Elevate Wellness Massage

Elevate Wellness Massage


Next up for our vendors is Kelly Rollins Lmt with Elevate Wellness Massage

Kelly will be leading 10-15 minute Reiki and Relax sessions from 10:30AM-12PM which may include Reiki, Reflexology, Accupressure, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing or Scalp Massage to her intuition.

Participants must fill out her online intake form and waiver in order to receive. Stay tuned for the details in the email that will be sent out by tomorrow night! Limited to 8 participants.
Hi, I am with Town Hall.
We are preparing a Welcome Kit for new residents that are moving into your community.
Our Welcome Kit can only feature one Massage Therapist and I would like to discuss your being the exclusive Massage Therapist for your communities’ new residents.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.
Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.
Karla Cain
(540) 664-5514
Woohoo! Looking forward to my massage today 😄

An elevated wellness experience to reset your mind, body and energy. Located in Herndon, Virginia.


Spending time with family and in nature, enjoying creating my personal healing space in my new home and focusing on my own healing body, mind and energy are my Summer goals. What are yours?

My next available appointments are in August so get em while ya can plz. In September I will open up some more availability on weekdays and probably begin taking Sundays off. 💖 ✨️ 💖


June and July have been fully booked at Elevate for a while. If you did not get on the schedule please get yourself booked in and back on my schedule for August.

I will be opening up more availability when the new school year starts!

Enjoy your summer and I hope to see you at Elevate soon! 🌞


Ok this one made me cry. It's so nice to be seen by my clients. This kind of feedback reassures me I am on the right path doing what I was called to do here. 🌎 ✨️

This work is a high calling and I am grateful to be here elevating my industry. I am grateful to work for myself, live my truth and practice my own unique style of healing art without limits. My work evolves and shifts just as I do. I trust that aligned clients that resonate with me and my work will find me just when they need me. ✨️


Not always but often messages or intuitive hits come through in energywork sessions. I use to be very shy about sharing these things as they didn't always make sense to me because they weren't for me. Well, they kept getting stronger the more energywork I practiced. When I did share them they resonated with clients so I've come to trust these channeled messages more. I will sometimes share them with clients and always tell them if it resonates with them that's great and if not just throw them out the window. These 3 channeled messages came through in a client's Reiki Infused Massage today and they resonated so much with both of us I'm sharing them with permission of my client. Maybe they resonate for you as well.

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Me, chill and unbothered AF this morning as I draw my own Oracle card while my client is running late because I know I have business policies in place for late cancelations, no shows and late clients.

Basically you must cancel or reschedule your appointment before 24 hours of the appointment time or you will be charged 100% of the service fee. The same goes for no shows. If you arrive late you will recieve the remaining amount of your appointment time and still be charged for my time that you have reserved. If you are more than 15 minutes late, it's considered a no show unless you call me to say you are on the way and we decide to proceed with the appointment.

That being said, please minimize appointment rescheduling and cancelations to emergencies. I still need to make an income even if someone decides they want to go to brunch or something more than get a massage and the time has been reserved for you when it could have otherwise been booked for another client.

If I get some time later I night make some pretty info graphics of my official policies but right now I just had time to give you the details.

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Are you even the town Quirky Reiki Lady if you don't walk in to work carrying just the essentials...a Stanley cup, an at home coffee mug to go and a selenite dagger?


Thank you all for leaving reviews on my booking software as well as my Google my business listing! You have no idea how much it helps people just like you find my work so they can destress, relax and feel better in body, mind and energy.

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Whether you tune in or tune them out, messages of greater meaning are all around us. Do you see angel numbers?


$0.00!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




Consistency is the key to wellness and booking your next appointment before you leave the office makes it happen.

Most often when I haven't seen a client in a long time it's not because they didn't want regular massage or energywork, it's because they didn't set aside the time for themselves. They let life completely overwhem them before they felt so drained, stressed or in pain that they NEED to come back. Of course, I'm here when you need me but my hope is for my clients to stay in a maintenance phase with massage and energywork. I recommend once a month or more often if needed. I personally make sure I receive bodywork every 3 to 4 weeks as maintenance and that works for me.

If you don't have an upcoming appointment scheduled with me you can book through the link in bio.


I am overjoyed by the amount of new clients I have had this month! Good for you all for taking care of yourselves, your bodies, energy and nervous systems. Thank you to my clients for continuing to refer me to your friends and families.

