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Where going natural doesn't mean going broke! We offer healthy, natural based products from soaps to serums. Come check out how specific natural products do more for your mind and body!

A product line utilizing ONLY natural product infusion. Soaps, baby skincare, toddler skincare, pregnant and nursing mom line, aging/maturing skin care line.

Operating as usual

tmj4.com 05/05/2017

Wisconsin woman burned after essential oils react with UV rays

I saw this article and wanted to share it.
Never, ever apply essential oils undiluted to your skin!
Our products have safe dilution ratios.
If any are sun sensitive, you will be notified.

tmj4.com A Wisconsin woman was trying to avoid a sun burn on her island getaway by hitting the tanning salon before she left. 

elfskinnaturals.wordpress.com 12/07/2016

New Additions – at home and online

We've been busy, but appreciate your ongoing support all the same. Here's the latest update:

elfskinnaturals.wordpress.com Grandma Nature here as The Elf has been super busy! I’m about to tell you with what…. As many of you knew, our Elf was expecting her little Lady and, though taking her sweet time, she …

[11/24/16]   Happy Thanksgiving!!

elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com 09/06/2016

Loose Skin-Aging or Weight Loss

BOUNCE BACK! BodyCare System Here's an interesting observation--If you google images for loose skin or about skin elasticity, a LARGE MAJORITY of the images are about the face or neck. I wonder, why do we pay so much attention to the face and neck and still allow the rest of our body to sag away? Seems odd. So our next product line, … [ 1,045 more word ]


elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com I wonder, why do we pay so much attention to the face and neck and still allow the rest of our body to sag away?

elfcakenaturals.com 09/05/2016

Bounce Back! Cellulite

Limited time package discount! Don't delay!

elfcakenaturals.com It's here, ladies!  It's here and IT WORKS! Read more about this on our BLOG LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT PACKAGE VALUED AT $54.50 for $45.00!! True to our commitment, it has been tried, tested and proven before we launched this amazing combination that begins removal of the ugly appearance of cellulite. ...

elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com 08/30/2016

Natural Learning

When it comes to natural alternatives, there is a lot of information to sift through in order to find what is right for you and for your situation. ElfSkin does a lot of that research for you. We thought we would also share some of the interesting things we learn about the natural ingredients in our products as well!


elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com We take on the overwhelming-options research and share some tidbits with you here!

elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com 08/30/2016

Our Product Stories

Inspiration and the problem solving challenge drive ElfSkin Naturals to blend and create the variety of products in the online store. Each one has a story behind it. Each product is tested and tried to be sure it will actually do what we claim it will do. If it says it will relieve or improve, it is because we know [ 40 more words ]


elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com Inspiration and the problem solving challenge drive ElfSkin Naturals to blend and create the variety of products in the online store. Each one has a story behind it.  Each product is tested and tri…

elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com 08/28/2016

Cellulite–can you fix it?

The stories behind our products

elfskinnaturalsblog.wordpress.com As I get older, I get concerned about the fact that my skin — or the appearance of it– does not reflect how young I feel!

elfskinnaturals.wordpress.com 08/10/2016

What is a “Carrier Oil?”

Starting a blog post. Feel free to send your questions!

elfskinnaturals.wordpress.com There are well over 30 different types of carrier oils. Each one works differently with the essential oils that are added.

elfcakenaturals.com 07/18/2016

Headache Relief

Hey everyone, Elf here to give you some updates!

As some of you may know, our little two woman operation, well two and a half, is going to be sprouting some wings and taking flight to a new location this week. We're packing up our plants, our oils, our soaps, our conditioners, our fairy dust and the last of the phoenix feathers and onwards to the last homely house east of the sea.

We will be taking down the website temporarily as we get settled into Elf End, but we promise the wait will be worth it!
The site will be transformed from its humble beginnings of frantically taken photographs and confused linkages to, what we can only hope will be seen as, a masterpiece.

However, you will still be able to email [email protected] and let us know, EVEN WITH THE SITE DOWN, if you have something you need to purchase, or something that you'd like to have us make, and we can accommodate you.

Right now, we are only listing products that we have available on hand from our recent creation batches.
The Headache Relief Oils are available for two bottles, totaling 2/3 of an ounce at only $15.75. In comparison to our competitors marking theirs at $14 for just one bottle, we feel pretty confident in tooting our own horn!

As we've said before, when we see a need, we fill the need! With pregnant migraines running rampant, and sympathy headaches following closely behind, a need was found. Not only have we tried the product and found it to work, but one customer even grabbed me into a tearful embrace after using our oil and called me a lifesaver.
Now, I'm not one that normally enjoys being embraced by a stranger, but I'll take a hug from someone I helped any day!

So, help us continue to thrive and help yourself away from that bottle of pain killers. Give us a try.


elfcakenaturals.com Especially for those with chronic headache. Tested by The Elf (who also suffers from frequent headaches), this provides fast relief, though it does not instantly remove the headache. Those of you who suffer, you will understand what that means. The order contains two of the bottles. One for home,…

www.blossomshwc.com 06/18/2016


Also goes along with our natural approach to mind and body:

www.blossomshwc.com Angie Foltz is an Integrative Nutrition Holisitic Health Coach based out of Spokane, Wa in the Pacific Northwest. I specialize in women's reproductive health & nutrition with a focus on fertility, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy & post-partum nutrition, PCOS, menstrual cycles, menopause, hormone balancing…

elfcakenaturals.com 06/02/2016

Breaking News!


elfcakenaturals.com Today Elf adds two new product items to the shop. The large bars (or large cupcakes if you prefer) and the mini bars are available to order as "SPECIAL ORDER."  You may email your request of what specific scent or skin condition you hope to treat and The Elf will respond with whether we can accommod...

[05/31/16]   We are open! Come over to our online store to view a very limited product launch! Plenty more will be added so be sure to follow us and see them as they are posted.
As always, suggestions and requests are welcomed. Should you have a special skin care need, email Elf and she will look for a solution.
[email protected]

[05/28/16]   Yay! We have the logo! Now to scribble away at product descriptions you'll enjoy reading....

[05/27/16]   Hey everyone, just dropping you a brief note to let you know that we're over here tinkering and tweaking with our new logo and our name for the trade. We hope you'll be as pleased with what we're rolling out as the Elf is.
So many fabulous things coming your way!
The Elf's favorite so far? Shower bombs!

[05/19/16]   Today The Elf began cooking up some products for the Elfcake "Desire" line. The Elf wants your love and passion to be all naturally infused!
*descriptions, pricing and pictures to follow soon

[05/19/16]   We are busy making some inventory for our upcoming launch! Almost there!

Stay tuned for pictures, products and a site to purchase.


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