's day...these last three years have been the most challenging and awarding but totally worth it

04/18/2023 Absolutely no. If y'all see this page deactivated and me posting from my personal page while sipping tea in know what happened. Lol.


TF. And my deductions are steep and they still want this much...even after my quarterly payments....nope. Is it crack? Is it china....something ain't right. I'm not even big time like that. All the nopes that ever noped


Happy Easter.


Crochet locs maintenance prior to retwist maintenance.


This is a lot of hair...

The longer the loca, the longer it takes to wash and style.

Loctician prices sometimes will reflect these factors.


Locsmithing is a good temporary option to tame loose hairs that have come out the loc but it's just that... temporary.

Often times, soft hair textures with loose curls patterns have a higher occurrence of straight loose hairs coming out the loc. Considering the number of hair follicles shed each day, it makes sense that as these new hairs grow in, it will become more difficult to mesh with the loc.

As you all well know, I hate the crochet needle...but that doesnt mean I'm not proficient AF with it. The trick is using the correct size for this type of loc pruning. I prefer using either .4mm or .45mm. I'm not a fan of .5mm but it can be used in a bind.

Loc pruning with a crochet needle gives stability to the LOC and allows for neater appearance. As always, you must be gentle. Just stabbing the hair and yanking will do more harm than good. Insert with a direction in mind and target the hair you want to grab. It doesn't have to be stupid fast...that's how you stab your fingers. It needs to be deliberate and precise. Use you're fingers holding the loc as a guide for the needle and work in unison


Repair work

The only time I'm using a crochet needle.

I don't use it to install extensions. Although it's a great tool to do's not my jam. Great for refining and smoothing but baby I'm not about to stich 400 locs on someone's head. Only when the client has very fine hair or needing repairs.


Thank you to every who has reached out making sure my daughter and I are safe. It is much appreciated.

However, please keep Nashville uplifted. 3 children lost their lives this morning. 3 are still in the hospital fighting. 3 staff members/teachers lost their loves this morning and two more are fighting.

One 28 year old female is at the center of this tragedy. She got into a shootout with police and she is no longer here as well.

Every morning when my child walks into school, I pray that I will see her again. Every time she leaves the house. Every time she falls asleep, I pray that I get another chance to see her. My heart aches for these families. This is an unimaginable pain. I've lived thru a school shooting and the pain my family (especially my mother) went thru trying to get in touch with me is traumatizing.

This world needs healing. Why children are being targeted more and more is beyond me but this nation is hurting.


Your locs tell a story. When I see thin spots like this, I correlate to a serious event such as childbirth, major surgery, death, physical and or emotional trauma. The hair cycle is usually sent into a death phase prematurely or keratin production is haunted therefore the follicle is "weakened".

As long as the new growth coming in is strong, we can repair these weak points with HUMAN hair and a 0.4mm crochet needle. Please do not wrap your clients hair or use synthetic marley hair. Please


Making progress....

10" goddess installed at center top and 8" goddess installed on front sides.

6" goddess will be installed at the back nape.

10" will be installed at the crown and the rest will be filled by 8"

Stay tuned in for the final results.


Stay tuned. This install is about to be one for the books. Why? Because I'm battling food poisoning and/or stomach flu but still cranking these extensions out. After this Install and 3 bottles of kaopectate, I will effectively be referring to myself as "super locgician"

No seriously, send Pedialyte....



One year twistloc extension update! Shabooya

I love adding bantu knot ends to braid out or twist outs after retie because it allows curls that last up to your next retie. Curls for days!

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I mean...what can I say?

Photos from Hair By Jamille's post 01/29/2023

Simple and neat πŸ€—

Photos from Hair By Jamille's post 01/29/2023

Locs really are my niche.

Yeah I can braid, do some bomb crochets and sewins...but my calling is locs. Gotta be. Because this was the fourth client today and I was done in 2 hours including drying time.

Talk to me nice.

*Now I'm back to working on my exam*


See previous post for information on goddess loc maintenance.


Goddess locs are the brave now but they require A LOT OF MAINTENANCE. The issue is you have to baby the ends with moisture to stop locking while making sure the rest of your loc extension avoids it to allow for tight adhesion to your real hair. I always caution my clients about the work needed to maintain these ends. Even if you don't his with your real hair, eventually those ends will bunch and lock if you are not constantly combing them out.

Great products to use on the ENDS of goddess locs:
*lottabody curl activator
*Indusium 23 leave in

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