I've also recently had a lot of new clients that chose me for their first massage and energywork treatments ever and I feel so honored. I absolutely love welcoming people to the world of massage, energywork and nervous system regulation. When I finally found massage and energywork it was life changing for me. I tried everything before to feel better. While I know it works for many and I encourage people to do what works for them, no amount of talk therapy or SSRIs ever helped ME with anxiety and depression. I absolutely needed to involve my nervous system, body and energetic biofield in my healing to connect my body, mind and energy and be treated as the whole being I am. This is what works for me and I love to share it.

I've been quieter on social media lately as im just resting, working and regulating my own nervous system as best I can in my least favorite season, winter. Until I see you next, enjoy this selfie of the last time I thought my hair looked nice at work. 🦁


Thank you all for continuing to write positive reviews of your experience with my work. This helps my small business more than you know! 🌟

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All set and ready for another day at my dream job! Helping women relax, reset and transform. It's like alchemy watching stressed out people walk in and gooey blissed out happy people walk out.

Photos from Elevate Wellness Massage's post 10/15/2022

Good morning y'all. I have nothing profound to say. Just want to remind you that me and my business exist and you exist in a body that loves massage!
Get your winter massages scheduled, I tend to get real busy in my cozy healing space when it starts to get cold outside. Have a great day!

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I leveled up to Reiki 3 this weekend! Can't wait to work with the master symbol and see how this work elevates!

Thank you all for being with me as my work evolves and my tool box expands.


Y'all know the drill by now!
I think there is only one available appointment left in September so start getting your October appointments on the books now. Better yet, why not reserve your appointments until the end of the year?

My prices will be slightly increasing on September 1st but any appointments booked before then will stay at today's rates as long as the appointments are not changed. Make yourself a priority by reserving your massage and energywork sessions now. ✨️


Shaving your back before your Massage Therapy appointment is never a good idea, here's why!

Even a freshly shaved back feels like stubble to your massage therapist. This back stubble may cause micro tears in your massage therapists forearms. Our hands and forearms are our tools and if they aren't in great condition we can't do our jobs. Imagine rubbing your skin over sand paper for over and hour, that's exactly what massaging a shaved back feels is like. There's no shame in having body hair and there's no shame if you didn't know, now you do. If you have shaved your back before your massage appointment and your Massage Therapist never said anything, trust me they were thinking this but probably didn't want to embarrass you by letting you know. Of course over our careers this will happen sometimes and I find it's best to gently inform clients for the future and modify the session with hot stones and cupping to felt the client get that deep tissue feeling as long as they have no broken skin but I will never use my precious forearms on a shaved back. Hope this helps someone get the best massage possible.


I absolutely love receiving new reviews! It makes me happy to hear that I help people feel better every day that I go to work. 😊


I am forever and ever grateful that my dream life is my real life. I get to spend my days zenning out, listening to cool music, meditating and regulating my nervous system with some of the most awesome people I know. Thank you! 💖


August is about 85% booked up! There are a few appointments left if you haven't got one yet. September is open for scheduling and I highly recommend booking in advance to guarantee you get the time that works for you. I tend to book out about 3 weeks in advance now so plan accordingly and I will always do my best to have you leave feeling better than when you arrived.

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Days like today remind me what an honor it is to do this work.

Photos by

Photos from Elevate Wellness Massage's post 07/07/2022

What's the difference between my Reiki Infused Massage and my Customized Therapeutic Massage?

My Reiki Infused Massage is a meditative Experience led by intuition. The session will begin with a quick intake conversation where we discuss goals or intentions for the session and and physical focus areas for the massage. I will assess the chakras which gives me even more information to flow with. I have clients focus on breathwork as conversation during the session cuts me off from the source and the flow of energy. The session will typically begin with Reiki holds and energy work as well as sound frequency healing, reflexology, accupressure, and chakra balancing and then Massage guided by intuition. People are usually so relaxed by the time they turn over for massage that I don't need as much time to warm them up like a typical massage session. Many clients select this treatment every month and others alternate with Reiki Infused and traditional massage depending on their goals

Customized Therapeutic Massage is the treatment to select when you want hands on massage for the full session. If you have more physical focus areas and want to do whatever it takes to address your physical pain. My style is still very relaxing and whole being focused.


