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Integrated massage & bodywork designed with YOU in mind. Uniquely blended therapies that get results. Integrated massage and bodywork designed with YOU in mind.

Uniquely blended therapies for a truly personalized experience for optimal results.


Wishing you a smooth and easy Friday, but if the day is not going as you hoped, try and take a few moments to yourself if you can.

We're here to help you are ready to escape with a massage or energy session.


Kind words such as these are why I love working in this field. It's an honor to be able to work with people and witness them experience relief in a session and in the weeks following.

Integrated Energy Therapy changed my life nearly 25 years ago. My own personal journey with this therapy is why I became certified to share with my massage clients.. This subtle energy can be profoundly healing on so many levels as it has the ability to balance the energy centers, release stored trauma (past and present), stress/anxiety, limiting beliefs and patterns, but also calm and soothe the nervous system.

Did you know energy work can be sent to you in the comfort of your own home? You don't have to come to an office to experience the benefits. It's perfect for hospital patients, people with limited mobility, or when traveling out of town.

To learn more about IET, visit the website at:


Always a safe, inclusive space for all in our offices.


We still have two spots left for this weekend, so it's not too late to schedule a little self care.

Schedule at:


Let's help get those tootsies ready for sandals and flip flops. We have the perfect treat for you.

In this 90-minute session, enjoy 30 minutes of sea salt exfoliating foot scrub with reflexology massage plus 60 minutes of therapeutic massage for a Swedish full body massage or the mini stress buster for focused, detail work on trouble spots. Custom aromatherapy is included as well. $155

To schedule:


In a healing state of mind. Looking forward to seeing my NoVa clients today! 💜


We'd love to see you tonight. You can reserve sessions up to two hours long. See our promos and schedule at


As the week winds down, we hope you make some time for yourself this weekend.


Bringing all the positive vibes into March. Great things are in the works and I can't wait to see them bloom.


Let's start this day with a calm mind and know you've got this! Enjoy this moment of stillness.


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A Sunday morning spot just opened up with Mandy!


We're here to help you shake off the stress of the week and have you feeling fantastic for the weekend.

Limited availability for this weekend, but there's still time to grab a spot. See you soon!


It might be a small act, but can reframe your entire day.


Energy work, whether in person or sent remotely, can have a profound impact on the recipient. It was a catalyst for life-changing healing in my own life over 20 years ago. It was so powerful that I sought out a teacher so that I could train in the techniques to share with others.

Through the years, In my private practice, I've witnessed the transformative and healing power of energy therapy. I've seen everything from calming anxiety, insomniacs sleeping again, trauma release and healing, job opportunities arising afterward, and giant leaps forward in personal healing where clients had been stuck.

It's a wonderful addition to your self care and, in my opinion, even more amazing when combined with therapeutic massage. This way we can work on all levels and you leave feeling more complete.

Currently we have several options to sample a mini session or enjoy a full energy session for deeper clearing and healing. Visit the website to learn more:

If you have any questions, feel free to message. I would love for you to experience it for yourself.


Enjoy the latest special. Mandy has openings this week!

90 minutes just to yourself geared toward slowing down the mind and body by calming the nervous system. It's perfect for yourself or loved ones to calm and de-stress during times when life gets hectic. Start your session with a warm hot pack and breathing in a calming custom aromatherapy blend with chamomile, bergamot, and rhododendron oils. Slip deeper into a relaxed state with therapeutic body massage combined with relaxing hand and foot reflexology to transport you to a peaceful state.

90 minutes is $155 (reg. $165)

To schedule:


You'll want to book this during your meditation time or when you can enjoy a quiet break in your day.

Many of you have experienced a shorter version of this calming energy treatment at the end of your massage sessions. It's the peaceful moment you talk about and didn't want to end or when you've asked what just happened.

Well, I've created a stand-alone treatment to bring this mini treatment to you in the comfort of your home or on a break at work when you need a boost.

A Moment of Peace is designed to facilitate peace in the mind, body, and the energy field. This gentle clearing is ultra calming and is meant to anchor you in a peaceful state despite craziness around you. It offers the opportunity to release any heavy energies that are weighing you down or are limiting. This mini session can be quite moving and profoundly relaxing as you let go bask in the energy.

To schedule:


2022 was tough to say the least for many of us. Here's to hoping the New Year brings in new energy and amazing things for us all.

See you in 2023!


Take time for yourself this month amidst all the chaos and activity. It's so easy to get caught up and pulled in multiple directions to the point of exhaustion.

Hoping you can find small ways to care for yourself to catch your breath and maintain balance.

We're here to help when you have time for massage and bodywork.

To schedule:


Warmest wishes for a very merry holiday season however you celebrate. Knowing it isn't always the cheeriest time for some, our wish is for small moments that make your heart smile and gentleness when things might be tough.