Planning ahead and making Massage and energywork a regular part of your Wellness routine will change your life!

July is booked up, all but one appointment available on July 8th. Get on the books for August and begin to Elevate your Wellness.


How often do you recieve massage?

I recommend receiving massage and energywork at least once a month to stay in wellness and more often if you are dealing with an accute issue or chronic pain.

Pause the slide show to find out why.

Photos from Elevate Wellness Massage's post 06/22/2022

Thank you to all my clients that have been supporting me from the start and the new clients coming in. It's almost time to celebrate 2 years in business! Honestly the timeline on that is a little sketchy with the whole 2020 situation but I consider my business birthday in mid September as that's when I fully leaped into entrepreneurship and knew there was no going back. I never got to really celebrate my opening so maybe I ought to do something big for my 2nd business birthday! Stay tuned for more details!


This is why I recieve massage and energywork! There's been nothing like it in my life to balance and reconnect me with my body, mind and energy. Every profound healing experience I have had has felt like a remembering, a coming home. I hope this is the feeling people also recieve at Elevate.


My toxic trait is I hate asking for help from others even though I know I help them!

Thank you all that have left me amazing reviews! It really helps my business! The hard part of this business is I need to have new clients coming in all the time. Great reviews help new clients find my business. Lots of you leave reviews on my booking software and that also helps my business. When you leave positive reviews directly on my Google business page it really helps local people find my services.

If you love my services, I'd love for you to leave a review for Elevate Wellness Massage on Google.


What will you do for yourself today? 🌕


I love that my long time regular clients are growing with me and becoming energywork curious! ✨️

Many of my new clients are coming for energywork and my clients that have been with me from the start are also trying my energywork offerings and having amazing healing experiences.

Have you tried my Reiki Infused Massage yet?


June and July are booking up really fast! I want to make sure you get your summer massage and energywork in with me, so get on my books while you can!

Looking forward to seeing you and helping you stay well. Book online, as always at: Elevatewellnessmassage.com


Happiest or however you want to feel Mother's Day to all whether you celebrate or not. Whether you have a mother or a child or not. Love to you all on this day. I hope you spend it just how you want.

I'm spending mine in rest and reflection. I took the day off. Mother's Day is usually the second busiest day in the spa industry. Valentine's being the first. I'm at home reflecting and celebrating that I created a better life for myself and my son when I created my business. I no longer have to work on those two holidays because I have amazing clients that make their wellness a priority and understand that massage and energywork are routine maintenance in their path to well-being, not just something we treat ourselves to once a year. The path will always go up and down but no one will ever regret making wellness a priority through all the ups and downs in life. Thank you for trusting me to be on your wellness journey with you.

Time to go call my mom! ☮️

Art by Alex Grey


Miracles...rest not so much upon faces or voices or healing power coming suddenly near to us from afar off, but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that for the moment our eyes can see and our ears can hear what is there about us always.

-Willa Cather


Aromatherapy and Hot Stones are always included in your treatments at Elevate Wellness Massage as I feel intuitively called to enhance your relaxation according to your goals.

Some essential oils can be safely used during pregnancy massage, here is just a small list. Always dilute your essential oils and don't just take my advice, always do your own research when working with essential oils.


Business has really picked up the last couple of months! I highly recommend booking your massages for May, June and July as the summer months will have limited availability while I travel for Continuing Education. Grateful as always and happy to be busy. 💙


It's 4/20! Happy Plant Medicine Day!💚
While I personally prefer CBD over THC, I support Plant Medicine Freedom. No one should be incarcerated for using the earth's natural offerings for Medicine or recreation.

If you are already my client, you know I only use the highest quality everything when it comes to oils, aromas, salves and potions in office. As an Earth sign, I'm a natural collector of all the best things and quality is always of higher importance to me than quantity. I choose to carry the Sow Eden brand of CBD in office because it's the best I've ever used, highest quality, cleanest ingredients and it works. Everything I carry in office I personally use everyday and that's why I carry it. So if you want the best, I know a guy....it's me. Pick some up at your next appointment and feel the benefits for yourself.

Featured here is the Chill Balm. This balm is used as a spot treatment for muscle and joint pain. I use it myself and it works instantly when I experience low back pain, which happens from time to time when we live inside these human bodies. It can also be used as lip balm and helps to calm burns and bugs bites. It works!

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