Wishing you all the best as we wrap up 2022 and head in to a new year with a fresh start.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023.


Due to a rescheduling, a last minute opening for tomorrow is available. The Thankful Tuesdays promo is still active if you need a little rest and relaxation this week.

To view the promo or to schedule:


The year is wrapping up quickly and there are just a few spots remaining to enjoy a massage before the new year. Let us help keep you stress-free this holiday.

Several specials are still active and can be viewed on the website at

Reserve your spot today before they are all gone.


And when you need a massage or energy work to help, we're here for you at Inner Peace Wellness.

Take a peek at our services and specials at


There's still time to use your FSA or HSA accounts for some much deserved self care.

To schedule:


This time of year can weigh heavy on the shoulders and hearts of so many. The struggle may be silent and below the surface or, for some, it may be debilitating. We recognize the pressures, anxiety, grief, and intensity of emotions that come with the holidays and end of the year chaos. Know that there are methods to help calm and ease the intensity.

Integrated Energy Therapy is a subtle, yet very powerful tool that can be enjoyed by anyone and the beauty of energy work is that it can be sent remotely to anyone, anywhere in the world by trained practitioners and with the recipients permission. Ask more about healing energy therapy and how it can be of help to you or a loved one, particularly this time of year.

Please message if you have any questions or visit our website to learn more at


We are ever grateful to be a part of your health and wellness. Thank you for trusting us. You are the best part of our day at Inner Peace Wellness.


Designed to help keep the calm during the holiday season. Limited openings available now through December to enjoy this promo rate only on Tuesdays. 90-minutes $150

90 minutes just to yourself geared toward slowing down the mind and body by calming the nervous system. It's perfect for yourself or loved ones to calm and de-stress during the holiday season. Start your session with a warm hot pack and breathing in a calming custom aromatherapy blend with chamomile, bergamot, and rhododendron oils. Slip deeper into a relaxed state with therapeutic body massage combined with relaxing hand and foot reflexology to transport you to a peaceful state. This promo rate available only on Tuesdays. Can be booked other days, but will be full price at $165

To schedule:


Have you taken a minute just for yourself today? Sending a gentle self-care reminder your way.


Sometimes we need a little reminder when the week gets crazy. We are here for you when you're ready.

To schedule:


Have a great start to your week!


Aromatherapy can really elevate your massage session. I've had clients over the years report back to me that when they get massage without aromatherapy, the results just weren't the same or didn't last as long. It truly can be a powerful bonus to your session and I've witnessed countless times the pain-relieving effects it can have with injury and with my clients who have fibromyalgia or arthritis. There are a myriad of success stories with essential oils.

This is why we custom-blend for you: to tailor the session to your needs to get the best results possible in the time we have together. I simply love working with people in this way.


Let's take your sessions to the next level with an energetic follow-up to your massage session the following week that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy a 90-minute therapeutic massage in the office with Christy or Mandy. We can then schedule your 75-minute Integrated Energy Therapy session with Christy to facilitate balance and healing for body, mind, and spirit. (Save $27 as a combo)

It's a great combination for those who are feeling stuck, stagnant, or feeling the weight of past trauma or situations that are difficult to resolve or move forward. Following up with the energy session allows us to subtly clear these blockages or issues from the energetic body as well and balance the energy centers.

Most people I see use this combination of massage and IET to calm anxiety, release past traumas, help with insomnia, let go of stress and tension from their jobs, facilitate changes in their lives, move forward on their path/journey, let go of anger, or to seek peace. It can have amazing results.

Schedule your session or get more information at:


Sending you positive vibes for a fantastic week ahead!


You work hard, juggle a million things during the day, and keep your cool during it all. You deserve a little self care to maintain balance. We're here to help. We have appointments this weekend!

To schedule:


We are ever grateful for your kind words and it's a honor to be a part of your wellness.


We can help with that! Don't let another week go by without taking a little time for yourself.

To schedule:

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Now that I'm freshly charged up from reviewing the Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy Certification again, I'm excited to share some new techniques to amplify your sessions.

IET sessions can be done in person at the office, but distance sessions open up a new experience and healing for those who can't travel, have busy schedules, or need a boost during stressful or traumatic times. I've found that energy sessions for children are particularly suited for distance work where they can relax at home.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about energy healing, please visit the website at:
I'd love to chat with you more about it and how it changed my life.


There's still time to grab a spot for this weekend and several specials to choose from. See you soon!

To schedule:

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Integrated massage and bodywork designed with YOU in mind. Uniquely blended therapies for a truly personalized experience. Every session is custom tailored to your wellness goals.

21 years as a massage therapy and energy practitioner with experience in clinical, studio, and spa environments. Serving Northern Virginia since 1999. Two beautiful locations in Herndon and Sterling.

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